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  1. Sage lazily lounged in a tree. He watched the surroundings with one eye opened. His bushy tail swaying behind him. He yawned and sat up stretching and grabbed for some berries and started to eat them. He watched as people mulled around and watched the animalistic humans that wondered around the environment. It wasn't strange to him, it was the way things had always been. He picked a berry and dropped it down on someone's head. Only for them to look up and him grin. "Hellooo~" he chittered.
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  2. Bluebell rolled around in her new hiding space, it was under this berry tree so when she would hungry it wasn't too far to food. Then she heard the on lookers, and she was hungry. Should she just wait for them to leave? or just run up real quit? Her growling stomach made her choice. Poking her head out, Bluebell checked for any danger before trying to climb the tree. Once she got up there she saw the red panda throwing berries at the people below. 'Hopefully I can get some berries before he notices me' Bluebell started to reach up for the berries, putting them in her pockets and eating some.
  3. Maria both loathed and loved the attention she would receive as she swam about in the waters that ran the circle of the floating biomes in the exhibition room. Under the main floor, where the onlookers tended to observe the land dwellers, was a more aquarium like level, the walls all being made of glass, allowing the young, beautiful girl to swim about as she pleased, 'watching the watchers' as she tended to call it. Her long, black tail was a stark contrast to her pale skin, but the shimmering scales and the iridescent red of the spot on either side of the tail made her beautiful none the less. She was allowed the one comfort of a handmade bra for herself, as this was an establishment in which children were allowed. When she was on land, however, which was rarely during showing hours, she was required to be fully clothed, just as everyone else was.

    Among the 'watchers' today, was a tall, african american man, sporting a plain t shirt, hoodie, and some jeans, his dreadlocks pulled back in a half pony as he lead a small group of kids that he was babysitting for a friend along the pathways to the underground observation. They were looking about the place with awe, even more so as the lithe, sleek body of Maria shot by through the dark waters.
    "Luca, Luca, what was that?" called out a little girl, about six, wearing braces and bright flamboyant clothing.
    "A mermaid, Sillia. Maybe if you look real close you'll be able to see better." he responded with a chuckle, urging the kid forward, she pressing her face to the glass and looking out through the warm, salt water.
    "Nonsense," spoke a little boy, seemingly the girl's sister. "It was probably just a seal or some shark. Mermaids dont exist." The boy, leaning his back against the glass wall with a huff.
    "Oh really, Cameron?" spoke Lucas once again, as Maria watched from a distance, the salty water clouding her figure until she came closer. She swam right up to the glass, Sillia squealing in delight as she watched her. Maria then lightly tapped the glass right behind Cameron's head, he turning around quickly, jumping about halfway back the hallway due to the fright before she, Sillia, and Lucas broke out laughing. After the little display, Maria decided to head up to the surface to find some sort of plant life to eat, preferably some food that she wouldnt have to come onto land for.
  4. Red was lounging around in a separate habitat, a wide-open savannah-type enclosure with a watering hole in the center and a few trees native to the Australian plains scattered about. He was sitting on his favorite rock, a flat thing that was just the right height and let his tail hang comfortably behind him. A CD player sat beside him, playing one of the most popular tracks of the month; though Red couldn't remember much of his life before the lab, he knew he loved music, and the keepers had given him that one taste of home to help him feel more comfortable. Red was leaning back on his arms, one leg resting on the other, his marsupial foot bouncing along with the beat. Several onlookers came by his exhibit, and each time he flashed them his warmest smile, hoping one of them would strike up a conversation. They never did, of course. But it was nice to hope.
  5. Tabitha looked through the bamboo stalks, watching the clouds in the distance. She was free like that too at one point..... She had snapped at the scientists when they were erasing her memory, so they declared it wasn't safe to continue. She still had some of her most recent memories, despite the rest having been taken from her. She remembered laughter.... And joy... And friends... She remembered a little about her school and her teacher and playing on the playground. She remembered having her own will to go where she wanted, though sometimes with consequences. But of course with the good comes the bad.... She remembered her brother- what was his name? She remembered him being the favorite because he made their parents money. And she remembered her rich parents selling her to satisfy their greed. And lastly she remembers the torturous testing on her body. She was injected with many animal DNA, but none of them stuck. Some even gave her allergic reactions. After two years of the torture, she was injected with panda DNA. And that's when they succeeded at making her a mutant and tried to erase her memories..... The poor guy nearly lost an eye as she rampaged. All of her early memories were gone.... But from a month before she was sold to the present, she remembered quite well.

    Her small rounded black ear twitched as she heard the people coming in and marveling at all the other mutants. A snarl came to her lips before she stood and walked further into her large but lonely exhibit. She was the only one in the Bamboo forest. Not that she wanted any company anyway. They'd probably betray her. Breaking one of the stalks, she started to munch on it as she headed to the back of her exhibit. She did this every time the people came around, and when they reach her confinement , they were disappointed and usually left this downgrading place. She could tell the scientists were fed up with it, as they sent one in with some kind of electric stick. growling irritably, Tabitha went back to the open, she not wanting to make a scene. Just because she hated this part of her day didn't mean she had no heart and that she wanted to scare some little kid. The scientist stayed hidden, making sure the panda girl did not head out of view again. Tabitha turned her back on the crowd, gazing skyward again as she bit into the bamboo.
  6. Katherin sat in eucalyptus trees. She like watching the people. She didn't know why they were there but that didn't matter. They were there and she could watch them. They were odd creatures. Seeing them tugged on her mind. Nothing ever came of the tugs but sometimes Katherin was curious about the tuggings and what they meant. But for the most part she didn't worry about it. She was happy with her life the way it is.
  7. Leia's sharpened ears twitched as clutters of sound began to ring all over - waking her up. Disoriented and blurry eyed, the girl blinked a few times to adjust herself to the temperatures, lights, and sounds before she could think straight once more. Shaking her head here and there, the girl let a lazy smile split across her face as she unveiled herself from her cocoon.

    Smokey black wings spread apart, stretching and showing an impressive wingspan before they shivered and relaxed, resting loosely by her sides. With a silent yawn, showing small but sharp teeth, the bat mutant girl loosened her clawed feet, unhooking herself from the spike she had let herself hung upon. Falling upside down, it only took the girl seconds to straighten out and glide easily until her feet hit the ground.

    Looking around herself, Leia tilted her head, giving the dark cave-like area a once over. While the people in white coats had placed her in a cave like area - with spikes at the top - something just seemed off. Sure, they had placed some sort of 'safe' light at the top so that the observers could get a clear look, but that hardly affected Leia. It was something else ... while pondering, Leia let herself fly just a few inches off the ground, a constant beating of her wings that let her just graze the ground every so often.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ ​

    Walking down the paths leading to their ... 'animals', Diana gave a heavy sigh as she read through the notes and instructions all clipped onto her clipboard. Her hair was a mess, even as she brushed it up into a quick bun, loose strands were sticking out everywhere. She looked like shit and she knew it. But hey, when duty calls, no one get's to say "5 more minutes, please."

    While most of the scientists jobs, if they chose to work close to a desk and not travel far, were to just watch the cameras and maybe do a little sit-in and babysit these 'animals', there were a few special instructions for those deemed competent enough to handle even more babysitting duties. Sadly, Diana was one of those unfortunate people. So here she was, looking like shit and doing a complete check of some of the animal cages. Sure, she wasn't the only one stuck with this, but seriously? These 'animals' were in such good condition - physically and hopefully mentally - it should be them babysitting the humans.

    Keeping that little bit to herself though, Diana let off one last sigh before she stopped and looked up from her clipboard. A door stood right in front of her with only a picture of ...

    Well. Whoever decided sticking a picture of Edward Cullen on the door was definitely going to get sacked, Diana growled quietly as she ripped it off and opened the door. It was a stupid joke, and definitely insulting to the actual Vampire Bat that was possibly ten times more dangerous than whatever Twilight could come up with. Just as she was adjusting her human eyes to the dark of the 'cave' though, a voice behind her echoed through the tunnels.

    "Rivire! We got this side covered, they need you to switch out with the guy dealing with Pandas." The nameless guy in an identical lab coat informed her. Raising an eyebrow, Diana tried to pull up any information she had of the panda that was in these entire project. Seeing the lack of recognition in her eyes, he continued, "You haven't dealt with her, reports say you only make rounds that surround the bat area, but we don't have enough people on standby. It's gotta be you," he pleaded.

    With a scoff, and an eye roll, Diana brushed passed the babbling idiot and made her way over to wherever the panda area was. Arriving on the scene though, Diana only watched with wary eyes as she saw the clutter of people closing in around the area. Biting back an insult, she turned away from the people and instead turned her attention to the panda girl grumpily biting the bamboo stick and the other guy in a lab coat with a dangerous looking baton.

    "You switching in for me?" He stage-whispered, and Diana could only nod awkwardly as he straightened himself and handed the baton over to her - after making sure the safety or whatever was flipped on - he turned his head to the panda girl and only shook his head, "Honestly, of all the ones we have, it just has to be this one that causes so much trouble. This one is unlike any that you've dealt with Rivire, keep that in mind," he tossed over his shoulder as he ran off, through the tunnels that the scientists used.

    "...." Standing awkwardly in a few bushes and bamboo trees, Diana took a look at the baton in her hand before she turned to the panda girl who was ... looking up? Sadly, before Diana had the chance to tilt her own head up, something else caught her attention.

    A pink rectangular shaped purse? bag? chocolate bar? Whatever it was, dropped right into the area. Dangerously close to the grumpy panda girl. "Oh shit are you serious?" Diana hissed, as a million thoughts ran in her head at the moment. Should she run across and toss the bag back at the dumb lady - there was a chance that she could insult her while she was at it and blame adrenaline later - or what if the panda girl went for it first? 'God Damnit. Why me?' the blonde thought as she decided to see if the panda girl would make a move.
    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
    Her blood bag was late, Leia realized as she rolled around tiredly on the floor. Her fangs had been sharp and ready for a long time, only to be disappointed when the familiar yellow haired human failed to make her appearance.

    Eyeing the glass dome was stuck in, she realized that there was hardly anyone, which gave her some time to do whatever she pleased. With a grin, the vampire bat mutant swooped over each sharp rock and spike as she remained in the air excitedly, getting a nice view of the other animals that were around her area as well. Spying what looked to be a Zebra, Grey Wolf, Rabbit and Red Panda - obviously there were others, her eye sight was just horrid though - she threw her arms wide - comically - and waved about, every so often, her sharp nails would grate against the glass. Not that it would do much, these glass domes were there to keep her in at all costs, but hopefully the others would hear the vibrations and see her.

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  8. Tabitha let a soft growl escape as the scientist switched out with a young lady. As the bag fell to the earth next to her, she twitched an ear and looked down. A wallet, it seemed. Or a coin purse? Whatever it was, it made the teenage mutant sigh. Grabbing the pink object, she walked over to the young lady in her exhibit. "Don't just stand there gaping at me...! Take the bag and find out who dropped it! I would do it myself, but if I even attempt to climb up, you'll zap me with that rod of yours. " Roughly handing the women the bag, Tabitha crossed her arms. "Whaddya waiting for, an invitation? If she doesn't get the bag back, she won't get it back because it'll go in the stupid lost and found without the owner coming back Luke with anything else there, and I know what it feels like to loose something . Go on, get a move on! "With an irritated snarl, the girl went back to her spot, laying on her back. She seemed to shift away from the woman, but unwilling to leave her spot due to the warm sunlight concentrated on this spot of earth.
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  9. As Tabitha stalked over with the bag in her hands, Diana nearly jumped up as the girl shoved the bag into her arms. Wincing from the rough handling, Diana remained quiet as the girl instructed her specific instructions - albeit bitterly - and could only watch on in awe as the girl snarled and went back to what seemed like sunbathing.

    Stunned and speechless, Diana only limply held the bag in her arms with what was probably the most dumbfounded expression known to all womankind. Her eyes trailed back to the panda girl who was only a few steps away from her, but clearly did not welcome the blondes presences. Hiding away a smile of her own, Diana knelt down, still clutching the bag in her arms, and gently placed the baton onto the ground. Slowly standing up, unarmed, she gave the panda girl a few seconds before she dared to venture across - and over the ladders.

    'Adorable,' Diana only thought as she climbed her way up the ladders, tossing the bag over the ledge expertly. By expertly, she meant that the bag obviously hit someone in the face - the ladies hopefully. Quickly, as to not get yelled at, she slid down the ladder and turned her head to the panda girl once more, 'Almost like a child, or even ... no, she's just cute with an adorable attitude,' Diana concluded as she ignored protocol, and instead of walking along the edge of the area, she daringly walked through the center of it all.

    Only a good 10 steps away from the panda girl, Diana knelt down once more. "Hey," she started out awkwardly, "thanks." She continued on awkwardly, before she dug into the pockets of her lab coat, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I got a sugar cane ... do you want it?" She asked, holding out the sugary treat.

    Secretly, it was one thing that Diana would usually find herself chewing on - instead of pens and pencils of course. In all honesty though, she figured that the panda girl would probably find the treat more delicious than herself - I mean, they probably only gave the girl endless sticks of plain bamboo. Something sugary wouldn't hurt their diet, would it?
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  10. Bluebell was almost finished gathering berries, when she heard the glass scratching. Startled by the sound, she lost her balance and falling off the branch she was standing on. The impact hurt, a lot. Bluebell wanted to cry, nothing seem broke or anything, it just hurts. All of the berries she had were all around the floor, the on lookers were gasping at her, and she was just laying there. Bluebell just laid there, pulling her big ears over her face so that the on lookers wouldn't see her crying. 'I want to go back to my hiding space.'
  11. Tabitha watched the girl in her position head to the ladders, a look of confusion on her face. Why had this blonde women left the baton on the ground? When she grew the bag, and a shout was heard, Tabitha couldn't help but smirk. Knowing one of those condescending spectators got hurt by one of the scientists just made the young panda girl feel like all of this was at least a little worth it. As the girl walked straight towards her instead of walking around, Tabitha sat up, a little curious. Didn't this girl know pandas are dangerous...? When offered the sugar cane, she was slightly tempted to take it, but hesitation was apparent. "Whaddya do? Poison it? Is that really what it came down to? I'm so bloody dangerous you have to poison me to put me down like some kind of animal? Let me tell you something! I was human too, you know! I was before you idiots turned me into the mutant I am now. ..."
  12. Maria didnt find anything too appetizing along the surface, but there was a horrid screeching that hurt her sensitive ears, and even vibrated through the water itself, irritating her to no end. She tried to push it off, however, seeing a couple of really little kids reaching their hands over the rail, trying to get closer to her. A slight smile lit upon the mermaid's face, she laying back in the water, just floating, and lifted her tail up so that the kids could just touch the tip of it, before she snatched it down and lightly splashed them, they screaming slightly, though it quickly turning into giggles and laughter. With that, Maria dived back down and started to swim off along her multiple pathways to find the source of the screeching noise. She soon found herself nearing the cave like boime of the exhibits, a place mainly inhabited by the Vampire Bat of the group. Maria only knew due to being one of the few 'people' let to swim about between all of the enclosures, letting her become a sort of messenger for the others should they wish to speak to someone else who wasnt in their immediate vicinity.

    Maria launched herself out of the small pool of water that had to be regularly desalinated for consumption by the animals, landing upon a smooth section of rock that she would regularly surface upon. The entire cave system was dark, nothing but a pitch black, cold, damp formation with a single bat circling endlessly and rather irritably around it.
    "Leia! Have you any sense?! You'll surely give someone hearing damage with all of this noise!" The girl called out into the darkness, not even guessing as to where the bat was. As long as she could vent her frustration, she would be alright.
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  13. Suddenly a high-pitched screeching noise cut through Red's music, accentuated as his ears reflexively swiveled to hone in on it. What on earth could that be? He hit the "stop" button on his CD player and stood up, propelling himself to his feet by pushing off of his tail. A few kids came to watch and laugh while Red half-walked half-waddled towards the source. Was that coming from the caves? Ah, it was probably Leia. The bat-girl often made a lot of noise for the sake of attention. Red's exhibit was separate from hers, but he wished he could go over and see if she needed anything. Maybe Maria would stop by so he could ask Leia indirectly.
  14. Rivrin curled herself tighter into a ball trying to block out the sounds of the crowed, curling her long bushy red tail around herself she sighed in frustration as the noises seemed to only grow louder, she glanced at the small clock that was inside her den even without the light she could have told the time, her cave like home was lined on the far wall with glass so people could see her while she slept, and now it was almost time for people to come in to her enclosure to get to interact with her, which mainly consisted of kneeling in the light grass with a floppy dead fish to get her to come up to them where they could grab and pet her long tail before she retreated to the rocks where others could watch her snack on her well earned fish.
    With a sigh Rivrin stretched out in almost cat like grace as her large tail came up over her back to bend elegantly behind her, making her way to the outside she blinking and shut her eyes against the bright sun, she dipped her head letting her bright red hair fall infront of her face to help shield her eyes from the sun. The Zoo Keepers wouldn't feed her all day until she came out for food, it was an easy sure way to let the audience see her in action, she would occasionally play with the large rubber balls or dart through the hoops with added grace to get a treat which was simply a sugar cookie with red sprinkles, she made her way to a mother and child while the child held out the large fish for her to take, she crouched low on all four and ran forward before doing a front flip in front of the boy dropping low and snatching it from his hands then she did a cartwheel backwards and a double backflip before dropping on her rump to take a bite out of the fish with her tail neatly wrapped around her, she took the crowds excited cheera as a job well done
  15. "So how are the rounds going today," Reneval asked as he started to review over this weeks data from the older, to newly received subjects. He skimmed the initial feedback, and went straight to the key points of each subject as the scientist behind him started to yammer about the smaller things that Reneval wasn't to concerned about at the time. The scientist deck out in the black lab coat did, however, stopped skimming through when he reached the update for Tabitha's files. Readying it a little more thoroughly he let out a soft somewhat irritated sigh. The Board had yet again placed a request for there to be a severe punishment for the panda girl's hostile nature to both staff, and the so called "Zoo" visitors. A request that every time he had received he immediately would deny as he ripped the page out the notes along with the questioning as to why he hadn't rescheduled her mind wipe.

    "If they really want that they can come down, and do it themselves. Girl nearly ripped a mans eye out last time," He muttered aloud causing the member who was giving him the report to pause. Noticing that the yammering had stopped Reneval turned to his fellow coworker with a questioning look.

    "What's wro...ohh sorry Michael I forgot," Reneval said as he realized the scientist with bandages on his head covering his left eye was the one Tabitha had nearly mauled.

    "No problem sir... I have given up on you listening to these reports... or remembering that I was the one who was viscously mauled by that psycho," Michael responded as Reneval nervously chuckled before standing up from his seat now feeling a bit awkward about the whole situation.

    "Well from the looks of it everything is progressing as expected. If you'll excuse me I think I'll go see things with my own eyes.... I mean I'll go see how life's going through their eyes... I'll see you late Michael," Revenal said handing him the clipboard with all the data as he started to retreat from the ever growing awkward situation.

    Revenal Altoner one of four lead researchers in the "Zoo Warrior Project" as well as one of the members of the team that had created the first successful Serum for the project was currently running the actual field study of the subjects natural behavior, side effects, and actual genetic effects given to the subjects by the animal DNA fused with their own. He was only twenty three years of age, but due to his high intellect had fathered one of the militaries current favorite super soldier projects. He walked over to the observing room watching a few monitors as he peaked into the lives of their special children.

    "Seems like BlueBells having another breakdown."

    "What when did she switch habitats? Dammit no we have to reroute the camera again to keep a eye on her."

    Reneval's ears perked up at the conversation between two of the staffers watching the monitors walking over to the their section of observing it didn't take to long for him to see the screen showing a crying Bluebell, and a unaware Sage. So she had moved her homing spot to Sage's tree made sense though now she was clearly not to happy that she had been discovered.

    "Close the gates on that area I'll go handle it," Reneval suddenly spoke up nearly scaring the two observers half to death as they turned around just in time to see their boss leaving the area towards that particular environment dome. Looking at each other they both simply nodded, and did as told as the warning light went off to the people spectating that section that the wall covers were coming down to obstruct the view of Bluebell, and Sages area once they were closed Revenal entered the dome quietly without a electrode baton until he was close enough that he could walk normally. It wasn't to long before he found the bunny girl, and Sage. Walking over calmly until he was a few feet away he slowly sat down, and watched Bluebell.

    "Are you alright Ms Bluebell? The spectators are gone so you can stop hiding."
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  16. Bluebell heard a familiar voice, she pulled one of her ears away from her face to see if it was the nice doctor. There he was just siting a few feet from her, then she saw the watchers were gone. She started to sit up, when her back had a shot of pain.
    "Dr.Reneval, I fell out of the tree. I know you said not to, that bunnies don't climb trees, but I was hungry and the berries were so close to my new hiding place." Bluebell wanted to go back to her first hiding place, the one she woke up in when she first remembered. It felt safe and the food was just right. But that glass wall in there, with all those people could see her, all the cameras everywhere she tried to hide. She had to leave, because they wouldn't cover the glass up and they said not to touch the cameras.
    "My back hurts, I'm still hungry and I want to go back to my first hiding place. Dr.Reneval, please make the glass go away, please." Bluebell started to cry again.
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  17. Sage watched the bunny girl down below with curiosity. He shared an exhibit with her and he never talked to her. He watched her drop all the berries and felt a pang of sympathy. Using his clawed hands he dug them into the bark before climbing up and grabbing a bushel of berries. He climbed down the tree trunk and stopped half way. He dropped the berry bushel and smiled. "I saw you drop your berries, here are some more." he said. When the nice doctor appear and try to comfort Bluebell. He watched with curious eyes before dropping to the ground. His tail curled around his body and he hugged it close.
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  18. "Dr.Reneval, I fell out of the tree. I know you said not to, that bunnies don't climb trees, but I was hungry and the berries were so close to my new hiding place."

    "Its okay Bluebell try to stay calm sweetie," he spoke soothingly trying to ease the bunny girls mind from going into a panic attack. Apparently she had hurt herself while trying to obtain the berries. Most likely she was just feeling bruising pains at the moment, but what she would say next caused the doctor to cringe while biting his lip. Words he had heard many other of the inhabitants old, and new say that struck a cord with him every time he heard it.

    "My back hurts, I'm still hungry and I want to go back to my first hiding place. Dr.Reneval, please make the glass go away, please."

    "I wish I could Bluebell I really wish I could, but the people who fund... your well beings wont let me. But look at the bright side to your new hiding spot you seemed to have made a friend," the Doctor had a hard time keeping eye contact with her tear filled eyes... it was moments like this he hated himself from ten years ago for completing the serum that started the downhill rolling of this project into motion. It was at times like these though that he also remembered why he stayed on this project. To pay for that sin by helping those who were inflicted by it the best he could. He thankfully, however, found a distraction for Bluebell as he noticed a certain red panda watching them.

    "Good morning Sage I see you have met Bluebell. Seems like he was trying to help you collect food," he pointed out to the bunny girl via the bushel of berries Sage had brought for her. He gave a thankful smile to Sage for being so kind as he patted Bluebell like a father comforting his daughter.

    ""Its alright Sage you can join us."
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  19. Xavier watched as people started to crowd around his area. Currently he was entertaining the visitors by doing underwater flips. The children mostly oohed and ahhhed as the star fish boy flipped under water over and over. The scientists had been surprised he was so nimble even though he was part star fish, which was usually very sluggish, he often wondered if a little bit of dolphin had been mixed in with the star fish, none the less the crowd loved him.

    Getting tired from all of the flipping he went to the section of his area that the visitors could see him underwater. He stopped in front of two little kids, about 4 or 5 and waved at them I between the glass, the glass between them wasn't as think as the other....exhibit's glass as he was not very strong. He was only slightly stronger than the average 17 year old male. his real power was regeneration, he had healing abilities, he never got sick and every time he got a cut it healed with in a few seconds, big cuts could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to heal, but he definitely healed faster than other humans....or even hybrids.
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  20. Katheton wstched the other ...creatures... residents.. Neither word seemed to really suit her companions. She sometimes wished yhsy she could interact with them. Sojetomes she dreamed of being surrounded by people. She liked those dreams they made her feel good. She wished her area had more animals. Or people or whatever the others called themselves. It was almost enough convince her yo climb down from her perch. Almost but not quite.
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