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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.
  2. Thousands of years ago, the world beneath this space station was purged. Hydrogen bombs have almost literally peeled its crust off, leaving nothing behind but craters, magma and death. Nuclear weapons have purified the remaining territories, cleansing all life from the planet with their deadly radiation. And at last, but not least, a ship from orbit released thousands of boiling lasers to crucial points in the planet, vaporising all the water that was left on the surface, eliminating even the slightest chance of life evolving again on this planet. Oh how beautiful it was when it was still untouched by the hands that have devastated it! Oh how beautiful it was when the greatest disease of the cosmos has not yet touched it! Oh how perfect it was when sapience has not held it in its grip yet!

    But now, all that remained of the planet's former glory was the space station that orbited it. Made from the thousands of space debris around the planet and kept together by forces beyond the comprehension of mortals, this is all that remains of the planet. It is the only reminder that life used to prosper on this now charred planet. It was both a statement and a memorial at the same time, for its presence meant that this stellar body had been inhabited once, and it also marked the resting site of the untold billions who could not make it off from the planet. It was also a guardian that assured that all souls on the planet could rest in peace and that nobody would disturb their graves. Not pirates. Not scavengers. Not even their closest descendants could make it to the surface of the planet without encountering the Gatekeeper's wrath.

    That is what the lone inhabitant of the station decided to call it, because it seemed fitting. Similarly to the one who survived, the object lacked a soul and a name when it was first born, but when the lone survivor became conscious of their actions, they chose to name it. But no matter how long the lone survivor thought about their own name, they could not give one to themselves, so they just sat there and watched as Gatekeeper started to gain sentience. At first, it was a subtle: some of the corridors shifted their layouts, rooms rearranged themselves, not to mention that the damage to the station started repairing itself. Then, the signs became stronger and stronger. Walls started to display messages that were gone seconds later, floors and ceilings switched places, hallways became dead ends and dead ends became corridors. Colours were inverted while they still somehow retained their identity, until finally, the heart of Gatekeeper was born.

    The survivor was overjoyed at the birth of a new soul similar to themselves. Seeking to get their own name, the survivor approached Gatekeeper and asked what their name was. Gatekeeper simply told the survivor that he was not a man, nor a woman, nor a child, nor a mortal and nor a god, but it just knew that the name Liber would fit them perfectly. Content with their new name, Liber started to construct a throne for themselves, collecting all manner of junk from the station from used-up thrusters to non-functioning satellites. Slowly, but surely, Liber built the throne to suit ther imagination, turning it into a grotesque work of art that could not be put into a gallery. At first, they only used non-living material, but then, Liber started making trips to the surface of the planet below him. Unaffected by the radiation because of Gatekeeper's protection, Liber could easily gather bones, skulls and what little organic tissue remained on the planet to bring colour to their work.

    Even now, Liber is still building the throne, forever expanding upon their disgusting masterpiece. So weep for the traveller who passes by the planet, for the traveller that dares to take a look at Gatekepeer. Weep for them, because they too, will become a part of Liber's art.
  3. I haven't been on Iwaku for a long time. I hope you enjoy the writing!

    Upon the great metal world of Cadogan there was rumored to live a god. A god so powerful that while the old world was withering away from poisonous clouds of death, he was building a sanctuary above the miasma a place where life was preset and everything ran on time. In the beginning of the new world the creator was commonplace and the people respected his wishes and worked together to create a new utopia. But as the years wiled away the creators’ people would die and be replaced by their children and the creator was seen less and less. Soon all that remained were rumors and rumors eventually turned to doctrine as a place that was once a sanctuary became a prison where the powerful controlled the meek.

    The masses frightened by where their future might lay elevated the creator to the level of a god as the prayed for his return. They were only given disappointment as the god of Cadogan never appeared to save his people, leading them to more zealous belief that only the faithful would be saved upon his return. This newfound religion quickly began to spread throughout Cadogan and turned from a belief into a revolution as the meek began to overthrow their cruel rulers. But their god never appeared for them and as the years passed the people began to turn from the creator and scorn his name.

    Soon simple words of hate changed to actions as the people began to ferret out and trace down rumors that the once powerful creator lived upon Cadogan. In a projecting self-hate they were unified as they searched for him and their pursuit eventually lead them to the castle of their once god. They stormed his home with fire and iron preparing to make their own destiny. Those that made it in first were petrified as they saw what stood before them. The creator, a man just like them except he had lived many hundreds of years and looked nothing of it, his face shared an expression of guilt, sadness and anger. His world of peace and safety had been slowly poisoned from the world below.

    Left with no other choices the Creator, filled with sorrow, began to dismantle his sanctuary letting it fall to the dead world below. The strong would not rule the poor. No more would anyone hate. No more would anyone suffer. Now everyone would be equal for eternity.
  4. Crows erupted from the church revealing the crouching figure of a small porcelain doll. It was dressed in black and white lace, soft blond hair delicately put in a braid down its back tied with a string of black silk. It sat with its back to the fallen cross behind it. The church had been abandoned for years, no one knew it even existed anymore, no one but one little curious girl. Her eyes locked onto the doll and she smiled. She could feel the pull of those glass blue eyes beckoning for her to come forward. To take it into her arms and walk away. The doll matched her in every way, down to the black and white lace dress, hairstyle, and features.

    She walked over slowly and put a delicate hand around the middle of the doll, lifting it with great care. She did not want to damage her new doll. It was hers and no one was going to take it from her. A noise came from her left and her head slowly turned toward it. A man dressed in a black butler’s suit walked forward from the shadows and knelt on one knee beside her. She smiled and laughed at the sight of him. He was useless. A little hand grasped the handle of a dagger hidden within the dolls dress and slit his throat. His eyes widened in surprise as he gazed into her now deep red gaze. She laughed merrily as the life drained from his body. He grasped her dress as he slumped forward. One hand slapped his away as she twirled around with her doll, whose eyes flashed red before going completely black.