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  1. Eluna Meadow
    A hidden gem that was never touched by humans and was a safe haven for creatures alike. 3 years passed since the owner of this mansion surrounded by flowers returned. 3 years since he fought his final battle and subsequently went on a training trip so he wouldn't have any problems. For a long time, this place seemed to be a deserted house shrouded in a powerful kido spell, making anyone who didn't have spiritual powers or were just trigger happy or greedy never found this place. The season was currently summer and the constant snow storm that surrounded the barrier had stooped.

    All of a sudden, a harmless leaf tornado appeared and the owner of the lot stepped out to survey his surroundings. He had on a black kimono with a white obi, straw sandals and a katana on his left side. After running a hand (that hand fingerless gloves on) through his short black hair, his green eyes settled on his home.

    "It sure has been a while." He commented while taking in a deep breath. While he exhaled, he raised his hand up and snapped his fingers. The barrier that was shielded the area cracked and ultimately broke into tiny pieces and was blown away with the wind. "That's some way to welcome myself home after 3 years. Then again, its a secret base." He said as he walked up to the porch and sat down on one of the chairs.
  2. Madoka Kuchiki sipped her tea modestly before placing it down again. Ever since her brother had left, this was all that she had been doing. She basically took over his position as the future head of the Kuchiki family which consisted of a lot of sitting down and drinking tea. It wasn't so bad but it was oh so tediously boring. She almost couldn't blame her brother for leaving. Almost. Her kimono was made of the finest silk Soul Society could offer, her hair in such intricate braids she could not even begin to understand which part of her hair was which. On the side of her head was the signature Kuchiki kenseikan as a sign of her noble rank as a part of the Kuchiki family.

    She sighed. She had been dreading the day her father decides whom she will marry. Not that she'd ever have a choice anyway. But she'd like to think that she did so. However, duty is an important part of the family. Her father simply refuses to acknowledge that her brother had existed at all. She understands. But she blames her brother for not taking her with him.

    Madoka is to be engaged to the son of the Shihoin Clan, Mitsuki Shihoin. The engagement of this two powerful families is supposed to be the most rejoiced in the whole of Soul Society even though she doesn't know why that is the case. She never did understand the purpose of the noble families in the big picture. Just then, before she could sigh again, she heard footsteps outside the door. She quickly tried to regain her composure, waiting for the blade of the guillotine to land on her precious little neck.
  3. As he sat down outside, he took in the smell of the fresh flowers and decided to go inside. And so, he went up to the door and looked at the lock. "Wait, what?" He took a closer look at said lock. "Enter voice regoniziotion." Said a machinical voice. "Damm that Hat-n-cloggs." He muttered. " Unlock under the name: 'Percy Bell'." Within seconds, the lock had unlocked itself and the door creeked open. The Soul Reaper named Percy Bell went into his home and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

    As he opened it and took a drink, he woundered aloud. "I wounder how Soul Society's doing since my days? I can't seem to contact my 'mole' anymore. Then again, he's probally sitting in prision or something." With a shrug, he went into the study room and got a giggai to slip in. The said giggai had the same skin and hair color but wore black running shoes, blue pants and a brown hoddie with a orange spray-painted 'X' on the back.
  4. "Yo, Percy! Get this thing outta the way! Oy! Lemme in!" It was Ginrei. He was a Soul Reaper who escaped from Soul Society just a couple of years back. He had befriended said Percy Bell because of some similarities they had like: disliking Soul Society with passion. Ginrei refused to allow people to know that he was indeed Byakuya Kuchiki's son knowing the word could get out and then he'd be in a lot of shit not only from his passionately dispassionate father but especially from his twin sister. He shook his head, running a hand through his hair. Man, he'd been dying of news about his little sister. Maybe he'd visit Urahara for some news about Soul Society. After-all, he was the only one who knows the truth about Ginrei.
  5. Percy had heard someone at the door. "Who? Oh wait, it's Ginrei." He probably would've sensed him coming by spiritual pressure, but didn't because he was tired. Traveling for 3 straight years would wipe anyone out. With a sigh, he got up and stretched in the limbs of the giggai and went to the door. Oddly enough, the study and kitchen were close to the front door. All one had to do was take a left and you'd get to the study or a right and end up in the kitchen. Or, they could go to the end and either choose the living room or the stairs which led to the bedrooms.

    But enough of the home tour, he went to the front door and turned off the auto-lock and opened it. "You can blame Urahara for the lock. I swear, its the last time I let him experiment on things in the house." As he shook his head, he stepped to the side and let his friend in.
  6. He snorted in disgust as he went in. Damn Kisuke. Always making things just a tad bit difficult for us. "How was your trip?" He asked, looking around for his gigai. He opened a couple of doors and closets before he finally spotted it and slipping inside. He groaned, craning his neck left and right and moving his body around. "Man, I could never get used to these." His gigai wore dark jeans and white V-neck shirt. Ginrei's time in Soul Society worked well for his body. He ran a hand through his mop of unruly dark hair. The boy was a spitting image of his father. Except for the violet eyes he and his sister possessed from their mother.
  7. "It was....tiring to say the least. Almost every town I had stopped in, I was mobbed by half the female population. More than 20% of them being single mothers and the rest teenagers. You'd think any straight man would love that shit. But that's not what put the icing on this storm. I had an interesting encounter with someone who share's the same last name I use a-" He stopped talking when he just realized what he said. Of all the people, he never told his true name to anyone. Not even his old Captain and some of his teammates. Hell, the only person who knew was a deceased lover but she preferred to call him by the alias he used.

    "Damm..." He muttered and closed the door, walking straight into the study room. "This was inevtable....It was bound to happen sooner or later."
  8. Ginrei immediately noticed Percy's change of attitude. He sat with him at the study room, nudging his shoulder. "Oy, what was inevitable? What happened?" For some reason, Ginrei felt genuinely concerned. Although he hoped this is one of Percy's practical jokes.
  9. With another sigh, he looked at his friend then down at the floor. "Kisuke told me that something like this would happen. Never thought it'd happen when I got home." As he shook his head, he looked at Ginrei. "It's not a joke. And it's a long and semi-heartbreaking story. As much as I don't want to tell you this, I have too. Mabye Kisuke should know this as well...On second thought, naahh. He still reports to Soul Society." With a shrug and a deep sigh, he got started.

    " 'Percy Bell' Is not my accutal name." He said while suppressing mental reactions from his zanpaktou.
  10. Ginrei was frozen on the spot. Uh-oh. Was this a ploy to get him to tell the truth about his real name too? Nah, Percy wouldn't do that, would he? Has Kisuke finally told him the truth or did he find out by some other way? He cleared his throat. "It's okay, Perc. We've all got secrets. Go on."
  11. "Thanks man." He said and got ready to continue. "That name was an alias I choose about afew 50 years or so back. Of course, the arrangement of squads were different but that was different but that's another story for another time. But back then..."

    -Flashback about 50 or so years ago-

    A much younger 'Percy'(thing about a 15 year old) was reporting on his recent accomplishment of a mission. The captain of the squad had listened to the report and nodded thoughtfully. "I see." He said as he looked at his young 4th seat. "Is there something else? You look kinda troubled." "Yes, there is sir. Do you remember the topic we talked about a few weeks back?" The captain put a hand on his chin and started to think back. Then he realized. "Oh, you mean the optional alias?"

    'Percy' nodded sadly. "Yes. I found the name I want to pick." The captain urged him to continue. "As stated in my report, I disposed of the high-classed hollow but at a cost. The human who was it's prey was already gone. He protected his family despite being very young. A sacrifice like that stalled the hollow long enough for me to defeat it. Afterwards, I stayed for the funeral. It seemed like he was well respected by allot of people. I wanted to carrry on the honor of the human name Percy Bell." The captain was moved by the sense of selflessness. "Allright. 4th seat Johnathan Kusanagi, You will be known by the alias 'Percy Bell'."

    -Flashback end-

    "My real name is... Johnathan Kusanagi. At the time, there was a kid who was named Percy Bell. He was about 6 or 7 if I can remember. His family was on a trip when a hollow attacked them. Only Percy could see it, so he pulled what humans call "the ultimate sacrifice" to make sure his family got away. When the hollow was defeated, it started to rain, symbolizing that an inportant life was lost. Since my assignment wasn't over yet, I watched over the funeral. Everyone seemed sad, even the preacher. At the end, only the mother was still over his grave and still greving about why her boy had to die. I said one thing in her ear before I decided to leave: I'll carry on his honor. Afterward, I went to my captain and used that name for an alias ever since."
  12. "Alright then, nice to meet you, Johnathan Kusanagi." Ginrei had a huge smile on his face as he offered his hand for a handshake. "You truly are an honorable man, you rat bastard." Unlike me, he wanted to say but didn't. Maybe someday he'll be able to tell his friend the truth. "Eh, you got some business with Urahara? I'm thinking I might go drop by his shop."
  13. He chuckled at the name. "Although, for my own reasons and the fact that Central 46 is still after me, I'm still called Percy. Only about 3 of my subornaites and a former lover knew the truth but they're dead and gone." Johnathan shook his friend's hand. Although he was telling him a heavily guarded secret, he wasn't going to tell him the name of his bankai. That would be absurd. But on the other topic. "Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I gotta get my half of the cut from that guy."
  14. "Alright then," Ginrei felt relieved to be off the topic of true identities. Kami knows how big of a secret he was hiding. He wondered how his friend would react to finding out that he was actually the son of Byakuya Kuchiki. He smiled inwardly, boy that'd be the day! But enough pitter-patter. They need to get to Urahara's shop. For some reason he's been feeling uneasy lately. He feels something is not right with the situation with his sister. Call it twin-telepathy or whatever crazy shit, but they've always felt it when one of them was in trouble.

    Madoka huffed and puffed as people worked on her as they tried to fit her for her wedding dress. The wedding's within a week. A week! Madoka cursed all things unholy and for the first time, truly felt the loathing for her brother for leaving her to this fate. She could argue to her father that he married his mother despite the family's wishes but he'd only ask her whom she'd like to marry in which case the answer was NO ONE. The whole Soul Society's preparing for their wedding, considering it was the most momentous event ever since Ichigo Kurosaki broke in Soul Society and the whole war happened. She groaned once more. Why couldn't anyone break in Soul Society for her and take her away forever? Don't get her wrong, Mitsuki is a fairly decent guy. She just has absolutely no feelings for him. She sighed. Speaking of her brother... she wondered where he could be now.
  15. "Allright, let's get movin-" But he was cut off by a ringing noise from his pocket. "One sec." He took out his soul pager and tapped the answer key. "Hello?" "It's me." Kisuke? He thought to himself. "Stay calm and listen. I need you two over here as soon as possible." And with that, the shopkeeper hung up. "Huh. Wounder what that was about." With a shrug, he let his soul form overtake his giggai. "We outa get moving. Something must be up." Percy wasn't worried about him but still wanted to get there as soon as he could. As his clenched his fists, he flash stepped to the kitchen and got himself a drink of water. Then back to the room in split-second timming.
  16. Ginrei groaned. But he just changed into his gigai! But he popped a Soul Pill anyway and went back to his Soul Reaper form. He looked at his gigai seriously, "No funny business this time, okay?" His gigai simply yawned, scratching his stomach as he moved away barely even acknowledging Ginrei. "What food you guys got here? I'm starved." He said as he walked towards the kitchen. Ginrei shook his head. He nodded to Percy, "let's go."

    He jumped from roof to roof, using Shunpo. He wondered what Kisuke wanted from them anyway. When he spotted the shop he went for it and landed in front of the store. But before he could knock, Ururu has opened the door. She bowed. "Uh, Welcome to the Urahara Shop. Please come in."
  17. With a nod, he followed Ginrei out and to the shop. Part of him was woundering why he told his friend that secret. 'You did give youself away when you stoped talking.' Chidori? 'I told you to watch what you say.' With a supressed sigh, he decide to keep going. 'But enough of that, why did that guy call you?' "Beats me." He muttered to himself as he landed out front next to Ginrei. Percy followed the two of them into the shop. "Hey Boss, they're here!" Jinta yelled out. Then he went up to Percy. "You getting used to the new crest?" Jinta said in a low whisper. Percy heard it and nodded. "Tell Tessai that I said thanks when you get a chance."
  18. Ginrei followed Ururu at the tea room and found Kisuke and Yoruichi sitting down. Urahara "looked" up, if there was such a thing with his hat on, at the visitors and waved at them with his fan. "Hey, hey, come in, come in!"

    Ginrei sat down on the floor and nodded a silent acknowledgment to Yoruichi. "There's been news of the marriage between two noble houses in the Soul Society." Said Yoruichi with an almost lackadaisical tone.

    Ginrei's ears picked up. "Which noble houses?" He watched Percy carefully, not wanting him to think of why he'd be concerned of such matters.

    "Why of course, the two most powerful houses! All of Soul Society's celebrating!" Ginrei knew Urahara was picking on him for a reason. Goddamn it.

    "The unification of this two houses pretty much solidifies their hold on Soul Society as the most influential family. Just imagine all the power they could hold. I'm sure Byakuya can't wait to get this over with." Ginrei was not known for being able to hold his temper. He was practically seething inside. HE NEEDED CONFIRMATION DAMNIT! He knows that Urahara and Yoruichi are aware that he wants to answers AND SOON.

    "Which. noble. houses." Ginrei asked once again, eyes cast down to hide his real emotions. Yoruichi smirked.

    "Let's just say, Byakuya and I will be somewhat of in-laws pretty soon."
  19. As Percy followed Ginrei after talking to Jinta, he got there just when he inquired about the noble houses. With an raised eyebrow, he took the news in stride. It wasn't of any small concern that Soul Society's two most powerful noble houses are joining together. When Kisuke said that all of Soul Society was celebrating, the only thing he could say was: "Good. Then they'll stay off my back for a damm month." But he had said taht with a bitter and mostly angry voice. Let it be known that Percy wan't the one who's bad side you wanted to be on. He tended to go for overkill, even when insulting someone.

    But when Yoruichi mentioned inlaws, one can read susprised form his face. "Well now, that's unexpected."
  20. Ginrei froze on the spot. Madoka was getting married? To who? His eyes remained cast down, his hands formed into fists on his lap. "Yoruichi-san, I beg of you, please, tell me the truth." Yoruichi then stopped her joking. With all kidding aside she closed her eyes in understanding before she answered.

    "Madoka Kuchiki is currently engaged to Mitsuki Shihoin." She put down her drink before she continued. "The wedding's within a week."

    Ginrei's eyes opened wide. A week?! "That's not enough time to prepare for a wedding! A noble wedding takes months--even years to plan! How are they--"

    "Calm down, calm down," said Urahara with not so much concern or empathy. "My mole says its' been agreed on since the next head of the Kuchiki clan vanished from Soul Society. I'm not even sure if Byakuya actually wanted the wedding."

    Yoruichi laughed. "Now I can call him an in-law! That would just piss him off so badly!"

    Ginrei had stopped listening. He kept his eyes cast down, his body in a frigid defeat. He stood up and walked to the training room underground of Urahara's shop. His twin sister was getting married off to another family like a cattle. How can his father allow this to happen? How could Ginrei allow this to happen? He stood there in the middle of the makeshift desert. Silent. Alone.