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  1. I have not yet come up with a specific plot. This is just a world I created years ago and I wanted to see how many people would be willing to do a roleplay within this world. Also, I'm great at getting things started but I'm not particularly great at keeping it going as it soon dies. In this case, I might need someone who will be able to keep things running while I'm away.

    If anyone has plot ideas, feel free to discuss them here. I'd really like this to become an active roleplay, so don't hesitate to post and share your ideas. The general history of each capital city and race origins are pretty much set in stone, but minor details might be subject to change. City names might get changed if they become a mouthful except for capital city names, those will also remain the same. If the organization proves to remain neat and tidy, I might consider allowing province or city leaders to keep things interesting.

    This is not a sign up thread, but if enough people post here, I might consider posting a sign up sheet. I'll post a character sheet so I can decide on 'acceptable races' and 'no-go's'. Pre-made characters may be used, but keep in mind that they may require changes in order to fit within the roleplay. Just because a dark elf comes from the Eldwar Province doesn't mean your character has to be from that particular province, but just keep in mind where each race originates. If you have races that you're not quite sure about where they belong, just let me know and we'll find a spot for them.

    I don't think I've left anything out, but if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll post a character sheet below and in seperate posts, I will share the city images. Because Iwaku will only let me upload a certain amount of pictures I'll have to split the pictures into two separate posts.

    Without further ado, I give you... THEGORIA!!! :D


    Thegoria map.jpg
    Thegoria is a prosperous land of freedom and peace. The people of Thegoria are lovers of nature and generally good people at heart. Thegoria is split up into four provinces, each with their own set of towns and cities, and each province has a special story, though there's certainly no lack of diversity.

    ~The Eldwar Province~
    Eldwar Crest.png
    The Eldwar province is the home of elven mages and scholars. Eldwar's capital city, Amesir was built at the base of a mountain that is said to be the source of Thegoria's magic. When ancestors discovered the mountain and the power it held, they decided to build a city at its base; close enough to study its magic but far enough that the magic wouldn't become overwhelming. A massive palace was built within Amesir to house the royal family. When the royal bloodline died out, rule over Amesir and the Eldwar province was taken over by a group of elven elders known as the Eldenn Council. During their rule, they turned the palace into a university and also soon after, Thegoria's largest library.

    ~Little known fact~
    It is said that if you venture too far into Amesir's lush, almost luminescent mountain-side forests, you would go mad, it's power causing hallucinations and voices in one's head.

    Cities within the Eldwar province:

    ~The Strosam Province~
    Strosam Crest.png
    The Strosam province is home of the human warriors and mercenaries. The story behind Strosam's capital city, Emyrr, is that it was originally a military base posted at the top of high and almost unreachable cliffs. The military base served very well during Thegoria's bloodiest war as it was difficult for enemies to launch an attack without being seen. The high cliffs also provided an amazing view of the surrounding land, so enemies seldom passed unnoticed. The surviving warriors couldn't bear to part with their precious, protective spot, so they built a city on their cliffs. Now that the war is long since over, Emyrr has become a safe haven for veterans and mercenaries alike.

    ~Little Known Fact~
    On the anniversaries of their deaths, the ghosts of Thegoria's most memorable warriors will appear in taverns within Emyrr to tell the stories of their brave feats.

    Cities within the Strosam Province:

    ~The Aldildi Province~
    Aldildi Crest.png
    The Aldildi Province is home to anima priests and worshipers. Aldildi's captial city is Seribon. Seribon has probably the most intriguing story of all. Decades before Seribon was built (or rather, rebuilt) a massive cathedral was carved from a huge cliff. It was once the home of religious ancestors who worshiped many gods there. Unfortunately, The Seribon Massacre ended their lives and robbed them of their precious items. The poor village surrounding the cathedral was left in ruins for years. Decades later, a caravan of anima priests were led to the Seribon Ruins, presumably by their gods. They saw that the cathedral had miraculously survived many years of "wear-and-tear". In order to reestablish their precious palace, the gods promised the anima priests endless life and the gift of healing if they rebuilt Seribon and returned it to it's former glory. Today, Seribon is considered the most sacred place in all of Thegoria.​

    ~Little Known Fact~
    If you have proof that you are worthy of the gods' praise, a priest of Seribon can tell you where your life is headed, though readings tend to be very cryptic and require a large amount of intelligence in order to decipher it's meaning.​

    Cities within the Aldildi Province:

    ~The Shabur Province~
    Shabur Crest.png
    The Shabur province is home to fae, as well as many of Thegoria's most rare and outcast races. One of which are struggling to exist. The Draconkin (*same for singular and plural*) are human/dragon hybrids. Most draconkin are females and only few are male. Draconkin struggle to survive because of their inability to reproduce their own kind. Draconkin males usually don't survive past their first week of life. Those who do are highly coveted and are considered nobility. Male draconkin are often forced into becoming prostitutes in hopes of producing more draconkin.

    Aside from the facinating and heartbreaking story of the draconkin, there is the capital of the Shabur province, Nantun. Nantun is a city built within the trunks of giant, sturdy trees. It is a slightly secluded city, built so that it could hide the outcast races from prying, judgemental eyes. A vast majority of Nantun's residents are draconkin, particularly nobility, but others tend to wander into this small town and find themselves staying for longer than planned.​

    ~Little Known Fact~
    Any male of any race born within Nantun city limits are considered symbols of hope for the draconkin. Superstition says that if a pregnant draconkin female kisses the forehead of one of these males, her chances of carrying a boy will increase.​

    Cities within the Shabur Province:


    Character Sheet (open)

    You don't need to fill out everything, but fill in as much as possible. I will accept no more than three characters.

    General Info
    Hail from: (City, Province)
    I encourage back stories between characters!
    Casual clothes:
    Formal clothes:
    Overall personality:

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  2. Eldwar Province
    Risos (2).jpg

    Strosam Province
    Emyrr (2).jpg
    Engrad (2).jpg
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  3. Aldildi Province
    Seribon.jpg Peren.jpg Lorum.jpg Tofari.jpg Dod.jpg

    Shabur Province
    Nantun.jpg Elmeen.jpg Mar.jpg Nenuk.jpg Attana.jpg
  4. cant read it all at once due to a busy schedule, but I'll check the rest out when I'm off of work later today
  5. I'd love to join!
  6. I'm interested =)
  7. Glad to see so many people posting so soon!!! Please don't hesitate to ask questions and post character sheets. Also, as I said, perhaps if we have a leader for each province or town it will make things a little easier to keep organized. If you have an interest in taking one of these positions, let me know. Of those who would, please consider posting a brief sample of your writing. I prefer to have people who know the basics of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I'm not a nazi about this, but I do need to understand what you're saying.
  8. Also if you are deciding on posting a character sheet and use images as a description of your character's appearance, I would prefer fantasy art. I don't mind anime, but I would prefer realistic anime to the cartoony, wide eyed anime that people use a lot on here. I consider this to be a sophisticated roleplay and would like to see pictures of characters we might see in a movie or on book covers.

    Here are some acceptableexamples:
    15xoktx.jpg cf22b9b33af50300b06ca8cdda0e3fa6.jpg grrgr.jpg Okabe-Rintarou-452x640.jpg prince.jpg s1nvgopdiqr.jpg

    No go's:
    200911181939589b9.jpg Eternal Music.png RPImage12.jpg
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  9. Hmmm, interested - possibly with a Dragonkin to lead Shabur. I'll have to send my charrie sheet to you Posting my charrie's old blog here; she was created for another story that died quickly.

    Her background I do not mind editing for this story, but would like for you to see it first. There could possible be a side plot within it for your enjoyment - the background story underneath Shabur's history that can possibly twist within the main plot - when you come up with it, and all the little sub plots coming from the other nations... Let me know, and I will send her to you.
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  10. I can certainly accept this character as a leader of Shabur, and your vocabulary is beyond exceptional! Far greater than mine, which is definitely a plus. I would love to put you in this position.

    Another thing... here is an accurate, though slightly dated summary of the draconkin race, just so you don't confuse it with other dragon-like races.

    Draconkin are born as humans but around the ages of 10-15, their dragon forms take shape. As Draconkin grow older, their dragon form separates from them and becomes basically, and quite literally, their other half. One without the other can be fatal for both. During combat, Draconkin bond with their dragon to become stronger and more powerful. The dragon form wraps every part of its being around its human form so that one's power is enhanced greatly by the other's. Most Draconkin are women, but there are a few men Draconkin that struggle to survive on Thegoria. Draconkin fear that their species will soon die out from lack of reproduction.

    I see no problems with your character. If you see anything that needs to be adjusted in order to fit the draconkin description above, do so. Other than that, everything looks to be in order. We will, of course, have to wait for more willing and able players. But if the roleplay ends up working out, I would love to have you rule over the Shabur Province.

    As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!! :D Welcome to Thegoria, my friend. :)
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  11. WIP

    General Info
    Name: Storm Alexander
    Nickname: Bolt
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragonkin
    Hail from: Elmeen, Shabur
    Occupation: Expert Blacksmith
    I encourage back stories between characters!
    Elaine Alexander - Little sister - Alive
    Tiffany Alexander - Mother - Deceased
    Roland ??? - Father - Unknown

    Partner/Spouse: N/A
    Children: N/A
    Hair: Strawberry blonde and silky straight
    Skin: Soft pale
    Face: Storm has chiseled features that can be taken as handsome but its his fierce gold eyes that make him intimidating.
    Casual clothes: As seen in pic
    Formal clothes: He doesnt wear these often
    Armor: Steel Heavy Armor
    Overall personality:
  12. Quite interested, I''l check where the Int check is going.
  13. I can accept this character, but please keep in mind that Storm will be one of the very few males if his species... Though there are draconkin males in thegoria, they are very rare. I'm not asking you to change anything, just keep this in mind. Also, make sure you understand the general gist of what draconkin are. There is a brief explanation of the growth and development of a draconkin in a reply to Phi Chisym.

    Other than that, welcome to Thegoria!! As I told Phi Chisym, the Roleplay itself is on hold until we have more players, in this case, please tell your friends who you think will be interested.

    I think it makes sense to turn this into a sign-up thread, since so many are replying, sí those of you who haven't posted character sheets yet and are willing to play, do so at your earliest convenience.
  14. Is this one of those RP's where players can be leaders of nations or generals of armies?
  15. I would love to join. I was just wondering if I could have human/fae that traveled from Shabur to Strosam or is that two out there. If it is then I can just make a human that is from Strosam.
  16. I'll start working on mine, but I forgot to take my meds today so I'm SUPER out of it.

    I think this must be what it's like to be on some super weird drug because every time I move I almost fall over, I feel super hungry, I'm oversharing with strangers on the internet, and the colors aren't staying the same.

    But I'll have my cs up soon...
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  17. @Total Anarchy Beastmode that's fine. Like I say, I'm not expecting your characters to be from the province in which their race originates, all I'm asking is that you guys keep in mind each race's origin. Your character can be from wherever you like.

    I just had a brain blast for a plot idea that might simplify the complexity if this rp.... I have a pair of twins that could lead a caravan of explorers through the extraordinary lands if thegoria?? Let me know what you guys think....
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  18. I like that idea and since I'm getting super tired lol I'll have my char up tomorrow.
  19. That's not a bad idea, as long as you have a good mix of travel, conversation, and minor issues that normally come within travel that keeps their movements going. I've been through several 'caravan' or 'adventure' type RPs, and most tend to end due to too much description, no dialect, and hardly any action to keep the story going. So, as long as there's something driving them forward, and the the travelers converse and get to know each other, you should be good.

    I'm going to have to wait on working over my few charries during the weekend. Also, would like to place an order for any side participants for the royal court of Shabur. My lovely queen will like to have a strong guardian to protect her baby girl. Celesta will and has done well in this department, but when she's needed elsewhere, Nahra will be unprotected. Therefore, one of honest breed with strength of honor and a heart to defend - she seeks a trustworthy knight to watch over her beloved when no one else can.

    Other than that, I'm curious about the Dragonkin's actually beginnings... Were dragons actually in existence generations ago, but soon grew to be a dying breed? Did the origins of Dragonkins come from the union of dragon and human, for the purpose of saving the blood and power of the beast; or are they creations from a god, placed upon the earth as is?

    Trying to determine just how much I should tweak within my Diadem layout for the purpose of this story. I honestly don't want to use too much of it, because the entire background, origin, and myth of my Diadem and the calendar that goes with it, are original creations of mine for a series I'm ghostwriting with my coauthor of eight years. I like to play with my ideas, twist them up to see what sort of madness I can come up with on the fly.

    So, for the sake of keeping mine as mine, and creating something new for yours; I want to pick your brain on that topic a little more. Send a PM of delights whenever you can, and we can chat on this a bit more. As for now, I'm... Well, I was about to say I'm going to bed, but I still have one large project to finish for work... :/ So, no... I'm going to play The Insomnia Game and see how long I can hold out until Procrastination wins again!
  20. A few questions.

    1. What is the average life span and appearance of elves of certain regions of their homeland? Do they live for hundreds ot thousands of years?
    2. How common are dragons if their halfbreed offsprings can be considered a race and have their own society? And how intelligent and capable are those dragons and their intent in the world? Do dracokin actually turn into dragons or do tgey just have draconic features? Why arent there any half elf half dragon people around?
    3. Are elves and humans not compatible? Are elves only able to breed with each other and not mingle with others?
    4. How mingling are these gods? Infact, who are the gods? Who worships who?
    5. How potent is magic? How common are enchanted items? How is magic performed?
    6. How are the relations between the nations and just the relations between the provinces of each nation?
    7. What is the limit of magic and side effects of using it? Is it just but some effort of will and intent and you can fire spears of ice or are there incantations, gestures, price and/or rituals involved? (Rather similar to #5, i know)
    8. How is trade between nations?
    9. What are beasts of burden in the nations?
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