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  1. IC:

    Story Elements will be in the IC once this gets started

    There are 2 groups in this RP to sign up for, The Wanderers and The Pirates. The Wanderers objective will change each time they complete one. The Pirates main Objective is to Destroy The Wanderers, with it changing rarely or Side Objectives being put in alongside it.

    ---The Wanderers 4/6---
    Captain: Ronald 'Ron' Bones (by @Salsacookies )
    Second in Command: Mark Solotov (by @Yonsisac )
    Support: Zhang Yingjie (by @Sir Pinkleton )
    Mech Pilot 4: Vikta Novencli (by @TheGDeer)
    Mech Pilot 5:
    Mech Pilot 6:

    ---The Pirates 3/6---
    Captain: Chi Amaya (by @KyuubKitsune9)
    Second in Command: Ajax Torne (by @CoShocker)
    Mech Pilot 3: Viktor Szandor (by @Nocturne997 )
    Mech Pilot 4
    Mech Pilot 5
    Mech Pilot 6:

    Character Sheets

    • Name:
      Faction:(Wanderers or Pirates)
      Rank:(Captain, Mech Pilot 3, ect ect.)
      Appearance:(If posting a picture, put at the beginning of CS)
      Past:(Don't have to put a lot, but must put why they are part of the Wanderers or Pirates)
      Skills: (Minimum of 2, Maximum of 4, can range anywhere from Cooking to Mech Piloting)
      How your Character got their Mecha:
      PN Nexus (Handheld phone with basic Communication function and allows character to manage his or her funds among other things)
      (List money in Dollars among other things your character has)

    • Appearance:
      Size: (See Size Information)
      Speed: (Put how fast it is when gravity is affecting it and how fast without gravity)
      Armor Type: (See Armor Types tab for info, or Armor Character Sheet for custom)
      Weapons: (See Weapons Tab for info, or Weapons Character Sheet for custom)
      Specials: (5 Slots Open(see Specials Tab for info, or Specials Character Sheet for custom))
      Power Level: 100% (May change depending on Special,Armor type, or Weapon)
      (Put ammunition/drones/weapons/ect in a list here)

    • Name:
      Type:(Combat or Support)
      Strengths:(Maximum of 2)
      Weaknesses: (Minimum of 1)
      Description: (What it does)

    • Name:
      Strengths:(Maximum of 3)
      Weaknesses:(Minimum of 1)
      Description:(Just list what it does if it's a special type of armor)

    • Name:
      Range:(Close Range, Mid Range, Long Range, Melee, or Support)
      Type:(Ballistic, Energy, Kinetic, or other types that you come up with(Like Flame for flamethrowers ect ect))
      Description: (What it does)

    • Name:
      Description: (What it does)

    • [/tab]

    Information (For info on what Weapons, Armor, and Specials your Mecha can have)

    • [tab=Basic Information]

      • -Kinetic Assault Rifle ~ Basic assault rifle much like a humans but bigger with more destructive ammo. Reloads Via belt connected to mecha.
        -Beam Rifle ~ Assault Rifle that fires mid range beams that end quickly at a rapid rate, giving the image of light encased bullets. Takes 1% Power out of Mecha every 100 beams.
        -Kinetic Sniper Rifle ~ Basic Sniper Rifle that needs to reload every shell via Mecha Hand, has a variable zoom scope that can zoom up to 500 Meters.
        -Beam Sniper Rifle ~ Fires long range beam that ends quickly at extremely high speeds that can cut through Type I Armor easily. Takes 3% Power out of Mecha every 2 beams.
        -Kinetic Shotgun ~ Basic Shotgun that needs to reload every 8 Shots by Mecha hand.
        -Beam Pike ~ Long range beam that fires out continuously, drains 5% Mecha Power every Round and grows in Size and Power the more Mecha Energy is put in.
        -Railgun ~ Large Railgun attached to Mecha's back and is exetremely heavy, lowering a Mechas speed greatly. Reloads by Mecha shoving any nearby material inside of it, allowing it to fire said material out as a large bullet travelling at speeds so fast that it hits it's target immediately after firing. Able to destroy up to Type II armor with one shot. Takes 10% Power out of Mecha every shot.

      • -Basic Claymore ~ A Basic Human like Claymore sword, it's large size and weight makes it hard for a Mecha to swing it fast.
        -Basic Sword ~ Basic Human like sword that is lighter and smaller than the Claymore.
        -Beam Lance ~ A Beam Sword that when inactive looks like a small blade less hilt. When active turns into a large Beam Sword that takes 2% Mecha Power every Round it's active.

      • -Basic Shield ~ Basic Human like shield that is placed on Mecha's back. Is fairly lightweight and allows quicky movement.

      • -Type I ~ Weakest armor but also the lightest, allows for quick movement. Vulnerable to Beam and Energy attacks.
        -Type II ~ Has a balance between Weight and Strength, allowing for decent movement, but slower and stronger than Type I Armor. Vulnerable to Beam and Energy attacks.
        -Type III ~ Strongest armor but also the Heaviest, allows mecha to take heavy hits but lowers speed greatly.Vulnerable to Beam and Energy attacks.
        -Type S ~ Lightweight armor that has small basic Shield Generators inside of it, giving the Mech a weak but all around shield that can easily fend off Beam and Energy attacks for a little while.

      • -Emotion Sensing ~ Mecha gains increase in power depending on certain emotions (list them, maximum of 4) that the enemy is experiencing and decrease in power on other emotions (minimum of 2)
        -Emotional Mecha ~ Mecha gains increase in power depending on certain emotions (list them, maximum of 4) and and decrease in power on other emotions (minimum of 2)
        -Overdrive ~ If pilot activates this then mecha receives a 150% increase in power level for 3 rounds.
        -Single Shield ~ Mecha has the ability to produce a small shield in a single direction that is extremely strong, but costs 10% power to use and 15% power to maintain when using it over time.
        -Omnidirectional Shielding ~ Mecha has a decent shield that can protect itself from Beam and Energy weapons, but takes 5% Power to maintain it every round when active.
        -Master Weapon ~ Mecha has a weapon that is extremely powerful. Powerful enough to destroy any type of mecha with a few hits but has equally as powerful drawbacks.(takes 3 slots)
        -Large Missile Battery ~ Mecha can unleash hidden missiles from it's body that number in the 50's to 100's. But they can only use this 3 times in a battle.
        -Drones ~ Mecha can deploy drones (use Drone Character Sheet for this)(Can have this multiple times for multiple types of drones)
        -Overpowered! ~ Mecha can launch a single massive attack that once used leaves the Mech unable to do anything due to the drain on its Power. Decreases power to 1% once used and must be at, at least 50% power in order to use it.(takes 2 slots)
        -Atmospheric Entry ~ Mecha can enter and leave planet atmospheres without damaging itself, also has a high resistance to anything relating to heat
        -Hover Soles ~ Mecha can utilize basic boosters implanted into their feet allowing them to hover off the ground a few feet without having to expend power. Mecha's Gravity Speed is doubled when in use.
        -Cloaking ~ Mecha can go invisible but costs 3% power every round in order to maintain it.
        -Sensor Disruption ~ Your mecha can release a large range EMP that is focused on other Mecha's Radars. Does affect human basic radars as well.
        -Happy Birthday! ~ Mecha came with a special present inside of it! A human that is connected to your Mecha from it's creation! Mecha systems increase in effectiveness and mecha's power level increases by 25%! (Can have this Multiple times, but results in more humans connected to your mecha)
        -Malleable (Insert Body Piece Here) ~ Mecha can transform part of its body into any type of weapon so long as it isn't too big. (Can have this multiple times)
        -Transform ~ Mecha can transform itself into a new form. (Can have this multiple times)

    • -Small ~ Mecha is small in size but has a greater increase in speed and power level (+25%)
      -Medium ~ Mecha is a decent height and has a balance in speed and power level.
      -Large ~ Mecha is very large and has a drastic decrease in speed but can have more weapons and has an extra special slot (+1 Special Slot)
      -Titan ~ Largest Mecha there is, slowest type of mecha but can have more weapons and extra special slots (+2 Special Slots)


    • 1. No godmoding.
      2. Be sure to update your character sheet when appropriate.
      3. Couples/relationships/ect are permitted, but anything 18+ goes into Libertine forums.
      4. Pirates and Wanderers HATE each other, be sure to keep this in mind or you'll break RP.
      5.Captains Command and control everything.
      6. If you are inactive for more than a week and 2 days, you will be kicked from the RP
      7. Characters know each other decently in this RP.
      8. Captains are much harder to kill than regular players.
      9. Basic Iwaku and Roleplaying rules apply.

    • 1. Captains lead their respective ships.
      2. Decide everything.
      3. Have stronger mecha's than the others.(+1 Special slot)
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  2. I'm going to wait a see if anyone wants to take a spot before i make my own character.
  3. Wanderer reserve spot please!
  4. Regular Mech Pilot, Captain, Second in Command, or Support?
  5. regular mech pilot
  6. Gotcha ^^, gonna make my own Character Sheet soon ^^.
  7. ----------------------------
    Player Character Sheet:


    Name: Chi Amaya (Bloody Night Rain)
    Rank: Captain
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Sexuality: Asexual (Doesn't like any gender, but can change at some point
    Nickname: Bloody Reaper

    Appearance: Has black hair that ends white as snow halfway down. Wears a long black kimono without shoes when not in combat situations. When in combat she wears a white skin tight suit that helps give her more freedom of movement than other combat based clothes, but doesn't guard her that well. Suffered 2 8-Ball fractures as a child which caused the sclera (whites) of her eye to turn a dark pitch black.

    Personality: When not in combat she becomes anti-social and doesn't like to talk to anyone, and when she does it's to give out orders. Though on the rare occasion she will commence into short conversations with her fellow pirates, but this only happens rarely. When in combat her personality does a complete 180, speaking rapidly to give out orders and taunting/intimidating the enemy, sometimes causing her crew to wonder if she has Schizophrenia/D.I.D (Disassociative Identity Disorder)

    Past: Chi was born on earth and fathered/mothered by abusive parents who would beat her 2 days a week and neglect her nearly daily. Her father was a drunk and her mother was a prostitute. When she turned 6 her father decided to try and be fatherly for once and took her and her mother on a car drive around town, stopping here and there to fulfill her wishes, so far it had been the happiest day in her life, her parents where paying attention and weren't beating her! Sadly it was also the saddest day of her life, as her father had gotten drunk towards the end of their drive and crashed their car, killing her parents and sending her to the hospital, thus receiving her 2 8-Ball fractures and her torment. After she had gotten out of the hospital she was sent to an orphanage in which she was called a number of names while being abused mentally and physically by the other kids because of her pitch black 'Bug Eyes', kids would often call her a number of names like 'Bug Eye's', 'Demon', 'Black Eye'd Freak', and 'Dead Fish', even potential parents did not want to adopt her because of her eyes.

    Eventually after a year of staying in the orphanage she was able to go to school, where her torment got worse as the kids at school would shun her or bully her much like her parents used to do or the kids at the orphanage did. Because of this she grew withdrawn from society and adults didn't want to help her, believing it would be an omen of some kind if they did. Eventually she snapped one day when she was 17 years old and, as they said when asked by the victims, 'let the demon out', proceeding to kill 2 teenage boys, send 3 boys and 2 girls to the hospital, and kill 1 teacher, before she ran away from her school. She spent 4 years running away from cops because of this, growing paranoid about everything until eventually she went to one of the launching stations and stowed away on a ship heading to one of the new planets being colonized, though she didn't know it was a military vessel as well. Half way through the trip she 'let the demon out' when pirates had attacked the ship and threatened to rape her. After the 'demon' went away she found that she was in command of a crew of pirates with the old pirate captain's body atop a sword she had in her hand. Strangely enough this didn't freak her out, instead it made her feel liberated, and thus 'Pirate Captain Chi Amaya 'Bloody Reaper' of the galaxy' was born.

    Skills: Mech Piloting, Targeting, Hand-to-Hand combat, and Weapon handling (being able to handle any type of weapon so long as it's her other personality out)
    How your Character got their Mecha: Chi made her mecha by herself once she and her crew had scrounged up enough materials for it and forced a few scientists and engineers they had kidnapped/convinced to join her crew to build it to her specifications.
    PN Nexus (Handheld phone with basic Communication function and allows character to manage his or her funds among other things)

    Mecha Character Sheet

    Appearance: Face Plate has large amounts of type II armor infused in it allowing for maximum protection, face plate lifts up to reveal the pilots seat. Once closed the inside of the face plate activates showing a holographic screen and makes it able for the pilot to see the outside from it's view, 300 meter Radar, Power level, Ammunition's level, Allies Status, and other basic things show up upon the holographic screen.
    Name: Cloaked Reaper
    Size: Small
    Weight: 2 Short Tons (4000 Pounds)
    Speed: Gravity Speed of 550 MPH, Space Speed of 1200 MPH
    Armor Type: Galgum Armor
    Weapons: Red Vibro Scythe Arm, 2 small Anti-Missile Turrets on left and right shoulders, Under cloak there is 1 Kinetic Shotgun around waste and 2 Energy Pistols on it's hips.
    Specials: Drones X1, Hover Soles, Emotional Mecha (Power up with Excitement, Rage, and Bloodlust)(Is powered down by Sadness and Stoicism) Deaths Dance and Reapers Symphony.
    Power Level: 125%
    300 Anti Missile Ammunition for turrets
    2 sets of 10 Black Darkness Drones
    24 rounds for Kinetic Shotgun.

    Custom Armor
    Name: Galgum Armor
    Weight: 500 Pounds (already factored in)
    Strengths: Kinetic Rounds bounce off and defends from Ballistic rounds decently. Also defends well from Energy weapons.
    Weaknesses: Beam Weapons, Exetremely High Amounts Explosives, and EMP type weapons can take down this armor faster than Kinetic, Ballistic, and Energy weapons.
    Description: This armor also has a 'backpack' booster (as seen in picture) alongside boosters all across the mech, allowing it to change maneuvers, change directions, and increase/decrease speeds almost instantly, though nausea is sure to affect the pilot of used too much.

    Custom Drone Sheet
    Name: Black Darkness Drone
    Type: Support
    Strengths: Has a shield that defends itself fairly well against Beam and Energy weapons.
    Weaknesses: Any other type of weapon destroys it easily.
    Description: Will hover around Cloaked Reaper repairing it easily while also maintaining it's own shields fairly well. If anything classified as a 'high threat' is heading towards Cloaked Reaper the drones will immediately move to intercept it. If Cloaked Reapers power level reaches 15% or it can't move they will automatically drag it towards the ship for repairs.

    Red Vibro Scythe Custom Weapon
    Name: Red Vibro Scythe
    Appearance: (shown in Mecha's picture) A red bladed scythe that can extend it's pole, lengthen it's blade, and even detach from the arm completely allowing the mecha a free hand to use. (Is attached to arm and hand will replace it's spot if detached)
    Weight: 200 Pounds
    Range: Melee
    Type: Vibration Scythe
    Description: It's blade vibrates so fast that it looks stationary and can easily cut through any type of armor easily and bypass shields even easier than that. It replaces the mecha's hand and can detach for them to gain the hand back, it's pole length and blade length can extend longer/shorter. It's almost weightless to mecha's allowing them to swing and use it faster than normal Mecha weapons.

    Energy Pistol Custom Weapon
    Name: Energy Pistol
    Weight: 100 pounds
    Range: Close to Mid-Range
    Type: Energy
    Description: Fires off bolts/balls of energy, can fire 12 shots before needing to reload, and reloads using 1% of the Mecha's Power Level. The bolts/balls of energy can disable a Mecha's body parts/systems/weapons if they are hit and use power, draining the power from it until restored.

    Deaths Dance Custom Special Sheet
    Name: Deaths Dance
    Appearance: Part of mecha's systems.
    Slots: 1
    Weight: None
    Description: Gives Cloaked Reaper a 25% increase in power when activated, though that power can only be used on it's boosters, lowers the Power cost of boosters, and boosters speed/effectivity is increased by X2.

    Reapers Symphony Custom Special Sheet
    Name: Reapers Symphony
    Appearance: Part of Mecha's systems.
    Slots: 2
    Weight: None
    Description: Allows Cloaked Reaper to do 1 of 3 different types of things.

    1. Summon 2 Drones that look like skulls that are twice the size of Cloaked Reaper itself (Large Mecha Size) comprised of Galgum and reinforced by Type II Armor, allowing it to move around rapidly, mostly works as a defense drone to defend Cloaked Reaper from attacks, but also works as an offence, it's heavy metals allowing them to headbutt enemies away.

    2. Summon Smaller versions of Cloaked Reaper that are weaker but faster in comparison, can summon up to 10 without using power but they are easily destroyed by any kind of weapon.

    3. Restores nearby dead mecha's energy and places them under it's control, effectively 'reanimating' them until Reapers Symphony is over, though they can only use skills/weapons/specials that Cloaked Reaper has seen them use.

    Yes i know that Cloaked Reaper and Chi Amaya are really strong, but captains are supposed to be strong, because they rarely ever come out of their ship and instead command and control everything from the ship without leaving. On the rare chances that Captains DO leave their ships it's when they need a game changer. I didn't make her or her mecha un-killable though, hence why i gave them so many weaknesses.
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  8. Would adding history and such to the beginning to the OP(Original Post/First Post) make it easier for those wanting to make Character sheets? If so i could do that if they want me to.
  9. Reserve pirates second in command please.
  10. Kyuub whats the posting expectation for this, cause it sure looks interesting.
  11. Begginer, AKA no "text" talking (R U SRIUS?!), and at the least 1, 3 sentence paragraph ^^.
  12. I'm in, reserving a mech pilot spot on the Wanders side.
  13. Gotcha ^^, so many reservation but not enough actual Character Sheets >_>, though i know your good for it Deer ^^
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  14. sorry, just been really busy. I should be able to post up my sheet tomorrow morning, since im off of school and I don't have to work until the afternoon
  15. I gotcha, i can understand how school can be in the way most of the time ^^.
  16. I've finished mine. (Though there may be some mistakes I made considering the the complexity.) But my computer is being a little shit and won't copy and paste properly.
  17. PILOT
    Name: Ajax Torne
    Faction: Pirate
    Rank: Second in command
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 149
    Sexuality: straight
    Nickname: Lead Eater. Reference to how many times he's been shot and lived.
    Appearance: Outside his suit he is a caucasian male with short brown hair and brown eyes.
    Personality: understanding, good at reading people. Occasionally annoying.
    Past: Born into a decent family. He grew up like any normal person until his father decided to move the family out to a backwater planet for no apparent reason. This caused a rift in his parents marriage and they divorced. That, combined with bullying from the locals made him have serious trust issues with people. His parents abandoned him and he essentially became homeless. Working odd jobs for ship captains. Until one day a ship he was Working on was raided by pirates. They decided to take him in as a crew member instead of simply killing him. Eventually he rose among the ranks to second in command. He had only just gotten the promotion the day the former captain was Skewered on a sword. He decided not to cross the blood thirsty girl and swore his loyalty to her.

    Skills: excellent at martial arts, great with technology, tactical expert.
    How your Character got their Mecha: Designed it himself and built it with help.
    SMG for EVA defense. Sabotage kit.
    PN Nexus
    About $200.00 cash.

    • MECH
    • Appearance:
      Name: Titus
      Size: Medium
      Weight: around 3-4 tons
      Speed: gravity speed of 300 mph. Space speed of 750 mph
      Armor Type: Ceramic titanium blend.
      Weapons: M5 super assault rifle, retractible laser chainsaw and controlled nuclear fission missiles.
      Specials: Self repair, nuclear holocaust. (Unloads all missiles at once causing extreme damage.
      Power Level: 100%
      2000 rounds of assault rifle ammo, 18 missiles and 2 gatling turrets.

      • Name: CTB. Ceramic Titanium Blend
        Weight: very light.
        Strengths: Nearly impervious to slugs or missiles. Strong against lasers.
        Weaknesses: super heated weapons, such as plasma.
        Description: Light. Feels cold to the touch, even in hot climates.


      Name: Gatling turret or G turret for short.
      Appearance: circular with four strong clamps at the bottom that allow it to attach to any surface.
      Type: defense and support
      Strengths: Versatile. Tough.
      Weaknesses: Not good in an offensive environment. Armor weak against laser weaponry.
      Description: Can be deployed quickly and easily to provide fire support in any environment.

      Name: M5 super assault rifle
      Appearance: see mech appearance.
      Weight: 500 pounds
      Range: mid range.
      Type: Fires plasma coated, armor defeating slugs. Much like an incendiary sabot round.
      Description: Can be set to automatic or burst fire, with a fire rate of 3 rounds a second. Can bore through heavy armor with ease. Not effective against shields. DO NOT FIRE IN HIGHLY FLAMMABLE ATMOSPHERE!

      Name: NFM5 missile system
      Appearance: 4 foot long, 6" diameter, orange tipped, cylinder with four curved fins at the end. Fired from the large shoulders of the mech.
      Weight: Each one is about 200 pounds
      Range: long range.
      Type: missile
      Description: Creates a mini nuclear explosion. Not enough to destroy a city but enough to rip a large hole in a ships hull.

      Name: Retractible Laser chainsaw
      Appearance: 20 feet long, glows orange with swept back orange spikes.
      Weight: 100 pounds
      Range: Melee
      Type: Laser
      Description: extends from the left wrist of the mech and cuts through light armor with ease.
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  18. Will fix appearances in a bit.
  19. Would the Wanderers happen to be a little more of a military?
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