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INTEREST CHECK The zombies are coming 2014

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by OmgPandamonium, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I want to take on the largest RP project ever, writing an original Zombie related trillogy that
    at the end we would attempt to get published together. I'm looking for several people
    to help me with it for the whole of 2013, so you must be commited and be able to RP alot.
    Zombie genre lovers/obessers a must, 18+ only. Must have good grammer and spelling ofcourse.
    No one liners, preferable a reasonable amount of sentences. Semi-requirement; you must
    live in the UK. Exceptions can be made. Artists are also wanted for the project if you,
    or someone you know would be interested. Other rules; you must not be closeminded,
    if a gay love might present itself in the story or anything like that; you must be open and
    ready for any thing that might pop up in the novel. The zombies in this are the kind that can run,
    oo close to that. MSN roleplaying or private chatroom ONLY.
    Comment or PM if interesting in being involved. :)