Their Journey Begins

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  1. Dracora Stood at the edge of the cave. So long she had spent sleeping there. She had missed out on her childhood and now that she was awaken she had no where else to go. The city her parents once ruled over lay in ruins within plain sight. No one had come for her in three days and she was growing hungry. She had clothing though, luckily someone left her dark green leather armor, black tights, and boots. She also found the sword her parents had forge for her when she was young and some daggers.

    She was ready to leave but where? No place was safe. She was high up enough that she could see enemies coming and hide from them but she if she left the cave she could be over run by more than a few orcs. They patrol this area in hordes and even if she where to change into her dragon form she could be knocked out of the sky. She needed someone, another dragon perhaps. Then she could stand a fighting chance. There was no choice, she had to chance it. Otherwise, she would starve.

    Jumping down from the rock she darted into the near by forest. Her pale pink hair whipped behind her and she made her distance in then climbed a tree. She needed to use height for her advantage to see enemies before they spotted her. Jumping from tree branch to tree branch she looked for any animal she. The forest was quiet though and only mice scattered on the floor beneath her.
  2. Azeal stretched and pulled his muscles so they were loosened from staying in one place so long. He fluttered the dragonfly-like wings on his back so they made a buzzing noise an lifted him a few inched off the ground. His pack lay at his feet, the impression of his head still there from his night of rest. He had been told by one of the Oracles of his race to go out into the forest for a few days to find his destiny. He had jumped on the chance to leave the place, more because he was tied of the same old rutrine he had become accustomed to. Now he had been out here for three days and was confused as to what he was supposed to do now.

    He reached down and picked up his tunic, quickly putting it on so it covered his toned, bare chest. His movements were a slight blur as the sounds of crushing feet reached his ears. He flitted his wings againas his tail wrapped around the edge of the pack. He was caried above the ground and landed on a high branchdirectly before a group of orcs came into veiw grunting and knashing their teeth with their speech. He rolled his eyes and moved on, they never really messed with him but when they had, it was never very pretty for their kind. Besides, his kind was somewhat wanted eliminated, mainly because of some of the gifts they held, much like his own.

    The breeze felt nice on his skin as he moved expertly between the trees, looking for something to eat for breakfast, aybe a nice rabbit or something of the sorts.
  3. As Dracora darted through the trees she passed the group of Orcs. Too busy communicating in whatever ghastly language they spoke, they didn't see her. Dracora could take on the few of them but her Dragon form might attract more as they hated Dragons as much as other humans. Focusing on moving away from the group, didn't realize she was coming closer to another.

    Jumping from tree branch to tree branch was easy for her. She had always been more nimble than her brothers and sisters. However she didn't realize someone else's presence until she was in plain view. Appearing from behind a trunk of a large tree she froze as she saw him. He was in the trees like her. Just then a gust of wind picked up, fluttering her loose silver pink hair around her. Her ruby eyes studied him as she dared not move. He wasn't and orc, goblin or troll. That was obvious. Noticing Dragon like wings on his back she cocked her head slightly.

    The Dragons of her clan where not able to grow wings in their human form. She wasn't allowed out of the castle much and most Dragons kept to them selves. She knew of other races but there where so many, and mix breads for that matter, that she really hadn't the faintest clue of what he was. Still, she needed help here. If he didn't look like the enemies of her people then perhaps she could figure out what he was. Hesitantly she sprung from tree branch to tree branch, making her way over to where he was. Careful not to get to close in case he did wish to harm her. She held on to a nearby branch as she readied her self upwards.

    "Have you seen any Dragons nearby?" She asked. Just then her stomach growled and her cheeks reddened. "Or something to eat." She muttered.
  4. Azael paused in his flight when he heard a voice followed by a stomach's growl. He flitted around for a moment before he could see the source of the voice. He landed easily on a branch and cocked his head to the side. He looked at the girl with a smirk on his face. "Dragons? I haven't heard of a dragon for centuries little one. As for food." he paused for a moment and puled out some salted meat from his pack. It wasn't the most delectiable thing in the world but it would crtainly fill someone up if need be.

    "Here, I was in the process of finding breakfast so nibble on that for a moment and I will get something and cook it." he said before flitting down again, this time pack hanging on a branch. He pondered her comment about Dragons for a moment while he flew. It only took him a moment to find something big enough for the both of them. The poor girl looked partcially starved. Her armor didn't look like any he had seen before either.
  5. Dracora took the salted meat from him, discarding any concern for safety. She bit the piece in halt and chewed it, watching him leave and get something more. The taste of the meat was good, really good. It was the first meal she had eaten in who know how many years and hunger is the beast seasoning. She was finished in seconds and wipped her hands on her armor. The realization that this food could have been poisoned sunk in but she felt fine. This man, whoever or whatever he was, appeared diffrent and she couldn't sense any malevolent behavior.

    She hopped down from the tree and moved into a clearing, gathering timber for the fire. She thought about what he had said. "Centuries..." she murmured Looking down sadly at the thought she slowly paced around the clearing. So she was asleep longer than her family had expected. When they won the war they where supposed to wake her. It seemed that the spell simply wore off then, now what? She needed to find more of her kind. Her noble blood was rare and she had to carry out her family's line. It was what she was born to do after all.

    Movement in the trees stirred and Dracora remembered the orcs nearby. How where they supposed cook without drawing their attention. Their footsteps grew closer and Dracora's heart raced. They must have picked up her sent on her way here. If that was the case they needed to be killed. No one can know of her just yet. Running behind a tree they moved into the clearing. There where two of them, one with a giant club and the other with a spiked sword. They smelled like a rotting corpse and where both around 8 feet tall. Seeing them up close she wondered how there creatures managed to take annihilate her kind.

    As they moved she positioned her self against the tree, shifting her self so that she was out of sight. They made no act to leave, sniffing the air, curious to her sent. Taking one of her throwing knifes from her belt, she threw one which landed directly in it's eye. It screamed and fell backwards, struggling to pull the knife out. The other orc spotted her and ran at her. As he neared her she thew a beam of fire at him from her finger tips. He dodged it and ran at her, club held hide.
  6. It didn't take long for Azael to find something for them and snap its neck while it thought it was completely safe in its forest. He held the poor creature by its neck as he turned to fly back to the girl he had left. The stench of an orc reached his Jose, closer then the group that had walked past him had been. He muttered a few choice words in his language before rushing, his wings more of a blur then normal.

    When he reached the clearing where he had left her, he saw the girl reaching for the knife at her waist. He dropped the food and shot out to step in front of her, his meaty tail catching the orc at then side of the head as he moved. The beast flew against a tree and tried to get its bearings. Before the other one could move, Azael held his hand out and projected them as not even being there.

    The conscious orc blink and scratched its head, extremely confused. It didn't take much with them though. "Don't make a sound" he muttered to the girl quickly before concentrating on the illusion again.
  7. As the man that has given her food came back in the clearing he instinctively took a defensive stance in front of her. The orc that had been charging at her was hit by his tail and fell to the ground in one swift motion. Staring up at his muscular back she couldn't help but feel safe. Peeking around him to the orcs a breeze picked up, causing her pink strands to dance around her. As he told her not to make a noise she looked at him confused then back at the orcs.

    They seemed confused and where searching for her again. She figured that he might have taken away her sight. What kind of creature was he? she thought.

    They had already picked her sent up and she wondered if they knew they found a dragon. If they warned the others or worse, the Orc king himself, they would be overrun with orcs in a matter of days. "You have to kill them." She whispered to him, then noticed when one of orcs turned in their direction. It was the one who was missing an eye and didn't seem intent on forgiving her attack.

    Pressing her back futher into the tree she waited but the orcs made no move toward her. Glancing at him she wondered if he would kill them. If he didn't she would. Her hands glowed red and she readied her fire power. Waiting.
  8. Azael flickered his gaze to the girl before cursing again in his language and pulling out the whip that was wrapped around a hook on his hip. The tip was a metal barb that was coated in the resin from a tree that he mixed with a homemade poison. "Stay behind me." he instructed as he dropped the illusion. The orcs blinked at the suddeness of them being there. Thhe one missing the eye reacted first, his club swung through the air but before Azael could move out of the way, the weapon caught hisshoulder.

    His wings cracked as he hit the tree that he had sent the otherone again. "Damn." he muttered as he struggle to stand. He could feel his wings trying to move to keep him balanced but it caused shots of pain to go down his spine. "Now you pissed me off." he flicked his wrist hard, the whip shooting out so the barb hit one of the brutes in the throat. He howled and spun to face him. Its eyesrolled as he pulled the barb out, ripping out a chunkof skin with it.
  9. As her protector was hit Dracora's eyes widened with worry. The instance was enough to push her over the edge and she cold feel her body grow hot. It wanted to change and Dracora had no experience willing her self not to change. It was never a big deal when anyone of the villagers did it and they often ate together both in their dragon and human form. She tried, willing her self to stop. Her body glowed with a transparent red let and scales started to creep down her arms. Immobilized by her transformation.

    As Azael took down the opponent missing an eye, Dracora had completed her transformation. A large white Dragon appeared in Dracora's place whose neck was taller than the trees around her. Growling she spat ice at the last orc and froze him completely. Through the ice could be seen his utter look of shock to see what was thought of an extent creature. Dracora walked up to the ice, her long tail flicking down trees as she moved. Taking her giant front claw she crushed the ice with the orc inside, causing his body to be crushed to bits. After she set both bodies of the orcs on fire, breathing a small bit of fire in each of their directions.

    Looking up at her protector in her dragon form, she was afraid of what he thought. He hadn't tried to harm her yet, and she needed someone like him if she was going to journey to find other dragons. Glowing red again, her body shrunk back to the girl she had been before her change. She fell back slightly, her pink hair swaying with her as she moved. Not eating and transforming was hard on her body. She cringed a bit and looked up at him.

    "Sorry, I saw that you where hurt. I didn't" She swayed slightly.
  10. Azeal stared open mouthed at the girl before he struggled to move over to her, He put his arm around her waiste to steady her but didn't say anything. He didn't think he could have if he even wanted to. Instead her pulled her over to a tree and forced her to sit. He gave her a look for a moment before walking over to grab the kill and his pack. He was limbing slightly as his wings struggled to straighten out. He set the pack down and followed it directly after, his tail wrapping around his legs as he looked at her.

    "How do you like your meat?" he asked. He pulled out a knife from his pack and worked on skinning the snimal so he could cut the meat to cook it.

    He gazed up at her every so often as he worked, his gaze a mixture of awe and confusion, as if he wasn't sure he had just seen what his hallucinating or not. "You're one of them? he asked quietly.
  11. As Azeal helped her moved her over to a tree and made her sit she couldn't help but feel this closeness to him. "Thanks" She told him softly the leaned against the tree, soft locks falling around her. Watching him she sat up when she realized that he could be wounded. As soon as she got get baring back she would try her best to help him. Still, she couldn't help but worry. "Are you going to heal okay? There might be some herbs nearby that can help." She didn't really know what he was, so she didn't really know how he could heal. Dragons did heal fast and use herbs to speed the regeneration process.

    As he asked her how she liked her meat she shrugged. "On the rare side if you wouldn't mind." She could eat it raw but it tasted better cooked slightly.

    As she watched his work she noticed he kept looking at her. She watched him too, wondering if he would leave her after she was fed. When he asked if she was "one of them" she swallowed nervously. " I'm a dragon, if that is what your asking. I have been asleep in the mountain that overlooks this forest for quite sometime. A spell was put on me a long time ago and I guess...It just wore off. My kin was supposed to wake me when we won the war but I guess there was no one around to wake me. " She shrugged and looked down sadly.

    "My name is Dracora, what's yours?" She asked, regaining composure and looking back at him. "Oh and, exactly what kind of species are you? If you don't mind me asking."

    Gathering some nearby wood she piled it into te ditch they sat around then shot flames from her fingertips. The fire ignited and she put her hands up for warmth. She gazed at him still, happy she could contribute to the meal he was making for them.
  12. Azeal moved the skin from the animal to the side of him. He would clean in later and put it in his pack with some salt so he could tan it. "I'm okay. My wings will bend themselvesright in a minute. I just had them out too far when I landed." he said just as they flitted again to try and knock a kink out.He worked on cutting out the meaty parts of the muscle as she spoke, giving his hannds something to do. He had heard stories about the Dragons but never in his mind thought he would meet one.He would have reached his hand out to pat her shoulder had it not been covered in blood at that moment. "Azeal and I am one of the Fae in the forest. We are few, but it has always been that way. I am sorry for the lose it seems you have endured."

    He nodded a thanks about the fire and scooted closed to it. He grabbed something folded in his pack and set up the small piece of rugged metal above the fire. It was an oval with poles going through it to sit something on. He laid out the meat he cut and worked on cutting the rest off the bones. The organs he buried nearby, not really ever knowing what to do with them. The meat that he cut off after he cooked was salted and put in the small pouch he had for that type of meat.

    "Where were you heaing when I ran into you, if you don't mind"
  13. When Dracora heard that his wings would heal, she breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn't stand the thought of him being hurt because of her. At least the orcs where dead. Dracora's stare shifted from him to the fire that was now dimming, running out of orc flesh to burn. Her fire also blocked the sent of the flesh, making the their time here more enjoyable.

    When she heard he was a Fae she cocked her head. She had heard myths about then but, likewise, she had never met any. She knew their kind usually kept to themselves, just as the elves of this land do. Still, when there is some important journey or deed that needs to be done they will often help when they can. Their race had never been an enemy of Dragons and, because of this, she realized more. Perhaps he would help her after all. As he apologized for her loss she nodded. "Thanks." She told him, looking back at him cutting the meat.

    She waited for a piece of meat from him, hungrily watching him slice meat from the bone. When he spoke, her gaze shot back to his and she pulled her legs to chest. Resting her head on her knees, she looked back at the fire as she spoke. "I left the cave I slept in to try and find more of my kind. " She spoke softly, pausing to collect her thoughts. "I need to find more dragons. I'm a princess of the dragon clan and it is my duty to insure our survival. If I don't..." She looked down at her hands folded around her legs. "If I don't then my life would be meaningless." She turned to him, and a sudden determination painted her expression. "Will you help me? There is no soul alive that can help me now and I know I can't do this alone."
  14. Azeal looked at the meat and flipped it over as he listened to her talk. He noticed her suprise at what she was and he was obviously still slightly suprised at what she was. He thought about the question as he took the meat off the grill thing and handed it to her. INstantly he remembered the oracle and shook his headin amusment. "Crazy old lady was right" he muttered under his breathas he tok out some salt and started rubbing it into the meat he cut off the bones. He looked up at her again and cocked his head to the side, his tail twitching.

    "Yeah I'll help you Dracura. But I have to ask, what do you plan to do about the orcs who are the reason you weren't awoken?" He put the meat in the pack and grabbed one of the other pieces of meat and stuck it in his mouth, chewing slowly.
  15. "What old lady?" She asked him, sitting so close to him she had heard him speak. What an odd time to say that? She didn't think he was referring to her but it seemed weird he would say that all of a sudden. Watching him tend the meat, she felt a bit impatient Her stomach growled again and she blushed, hoping he wouldn't mention it.

    Peering up into the treetops around them, a warm breeze washed over the forest. Branches entwined with each other, leaves falling around them. The creaking of tree tunks echoed the forest along with the songs of various species of birds. Dusk was approaching and Dracora wondered what kind of creatures lurked in the forest at night. The wind blew softer than before and the sky beyond the trees was cloudless. Sitting here, with Azeal wasn't rather comforting. Scooting closer to him, she smiled when he said he would join but then her expression quickly turned to that of confusion as he spoke about the Orcs.

    "Does it bother you? The fact that I asked you to kill them? They where an enemy of my people for so long that I am not very sympathetic towards them. " She explained to him. She hoped he wouldn't mind protecting her at least. "I need to know the story, of how the village fell. Who ever was responsible I will take revenge on. Wither it be orcs, goblins or witches. Whoever, or whatever they where they killed my family." She said, her tone filled with determination. "I need to find more dragons to team up with first, and find out what we don't exist any more." She said, turning back to the food.