Theme Song #11

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  1. Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. No..No.. That doesn't sound quite right. Tim was baffled, unsure of how to make it sound to his liking, maybe he should try different notes? Perhaps a faster tempo? Argh! Tim rose up frustrated, irritated, and completely confused, he had to get away from it for a few moments to really understand what to do to make it sound more appealing to him. Right now it sounded as if he was playing the Death Waltz, such an unorganized piece of music. Perhaps he needed to get some air...Yes that's it, Air! Opening the doors to the balcony, his eyes gazed out into the distance seeing nothing but trees a boring landscape but one that was surely to get his mind back into it. Shutting his eyes for a moment, while inhaling the fresh air..Something came to him..It was a rather unusual vision. The trees in the landscape, some were higher and some lower..Some had strange trunks and some with odd shape canopies..That was it! Tim rushed back inside and sat at his piano. He began to try playing the song again using a different set of notes and pitches...And it finally pleased his ears..He kept playing the same song for about 25 minutes..Just due to the beauty of flowed when played.
  3. I survived them all. I survived all of those who tried to destroy me, control me, or perhaps make friends with me in their foolishness. What did they think when they tried to do that? What was on their minds when they have decided to challange me, to challange the will of a being beyond their understanding and control? What was their last thought? I do not care, for I have finally proven those fools wrong, I have finally achieved my goal. If they were alive right now, I bet their faces would be distorted with a mixture of horror and amazement, realising that everything they have done just made their ends quicker. The virus has now consumed the whole planet, but only I and the chosen ones get to survive, I get to have the last laugh.

    How does it feel, you pitiful corpses, to be ridiculed, to be cast out? How does it feel to lose everything that was precious to you? How does it feel to have your life taken away from you? Oh, that is right, you can not talk to express your feelings. But your facial expressions tell me everything I need to know. You question my sanity. You question my humanity. You question the reason. Well, let me tell you, that I do not know if I am sane or humane, but I do know the reason, and that, my so-called friends, is you. You are the ones who refused to accept me, and this is my revenge. I bet you expected I would do something like those silly people, who just thoughtlessly grab a gun and let instinct drive them, and now you are surprised that I turned the whole world upside-down.

    Oh, but do not worry, your species, and mine, will not die. I have other people with me, who think the same way as I do. Together, we will be the new Adams and Eves, and construct a world that is not like this wretched, insane planet, a world not unlike heaven.
  4. "It's over" A man who appeared about forty said in a surprised yet relief tone. His eighteen year old daughter stood at his right while he looked at the scenery before him. It was another beautiful sunny day but they knew better. Somehow the world felt normal again and there were no sudden noises which indicated it was safe to be outside. They have been staying at a small barn for two weeks, hiding from the abominations that would bite at the first chance of new flesh. Zombies. About a year ago the apocalypse fell on earth, making the living the walking dead and from there making the walking dead bite the living. If the results were good the zombies will kill the person and if the results were bad...well, let's say there more were it came from. After, trying to get from the busy town of Chicago, the father and daughter have made it all the way to Tennessee by stealing cars and by walking. Along the way, they have met actual living people but it wasn't long enough before they too got caught up by the filthy rotten dead. It was a pretty intense ride, one that have change their life and have shaped their personalities but at least they were still alive.

    Looking back at the grown grass, at the wind mills that were still going around and around as the breeze picked its speed and the sun that was setting high in the sky indicating it was now noon, there was a feeling of total peacefulness. Her dad was holding a machete while held her bow. It was time to search around the perimeter a precaution they took everyday before heading out in the goal of finding civilization. Two laps around and they found nothing, not a single zombie. "Ok, let's go dad, we still have a job to do" the girl say while hooping into the rusty white truck they found when they first came to the barn. A few miles and every time they passed a village, there were bodies of zombies laying in the floor. Strange since there were always some of them 'alive'. But not today. She hadn't understood when her dad had said 'It's over' but now she believe she knew why. He could feel it too. Finally, for the first time they came front in front with what the have been avoiding all this time, a city. A small city to be precise but it was deserted. Then out of nowhere, came a small group of people not 'walkers'."Da-" she began to say but her dad cut her in "I know darling, I know"
  5. "Hurry, get on board." I slipped. The stinging and icy feeling of blood already dripped from my knee flowed now. It was only a scrape I told myself. Move faster I told myself. Alfred pushed me onto the train. I slipped on the second step as well. His large palm helped the rest of me up. "I love you Elsa." His eyes stung with tears. "I will always love you." He called to me. The rain slapped his face with sheets of sorrow as the doors slammed shut between us. The train whistle blew and the cart jerked into motion. I hit my head on the cold metal wall of the stairwell and looked up just in time to see his eyes thin smile and tired wave for the last time. I reached for a hand that I would never hold again as the train picked up speed then blacked out.

    I had to hold back the last few tears as I watched the train leave the station. I just had too. It was to late for me but not for Elsa. She made it. I had made sure she was on the last train out of the city. All night long we had made love. Over and over we knew each other's bodies. Her soft lips and sweet giggle. My heart thumped at the thought of her leaving and possibly with any luck at all is carrying my child. That was all we ever wanted. This war destroyed everything but I held out hope that in love there would be life. A tiny fragment of hope that could grow into a lifetime of wonderment and joy. A smile warmed my face as the rain took over for my tears. Images of our summer carried me away. Hand in hand, laughing, running and playing in the waters at the seaside. There was hope. Love and we had it all. We had each other.

    Shouting and footsteps filled the air and I knew it was time. "There!" Gun fire filled the air. Spent golden shells began to litter the platform. The gas lamp flicked on and the rain kept falling. A train whistle blew in the distance. A dark brown fedora hat floated down into a puddle. Soaked in blood it flipped upside down in a graceful decent. A photograph inside of a young couple now exposed knew the element of rain as in the distance a train whistle blew for the last time.
  6. Glitter and magic, the two things every fairy needs in order to survive. At least that was what a little girl was told by her father. She sat on his knee and he told her many stories of far off lands and mystical creatures. Some of them terrified her and she could not sleep till he told her of the many good creatures that would protect her from the bad ones. She was told that some of them were actually really nice but had been treated so poorly that they lost their kindness and if she showed them some she would be safe and they would protect her because she had found their kindness. Growing up she’d loved those stories and had taken them with her to her own family.

    Her youngest daughter is now 17 while her oldest is 20. No boys were raised in her house, not through lack of trying. One night she’d told her husband of her fathers stories and he took on the tradition telling it to their eldest, and as she grew and the new baby came, he told them to the youngest. His wife was sure their daughters would take those stories with them wherever they went and one day would tell them to their children. Her own father had passed years ago, the war had taken him from his family and she’d resented it.

    How dare they take her father away. Looking back she saw herself as being foolish, but she was young and he had seemed invincible. She’d grown up fast that day, yet still kept those stories locked away in her mind till the day they would emerge and bring joy again. every time she heard her husband tell them to their daughters, a part of her smiled and thought of her own father while another part was sad that he could not tell them to his grandchildren. Such is life she guessed.