Them Pet Peeves YO!

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    Have you ever gotten annoyed by the smallest of things?
    Ever felt like punching walls or taking a lollipop from a kid?!
    No? Maybe not to that extreme but still...
    Has something so small made your nerves get out of place?

    So tells us

    What is your pet peeve?
    Why does this thing make you go 'nuts'?

    I can only remember 2 cause they just drive me nuts D<

    I hate it when people are late...seriously there is no reason to get there at last minute >_> BE PROFESSIONAL
    And second...
    I can't stand it when people don't close the toilet seat...*rages* Y U NO DO THAT?!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

    My most dangerous pet peeve is when someone's in the kitchen, in my way, when I'm trying to cook. There's been a couple cases of where I've gotten a bit pissed when people don't leave the damned kitchen. Usually it's when I'm making something extremely hot that could burn someone.
  3. People posting threads about peeves.

    And people dragging their feet.
  4. When someone gives me a chore. And I do it.

    But apparently I didn't do it "The Right Way" even though it got done all the same.

    And they go and redo the entire job and make me watch them do it "The Right Way"

    -_- Cleaning is cleaning. As long as it get done, does it really matter if I stack the dishes the way I do? We both get the same amount in...
  5. People who won't use a strong voice on their dogs! If it's taking advantage of you or bothering your house guest, fucking yell at them or else they won't respect you... Some of us get anxiety attacks and allergy attacks around dogs, so think of us please! >>;

    I have lots more peeves, but that's like the main one that irritates me the most in life, I think. Kind of interesting that I tolerate human beings easier than dogs.
  6. Smileys.
    Yes, computer smileys. Was on a rp forum that used to spam them nonstop so now when I see one I seriously just get pissed. Especially if I ask the person to stop posting so many and they start spamming them. Then I leave the box :D

    and being touched in any type of way besides common courtesy (ex handshakes or sometimes high five).
    Dun like it at all.
  7. Snoring.

    I've kicked folks out of bed for it.
  8. I list

    • Snoring is a FUUUUUUU- thing for me. Hate it. HATE IT.
    • When people stare at me like O_O...No. Look...look somewhere else. >>
    • When men leave the GODDAMN TOILET SEAT UP. D:<
    • When people poke or prod me while they're trying to tell a story. Like, "Hey *nudgenudge*, thiis what happened next! So, *poke* yeah, that guy, hey, no listen, *nudge*..." D8<
    • When people smack while chewing gum. >=(
  9. I can't stand the sound of snoring when I'm trying to sleep, either. My only thing about that is they can't ALWAYS help it while they're sleeping and I tend to be way too considerate... so I'll lay there, tired as hell dealing with it. Then when I finally drown it out and am about to fall asleep too, that's the precise moment they need to SNORE LOUDER. Damn you and your subconscious plot to destroy my sleep!

    I share Iliana's pain of being poked and prodded while being told a story. If I'm not listening yet and am busy doing something else, a light touch on the shoulder is plenty. It's like "I am already paying attention! Stop poking my shoulder and/or bumping me with your elbow!" which one of my friends do constantly... even when I'm still paying attention. He also likes me to watch his hand gestures while he speaks, like he doesn't think I'm listening him I'm not looking right at him. My eyes and my ears serve two different functions, man.

    This one stemmed from my father actually and it's a pretty harmless mannerism but I've come to hate it. Every time he makes a point, about anything at all he needs to throw "you know?" at the end of his sentence. Like he needs confirmation that what he was talking about or what he just did are correct. It's become so bad that now I either just nod my head or drone out "Yep. Uh-huh." answers because when I tell him no, he needs to explain more and I have no desire for that. I twitch a little inside now when other people do it, even though they don't say it nearly as frequently.

    I think I'll just stop there.
  10. I think my number one pet peeve is bad translation in books. And I do not mean bad translation in the sense that I can not understand the text. I mean bad translation in the sense that people just plain refuse to translate words and just write them down phonetically, as if that makes a difference. It annoys me to no end to see that done, especially because not many people come with the knowledge to actually understand the latin or greek or whatever words that are being "translated" this way. It is simply horrible and I can get so worked up about it.

    My second big pet peeve is people not pausing in their conversations to give me enough space to have a word. I think it is worse than being ignored because I just feel like they know I am there yet they just choose to not involve me out of malice. At least if I am being ignored I can just shrug it off, but when they do not even give me an opportunity to talk, that annoys me to almost no end.

    I think those are my two largest pet peeves. I probably have more, but they are not important enough to mention.
  11. - Chuck Norris. The not funny jokes, the references, the everything. It wasn't funny ten years ago, and it's not funny now. No, he isn't invincible. No, he isn't a god. NO, he is not even the strongest man alive. He's a regular guy who just so happens to know martial arts. And all these kids making Chuck Norris jokes, do they even know who he is or what he's acted in? 99% of them probably don't. Just STOP.

    P.S. Bruce Lee kicked his ass.

    - THIS. IS. Almost as bad as Chuck Norris. The 300 jokes. Guys, Leonidas did not invent the art of kicking. You don't have to reference the movie every time you see someone kick someone else.

    - The phrase, delusions of grandeur. Seems overused, and it annoys me to hear/see it, for whatever reason. Don't ask me why, it just does.

    - When women leave the GODDAMN TOILET SEAT DOWN! >:U (Just kidding.)

    - wen poepl tipe lyk dis. What the frak are they teaching you kids in school these days? I can understand that, on social networking sites, you have a very limited amount of characters to use in your posts... BUT there's a difference between shortening words/using internet slang (you=u, people=ppl, etc.), and just spealing lyke dis. Don't get me started on they're, there, and their. I understand that you can mix them up pretty easily sometimes when you're typing fast or whatever, but all of the time? Really?

    ... Are these even technically pet peeves? W'ever, there's a list of stuff that grinds my gears.
  12. People who eat and smack their lips. Makes me want to staple their lips together. It's not appealing people, do you think it's cute to sound like a pig when you eat? No, I don't think so. So leave it at the door or eat outside. I've litrally made people eat somewhere else that can't stop lip smacking or chewing with their mouths open or any mouthly smacking noises. Includes lip licking. Grah.

    Oh, and when people act smarter then they are. Such as that idiot trying to tell me how to treat a victem of hypothermia. No, you moron, you don't put them in hot water.

    and people who ask me how to spell my name. My name is Chance. Say it with me;
    Chi-ann-sssss. CHANCE. C-H-A-N-C-E.

    Not CHASE, CHANCE. My name is Chance. How do you normally spell it, hm? Shance? No. Just no. Stop asking me stupid questions.
  13. Being a creature of insatiable rage, a list of things that piss me off would essentially be a list of things with a pulse. So I shall condense the list to the top ten as applies to RP, in no real order

    1. Anyone RPing an "Apprentice" of death or really having anything to do with Death and your first name does NOT start with a D, Death is your goth older sister who yells at you when you're being an immature dumbass, not a handle to make your character awesome. Do you see it in any fiction? only once, and it was his son WHO DID HIS OWN FUCKING THING!

    2. Vampires, Being a hardcore OWoD Fan this may shock you, but basically if you aren't a WoD Vamp, and you're not a main character in the Hellsing Anime, I'm going to hunt you down and burn your fucking haven to the ground during daylight hours. You are a Predator in the night FUCKING ACT LIKE IT

    3. Anime Based Roleplays, Go die in a tire fire

    4. Katanas, I have nothing against the Samurai who wielded them, or the code they follow, in that case i have no issue. What i have an issue with is this v

    5. Universe Nazis, In an RP societal rules are meant to be broken, if the rules didn't need to be broken, you have no need for heroes/villans in the first place.
    (here's looking at you 40k fans who beat it to slaaneshi porn)

    6. Because I said so GMing, you have approved the character for the RP, which means you read the fucking character sheet. So why is it that you then, when a character is presented with a situation BY YOU, you get pissy when that character acts in a way completely in keeping with said character, but not the way you wanted, and you piss, moan, whine, and blame the player FOR YOUR SHITTY GMing.

    7. Vengeful GMs, man the fuck up and talk to your player when he's being a shithead, or you're leaving my table with a fucking Traumatic brain injury. I. Will. Slap. A. Ho.

    8. Alignment Nazis, Go fuck yourself Flaws of the alignment grid aside, it is not the only playable nine distinct personalities, it is a generalization of your characters moral and ethical code of conduct, just because it's not what you perceive doesn't mean that's not what it is.

    9. OOC whiners, If you bitch about every little thing that goes on in the OOC, two thirds of the questions you're asking OOC SHOULD FUCKING BE ASKED IN FUCKING CHARACTER YOU FUCKING MORON. Go play in traffic.

    10. players who are fucking allergic to character death. I have another picture for you, He's the greatest anime character of all time AND HE DIES HALFWAY THROUGH THE FIRST SEASON. If your characters sacrifice serves to spur on the plot, you're like him.
  14. I guess this one is less of a pet peeve and more of something that never ceases to annoy me.

    Onions. In anything they're in... onions. It just so happens that one of maybe 3 or 4 things I don't enjoy eating is used in a butt load of different foods as an ingredient.

    NO! I don't want onions in that. Onions are horrible... the food itself is great, but take out the onions. I seem like a much pickier eater than I am when so many different things come with them.

    I order food and say no onions? I better get no onions. If I still have slices of it in there... WTF people. I said "no onions" not "yespleaseiloveonions". Now what do I have to do? Pull the onions out, effectively wasting them because YOU put them in my food instead of the food of someone who likes them.
  15. I hate when someone ties the bread bag in a knot. >:[ It's plaaaastic, my little fingers can't get the knot out and then the bag gets ripped! t_____t
  16. I have a lot.

    When people leave butter outside of the fridge and it's just sitting there completely open, getting soft and disgusting.
    When people say Adventure Time is better than Regular Show.
    When I tell someone I want to go to beauty school and they tell me that's for stupid people.
    When people assume anything about beauty industry workers in general, actually
    When people say that pop singers are all talentless idiots who don't know anything about real music!!11!1! BECAUSE THEY SING POP AND ARE POPULAR THEY MUST SUCK RIGHT LOL? NO. Shut up.
  18. I hate slow people. People who take 45 minutes just to brush their teeth and stuff.
    I hate people who sleep too much. Especially when they dont do anything tiring
    When people call me at unreasonable hours and are like "did i wake you?? sorry" and starts going blah blah

    i've got TONS more. Cant remember them right now.
  19. When people smack their lips when they eat or chew gum. My younger brother is HORRIBLE with it and it's the worst when he's eating cereal. There's also this noise I hate and it's similar to nails on a chalkboard, but it's different. It makes me cringe. ALSO. When people complain about EVERYTHING. What's even worse sometimes is when people complain about people complaining.
  20. *hes less pet peeves and is usually the person that makes people annoyed*