Theme Song #10

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  1. [video=youtube;LTZTEAQv4HE][/video]
    Music touches people in different ways. Many people enjoy listening to music for inspiration, and others simply listen to it to relax. Some songs tell stories while others allow you to make your own story.

    Your challenge:

    Listen to the song above then take a minute or two to think about it.

    Write out a scene to this song; make this song your scenes theme song.

    Let me know what you see when you listen to this music.

  2. There it was, the Marshall Mansion..As top notch Turobian assassin, Ka'Shiro looked on, being armed with a long-sword and an axe sheathed upon his back. Eyeing the area seeing that it was guarded and that his entrance wasn't going to be a clean one. Sliding down the side of the cliff, quickly rolling into the shrubbery. Lying patiently in wait for one of them to wander by..Come on now, anyone of you suckers will do.. Growing more anxious by the second. Luckily two the guards that were patrolling..stumble past him. Quickly taking the opportunity, he unsheathed his sword, slowly moving out of the shrub, creeping behind his two unsuspecting targets. Ka'Shiro grinned, stabbing the guard such force causing the other guard to quickly turn to see him. Ka'Shiro was ready for it though..Turning the guard he impaled and pushing the tip of the sword through the other one. A double kill with only one weapon, quick and effective. Retracting his sword from the bodies, Ka'Shiro quickly ran towards the mansion jabbing his sword into the wall. Yep, this wasn't thought through enough..But he was going through with it.

    Ka'Shiro pulling out his axe to lodge it higher up along the mansion's walls. This was a test of true upper body strength and keeping himself out of vision. Sure, he could be easily seen..But he was scurrying as fast as he could to the second story window. Luckily it was right in his sights..stretching himself to retrieve and sheath the long-sword. Ka'Shiro took hold of the window, slowly opening it and rolling inside the mansion. Making sure he didn't forget his axe of course, he then knew that his destination was the main bedroom..His target, the corrupted boss man. Ka'shiro's feet were silent as night, quick as the wind down the halls. The halls being decorated with the finest statues and paintings, none of which were worth breaking..He just wanted to put an end to the boss' reign. Moving down the halls, he saw more of the cronies that were patrolling. Unfortunately, Ka'Shiro had no way of hiding himself..So he was going to have cause a diversion. Turning back, he took one of the priceless vases and tossed it down the hall, causing it break. Quickly the two goons rushed down, causing Ka'Shiro to easily slip behind them and rush into the main hallway.

    The assassin's eyes glancing at each possible way, he figured the boss' room would be right in the center of the mansion. And the two large doors would lead him straight to the target. Dashing quickly to the large doors, he heaved one of them opened. Suddenly, he came across a large stair-case...This was it. Slowly taking hold of his prized weapons and tip-toeing up the stairs, just waiting to see what was at the top. The steps causing Ka'Shiro's legs to grow weary, but he remained vigilant and strong..focused on getting his target. Luckily the endless steps came to an end, and he could peek over them to see the Boss man, on the balcony eyeing the premises. And at that moment, everything vanished except him and the target..His heart slowly beating faster and faster as he closed in..Things could easily backfired if he turned any sooner. Fortunately he didn't..Giving Ka'Shiro the perfect opportunity to strike! Taking hold of the boss, turning the axe blade to his neck. "Now you'll know what you see after Life." Ka'Shiro muttered, impaling him with the longsword, blood gushing everywhere. The boss let out his final words."..No..way..I..can..di..di..die.." As he tilted over the balcony. Ka'Shiro frowned and pushed him off into the middle of the gardens..His task was done, no one was going to suffer anymore under the hands of that man.
  3. Birán, Cuba, the destination where Alicia's new target has been staying for a week and possibly another one. Fidel Castro, the man that has killed those who revealed against him. The same man that killed her parents and family. It was time to make him pay, to free Cuba, a beautiful place were the people were kind and knew everybody else. This was the time. Alicia's mission was to infiltrate Castro's birth place, kill him, and get out of there without being noticed. Easy said than done. The small farmhouse was surrounded by guards in every direction, even on the second floor. What a pain.

    Alicia was dressed completely in a completely black jumpsuit. Her long curly brown hair was in a high ponytail due to the heat of the summer. In her gloved hand she had a small Silencerco 45 Osprey .578X28. The pistol she was going to use to kill the bastard. She made her way to the back of the farmhouse were a set of stairs was located. No one ever used those unless they were trying to go to the farm. It was her only option. Only two guards were there at the moment. Swiftly, she aimed the weapon at the right one and shot. Before the other one turned to see what happened, Alicia has done the same to him. Nicely done. Walking toward the steps she checked their pockets and found a key to the house also money which she gladly took. Opening the door carefully she slid inside and crouched. Can't be too careful. Slowly, she made her way up to the second floor where a guard was standing in front of the door, the room were Castro was located. Piece of cake. Hiding below the stairs she aimed the pistol into the guard's head and fired. She knew the noise on the floor will alert whoever was inside the room so she made her way in, the door unlocked. There, inside, was her target sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. Got you. "Q-quien eres?(Who are you?)"Castro said but Alicia had already made her way to him and pointed the weapon into his head, smiling mischievously."Soy Alicia Guerrero puta, matastes mi familia y ahore te mato yo a ti (I am Alicia Guerrero bitch, you killed my family and now I am going to kill you)". With that she pulled the trigger and watch him die.
  4. The cars lined up at the starting line, their engines roaring with the power of a miniature fusion reactor, their weight almost cracking the reinforced concrete beneath their mechanical tires. They were clearly not ordinary machines with their bulky, inelegant outlines that would make even a person with a rudementary graps of aerodynamics cringe, they had four sets of strange, not even remotely circle-shaped wheels, but most importantly, they were wrapped in shadows. Darkness seemed to follow them whenever they went, obscuring their form and twisting the air around them, warping the senses of anyone who dared to come too close to them, literally suffocating everything around the cars. The ground became horribly dry as if it had not been watered for years, plants became ash when they were touched by the shadows, and animals instinctively fled from the mysterious machines, only to die when they thought they had escaped them.

    This was clearly not a race meant for those who tried to apply logic to the world, or for that matter, anyone who even tried to live. As the engines roared up once again, a lone bird flied into the paths of the cars, and that became the sign for them to start. The vehicles accelerated to impossible speeds in an impossibly short time, twisting the laws of physics around their chassis. The roads started to bend in unlikely, sick angles, seperating themselves from the ground to make room for insane curves and loopholes, the sky behaved as if it was a surface, stars became obstacles, cities twisted into lakes of steel and concrete... Everything went went mad, but the race continued regardless.

    At first, everyone was civil, and paid attention to the others, trying their best to avoid them in sharp curves or tight spaces. However, as the race went on, the cars started getting more agressive. At first, they only bumped into each other in relatively safe spots, trying to make their opponents spin out, but then they started breaking every rules. They took turns with full speed, relying only on their handbrakes, only to have their enemies crash into them, they slowed down without warning when somebody came behind them, or sped up in hairpins, skipping whole sections of their insane playfield. The track soon became a battlefield, and the number of cars slowly started to dwindle as they either exploded, shattered into a million pieces, or lost control in a place where that meant losing their wheels.

    Eventually only a single car remained, and when it reached the finish line, it halted immediately. The world suddenly snapped back into its ordinary form, and the shadows vanished from around the car. Nothing was left of the insane race for the world to see, except for an article in the local newspaper:

    "Drunken driver arrested for speeding, reckless driving and accidental manslaughter."
  5. The party was off the hook. Girls were dressed in little to nothing giving the guys there quite a show. The bass felt like it dipped into their soles and ripped them out. It was packed, people were pressing against each other as the night progressed. Beads of sweat dripped off of near naked bodies each one feeding off of the rhythm and movement of the crowd. Chaos was sure to ensue of the bouncers weren’t watching the progression with hawk like vision.

    Three teenage girls walked in and were checked for their age, they smiled as they slipped past the bouncer with their fake ID’s. The man at the dinner had told them it was the place to be and that he’d be able to give them tickets, they’d believed him. Now they were there and having the time of their lives unaware the man was lurking just outside. The large on in the middle was his target. She was extremely tall and was built like an Amazon, the others were pretty much the same but she had to stand a foot taller.

    They danced and shamed their mothers with the way they acted. Boys flocked to them as they danced, teenage girls looking and acting like idiot adults. They danced and kissed and had the time of their lives when one of them got sick and had to leave. The music boomed in their ears while the other senses were bombarded with things they did not know could exist. So naive were they that instead of checking what they were drinking they took long swigs and soon the one whom the guy had targeted was down. Her friends were scared, she’d asked to leave earlier but they had begged one more minute, just one more minute. Now she would never ask for anything again, the lights faded, the sound of music drifted into the nothingness that was her new existence.