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  1. See plot here (I also changed it into the OOC thread just cause:

    NAME: (first and last)


    GENDER: (you will need to put here what male/female you are. for example I am female 1.)

    AGE: (16-19)

    PERSONALITY: (sweet bubbly sarcastic ext.)

    APPEARANCE: (Both pictures and words are accepted)

    SHORT BACK STORY: and what kind of neighbourhood you grew up on. this will affect your character in that you may become more evil then good visa versa. also add everything else you think will be important to the story or just anything you want everyone else to know)




    Zodiac Parents:(whatever one your character has in the description given.)

    HEIGHT: (optional)

    WEIGHT: (optional)

    This is my character.

    NAME: Lola Leneyud

    NICKNAME: Lo or Lion

    GENDER: female 1

    AGE: 18

    PERSONALITY: Lola is very easy to be around. She is a sympathetic person and will try to make friends with as much people as possible. She likes to take charge of the situation, She sees herself as aleader and will challenge anyone to fight if they think they can lead.
    She will ALWAYS Keeps her word and will never break it, she will keep all types of promises, even the bad ones. She is a girl full of pride, but pride can be a fatal flaw for warriors . she always wants to get right into the action. Not a lot of planning goes into what she does in any scenario. She is optimistic and full of energy, though sometimes she is very stubborn if she doesn't like the sound of a plan. She doesn't like anyone bossing her around and would often disobey orders given to her.

    APPEARANCE: Short chin length blonde hair with hazel eyes and a big toothy smile, especialy when she has her fangs out.
    Her face is dotted with freckles. She has long gazelle like legs and long toned arms.
    She wears a light brown tank top with a leather belt and just above the knee length denim shorts that are ripped and dirty. She has a light back pack full of supplies like water food ext. She keeps her wind and fire wheels dangling off her leather belt. Her hands and knees are often dirty. She is not the most hygienic person in the world.

    SHORT BACKSTORY: Lola was given to a middle class family who lived in a small cottage in a cul de sac.
    Her human Mother taught her to keep her chin up even in the worst of timesm, because things will always get better, well that's what she was taught. Her human Father was a man full of pride. He worked as a simple builder and taught Lola a few little tricks. They were both good people but Lola left when she was 16, this was also the age she found out she was a Zodiac Child.

    LIKES: The sun, she also loves lying in the sun. She loves nearly every type of meat there is, the only time she has eaten a vegetable was when she was about six and her human parents tricked her. She has a soft spot for everything small and furry that has legs.

    DISLIKES: water! completely hates it. She has never learnt how to swim in result. must be her inner feline. She also hates people who think they can do everything. Or people who are way to cocky.

    WEAKNESS: Water of course, but that would only slow her down. A big weakness would be her stomach. It is the weakest part of her body and is often the most protected.

    Zodiac parents: Leo and Saggitarius.

    HEIGHT: 6'1

    WEIGHT:145 lbs.
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  2. NAME: Lykos Phloros

    NICKNAME: None.

    GENDER: Male 3

    AGE: Age 18

    PERSONALITY: There is no set personality for him, to be honest. The thoughts that constantly run through this male's mind, his split personality in either way he chooses. Having the capability to switch his personalities at any given time can be a bit of a pain in the @$$, but he strives through it regardless of the situation.

    APPEARANCE: A sculpted face, hard and yet soft like an baby's bottom when needed to be. A soft scruff kisses his face, as a well kept black mane hits only behind his neck and along the sides of his face. Bright blue hues enlighten his face, taking away from the hard looking exterior. A well built frame, enough to hold his outrageous and relatively confusing personality. Strong, yet gentle hands, shoulders and arms with a broad, welcoming chest.

    SHORT BACK STORY: Life was confusing; not knowing whether to drop out of school or continue it, not knowing whether he could break out and slaughter everything around him or just live peacefully. Conflicting thoughts plagued the male's mind constantly, he never knew what he could do. His 'parents' allowed him freedom to a very large extent, never giving him a set time to come home, just as long as he passed his classes and went to school regularly; which wasn't difficult because things were always analyzed twice and in two different ways until they were concluded correct or incorrect. Neighborhood kids didn't like how quickly he could change from a sadistic person to a kind and caring person. Whenever he did do outside, he was called 'The Joker', for his attitude. After getting fed up with that, he merely stuck to himself; exploring the vast landscape of his mind.

    LIKES/DISLIKES: It's really hard to tell what he likes or dislikes sometimes. He's spontaneous with everything, really.

    WEAKNESS: Animals. He finds them much more appealing than a large majority of people; so it's easier for him to get along with them.

    Zodiac Parents: Gemini and Pieces.

    HEIGHT: 6'2"

    135 LBS.
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  4. Female 3:Zodiac signs are Libra and Virgo. This child can see into the future but it so mixed so you must decode what she sees. She is very laid back and happy, looking for love wherever she goes. She is full of life and culturally educated very well. Her choice of weapons are throwing stars. It is hard for her to kill but she does what she must.

    Celestine Nova

    NICKNAME: Celest

    GENDER: Female 3

    AGE: 19

    PERSONALITY: Laid back is how some describe her. Most of the times she just simply doesn't feel the need to meddle with other people's affairs right away. She will however observe and calculate about the situations she encounters. She doesn't act on a whim but carefully thinks every aspect through. She doesn't want to lead, but if she sees someone doing something completely wrong she will try and bring a change into it. You'll likely often encounter her with a smile on her face. Just because she doesn't talk a lot doesn't mean she isn't happy. She takes great joy in the little stuff most of the time.

    APPEARANCE: Everything about her is light, from her hair to her skin and eyes. Celestine has platinum blonde hair that reaches to her lower arch that just about gleams white in the direct light. She keeps it hanging loose most of the time so it can flow freely in the wind. Her almond shaped eyes are a very light hue of blue laced with long dark eyelashes. She has no freckles or birth marks. She wears make up and takes a lot of time and effort to perfect it. Most of the time she'll wear a high waist style knee length white dress with a broad black belt in her middle and black high heels.

    SHORT BACK STORY: Celestine was placed in a family that lived in the city. A simple apartment on the second floor. Most of her life was simple, calm. her mother was a teacher in art history and her father had just a regular office job. At home her mother would teach her various things about art and how art developed over the ages and why so she became more and more interested in it.

    When Celestine was 16 her dad got laid off at work. While that wasn't much fun, the family figured they would pull through and be on their way again soon. The man however took to drinking and one day decided his daughter was too pretty to be his own. He walked over to Celestine when she happened to be home one day and her mother at the school. He started physically abusing her, hitting, pushing, yelling. A neighbor that had been at home at the time heard the commotion and called the cops on them. The cops got there and apprehended the man, but were too late to protect Celestine from being abused in a way that would haunt her memory forever.

    She and her mom moved to the country side soon after but it wasn't much later that Celestine started hearing the call of her true parents. She left her home promising her mother she would look after herself and drop by whenever she could.

    LIKES: Storms. Not so much the rain itself, but the strong winds that blow and tug on her make her feel more free than anything in the world. Due to that it's not all that strange that she has a deep love for artistry that displays landscapes. She enjoys other cultural phenomenon as well, but painted landscapes or painting a landscape herself holds her real attention.

    DISLIKES: Dirt. For someone that loves landscapes so much it's almost odd how much Celestine dislikes even the thought of getting dirty. Being touched is also something she doesn't like. She won't run away from someone upon a touch, but she won't go ahead and hug someone. Which is a tad controversial due to her search for real love.

    WEAKNESS: Being able to convey what she means is one weakness. She often doesn't quite know how to explain things. Overall bodily strength is lacking as well for her. Her low stamina also limits her quite a lot.

    Zodiac Parents: Libera & Virgo

    HEIGHT: 172cm

    WEIGHT: 55kg

    ((Yes, I made the Virgo part of her damaged on purpose. What's the fun in a proper balanced character :P))
  5. Male 1: Zodiac sign is Aries and Taurus. This child has the ability to turn into a bull. This child also has the ability to heal wounds incredibly fast. Not the smartest child but definitely the strongest child and is also very determined. Their weapon is two long extremely strong golden spears .Brute strength is a huge trait for this child.

    NAME: Shin K. Westin

    GENDER: Male 1

    AGE: 18

    PERSONALITY: Strong, kind, tries to be wise, kind hearted and stays to himself

    APPEARANCE (open)

    SHORT BACK STORY: shin lived in a quite beach side home, well it was not entirely quite when it was in the summer. Shin was taught to keep up his strength, train everyday, and eat right. His father was a professional MMA fighter while his mother was a track teacher at his school. He loved his parents and he loved to fight way more than he loved to do school. When shin got into middle school he was the top tracker runner there but he had a bit of a bad boy vibe. He would always be getting himself into a fight with a classmate, upper class man or with another school's student.

    He kept this attitude all the way to high school his mother always getting onto him but his father always saying, "Boys will be Boys." One day in his senior year he got gang up on by a small school gang, he taught them a lesson. while Shin was at school both his parents were home when those gang members came back shooting up the place not knowing there parents were inside while they let the bullets go flying through the walls and mirrors. When he arrived home we was struck into a huge rage, He was so angry he found the gang members and beat them so bad they had to go into the hospital and almost got lost into a coma.

    Shin dropped out of school shortly after that and started doing street fights it was good money for him. After awhile he soon started getting hairier and hairier. He didn't think anything about that until he woke up with bull horns and a small bull tail. he stayed like that for a day or son before he came back to normal and he then went and opened up some of his parents old stuff finding out about his whole heritage and being a zodiac's son.

    LIKES: Meat, fighting, working out and he love the MOOB's (Sorry had to add in the Fairy tail reference.)

    DISLIKES: Gangs, geeks/nerds, Weaklings and school

    WEAKNESS: Being shot or Cut with metals. His healing factor is yes, very faster but metals seem to slow the quick healing rate down. he is not the smartest so he will rush into things rather quickly sometimes if angered like a bull does when he sees red. also if He see's his own blood of red he does go into a uncontrollable rage.

    ZODIAC PARENTS: Tauros and Aries.
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