The Zombie Survival Role Play

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  1. Richerd and Amanda sat in the dingy old home that was now bare of natural light, a single fan rotated slowly above the two as the barely visible sun sank below the skyline. It had been a couple days since Amanda had come to find her father boarded up in his home, and it seemed like the safest place to be, or at least it was safe. Now, zombies roamed the streets all day and night, neither of the two had been able to sleep but Richerd had a stubbornness to him that kept him in his house, but he too saw that it wasn't safe anymore and they both decided to try and escape the city and find a safe haven for themselves, at least for the time being.

    *You should prepare for the journey, food is a factor!*
  2. *starting off with a conversation between the two characters then leading to a search for supplies around the house.*

    It was just about dusk of the second day Amanda had came to my home, to look after me in our time of need. With the thing's that have happened out in the world at large, thing's have gotten pretty scary around our neighborhood. It was a good thing I had the place barricaded or else I might not of survived the first night. But with every passing night, when they get the most ferocious, they increase in number, and increase in their hunger for human flesh, at least that's what I've seen of them. My daughter was lucky to get through the front door unscathed, and safe from harms way. If anything were to happen to her...

    She would come down the stairs and see me with my old, disabled sniper rifle, trying to work into the barrel of where they disabled it. The way the did it was that they welded something into the barrel, so that if anything fired from it, it would back fire. I was trying to get that piece of metal out of my gun when she saw me, "Dad, I know as much as you do that that gun will never be fixed. You should just leave it, it'll only weigh us down."

    I ignored her for a moment and replied, "Goes to show how much you know about guns..." She just rolled her eyes at me and left me in the parlor room, next to the door with the tire iron in reaching distance in case any of though's... things... brakes in through the front door. She was gathering as many supplies I had around the home so we can have some good food on the way out of the city, someplace safer then where we are now, so what ever she finds, is what ever we get and we'll just have to enjoy it.

    The first place she searches for food supplies is the Kitchen, hopefully we haven't ate all of the food in there from our time here. First she checked the under cabinet, then the one above that one. The fridge, and the three other cabinets around the room were the last ones to be checked. She even looked into the silver ware drawer for some kind of weapon, because between the two of us, the tire iron is looking to be the only kind of defense between them and us.

    What ever she did find in the kitchen, she placed into a large duffel bag in the living room where I still sit, toying with my old rifle.
  3. (*Oh! Would you like me to post the rolls that come to these conclusions? The zombies also have stats but I reduced them since zombies are mindless, would you like me to post their stats and rolls as well? I believe I rolled 4 times for all that happened in this post.)

    As Amanda scavenged for food amongst the cabinets and fridge, she found nothing that wasn't rotten in the fridge since the power had gone out, however, in the cupboards she finds a small box of cereal, a few granola bars, canned foods, and some ramen noodles. When she looks through the silverware drawer nothing looks of much interest, she manages to scrap together some silverware though for later.

    Richerd still fiddled with the gun, and after sometime the metal that had been put into the gun had begun to become loose, but still stuck in the gun. However, as the zombie hoards grow denser, something begins knocking on the kitchen window. Amanda looks up to see that a zombie has noticed her looking through the drawers either by the sound of slamming cupboard doors or perhaps just by chance. Soon, the knocking has attracted more zombies and the knocking becomes crashing, but the zombies do not break the boards covering the window, giving Amanda a chance to think about what to do next.
  4. (*yes, it would of been good to know what rolls you got that came to make these conditions.*)

    Amanda panicked, but only for a moment. She knew she was safe but only for a moment, she had to get out of the room to let them calm them selves from her presence. Leaving the kitchen as softly, and as silently as she could possibly could, Amanda rejoined me in the living room where I still sat there, getting leeway on the little piece of metal in the barrel. I look up to her and saw her fright in her eyes and heard the noise come from the kitchen. Jokingly, I asked her, "What did you brake this time, 'Manda?" She pouted, holding the duffel bag in hand full of food as she replied, "It wasn't me, it was one of though's flesh heads again. They really want in this time and we should get out of her as soon as possible." I snickered under my breath and told her, "They won't get through, not today. We got at least a few more days before my handy work gets the best of me."

    I stand, holding the gun just for a moment just to put it on the table next to the tire iron. I enter the kitchen my self to see what the noise was and saw what she was talking about. I don't know if it was the arm reaching out to me from between the wood I nailed there in the window or the fact that it was as if it was with little effort that it forced it's way into my home with it's rotted arm, I felt as if my home was no longer safe, and wanted to leave. I turned around and leaned against the doorway, sighing greatly. I look towards Amanda who was counting he food rations she took inventory just a few minutes earlier, we were loosing precious time, and quickly. We have to get out of this place before I risk the life of my daughter.

    "Come, we'll head out back and sneak around the neighbors house to get to the truck. It should be safe enough for us to get in if we make our way there quickly." All while I told her that, Amanda looked up at me with surprisal and respect, getting up and running up to hug me as if I had done something to impress her. But later, I realize that it was because she knew the dangers outside from the moist patch growing on my shoulder from the tears she shed. I held her for a moment and combed the back of her head with my hand, saying nothing as we both remained silent.

    On the other side of the house, I held my Sniper rifle, deactivated but I wasn't holding it like a gun, more or less like a club from the stock of the barrel. She stood behind me with the duffel bag strapped around her body and tire iron on hand as I held the door nob of the back door, ready to leave the home and silently navigate our way through the back yard of my home, and of my neighbors, just to get to my truck which was on the other side of the road. It was our only plan and it was the only thing we could do on short notice. I look to her and she nods to me, symbolizing that she is ready. I nod to her then took a deep breath, opening the door and left my home of 25 years of developing it from the ground up. I'll sure miss my home, hopefully I'll be able to come back to it when all of this is over, but because of my age, it's highly unlikely...
  5. (Sorry! Loads of working and studying! But I'm back on! Let the game commence again! Also! Some of the smaller rolls are good because they are zombie rolls, so the first two rolls in this post are zombie rolls, so just remember, when small rolls are successful for you, theyre zombie rolls, and when high rolls are successful for you they were your rolls.)

    The father daughter duo snuck from their own house to the outside door. (Rolled a 3 for number of zombies within range) Only a few of the gruesome monsters were skulking around the back, and (2) none were close enough to notice them. (12) You successfully sneak across the yard to the next house, and sidle along to the front of house. The truck is parked on the street, (Rolled a d40 = 27) but 27 zombies were shambling around the street close by, and there would be no way to get to the truck without a confrontation, (Perception roll = 15) however infront of the neighbors house is their Suburban. Maybe the keys are inside their house somewhere? You must decide whether to come into conflict with zombies or risk staying around longer and look for the suburban keys. What do you do?
  6. The Loner (Excesmyr)
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    Following the zombie outbreak, many families were torn apart, some gone mad by loss of friends, but Vyse didn't have many attachments in the world, the only thing that he missed in the world now was his sister. It didn't stop him from surviving through the apocalypse, but he definately wasn't much of himself anymore.

    You will be starting in an abandoned apartment building, the top floor. You've recently blown out the stairs, and since the power is off no zombies can really get to you, you are safe for now, but your food supply is running through very quickly (2 cans of baked beans and a package of poptarts). What do you do?

  7. Vyse was all alone. He had lost his sister, the only one who could bring him out of his slump. She was his reason for living. He debated leaving this world, but when he thinks about it he can't. He felt that he needed to survive, if not for himself, for his sister. He got up and looked around at the dead scenery. He scouted to see how many undead were near his position. With the stairs blown out he'd have to climb his way down via an old pipe. From there he would jump to an nearby building. He had done worse but if he fell he would be at the mercy of the undead. He shuddered at the thought. He took a bite of his poptart and looked for another route (perception check please). If no other routes appeared he'd take the pipe onto the neighboring building.
  8. Vyse Arce
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    Vyse shimmies down a small pipe along the side of the building, (20, Parkour adds 5 = 25) the pipe was securely fastened onto the building and he had little trouble getting down to the ground without incident. He jumped down into the alley behind the apartment building, (Perception: 2) with a closer look Vyse realized that there weren't many ways out of the alley, just a straight shot one way, and (Zombie Roll: 19) zombies were littered all outside of the alleyway. (Perception:18) At the end of the aleyway you can barely make out a large truck, but you also see a small food store, you only have time to get to one and escape alive. What do you do?
  9. "damn," he cursed silently under his breath so it didn't attract attention. If he ran he could make it to one or the other. He could try and make a break for the truck and on the off-chance that it does have gas in the tank he could attempt to hot wire it. He hasn't hot wired many cars so there's not much experience in that department. There's also the fact that there might be nothing in it. What could he do with the uncertainty? He could however make a break for the food store. The looters may have robbed it, but maybe he could scavenge something. He had little food supplies, so that would be a welcome bonus.

    After a bit of debating he rushed forward, not thinking. He did find himself heading towards the food store in hopes that there's something inside. It was a safer bet than the truck. He just prayed to god that he wouldn't get snagged by a zombie and that his feet be fleet. He had to live for his sister.