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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. A woman of fair skin, clearest of ivory and hair just as white, rode in a forest of winter. A woman cursed with such fair beauty, to most a glorious gift. But for her having such beauty paid a price, along with her immortality.The winter wonder land around her was crisped by the night's bright moon. Trees towered and scattered around her, snow fell softly and loosely as it would hit the ground of white. The beauty was riding fast in the Terran of snowfall, the dust of the white powder kicked behind her in glitter and rugged hoof prints. Her long dress only rippled like waves in the wind; her dress was of silver silk and fine designs of lace and frail work. The cloak made of fur inside nestled nicely around her bare shoulders from the cold.

    Her destination was to an imperial dance- a dance that was held by riches. It was the biggest and most notorious ball anyone had laid eyes upon. Woman and men dressed in the finest and glorious wear. Every duke, every sire, and every lord is there indulging in ways only those of high class riches could offer. The food that could feed millions, the dance floor that shimmered in reflection like a giant mirror, it was all made for allurement.

    The mysterious woman was only so far to the golden gate of her ambition. She road on, not a beat lost to the pounding hoof steps of the Clydesdale, the anticipation arose as she got closer and closer to light that beamed up to the heavens. The golden bridge, with shimmering ice beneath it, only beamed with prompt gold as the palace before her did. The woman felt breathless in anticipation, the core door in front of her. The door had intricate designs, to the pillars that beamed it side by side... This was all re-memory for her. The presence of a guest detected it to open, if only it knew the woman's true desires of being there. Not the desire to dance or be whisked away by enchanting men.

    The woman stopped her clide from continuing further. Large slender white doors beamed with a soft glow that welcomed all, the laughter and music were heard with clarity. The woman stepped slowly, almost limply, her cloak covered most of her other than her bare white chest and the ripples of her dress seeping down. Once at the doors, eyes hidden from her hood she raised a frail hand to the knocker... She knocks 3 times before a servant answers a man with white make up caked on, but did not even compete to her natural paleness. The man was startled by the anonymous cloaked woman, he bowed hesitantly before inviting her in.
    The unnatural light only made it more apparent she was not like all the other party quests. She wore of silver, as everyone else wore pastels. She strode closer to a balcony that viewed down the ball room dancing and buffet. She raised her head and curled her fingers to the lining of her hood and pulled it down...

    Her face revealed she was nothing more than a life sized doll, not human. Her big eyes and flawless completion were what was most noticeable, her gaze up at the ceiling. Her black eyes felt like stars near a sun. From the music blurring and social gathering around her a voice beams softly against her ear.

    "Vanes... Have you come to kill me... or love me"
  3. How anyone could walk in a dress such as this, he would never know. At least father hadn't forced him into the heels Adeline had been expected to wear. He would have never made it down the aisle in those. So far, people had seemed to be none the wiser to him, thinking him to be his sister. The joys of being a twin. "Remind me again why I'm in a dress?" He asked his mother, who was braiding his hair into traditional Aethirian style. "This is the easiest way to get close to the King. Now hush, and stick to the plan." Valance huffed, brushing his dress free of creases. The plan, he didn't understand why they were going through with this. King Ysmar had agreed to this truce, was allowing Aethiria control of it's economy. Why were they planning his assassination? Still, he was a son of Aethiria, and he would play his part flawlessly. Even if that meant wearing a dress and pretending to marry the son of King Ysmar. The veil was placed a top his head, a dark frown crossing his lips. "I still don't understand why Adeline couldn't be the one to fulfil this role." He muttered, as they began their trek to the hall. His mother laughed, high, shrill. Almost like a squeaking bird. "Do you honestly think I would put my eldest daughter, my heir, in harms way? No no, this is a job for someone expendable."

    Valance hid his reaction well, only a brief tensing of the shoulders showing his dislike of being called such. In a moment, a perfect, smiling mask was in place, and the door's opened to the wedding hall, lined with white lilies and bright red roses. Gingerly, the young prince walked his way up the aisle, keeping careful mind of his posture and stride. His "groom" stood at the altar, his hefty size barely kept clothed by his straining suit jacket. The buttons seemed as though they would pop at any moment. His smile faltered slightly, faking a nervous laugh. Gods above, he wished he had been born a female right about now. His younger brother would be the one in this situation than. The Cervanti services were surprisingly short, even while being translated into two separate languages, Valance turning to face his new husband, touching lips for the briefest of moments. The involuntary shudder was repressed, waiting for the King and Queen of Cervanti to come greet their new daughter.

    His mask was kept in place, keeping the King's eyes as he hobbled up to the alter. He didn't understand this country's fascination with close physical contact, having to lean forward to place a kiss upon each cheek. Fingers held tight the pin in his hand, coated liberally with a serpents venom. With a brief flick of his wrist, the pin was dug into the king's leg. He hardly felt a thing. It would take a few hours for the venom to work its way through the man's system, but King Ysmer was well on his way to the afterlife.
  4. The murderer made his way through the long hallway with his violin case, which, naturally, contained anything but a violin. A disassembled sniper rifle and exactly one round for said rifle rested inside the case, intended for one very specific person who attended tonight's party. The murderer knew he could not miss this shot, for even if he succeeded, the scenario was likely to end up with his arrest, and if he failed, he would have been killed by his own boss. That is why he brought only one bullet with himself, because he knew that he could not escape his fate. One way or another, his life would end. But if he could not succeed, then who could? Who could complete a mission that not even the best of this planet of murderers could complete? He had to live up to his reputation.

    Naturally, he was stopped by security, but as soon as he showed them his forged identifier, they let him in, assuming he was the musician who would perform the last concert of the night, and he was here to enjoy the party before he would play. Of course, the moment he stepped inside the huge theater, he disappeared into the crowd and made his way towards the seat that was reserved for him. It was a private cabin located in the perfect spot: It was away from the eyes of the audience, but it still gave him a good view of the target he was supposed to assasinate. He looked over the people who were already inside the theater as he assembled his sniper rifle in the privacy of the small cabin and placed the single round into the rifle. He then took aim at the seat the guest was supposed be at, and waited.

    Soon, his target arrived, but the murderer still waited for the play to proceed. He knew that there was one moment during the play of today when he could shoot his rifle without being detected, and he did not intend to miss that moment, so he waited, his ears completely attuned to the music. When the moment was finally there, he pressed the trigger without hesitation, and the bullet ripped through the air, mercilessly eliminating the target. However, the murderer did not even check the result: he left the sniper rifle at the scene of the crime, and fled the theater. After all, he was the best killer on this planet of killers, and if there was one who could not be traced, it was him.
  5. Bending over a single strand of hair she tilted her head and smiled. Lifting it with one gloved hand she opened a plastic evidence bag with the other. If it was the perps this would all be over. She was sure the one who did this had a record, the reason, there were similar cases in different cities all over the country. The guy really got around, and left nothing behind him. Police departments in almost every country of the United States wanted to bag this guy, to prosecute him in their own states.

    Her superiors told her if she could crack this she would have first shot at the guy. All she needed to do was find him. Getting up she stuffed the hair into her pocket when one of the forensic guys walked into the drab and stuffy hotel room. The place had been abandoned for years, why no one decided to keep it up is beyond her. If it had been well taken care of it would have been a great place, even she would have stayed here. The forensic team had not seen what she’d done, good, she was off the hook and told to leave the premises. She was the only one in the hallway as she made her way down to the lobby. There would be TV crews, and reporters everywhere she was sure once she stepped out into the scalding Arizona summer. Already she could feel the heat seeping in through the windows. It was a nightmare.

    The last step was off and she tumbled a bit before quickly catching herself so she wouldn’t actually fall flat on her face. Straightening her pants, and blazer she checked herself in a window before deciding it was good enough. Politics, she hated it, if there were no bureaucrats the world would be much better off. That thought had popped into her head more times than she could count when in the end she came to the same conclusion. If there were no one to uphold the law then she would be out of a job. Whether or not that was true she didn’t know but at the same time she really didn’t care.

    Finally stepping out into the heat she felt like the wind had been knocked out of her. The drastic change in temperature astounded her. Inside they had turned on the air conditioning to help keep the body at least somewhat fresher than it had been. There had been no distinguishing features to suggest who, or what gender the person had been when they’d been murdered. In the job you learn to either get better at handling dead people or take the desk, she’d become the former. Out of her many years on the service there was only one thing that still got to her, telling the deceased’s family. Before she made it to her car she’d been jumped by reporters, most of them backed off when she told them too, there were a few she had to practically fight her way through to her car.

    In she started the engine and smiled as the cool air hit her face. The reporters she’d been bothered the most by had given up the moment she got into her car, they weren’t going to get anything out of her. Putting it in gear she began to make her way to the office when she heard a click. Her body tensed and she thought of pulling over when someone told her to keep driving and act like nothing was wrong. The voice wasn’t what she was expecting but she complied with her abductors wishes. How long would she be forced to drive, and when she did get to where ever the person wanted to go did that mean she would be killed? Her mind raced through all those questions when she was told to pull over at an abandoned gas station. There was a long, dirt road she had to drive on to get to it and once she was there she found mother nature had taken back what was hers.

    Looking in her rearview mirror she got a good long look at her would be killer. Locking it away in her memory banks she began to listen as her killer talked. It was a long story that left her in tears by the end. Now she understood, now she got what was going on. It was through that story that she finally understood what went on in that deranged head. Smiling she got out of the car per the killers instructions and waited. Staring the killer right in the eyes she felt tears fall down her cheeks and she was at peace. Right before the killer could pull the trigger of the Glock in their hands the detective lunged forward and took the gun away. The would have been killer stared up at the detective.

    Whipping the tears from her eyes she shook her head. “My dear, you have a lot left to learn. If you are going to kill someone you have to do it much better than that job at the hotel.” The detective said to her very naive and very guilty daughter.
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