Theme Song #22

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. "Sir, I'm sorry-"
    "Shut up, Private."
    "I told you to shut up. I'm about to show these spineless deadbeats how a real man fights."
    Stepping over his comrade's still corpse, Commander Saldringham wiped away his sorrow, and lifted his head. There was no better time - his hatred was raw. His anger was glowing. He himself seemed to exude a power, that shook the heavens, and cracked the Earth. His eyes pierced the soul, like a soulful spear, sharpened to the sharpest point possible. When his fists clenched, one could feel the air around them briefly rise in pressure - a slight boom was also audible. The smarter troops backed slowly way, believing the many stories of Saldringham's power. While the more fanciful concoctions were fabricated, there was never smoke without fire. The commander had so far limited his power in order to restrict the amount of collateral damage he caused, but the death of his closest friend and most valued ally was the final straw. A man only takes so much before he snaps. "I used to be so full of mercy. I used to believe every man should be given a chance, at least once in his life. My friend never got that chance. HE forged his own path, and THIS is what he gets for it. Well, allow me to show you the power of a man... Who has realised... What a FOOL he was!"
    Now, even the brave and the foolhardy backed away. He was no longer a man.
    He had surpassed the level of monster.
    He could make demons quake in their boots.
    He was the epitome of power.
    And he wished only destruction for those in his way, and vengeance upon those who had incurred his wrath.
    He was Commander Saldringham.
  3. The dead, absolutely empty desert's sickly, toxic plane collided with the dull, dirt brown sphere of the sky somewhere on the horizon. For miles, there was nothing but the completely lifeless expanse of a world that had been gutted by the most horrible weapon mankind ever invented. Not even a single cell or a single organic molecule survived the wrath and the greed of man that drove him to seek profit even where there was none to be gained. But not even such devastation could deter man from fulfilling his own selfish needs as one half of mankind has fled to the continent where the deadly tentacles of radiation could not reach, while the other half has fled the planet, and is trying to desperately survive on the stellar body that is said to be capable of supporting life. Only a tiny fraction of the population realised the horrible consequences that his endless greed will have, but they had no power to oppose those who ruled over mankind.

    He, the one who was the leader of this tiny, insignificant group of one million humans, knew that all too well. He fought against the rulers of the world before they have unleashed their weapons of mass destruction, and even when he thought he had enough allies, he ended up failing miserably. At first, he thought that he was moving the world forward with his presence, but when he commited his first sin, he fell into despair, so he started devising his grand plan. He built a supercomputer to collect all variables and factors that defined the course of human history while he and his allies gathered data to feed it, but when he finally succeeded, an attempt was made on his life that forced him to rig his own machines so that they supported his life. Upon compressing the data, he also learned that he only delayed the inevitable with his actions, so he and his allies started rallying people around themselves to construct a new nation that would survive the eventual war.

    Unfortunately for him, he forgot that the parties who initiated said war had their own countermeasures, and one of them managed to establish itself as the new world order in this deserted, dying world. When his agents informed him of that, what was left of his soul evaporated, and he became a cold, calculating machine just like the body he designed for himself and his most trusted allies so that they may lead their nation until it was necessary. But he did not give up. He still treasured the memories of the long-forgotten past that was filled with peace, mutual cooperation between nations and relative prosperity. Even if there was paranoia and distrust back then, it was not visible to him, so he would fight to get those days back.

    For this purpose, he has established this city that housed all of his people. He built an entire nation from scratch just so he could bring true light into the future. He created war machines that went against his principles just so he could have a chance against the army of the new world order. He made inventions that had more potential to destroy than to create. He took in people who accepted his old ideals all the while he threw his conscience away so that he could eventually give this nation to a leader who would not need to resort to his crude, forced methods. He went against everything that he once considered principles to live by just so he could give humankind a proper future, just so he could teach them a lesson about greed.

    He did not know when his sacrifice would have its effect. But he know that he would see the day when his city of light grows into the greatest nation in history, for this mechanical body would serve him and his most trusted allies forever.
  4. Snow fell in large fluffy clumps on two children’s heads as they ran across a large field chasing after a nonexistent being. Their parents couldn’t see it but they knew they had. It was magical, like a story they hear at bedtime, now it was all coming true. Their little feet ran as fast as they could pump till they stood in front of a cave. It was large, had many different colors around the opening. To them it looked inviting and they went right in, unlike Hansel and Gretel they did not leave a trail of bread crumbs, nor did they scribble out a note not that they were that good at it yet.

    In the cave there were wondrous things, different openings leading to who knew where. Something moved in the corner of their eyes and as they turned to face whatever it was they saw the creature again. it was running into a lovely looking archway and they were soon right behind it. The faster it ran the faster they seemed to get till they were out of breath. Through the tunnel they’d run and now they were at the opening of yet another place. Unlike the other archways leading off to distant places, these one’s did not seem like they were all that deep.

    Choosing the one straight ahead the children plugged on till they stopped dead in their tracks. Little eyes peeked from behind magical plants; glowing bugs followed the footsteps of unicorns and fairies. They’d come across a land of magic and they never wanted to leave. Skipping through the lilac and honey suckle fields they ate their full of sweets and drank their full of juice. Yawning they made their way back to the archway hand in hand with human sized fairies. They were bidden farewell as they quickly retraced their steps with the help of a very fluffy caramel colored dog. Licking their hands at their last opening it went back the way it came.

    Once again they were out in the cold, once again they crossed the snow covered field till they were safe at home and snug in their beds. As they slept their mother looked in on them and smiled. She knew what was going on in their heads, knew they were visiting many different places, it had happened to her when she was their age. Now that she was older she could no longer see those magical places, the realms of fairies and honey suckles, nor could she taste the sweet freedom and peace of it all. She was now an adult with adult worries, there was no more room for fairy tales and dreams. Looking out the window she saw the large glowing moon shining on a snowless grassy field.