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The "Zayn/Elvira/Niall" 'verse

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Chat Noir, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. The place for all the character profiles and pictures and plot planning.
  2. Georgia:


    Zayn Jr (19) :

  3. i'll find some pictures of El and Nick :)
  4. Jeremy (19):

  5. Mmmm Alex Pettyfer :P
  6. what colour eyes was El meant to have?
  7. Blue eyes like her dad :)
  8. Bronagh (17):

  9. Elvira: (30)

  10. I don't need one for Zayn, he would just look like Yaser, just a slimmer face :)

    who else do I need a picture for?

    Oh Kamal when he's a bit older
  11. I was thinking for the Danced All Night one, Bronagh finds out that she can't have kids because of some internal problem?
  12. you could either do it so she can't have kids or there is like a 1% chance that she can, so make the chances of her getting pregnant really low or yeah, just that she can't have kids, it's up to you :) or she does get pregnant but because of the internal problem, she could have a miscarriage, that's another idea
  13. Have you any ideas for any of them?
  14. Mmm not for the others, only from what you mentioned about Bronagh and them few ideas I gave you, what do we need ideas for?
  15. What about our girl!direction one? What could we do to move it on?
  16. Mmm just skip to school on Monday when Zayn goes in as herself?
  17. Yeah ok :) I'll do the skip.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.