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  1. [​IMG]
    A Dragon Ball Z based Rp:
    Long ago there was a man, who had a goal to become stronger. Stronger than the rest. Having been in countless fights and battles. He even died twice. He lost a number of times but always came back stronger. He trained and trained to be able to protect his family, friends, all the people, and the planet he calls home. His name is Son Goku. He gone through countless tests and trials. He even faced off against Lord Beerus the God of Destruction, becoming a god to do so. No matter in the end Earth was saved. Though if he wasn't able to do it. There were always his friends, and together they were known as The Z Fighters. Together they could do anything.

    Over 300 years have passed since then and all have passed away, except one being, a Namekian. He gained eternal youth from 7 objects known as the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls can grant any wish. His name is Piccolo. Every 50 or so years he takes on a group of students to become the new Z Fighters, have you got what it takes to protect the Earth from destruction.

    The races are human, android, namekian, saiyan, and Frieza race. There are allowed to be two of each. Each race is first come first serve, BTW I get a sayain.
    Races left:
    Saiyan- taken by: me, @Iroh
    Human- taken by: @InkaDinkaDoo @HellHoundWoof
    Android- 1 open )(1 taken by @The Classy Mog
    Namekian-1 open)(1 taken by: @Blitzfang43
    Frieza-1 open)( 1 taken by: @Crow
    Appearance: (anime picture or description)


    Age: (15-24)



    Weapons: (if any)

    Original Abilities: (at least 1 at most 4)

    Ki blast Abilities: (These are abilities you can use from the show 2 max )

    striking ki abilities:(These are abilities you can use from the show 2 max)



    Opinions of other characters: (what your character thinks on others, be prepared to edit this, have a quote from your character about another, and under the quote, a more descriptive opinion)

    All Iwaku Rules apply​
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  2. [​IMG]







    Original Abilities:
    Seikuken: A method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offense and defense.

    Bio-Shock Ki Disruption: Able to use his ki to temporarily disable his opponents ki.

    Iron body technique: Can temporarily make body solid like iron to withstand powerful techniques with either little or no damage

    Mukuuken: Capable of fighting while unconscious. Doing so makes moves savage, deadly and unpredictable

    Ki based Abilities:

    Final Shine

    Burning attack

    Striking-ki based abilities:

    Burst rush

    Uroge Combo: A two part combo


    Hisagi is kind hearted but has a violent being possessing him so he is
    cruel and evil currently

    Hisagi is a Saiyan that was raised by a dark and evil galactic army since birth, commanded
    by a ruthless tyrant. Although Hisagi never saw the ruthless tyrant he was trained by one of his
    high commanders. Hisagi never wanted a life of violence and at the age of 13 attempted to escape but was caught by Arctic. The tyrant knowing the power that Saiyans can be capable of wanted Arctic to look over the boy and monitor his growth. Arctic sent Hisagi on missions which he had no choice or else it would have been his life but Hisagi still showed compassion so Arctic had a soldier capable of possession find Hisagi and the violent being was forced inside Hisagi corrupting him turning him into a soldier. Hisagi now followed orders but his true nature was buried deep.
    Hisagi is currently conquering a planet but he is within earths solar system

    Opinions of other characters:
    Cares for no one only follows orders

    Eventual SS Form:​

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  3. Cool if I reserve an android?
  4. sure thing
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  5. Spoiler


    Appearance: Brown colored skin, with wiry pronounced muscles that are mottled with numerous scars.

    Name: Jean Garument
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Weapons: Benihisago - Benihisago - An ancient brown gourd with intricate crimson red flames along the surface.
    It is tied with a rope to the small of Jean'ss back. When uncapped it can absorb Ki energy, and release it back as a beam with the same power.

    Original Abilities:

    Kuikkusuteppu, "Quick Step" - Using his ki Jean increases his movements and perceptions greatly. The world and everything in it seems to slow down for him, as he becomes a living blur.

    Torunēdosutoraiku, "Tornado Strike"- A technique utilizing his raw speed and power. Spinning his arm in a circular motion a torrent of wind encases his forearm in a miniature tornado. When he strikes the target, the target is buffeted by the high speed winds and is sent spinning a distance away. The technique is powerful, but dangerous, injuring Jean in the process. He can perform the move with both arms to an even greater effect, at risk of even more damage to his body.

    Nagareboshi, "Shooting Star" - Jean throws himself at his foe and does a front flip, during which he throws his foot out to kick his opponent using the momentum of the flip.

    Kōtei no hōkō, "Emperor's Roar" - A short range invisible burst of raw ki energy from Jean's mouth, caused by waves of Ki displacing the air. The attack is capable of clashing with Ki Blasts.

    Ki Blast Abilities: - None

    Ki Strike Abilities:

    Headshot - Simple but powerful flick to the opponent, sending them back several meters if struck directly. Performed by focusing his energy into his finger

    Leave My Daddy Alone! - Jean rushes forward at blinding speeds, and slams into his opponent.

    Personality: Jean often comes across as cocky and arrogant, this impression of him is usually brought about by his tendency to joke around regardless of the situation, unaware of the fact that he uses humor to mask his fears. Despite how he comes across however, Jean is kind to a fault, willing to risk his life even for a stranger. His idealistic views and unwillingness to compromise his values can often times lead him to act against reason. However if he fails to save someone, or someone gets hurt for a mistake he's made, Jean goes berserk. He's often seen as silly or unintelligent due to his immaturity and laid back attitude, but he can be cunning and resourceful when the situation calls for it. When it comes to fighting Jean is highly competitive, always willing to prove his abilities to himself and others and can become defensive if he's treated as a weak. Jean rarely shows restraint when fighting a strong opponent, relishing in moments where he can go all out. On top of this he's stubborn, and doesn't take losing well, willing to pick himself up time and time again just to snag a victory.

    Jean was born with an overwhelming amount of Ki relative to humans. Unable to control his own power at young age he'd use his abilities unknowingly to devastating effect. A bit of roughhousing between kids often lead to broken bones, tantrums or excitable outbursts lead to parts of their house being destroyed. Jean would try his hardest to suppress his power, but it sadly rarely worked. Despite loving their son, his parents were unsure of what to do with such a dangerous child living in a crowded environment like the city. So with no other option they moved him out to the countryside to live with his uncle. The change in environment was refreshing to say the least, no longer forced to having to tiptoe around everyone Jean was free to do what he wanted. While it was great at first, Jean soon found himself at a loss, out in the country he was alone with his uncle, and was constantly bored. His uncle; a former martial artist decided to introduce him to the only thing he knew, fighting. It was an attempt to give his nephew something entertaining to do while also testing the limits of his strength. It was love at first punch. Soon Jean had started up training with his uncle who showed him the basics of fighting, Jean picked it up quickly. Before long he was training himself, his uncle advising him to "Find your own path." He did, creating some moves as well as his own unique style of fighting. During his training he started to become worried, what was the point of training so hard, and becoming so strong, when there was nobody who could fight him. Noticing Jean's attitude his uncle then told him about the Z fighters, a group of people who saved the Earth numerous times. He had his goal, and soon left the mountains continuing his training to find and to fight people who were as strong or even stronger than he is.

    Opinions of Other Characters:

    Hisagi: Jean doesn't get along at all with Hisagi's violent personality, and is always on edge when he's around due to how strong he is. Hisagi might be the one person, Jean would think twice about enticing into fight for fear of it turning into a Death-Match, but he still constantly taunts him anyway. Jean is also unaware of the fact that the "Real" Hisagi isn't currently with them, and is possessed.

    Law Waters: Jean sees Law's acknowledgement as his ultimate goal. Hating to be ignored, Jean wants to fight Law the most to make him see him as an opponent. All the while shooting him with verbal barbs. Despite the way he acts towards Law, he respects his strength greatly, and silently wants him to do the same, seeing him as a rival.

    Android 21: Jean is extremely curious of Android 21, and fascinated by her robot . . . ness.
    In most cases he sees her as the machine to ask all his dumb questions to. Also may have teensy-weensy crush on her . . . but probably not, girls are gross, and machine girls are -- well actually probably not as gross.
    Jean is often taunting her to fight him, usually on the grounds of Organic vs Machine superiority, even though he doesn't really care for it, he still finds it funny to tease her about it.

    Bas-Kun: Jean looks up to Bas, though he'd never admit it. He sees Bas as his ultimate competition, Bas being one of the only powerful human's he knows. Disciplined where Jean is free spirited. Jean feels that they are complete opposites, but can't bring himself to dislike the guy. Maybe it's his eyes?

    Banji: Jean sees Banji as a giant, silent brother figure . . . though he's never had a brother, Jean imagines this is what it would be like; constantly being met with silence when he makes a joke. Jean finds it hilarious to constantly bug and prod Banji with his humor, hoping to get a laugh out of him. He's also extremely curious about his Namekian culture.

    Lindow: Jean is slightly intimidated by Lindow, his intense appearance, attitude, and moral code is slightly off putting to Jean. Though that isn't to say Jean dislikes him, he respects and usually agrees with Lindow's thoughts of strength, and is one of his go to sparring buddies.

    Ryochi Moto: The perfect way to describe Jean's feelings for Ryochi would be 'Frenemies.' Ryochi is the most similar of the group to Jean, garnering a good deal of his friendship, though despite this Jean is in constant competition with Ryochi, both of them wishing to aspire to greatness. Jean can also get slightly annoyed with Ryochi's goals of making him his protoge, choosing to learn on his own.​



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  6. [​IMG]

    Law Waters




    (if any)

    Original Abilities:
    <Dragon Claw- The practitioner bends there fingers into the shape of a dragons claw it is then covered within a black metallic like color, this technique is able to be enhanced to breaking steel.>

    <SuperNova- The Practitioner creates an explosion with the ki within them, since it's their ki it doesn't affect them in any way. He is also able to cast it somewhere else before it explodes. To explode it the practitioner must extend their hand out and close their fingers into a fist the explosion occurs almost instantaneously.>

    Ki blast Abilities:

    <Galick Gun

    Final Flash>

    Striking Ki abilities:

    <Wolf Fang fist

    Flying Flip Kick>

    Law is very conservative about what people know about him. He tends to be quite sly, but if you get to know him, he's a good guy at heart, concerning himself with his friends. He tends to be very hard headed, so imagine trying to get him out of bed. Sometimes he can be a sarcastic ass.
    Law comes from a line of saiyans. His great great grandparents were the first of his family to set foot on earth. When he was born his family was killed by an unknown being. He was brought to an orphanage where the other kids didn't treat him nicely because of his tail. As time went on he was never adopted and was eventually kicked out of the orphanage because he was too old. He went off into the forest to train creating some techniques. He's lived there until they announced there was gonna be the picking for the next Z Fighters, he decided to go. He also has no clue what a sayain is.
    Opinions of other characters:
    Law doesn't seem to even acknowledge that Jean exists, seeing him as inferior in every way.

    "The robot, she's different, like me"
    Law like mina due to the fact that she isn't normal just like him.

    "MY Arch-nemesis"
    Law sees Bas as a close rival.

    "He's an ass what else?"
    Law sees hisagi this way because he doesn't know hisagi is being possessed.

    "As long as he's cool I'm cool"
    Law sees banji as somebody he can rely on later in the future.

    Later S.S. Form:
    trafalgar-law-ss fixed.jpg



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  7. Okay cool but what I meant by ki and non-ki abilities are abilities that you can have from the show
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  8. Oh lol alright, thought we were restricted to 4 techniques period. My B~! Editing now.
  9. Yeah sorry certain things are kinda difficult to explain for me.
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  10. Nah it's fine, it's an easy fix lol. Can I ask though for an example of a Non-Ki based ability from the series?
  11. Okay Wait a minute lets change ki based abilities to ki blast abilities, and then change non-ki based abilities to striking ki abilities, ecause I just realised that like all the non-ki abilities are used by androids lol
  12. Just really quick, can we make custom ki attacks? Specifically the ones that are purely energy attacks?
  13. That's what the original abilities slot is for so go ahead
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  14. Android 21






    Original Abilities:

    "Micro Energy Bullets"

    Mina concentrates her ki before aiming and rapidly firing several small Orbs of ki at her target. Her ki is Condensed before being released, causing the attacks themselves to be small as opposed to large, about marble sized. While it's possible to use more energy, additional time is required to condense it, so, more energy still creates larger energy Spheres. However, the key feature of this technique is to allow for remote detonation as opposed to impact. The small size and shape allows for potential penetration before detonation, inflicting potentially severe internal wounds even with a weaker attack.

    Burōkun chō
    "Broken Butterfly"

    A physical Combat technique in which Mina strikes an opponent with a combo of strikes before Grappling them from behind, restraining their arms in a hold. She holds them in place with a scissor lock using her legs, applying torque to their arms while pulling them upward. Results in dislocation, broken arms, or a broken back, depending on the victim's strength.

    Gōsuto chō
    "Ghost Butterfly"

    By flooding her hand with her ki, Mina enhances the already impressive strength of her hands, then using her outstretched fingertips as a blade, impales a foe. Usually aimed for a vital point as a finishing technique. Also meant to conserve ki as opposed to using a finishing blast.

    Gyōshuku sa reta enerugī no ōbu
    "Condensed Energy Orb"

    Mina's most powerful energy attack. Gathering a large amount of ki, Mina creates an Orb of energy between her hands. She then condenses it into a tiny Orb, then expands it again as more energy is poured into it. This process can be repeated several times, increasing the power and density of the Orb. This technique was created to compensate for the lack of speed in more powerful and larger energy attacks, allowing for even the most destructive of attacks to both occupy very little space and move at much greater speeds than its larger alternatives.

    Additionally, Mina is working on an alternate version in which she starts out with a massive Orb of energy before condensing it, allowing it to take less time as well as increase its maximum power.

    Ki blast Abilities:

    Striking ki abilities:

    Mina despises people who mistreat machines, viewing herself as a sort of defender for them. Since she was created to champion the science community and act as a defender of earth, it isn't surprising that she feels strongly about protecting people. However, she has a very powerful sense of the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few. As such, she won't tolerate selfish behavior.

    Although her programmed desires are mostly good, nefarious ones exist as well. The true purposes are unknown even to her, but one is to somehow prove that artificial beings are superior to those that are entirely organic, to prove that she is, in fact, perfect. Though she can be Prideful because of this, she is typically polite, but doesn't appreciate selfish desire.


    Mina was created by well known and widely respected scientist, Dr. Brief. Unlike his ancestor and namesake, he always loved the spotlight, frequently making public appearances. One day, he declared that the world needed to be protected, and that the world of today could learn from the mistakes of the past. He argued that instead relying on individuals that the world didn't know of, or a single human man, they should put their faith in a well known and understood figure. When asked if he meant himself, he said no, only revealing that he would be making his recommendation soon.

    Only a few short months later, he revealed an android, or, more specifically, a cyborg. No details were given on who she was before, but none were requested either. While some only greeted her with scorn for the actions of past "androids", many welcomed her simply because she was created and vouched for by the great Dr. Brief. From the moment she stepped out of her pod, she sought only to help people.

    In the beginning, Mina served primarily as a search and rescue operative, gradually being granted authority to engage in police action as well. Before long, she became a well known defender of West City and the surrounding regions, while also developing her own celebrity while strengthening her creator's. While Mina sometimes enjoyed the fame, she also struggled with the inescapable fact that she was different. Many only viewed her as a machine, ignoring or ignorant of the fact that she used to be human.

    While she doesn't miss being human, and as she put it "inherently flawed", she does sometimes still think of herself as human. On the other hand, she has been known to give into hubris, believing herself to be a truly "evolved" or superior being. After only a couple years, word began to spread that a group of fighters to protect the world was being created, and neither Brief nor Mina herself could ignore the opportunity.

    Relationship Chart

    Name Opinion Relationship
    Hisagi "Not a fan. Seems arrogant. A lot of anger in those eyes."
    Mina views Hisagi as a necessary ally, but also as a potential threat.
    Jean "Nice kid. A little cocky, though. Mouth is likely to get him into trouble."
    Mina often enjoys Jean's company. He reminds her a bit of her prior life.
    Law "Interesting guy. He's tough, and a little more reserved than the others. Wouldn't mind going a few rounds." Respected
    Mina sees Law as a warrior and something of a lone warrior type.
    Bas-Kun "A proud fighter. Determined. May be rival material." Respected
    Mina respects the determined outlook he has, and seeks to challenge him.
    Banji "Alien. Neat. Calculated and cool. Reminds me of a machine. Hahaha." Respected
    Mina respects Banji's ability to think things through and maintain composure.
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  15. Is there room for 1 more saiyan if not then i'd be happy with being a namekian.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Name: Bas-Kun (Bās Koon)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Weapons: None Yet

    Original Abilities:

    Shooting Sun- Similar to the Kamehameha Wave, however it is taught to students of the Celestial Hermit School. Knees are bent but the hands are first extended out to the side with palms out. The arms are then brought with one above the other in front of the chest. Palms angled together, this is where the energy starts to pool. It is from this position that the practitioner turns his feet and angles his body sideways. Turning one of his palms behind the energy, then pushing it forward with a secondary blast behind it. (Easily considered a more powerful version of the Photon Flash)

    Solar Charge- With meditation he can build up extra stores of Ki before a battle, though these reserves can be saved for whenever he needs them they will eventually leave his body. These stores can be used to bring him back to a fighting strength from near death, or simply to deliver an over charged attack.

    Ki based Abilities:

    Flight- The ability to propel/suspend/hover/catch oneself using their own Ki.

    Ki Blast- Small amount of Ki shot at an enemy.

    Super Dodon Wave

    Non-ki based abilities:

    Flurry of Fists- This is a passive ability, his fists are incredibly fast, capable of reducing a cinder block to not but dust in near no time.

    Personality: Bas-Kun is eager to prove his strength, and with every battle he seeks to better himself. Though his pride may sometimes get him in trouble it will often keep him coming back for more beatings in a fight. He has a steady balance of humor and sincerity with his comrades.


    Bas-Kun, a regular boy that displayed great aptitude at mastering his Ki from a young age. He was fascinated by the tales his Master, the Celestial Hermit, told him of fighters from the past. The great Saiyans, those that kept coming back from death, those that unlocked power beyond their own mortality, some had even become gods. They'd saved the Earth more times than his master remembered. Bas-Kun was a careless youngster learning his master's ways but eventually became the most promising student. And as such he was chosen as the only pupil to remain. He quickly mastered the Celestial Hermit's personal move, the Shooting Sun. With time he improved it's power and was capable of reducing small islands to nothing.

    The Celestial Hermit believed that it was the Sun that provided Ki to all, and Bas-Kun eventually understood what his master meant. He learned to absorb Ki from the sun, though it is something one must focus to successfully complete. Once he had mastered this technique he and his master parted. He still wears the Celestial Hermit's symbol on his Gi and fights proudly in any tournament he can, honoring his master. He has a seaside shack near South City, this is where he trains and meditates.

    Opinions of other characters:

    Piccolo- "He is one of the greats, and he deserves as much respect as he gets. That's not to say he's not a hard ass but wouldnt you be after so many years?"
    Bas-Kun greatly respects Piccolo, as he is one of the most revered masters in the world. He stood by the side of one he once called his enemy and accomplished great things, saving Earth being one of them.

    Hisagi- "So that's a Saiyan? Lot angrier than I expected, but I geuss that's where that power comes from."
    Bas-Kun is unclear as to Hisagi's intentions here, or as to why Piccolo chose him other than his Saiyan blood. There is a subtle resentment towards Hisagi for being born Saiyan, with such incredible power.

    Jean Garument- "Hard to believe he studied under monks, he needs to calm down and centralize himself before he becomes a great warrior."
    Bas-Kun doesnt entirely dislike Jean, he has potential but he must learn humility before any respect can be given.

    Law Waters- "Calm, reserved, an ideal ally for a short fight, but make no mistake there will be a battle between us. "
    Law is another of the Saiyan, and naturally there is a subtle resentment. But there is no hate harbored within Bas.

    Mina- "She's a very convincing android, though I'm sure her energy is different from the rest of us."
    Bas understands the difference between people and androids and isnt entirely trusting of them but will make no discrimination.

    Banji- "He's a Namekian, and he has near complete control of his emotions. Maybe his face could use a smirk but he keeps his wits on him."
    Bas-Kun has respect for Banji, he sees similarity between them. At least in the nature of their mentality.

    Neme MK II- "I'm not sure how I feel about this one, androids always seem odd, but she isnt like the others."
    Bas-Kun is confused to say the least at this one, she's less humanoid than the other and is certainly reminiscent of a mechanized cat.

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  17. Can I reserve a human spot?

    EDIT: Shoot, I didn't make it >.>
  18. I have never seen a snipe that close before. That's awful. Sorry, mate. :(
  19. Believe it or not I've actually had closer. Now I'm trying to think of an Android character I wouldn't mind using.
  20. I personally really like androids, you know, hence my playing one. Haha
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