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  1. *instant transmissions* Hello everyone. *bows in respect*
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Prince Avatar. I am Iliana and I humbly accept your respectful bow. *Bows back*

    Tee hee! Acting proper is fun! :D

    Enjoy yourself in the community! If you need some assistance in navigating the forums or anything else, let me know, and I will bow before helping you!
  3. Thank you. *bows in respect*

    I have a few questions though...
  4. Ahoy, Prince Avatar.

    While you bow in respect, I can't bow back..I'm a pirate,we don't do that. We nod.

    Hope to see you around in some RPs and the Cbox!
  5. Aha.
    So you say you're the Avatar Prince?

    I'm Selenite, the Avatar Queen. Pleased to meet you! I change my avatar really often.... too often.

    ...anyways, welcome to Iwaku! Have some cookies and enjoy your stay!

    And if you need anything, please just ask! Yay!