Their Last Chance

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  1. She tried to help Ryder but she just wasn't a fighter. That and she was no match for the council. She kicked at one and he grabbed her ankel, almost with enough force to break it. She started to scream as she felt a hand clamp around her mouth and another grab her other ankel and lift her off the ground. She struggled but they refused to let go. Ryder! She called, trying to free herself.
  2. He finished knocking out the other guard he saw them carrying nika and he ran kicking the man in the face as he caught her he looked at her " are you ok you have to be more careful"
  3. "I'm fine." She said, a bit annoyed. The council members had disappeared, as well as Ryder's parents. "Let's get out of here." She muttered.
  4. He looked at her and blinked twice not speaking he grabbed the jar and walked ahead
  5. She sighed and took a step forward, starting to follow him but then yelped as a square of the floor dropped from underneath of her and quickly closed back up.
  6. He looked back after he heard her scream and then he headed for the stairs, there was a guard there he kicked him down most of the stairs and then went down as fast as he could but they seemed to go in forever.
  7. She slid down a long metal slide, screaming as she went. She wasn't sure how long she slid but eventually she made it to what she guessed was the basement. She fell onto her back and skidded for a few few before finally stopping. She groaned and took a moment to stand up. She looked around her and froze when she saw a dark figure with red eyes watching her. "I have been hoping to meet you." It was a man's voice, haunting and yet alluring. "But where is your Ryder?" The figure didn't move.
  8. He continued down the stairs and was grabbed by the same guard who flug him, he regained balance and rammed him into the wall as he continued down the stairs.
  9. "Why do you want to know?" She demanded.

    The man sighed. "Because I want to help the both of you. The council has become to powerful. Besides, you changing the order of things could mean many possiblities for us." He explained.

    She stared at him, surprised. "What kinds of possiblities?" She wondered.

    "Many." He purred, and took a step forward into the dim light.
  10. He reached the end door and kicked it open

    " Nika!?"

    He shouted
  11. The man nodded.

    "Here!" She answered back.

    The figure smiled and stepped towards her. He was tall, wearing all black clothing with a blood red cape around his shoulders. His bright red eyes slowly faded until they were black. She stayed rooted to the spot, unable to move.

    "I won't hurt either of you. I promise." He assured her, smiling and showing his fangs.
  12. He reached nika's side and pulled her back stepping intront of her

    " who are you?! what did you do to her?"

    His voice pure of anger
  13. "So this is your Ryder?" The man said calmly, not in the least intimidated by his anger. "It is a pleasure meeting you. I have done nothing to harm your Nika. I have only talked with her."

    "It's alright Ryder. Calm down. It's true. He has offered us help." She told him, gently grabbing his arm. "Why are you here?" She questioned in a soft voice.

    The man's eyes sadden. "Because the council arrested me when I predicted you." He looked at Ryder.
  14. Ryder calmed down as nika rreached for his arm and he looked at the male

    " predicted me?"
  15. The man's eyes brightened. "Yes. With Tarrot Cards." He looked at Nika and then back at Ryder. "I used to be part of the council but I droped out, though they kept me here because of my abilities of reading cards. And when I predicted you Ryder, they locked me up." He sighed, looking sad again.
  16. Ryder closed his eyes for a moment in deep thought

    " okay will help you out but help us take out the council and my parents"
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    Nika looked a little surprise that Ryder would take out his own parents.

    "Of course." The man agreed. "My name is Isle by the way. Come with me." He seemed excited to finally get out. He led them to a wall and pushed in a brick, which opened a dark passegway.
  18. Ryder took nika's hand and followed the man named Isle he was egar to end this one and for all

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  19. What do you mean? She wondered, glancing at him curiously, then at Isle. She felt drawn to him, though she didn't know why. She moved closer to Ryder.
  20. how i left wouldn't have been taken if it wasn't for me

    He noticed nika and then watched isle but didn't say a word