EXERCISE Theme Song #12

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. Two forbidden lovers race through the rain on a cobblestone street running from her father and the authorities. He's twenty and she's sixteen,but very much in love. She has long,silky,sandy brown hair and wearing a white peasants dress. He's tall and muscular with shoulder length dark hair. You can tell he's been to sea.But they race through the rain. If he's caught with her it's over for him and her both. The girl is stubborn and refuses to leave his side,but she's yet to tell him..she's carrying his child. Will they find peace or is it curtains for their love?
  3. They couldn't believe it. At last, rescue has come for them. After days of survival in the middle of the ocean where no one dare to go, a helicopter found its way to the stray ship that has lost its course. A storm had change the direction of the large boat were 10 fishermen worked. It was a rough season, fishing. But none of them had other option than to go to the ocean to find food for exchange of money. Three days had they have a good luck until the tempest decided to come. The original group was of 15 but five had die either falling off the ship or by dying at a impact of the objects that fell on them when the waves were high. Now 10 stood outside waiting, until they had heard the sound of a helipcopter flying by. With high hopes they waved their hands until the flying machine flew low. Rescue had come and they were alive. This story they were to tell their kids. A tale of how a group of fishermen survive. The ultimate tale of ocean survival.
  4. In history classes, children are taught about an era which has been forgotten by mortal men. Teachers usually tell the story that this era was so horrible that the gods forbade all knowledge of it, and erased every single record from existence, so that the mortals do not carry the burden of this insane, twisted age. Only immortals were able to retain their memories, yet they do not even dare to speak about it, for they fear the gods... But whatever atrocities that age committed pale in comparison to the ones of this age. It is as if the once good people were possessed by demons, or far worse, the evil gods that were thought to be sealed so long ago. They commit crime after crime without regard for the consequences, and whenever the authorities execute them, they die with a smile on their faces, they die with roaring, insane laughter.

    Those who still retain their sanity have given up hope long ago, and abandoned the thought that the good gods are watching over us. For a while, they have fought, but then dropped their swords, letting themselves succumb to death, or more likely, joined the ranks of the mindless monsters so that they could slaughter innocents without a thought. There are only a few who continue to fight against this madness, but even they are starting to lose their faith as the armada of mad humans extinguishes civilization after civilization. However, I, the chronicler of this chaotic age, have taken a vow to make a stand, and there is no force that can shatter that vow.

    I am now dressed in armour, wearing steel plates blessed by the most holy and faithful priests of the Southern Mountains, wielding a claymore forged from the finest metals, and my mind is fortified by an iron will. My hands may be inexperienced, my legs may tremble under the weight of the armour, but my resolve will shatter everything that stands before it. My comrades may have lost hope, my friends may have fallen to the deepest pits of hell, but I will never let myself to be destroyed by those monsters. I will keep fighting until my soul is extinguished or until I have defeated my enemies, for I still have a destiny to fulfill.

    I still have to preserve the memories of this age for the future generations.
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  5. Clarke was slinking through the shadows, keeping tabs on Jason from a distance as he made his way through the dark city streets. It had been almost three years since he'd last seen his half brother and he hadn't intended to seek him out any time soon but when this job came up he took it as a sign that the time had come. Some would call Clarke an assassin, which wouldn't be wrong to assume, but they would be vastly underestimating the scope of his work if they thought that was all he did. Jason turned down a quiet side-street and Clarke followed, staying out of sight of the city's nocturnal inhabitants as he got steadily closer to his mark, having decided that this was a good enough place for a confrontation. When he rounded the corner, however, Jason had disappeared.

    Clarke made his way cautiously down the alley, quickly realising it was a dead end, with too many dark corners and too few escape routes. No sooner had the bustle of the main street faded away, than Jason darted from a shadow behind Clarke. Sensing the movement more than noticing it, Clarke span round and they were face to face, their eyes boring into each other, hate emanating from the pair of them. He rolled his eyes, "Great. I don't have time for this."

    "Happy to see me as always, I see." A wry smile crossed Jason's face. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" He stepped slowly to the side, crossing his right foot in front of his left, then bringing his left back to a position parallel to his right.

    Clarke mimicked Jason's movements so that they were circling each other like wildcats in the darkness of the alley, "Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?" The pair had come full circle and changed directions in their pacing, each waiting for the other to make their move. "Suffice to say, somebody wants something and they believe they can get it from you."

    "And you're going to take it from me, are you?" Jason's smile turned into a grin. "I'd like to see that."

    Before Clarke could retort, Jason lunged at him, brandishing a knife seemingly from nowhere.

    [[ I was going to have an epic fight scene for when the music kicks in but I'm now losing my train of thought <.> and I'm kinda tired, will probably go to bed soon. I might finish this post some other time and I'll hopefully get back into it as I quite like it :) ]]

  6. Syra trudged along the field while rain drizzled. She was not sure if she was going to make it to the forest before the Dark Queen's minions found her, but this was not the time to doubt herself. She could hear the pounding of the cavalry against the damp earth. She hastened her steps, almost falling over as she raced down another hill. Nearer were their shouts. Louder were their cries. Was this her demise?

    Syra broke into an all out sprint, but they were closing in on her. The men had their swords at the ready, commanded to bring her to the Queen dead or alive. Alba, where are you? tears streamed down her face as the rain began to pound heavier, the forest only a few seconds away. However, a few horsemen advanced ahead of her, encircling the poor magi.

    Then came salvation. a light burst out of the thick of the woods, terrifying the horses and sending their owners flying off of them. Syra took her chance, making a final sprint into the woodland. Footsteps followed her, tripping with the clumsiness of those new to the forests' traps. Familiar with her home, the elf quickly swung by the trees and undergrowth with graceful agility. A deer of pure white soon ran alongside her. Alba! Not a moment had she set her eyes on Alba when an arrow plunged into a tree trunk separating them. How did her soldiers even make it this far?

    Too tired to cast a spell upon them, she continued to evade their arrows by leaping around the plants of the forests until she could no longer hear their misguided foot steps.
  7. She wrapped her coat tight around her as she walked the cold empty streets alone. It was the second time that day she’d been walking along this narrow strip of street. The houses looked desolate and sad as they stood with their shingles falling off and paint chipping off their faces. The windows were cracked and some were caved it, jagged shards of glass all that’s left of them. Hairs begin to stand on the back of her neck as she hears the sound of footprints come up behind her.

    Her heart begins to pound loudly in her chest as the sound gets louder and closer. Her grip tightens, white knuckling her coat as the footsteps get closer, they sound like war drums as they approach. The breath catches in her throat and she tries to scream but nothing comes out when the footsteps get louder and louder, echoing across the barren walk till it is right next to her. She doesn’t make a sound or a move, she’s frozen in place when the footsteps pass her by.