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  1. Backstory

    In the year 2020, Earth would experience the largest meteor crash in recorded human history. From that would be a foreign threat to all of its inhabitants. Nicknamed the Celestial Beings, all of whom were named after the various Greek constellations. These creatures were aliens of various giant forms. They seemed to only be capable of one thing: consuming other beings. Shortly after their first discovery in Brazil, panic struck the entire world. The regular military forces used against them weren't enough. Everything seemed hopeless, until a woman named Ilithyia Montague showed the world what she and her corporation had been working on. They were the Zodiac fighters, a unit of robots approximately the size of the monsters, built to be piloted by humans to fight the Celestial Beings. Entrusted by the UN, Starlight Tech was granted government funding allowing them to begin their search for permanent pilots. Tests were given all across the world to see which humans were the most synchronized with the units. Once twelve were found, they were gathered at their base in New York City to begin training for the battle against the Celestial Beings. Although there were twelve found, another pilot was put on standby in case the prototype was needed. Now with training complete, the pilots must ready for the fight against Celestial Beings, and perhaps more...
    Rules (open)

    • All site rules apply​
    • Each person may have up to four characters. The number may change.​
    • Stay active! You will be called out if you haven't responded in a while.​
    • Be respectful to each other please. Fighting is only permitted IC.​
    • Reserve your character if you want a certain zodiac sign. Its first come first serve.​
    • Put Starlight Tech at the end of your character sheet so I know you've read the rules.​

    Character Sheet:
    Character appearance here. With and without mecha suit.

    Nationality: (Japanese, American, etc.)

    Age: (18+ unless a good, legit reason is given)


    Zodiac Fighter Unit: (Use the names listed below the sheet. Ignore if your creating a Starlight Tech worker.)
    Appearance for mecha here. Be sure it matches well with the Zodiac sign

    Skills/Abilities: (Anything extra as to why your character was deemed capable of piloting)

    Personality: (Can be brief)

    Biography: (What was your character's life like before and after the 2020 meteor?)

    List of Units:

    Ophiuchus, 00: Persephone Montague @Lunar-Eclipse
    Aries, 01: @Aeronfarron
    Taurus, 02: @Taichou
    Gemini, 03: @Eon
    Cancer, 04: @ShiroKiyoshi
    Leo, 05: @Andy
    Virgo, 06: Artem Evpraksiya @Dip
    Libra, 07: @Lady Sandra
    Scorpio, 08: @FrostedCamel
    Sagittarius, 09:
    Capricorn, 10:
    Aquarius, 11: @Zombehs
    Pisces, 12: Mariana Santos @Lunar-Eclipse

    Starlight Tech:
    Ilithyia Montague- Founder, Head of Committee @Lunar-Eclipse
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  2. Oh! I'll have a spot saved. I'll get my character sheet up n going soon!

  3. Name
    Артём Евпраксия (Artem Evpraksiya)




    Zodiac Fighter Unit
    Virgo Zero-Six

    Unit Description
    Reminiscence of The Space Race from a 20th-century (1955–1972) competition between two Cold War rivals for supremacy in spaceflight capability, another race occurred within the 21st-century. After a world-wide crisis occurred in other parts of the world, both Russia and the United States not only put forth their best pilots and mechanics, but they also put forth the best fighting machines the world has ever seen. The technological superiority required for such supremacy was seen as necessary for national security, and symbolic of ideological superiority, and when Russia got the upper hand, you know they felt like they were at the finish line.
    When Russian technicians from a company called В'как лев created their award-winning machine, they had their most skilled pilot work the machine. The pilot was Artem Evpraksiya, and she was not only the daughter of the founder for В'как лев, but he was also the inventor for such a mechanical war machine.
    В'как лев's founder, Мэлор Евпраксия (Melor Evpraksiya), based the mechanical suit off of his daughter. He named the creation Дева Ноль-Шесть, or as translated into English, Virgo Zero-Six, and based the entire design around his daughter, so that no other person in the would could pilot the craft. Contrary to popular belief, the Mecha wasn't a gigantic fighting machine, it only stood about five-foot six, just like his daughter.
    When word spread about the complete waste of money that was the robotic suit, В'как лев kept calm about the situation. In an interview with the founder, he explained the entire reasoning around why he did what he did.
    "Simply," He started during an interview with his American competitors, "Because it was easier. You take big machines, and you fight with them. What happens to the machines? They break, become obsolete, and you waste all the potential you had with them, simply because of a faulty wire, or they took too hard of a shot. But with Virgo Zero-Six, you not only eliminate the waste, but the compact size allows anyone piloting the machine to gain ground control more easily."
    During the interview, Melor went through the basis of how the suit managed against an average Celestial Being.
    "The suit was created almost entirely of senors and monitors. From inside, the pilot can monitor their own heart-rate, blood pressure, and any other personal issues they come across, but they're not alone. They, with some help, can also fix problems within the suit, if any were to occur. The entire suit, along with monitors, is enforced with titanium and diamond extract, making it virtually indestructible. Keeping the pilot alive is our main focus here. This suit is capable of taking hits and delivering them, aswell."
    "Not only is the defense our number one priority, it is also our offence. The suit, since it had been tailored for a single person, is equip with a self-propulsion system. It can go from zero to almost six-hundred meters almost instantly. The only downfall to this great speed is, however, is the fuel lodges. To make sure that the speed is at it's fullest potential, there is a small fuel gauge. Overuse can mean immobility."
    "Along with flight is also weaponry. Rarely is there ever guns infused into the Mecha-Suits at В'как лев, and how we got around this problem was by removing bullet-based combat from Virgo Zero-Six all together. In both hands are infused energy senors, that sap energy from anything the suit is touching to create and harness high-powered lasers at your finger-tips. The downfall to this is how sensitive the system is. If one person takes too much energy in a short instant, the hardware may fry. My engineers are working around that..."
    "The suit has little to now problems with any outside communications, mind you. Once you connect with my pilot, you're connected for life. Radio signals are strong, and you can trust and believe that there won't be any miss-communications. Along with communications, the suit does come with a computer service that works with the pilot. S.O.R.R.I, or Serviced Oral Responsive Reactive Intelligence, helps to regulate everything happening inside and out."
    "We are ready for this battle. Are you?"

    Speed: 7/10
    Durability: 10/10
    Maintenance: 10/10
    Defense: 8/10
    Offence: 6/10
    Fuel: 3/10
    Communication: 10/10
    Combat: 5/10
    Weight Capacity: 0/10
    Pilot Compatibility: 0/10
    Flexibility: 7/10
    Agility: 9/10
    Artificial Intelligence: 8/10

    Artem lived, breathed and worked with fabricated machines for most of her life. It would only be a matter of time before she learned the art of trade. Because her father owned one of the larger industries in Russia, she learned first hand how everything was run. She learned English, Math, and how to pilot machines. Along with that, she learnt a few forms of self defense.

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  4. Mecha? Sounds cool, mind if I reserve Aquarius?
  5. Ok I'll reserve spots for both of you until your sheets are ready. I'm glad to see people interested in this :>
  6. @Lunar-Eclipse, may I just describe the mech that Artem'll wear? ovo
  7. Yup that's fine :>
  8. Yo. Mind if I reserve Gemini?
  9. ooohh! Can I reserve Aries, please? I'll get started right away!
  10. Yes to both, I've already added your names to the list of units ^v^
  11. Save Scorpio for me. I'll work on a sheet.
  12. (Source)

    Name: Mariana Santos

    Nationality: Brazilian

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Zodiac Fighter Unit: Pisces 12
    (Source) (Size is bigger than shown scale)

    Mariana is a quick thinker and can move fast both on land and in the water in her unit.
    -Her mech's ability to be as mobile underwater as on land can give her an advantage in a fight against a celestial being

    Personality: Mariana is bold, fearless, and a bit reckless with her behavior. She's very expressive with her emotions and is a bit short tempered and impatient to others. She doesn't mind working with others, but will likely take the lead with whatever it is they're doing. One of the few things that calms her is being in water, making her favorite pastime swimming.

    Biography: Mariana lived in the city of Rio at the time of the 2020 meteor crash. Before it happened, she was finishing middle school with her twin sister Daniela. Shortly after finishing the school year, the news of a colossal meteor spread the country rapidly. Panic was all across Brazil and soon the rest of the world heard the unfortunate news. Then, the first celestial being attack happened near the city. There were many who died in the attack, including Daniela. Her sister was crushed by a fallen building caused by the celestial being. Whatever was left of her was consumed by the monster, leaving her funeral without a corpse to bury. Saddened and angered by this, Mariana wanted to find some way to prevent anyone else from experiencing the loss of a loved one from the disgusting giant creatures. Over five years after the first attack on Rio, Starlight Tech began their pilot tests in Brazil and Mariana was one of the first to be tested. Among the other volunteers, her synchronization levels were the highest in the country deeming her to be one of Starlight Tech's thirteen pilots.
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  13. Character Appearance:
    Name: Dexter "Dex" Knack

    Nationality: Born in Canada, though was raised on the west coast of the United States.

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Zodiac Fighter Unit: Gemini-North
    Gemini's default weapon is a double-bladed sword-staff that splits into two, one handed blades. Gemini is lightweight, and is equipped with flight capabilities. This makes Gemini North an incredible offensive threat, though lacking in the defense department.
    Zodiac Fighter Unit: Gemini-South
    Where Gemini-North fails, Gemini-South excels. North, the close-range, lightning fast fighter is the complete opposite of South. South is incredible defensively, though slow and lumbering. Whereas North can fly, South can barely even break into a run. South is also almost entirely long or mid-range, firing it's four cannons to attract enemies to test its nigh-impenetrable armor. Most of South's power is defensive, leaving it less offensively powerful than its twin.
    The two mecha are powered by a "Dual Drive Rebound Engine," which means they share one pool of energy. In theory, one mech could be sacrificed to enhance the power of the other for a time. It also means that loss of power for one robot means loss of power for the other. Additionally, the destruction of either mech would cause the other to lose its source of power and consequently de-power within minutes. Both robots are controlled remotely via a computer in Dexter's Laboratory.

    Dexter was the lead-designer for the Zodiac Robots. While he views each of them as special, he sees the two Gemini bots as his "children." He was furiously opposed to anyone else piloting them, and after locking down his laboratory for one hour, he got his way. As lead-designer, Dexter is a genius of incredible proportions. Thusly, he is an incredible asset to the team.
    Dexter is a scientist, first and foremost. He loves building and studying, and will put his life on the line for his work. Second, he's stubborn as all hell. He's got a plan for everything, and be it fire or ice, rain or sun, hell or high water, it will be the plan. Lastly, he's incredibly sarcastic, and not afraid of anyone, no matter who they are. Dexter even cussed out a general who was rushing him in his work. Oh, yeah, Dex is a foulmouth.
    Dexter graduated quietly from MIT at twelve, took an eight year course at Yale in a year, and has been quietly squirreled away in his home laboratory ever since. He first detected the meteor in 2016, but no one believed the reclusive ginger. Since the construction of the Zodiac Robots, he's worked tireless with Starlight Tech to produce high-end combat robots and gear.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Geirahöd Jäeger


    Nationality: German

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Zodiac Fighter Unit: Aries Zero-One


    Widder Null-Eins (Aries Zero-One) is a heavy assault mecha that thrives in the heat of battle. Based around the idea of it's planetary guardian Mars and it's Roman namesake, Aries Zero One features ambidextrous shield components on both arms as well as a laser edged spear weapon hidden on the left leg. In accordance to the phenomena of frequent meteor showers attributed to the constellation of the Ram, Aries Zero-One has a total of two disguised heavy artillery cannons (one on the back and one in the right arm) alongside an appropriately sized assault rifle.

    The power output is enormous for this 6 and a half metre mecha and requires careful observation and back up systems to keep his (as Jäeger insists on it being referred to) pilot safe. Most of the weapon systems are reliant on a German comapny's patented nuclear fusion technology for power. The reservoirs held within the legs can hold massive amounts of sea water to power the nuclear fusion reactor.

    Aries Zero-One uses an experimental alloy of titanium, chromium and carbon for it's armor. While not as effective as the titanium/diamond used by the Russians, the German alloy is a little cheaper to produce while protecting the hard built investment. Its weapon systems vary slightly, with the assault rifle using four different round types (normal, armor piercing, exploding, and incendiary). The magazines for these can typically be found in the left arm, and are loaded by docking the hand on the rifle. The flush part of the wrist opens to replace the depleted magazine and will load a fresh one. Usually, three magazines carrying around 30, 20, 20, and 15 rounds respectively, are docked. Internal systems will modify the rifle as necessary once a round type has been selected.

    The spear and shield can be wielded together or in another configuration alongside the rifle. The shield is made of the same material as the armor, but features a special layer of iridium alloy to prevent heavy corrosion. The spear is nearly identical to the shield, but features a plasma edge along the tip. This tip ranges in power from flesh meltingly lethal to EMP-like non-lethal. Power for the spear is siphoned from Aries Zero-One while it is docked.

    Aries Zero-One is surprisingly maneuverable, and light on its feet. However, it is difficult to contact due to the numerous radio interferences on the mecha. There is little AI support as it is only there to monitor the nuclear fusion reactor. Any information relating to sensors and/or damage are relayed to Jäeger via the mecha's HUD. Aries Zero-One can run for nearly 6 days straight before it needs to power down and find a seawater source to replenish his fuel supply.

    Speed: 7/10
    Durability: 8/10
    Maintenance: 9/10
    Defense: 9/10
    Offence: 10/10
    Fuel: 9/10
    Communication: 4/10
    Combat: 10/10
    Weight Capacity: 5/10
    Pilot Compatibility: 9/10
    Flexibility: 3/10
    Agility: 9/10
    Artificial Intelligence: 2/10

    Jäeger truly views Aries as a partner, and cares greatly for him. While she lacks the mechanical know how, her will, love, and care for the metal weapon has allowed her to learn more about it than most seasoned technicians. Her aggressive fighting style meshes well with the mecha, and she has established herself as one of Germany's top marksmen due to the synchronization project. Jäeger is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and has trained extensively over the last five or so years in art of the Hoplite to better connect with Aries.​

    Personality: Jäeger is a relatively serious young woman that finds enjoyment in battle. She loves food equally as much as exercising and training. She also finds enjoyment in flying and in simulations. She hates it when people call her by her first name and can get very...upset should someone NOT call her "Jäeger" if she has asked them to. She has quite the temper, and has an almost growling angry voice. If one hears it, it is best to keep out of her way or else she will lash out. Jäeger has good leadership skills, but doesn't mind if others take the lead. Mess up though, and she will downright refuse any orders they give her. She is loyal to those that have proved and continue to prove themselves. While she loves serving her country, she doesn't like the fact that she is held im such high esteem by virtue of her looks

    Biography: Jäger was born to a baker and her husband whom was a fighter pilot for Germany's Fighter Unit. Back then her name was Johana Black, and she grew up near her mother's skirts, as it were. She was always helping her in the bakery. And spent her days there after school.

    After the meteor hit, her country immediately began to search amongst its populace for pilots for a few experimental mechas. One spot had already been filled, but another mecha was commissioned once another child, Johana, had been found. She was then taken from her parents and was enrolled into a variety of courses teach her about fighting, mechanical engineering, basic nuclear theory, and other subjects pertaining to the newer mecha. After numerous simulations and test runs, Johana was registered under a new, Germanic, name to serve as an example to Germany's people.

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  15. Can I reserve Leo?
  16. May I reserve Taurus?
  17. Can I reserve libra
  18. Is Starlight Tech the only firm that can build mechs? I was hoping to let my character be from a different company, and be sponsored to help fight.

    If anything, just the mech.
  19. Everyone's spot has been reserved

    And yes, it's fine to have your character's mech be created by a sponsored company. But Starlight Tech of course supervises the creation of all the mechs.
  20. question can our mecha have like the ability to transform into our zodiac sign? so like my mecha can be a full on man looking suit or something like that and then it has the ability to transform into a giant robot lion?
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