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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Desaecula, May 28, 2012.

  1. SO a few days ago, my friend told me about a simply HORRID story. A real story that was on the news somewhere, or is circulating on the internet.. IDk.
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    A camera catches two men. Two NAKED men, one leaning over the other one near an overpass in big city <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:State w:st="on">Florida</st1:State></st1:place>. A cop arrives at the scene, and witnesses the man above the other one literally chewing this other guys cheek off, cannibalizing him.
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    The officer orders him to get off. He doesn’t comply. The officer tells him again, and ends up shooting a NON-LETHAL warning shot into his lower leg….
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    The guy won’t.stop.eating. the Unconscious man’s face.
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    In the end, it took a veteran officer NINE SHOTS to finally kill the man, who wouldn’t stop eating the other guy until he was dead. Didn’t care that he was full of bullet holes, he just kept on chewing like nothing happened.

    here are the first thoughts that went through my head...

    1-were either, or both of the men homeless?
    2-were drugs involved?
    3-Man that policeman REALLY must not've wanted to touch that cannibal guy
    4-Was this just a random act of cannibalism?
    5-what KIND of freagging drugs make you want to eat someone naked under an overpass at eight in the morning?!?!?
    6-This is why i carry several large knives everywhere i go and a frigging machete in my cadillac.:sword:
    7- Of course it happened in florida....

    This made me realize something. With all the creepy stories, the huge vampire-fad going on, and the general fascination with all things scary… do we sometimes forget that these things were ALL inspired by something Real… have we forgotten what fear REALLY means?
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    Honestly, I Think that when most people think SCARY.. They don’t think about the real world horrors… they think about chainsaw slasher flicks.. Which become less scary the older they get. Seriously, I know eight year old’s who aren’t scared of movies that gave ME nightmares when I was their age…
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    DESENSITIZATION my friends.. THAT is what I’m talking about…. Have any of You seen this sort of thing out there?.. I’m curious about your thought, because right now, Desaecula thinks he’s the ONLY one who thinks this is a bad thing.