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  1. Hello! As many of you can see, my name is TheGoodTripleX. Before you get any ideas, it's because of my online alias, X.iao X.aX.atah. I am a twenty year old something from Chicago. I am somewhat familiar with roleplaying, but only from observation. It's very touch-and-go for me. I hope to join some nice roleplays, and I hope to fit right in!

    On an unrelated sidenote, I don't think I see any meadows or cherry trees around. I've cut them all down to build myself a mansion.

    Them goosebumps tho'.
  2. ...But in the middle of this madness, I welcome you to Iwaku. It's a pleasure to meet you X.
  3. The pleasure is all mine to have been responded to by a member of the staff so quickly!
  4. My first thought was towards Vin Diesel's 2002 film Triple X.

  5. Never heard of it, but likely far from the intended message, literal or humorous.

    Thank you kindly!
  6. Welcome! ^_^
  7. Well hi there X! Welcome to the community!
  8. Welcome to the other side of the Fence xD.

    Please enjoy your stay here and be aware.. We All are a little Crazy..~ fu fu
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.