Their differences.

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  1. She had always thought the was straight, that she liked guys.

    But that completely changed when a girl, as beautiful as the moon came to the school. The girl instantly became the most popular girl in school, everyone loved her.
    She was kind, pretty, and smart.
    The perfect girl, right?. Well, in reality at home. She's still 'Perfect'. But her family isn't. Some have been to jail, whilst others abuse her. She doesn't really mind though, always smiling and never having a care in the world. That is, until she met Phinn. Then her whole world changed. Everything got so much harder, and she paid a lot more attention to things that surrounded her.

    Well that's a different story for Phinn.
    She's quiet, not very pretty, and everyone doesn't really like talking to her. Indeed she was pretty, but she was counted as an 'Emo'.

    The popular girl seemed to take interest in her though.

    Who knew it'd be love?.


    So I see you've read this and have taken interest. How 'bout a small comment below and we can discuss it through PM!. I'm sure you guys know my rules to an RP too, so I won't have to tell you. The only thing I'd really like though is at least a Paragraph long (( 4-6 Sentences )).

    I hope someone joins up!.
    Oh by the way~ Pardon my clumsyness but, I don't mind being Submissive or Dominant. Either is totally fine with me~

  2. Aww ~ This seems so cute.
  3. Thank you~.