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  1. I dunno if intellectual property is the right term, but anyways

    Whom do you contact if you believe someone has stolen ideas and whatnot that are of YOUR creation, and that you specifically asked this person to take down what you created, which they used without your permission?
  2. If it's another member who is plagiarizing your ideas and creations, you must send a full report through the Report a Member feature. Include evidence of the theft, as well your creation vs the stolen stuff comparisons. Make it as detailed as possible. The Security staff will look into it to determine if it's legitimately stolen.
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  3. I see, part of the problem is, this stuff was kept on the member's blog, shortly after asking her to take it down, the blog suddenly became private, and because I did not anticipate this, I did not take screenshot evidence, so I was hoping to make a case with a security staff member personally.

    I suppose I'll give up on this
  4. Oh, this makes it a bit trickier... But do you still have the link to the blog entry that became private? You could just include that in the report on the member. Or just ask the staff to look into it, because we can view private blogs for security reasons.
  5. If any edits were done I have no proof even if they can look at it, so I suppose I will give up on this claim, I strongly suspect my work has been stolen, but I have no means with which to prove it, nor do I have the link.

    The only 'proof' I have was that I made the map for the roleplay in question, this issue was some time ago and I had given it up then, until going through my files did I discover this map and realize I did have some proof, but doubtful enough.

    So I am going to relinquish any attempt to find out if this individual did as I asked
  6. Submit what you can and the security team will look into it. Anything helps. If this member has edited anything we may still be able to see the original post. It's good to have things like this on record.
  7. Without being able to see it myself I couldn't say, so I'm terrible sorry for wasting everyone's time
  8. Just drop the link of the blog in your report. The security team will handle everything c:
    Since they were your original ideas, plagiarism and theft is a bad thing >:c
  9. I do not have the link, and since the blog is blocked to anyone this member is not following, I do not know if it's even possible for me to retrieve it
  10. Ah, then report this member and mention the title of the blog post.
  11. *chuckles* also a problem

    I am going to have to merely live with this, please do not worry about it further
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