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    2035, the government started kidnapping and buying young humans in order to do experiments on them. The experiments are injecting these people with the DNA of animals. These former humans became almost animalistic, gaining animal features and skills that their animal has. For example if they were injected with the DNA of an avian they would have wings and the senses and flight. They were practically mutants now, to make things more horrible for these people, their memories of their lives were erased. All they knew was the lab, everything the knew was the lab. They were placed in a large outdoor dome, with different environments to accommodate to their animal DNA. The scientists studied them from a room and cameras. Not only where they treated like animals they were also put through the experience that zoo animals go through. The families of government officials and the officials themselves, as well as people allowed in were allowed to go through and see the lab rats. It was a zoo to them.

    Despite this treatment the experiments are used for another reason. Super soldiers, put through missions that no human would take. They are trained and put through tests to observe their strengths and skills. They are the Zoo Fighters. The Government's dirty little secret.


    1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. Write a paragraph minimum
    3. No sexy stuff, fade to black or take to PMs
    4. No mary-sues/gary-stus, no bunnying, meta-gaming, powerplaying
    5. Anas and Me are boss, follow our words
    6. Only one animal DNA allowed. What I mean is if someone makes a character with a domestic cat DNA. No one else can make a character with that DNA, though you can make a different animal from the same family.
    7. No rudeness or drama out of character, keep it in character.
    8. Have fun!


    Species: (Human or Injected)
    DNA: (If Injected, if human erase)


    Red Panda
    Grey Wolf
    Orange Band Surgeon Fish
    Bengal House Cat
    Grevy's Zebra
    Lop Eared Rabbit
    Vampire Bat
    Timberland Wolf
    Red Fox
    Snow Leopard
    Star Fish
    Golden Lion Tamarin​
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  2. We got the Pandas covered XD (even though Red Pandas are related to Raccoons and Pandas to cats -oddly enough-) I'll be making my charrie soon ^^
  3. Hmmmm, I'll give this a shot, sure. I'll have a bio up soonish, maybe tomorrow what with New Year's celebrations.
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  4. I would like to join, I'll write the character sheet in a bit
  5. Can I reserve a koala?
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  6. This will be my first group RP her. Now I just need to find a picture.
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  7. @KatherinWinter welcome aboard then! Glad to have you! Groups on Iwaku are usually a blast because so many people are good writers and good people in general. ^^
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  8. May I reserve Grey Wolf, please? :3
  9. @A Wild Sav yep ^^ I'll make a post later that says what animals are taken.
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  10. Actually turns out Nico beat me to it XD If Ya'll have any questions just ask them here. Nico or I will get to them when we can. I'm heading out today so I won't be on for a while.
  11. Haha I am a ninja :P

    Also if anyone wants to tell their friends about this RP please do :3
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  12. if two reserves are allowed, then I would reserve the orange band surgeon fish and the barn owl

    If not, then I will just reserve the orange band surgeon fish
  13. This is my CS... if you're accepting them here.
    Name: Nikki
    Age: 14

    Gender: Female
    Species: Injected
    DNA: Bengal House Cat
    While usually loyal and adventurous, Neko has become more solemn and lonely thanks to the effects of the 'zoo'. She has even caused herself physical pain on purpose.
    Sexuality: Straight
    This is what a Bengal looks like-

    This is what Nikki looks like-
  14. I'd like to reserve a kangaroo. :3
  15. Does the animal i choose have to be a predator? Or can I choose a prey animal?
  16. Any animal you want if not taken ^^

    @Shadicmaster Hiya ^^ Why a fish..? Underwater breathability? Eh well, any animal you want ^^
  17. [​IMG]




    Red Panda

    Sage has taken on the personality of a Red Panda. He's lazy, playful and gluttonous. He likes the attention given to him by people. He's been at the lab longer then most of the experiments, being sold to the lab at the age of 3. He's been effected because of that. He's happy go lucky and sweet. As well as mischievous, he'll play pranks and cause trouble for everyone. If something happened then it's probably his doing.

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  18. Would it be alright to have two characters?
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