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  1. Piccolo stood on a stage, surrounding the stage was a giant crowd of martial artists all looking to become one of the new Z fighters. "When all of you came here you received a card folded inside a piece of paper" he began speaking into a mic. "I can see there are some extremely talented fighters here, some at there max some who have potential yet to be unlocked." he shifted his weight. "Now unfold the piece of paper and look at the card" he said. "If there is a Z on the card then you may follow me."

    Piccolo walked into the building behind him, hearing a lot of disappointment. Piccolo walked into another room waiting for those who had obtained the Z. 'ha, they don't understand why I choose the Z fighters this way, it wasn't a random selection, it was a test of their ki levels, but there were a few of them that stood out' he thought to himself, still waiting for those who obtained the Z.
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  2. Law Waters
    Law watched as piccolo spoke. Looking down to the card in his hand he unwrapped it. Looking at it, the was no 'Z'. Flipping the card over he found it. He walked through the crowd not running into anyone. Looking up to the stage he jumped up landing on his feet, his tail swinging behind him. Regaining his posture he walked into the building to see piccolo waiting for him. He walked in and sat in one of the chairs provided in the room. Waiting to see who would join them in the room.
  3. Mina
    What an interesting concept. Mina looked at the slip of paper between her fingers, immediately spying the "Z" A smirk formed on her face as the thought of an obscenely obvious outcome came to mind. Many of the fighters here knew who she was, and she was almost positive that many people expected her to be selected.

    So, with a determined walk, she made her way to the stage, leaping up onto the elevated platform. From there, she moved to join Piccolo and the one fellow she had already seen head into the back. The young woman flashed him a coy smile before standing against the wall, her arms crossed before her.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Banji had been waiting patiently for the whole spectacle to begin alongside the other awaiting fighters. Even now Banji could feel very powerful ki's within the crowd that distanced themselves above the rest. "Let's hope I won't be outshone by these few." Just as he was about to look around and try to discern just who these fighters were all fell silent as the Piccolo took the stage. He looked down upon his card as his curiosity for why he needed the small slip of paper was revealed. Unfolding the small little sheet he glanced down and saw that there was indeed a Z placed upon the paper which prompted a mental sigh of relief, but on the outside his face remained as emotionless as ever. He made his way through the crowd easily as people saw him coming due to his height and color and simply stepped by to allow him and easier passage, but not without a few looks of disdain as some held empty papers and a shattered dream.

    Making a slight vault over the wall Banji stepped up onto the stage where Piccolo has previously been before. He took a moment to mentally guard himself and prepare for the next trials to come. Walking to the back he spotted Piccolo standing with two others. The male he knew right away was a saiyan from his tail and incredible ki. The woman however almost went unnoticed as he watched her with curiosity since she gave off no signs of ki whatsoever. "I'll need to keep an extra eye upon that one since she could potentially be dangerous within a combat setting, or extremely helpful given the circumstances."
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  5. Hisagi

    Hisagi unwrapped the paper after piccolo spoke he had only came because he had found a large gathering of people with Ki that registered on his scouter. Although Hisagi didn't need a scouter it provided communication with him and his commander.

    Hisagi: "Seems that the rumors are true earth does have Z fighters protecting the planet but fortunately for us they are choosing who becomes a Z fighter as of right now"

    Commander: "Hmm is there any substantial threats to you or to our plans?"

    Hisagi: "So far only few have commendable power, a majority I can annihilate with this Saiyan body but collectively the strong ones could be trouble and I don't believe I'm more powerful then this Piccolo"

    Commander: "Yes having you invade that fool Hisagi did prove to be the best choice and you've been bonded for so long that only death can separate him from your control. I have heard of this Namekian infiltrate these Z fighters I am sure that individually my top soldier can eradicate them in time. I will send soldiers eventually to test these fighters I still don't believe the rumors.

    Hisagi broke communication removing the scouter and looked that the paper had a Z on it and he moved his way to the other room. A large guy was shocked that Hisagi had a Z on his paper. "WHAT THE HELL, A PIP SQUEAK LIKE YOU HAD A Z ON HIS PAPER GIVE ME THAT" the brute said trying to grab the paper but in a second Hisagi deflected his strike and the man collapsed. Others murmured as Hisagi kept walking as it looked as if he just blocked the attack but really struck the guy in 5 pressure points in his chest faster then most could register.

    He had a white and black uniform on as he stepped into the waiting room... "I am Hisagi" he said announcing himself and froze for a second as he saw Law.
    "YOU YOUR A SAIYAN" he shouted as he saw his tail as he did not expect to see a Saiyan here.


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  6. Jean felt slightly out of place. All around him stood grown men and women, some of them were famous accomplished martial artists that even he recognized. He could feel his heart pounding as the strange green man, a Namekian named Piccolo spoke into the mic, instructing everyone to look on the cards they'd been handed. It was almost too crazy, the most exciting chance of his life depended on a single letter on a single scrap of paper. Before he could stop himself, he began to laugh at the absurdity of the whole situation, a few people shot him odd glances at his small breakdown but he was too anxious to care. Staring down at the card he took a deep breath, as a nervous smile streaked across his face. "Well here comes the moment of truth." He tore the bottom of the paper off, letting the card inside fall out of the slit and into his awaiting hand. He stared at the card, his heart caught in his throat at the blank side staring back at him.

    "You've gotta be shittin' me!"

    His Ki flared, knocking the poor guy next to him onto his butt. The sudden burst of energy knocked the card from his hand, and he instinctively reached out to grab it when he noticed the other side. He could feel the mile long smile stretching his face as he gripped the card, the 'Z' on the card almost welcoming him. 'Welcome to the Z Fighters Jean.', "Why thank you inanimate piece of paper, I appreciate it.", he replied out loud to the card, which earned him even more strange looks. Still grinning he stared back, "What you want an autograph or something? Because this guy right here is officially the future hero of the Earth.", he flashed a taunting smile at some of the upset onlookers whose cards turned up blank.

    He made his way inside the building just as another one of the accepted fighters started shouting. Reflexively he spoke up, teasing the black haired individual. "YOU, YOU'RE TOO LOUD!", snickering to himself he made his way to a seat, sitting down in it. He took a moment to inspect the others around him, tallying them up mentally in his head. 'Another green guy, person with a tail, crazy guy shouting, aaand perfectly normal cute girl who probably isn't normal at all.' He leaned his chair back so that it balanced precariously on its back two legs with his hands resting casually behind his head.
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  7. Bas-Kun had spent the last week meditating, it was a practice he'd kept for some time after leaving his master. His technique was simple, sit as still as possible for as long as possible while eating as little as possible. It was when he felt a large amassing of Ki that he felt it was necessary to go. Bas happily attended the recruitment, it was something that he would never have dared miss. His Gi was pressed and clean for this and he was continually checking around for anyone that seemed powerful. A few different Ki's stood out to him but in such a crowd placing them was somewhat difficult. When Piccolo began speaking he was quiet as a rock and stood almost like one as he watched the Namekian speak. It was with great anticipation that he opened his envelope, he saw the 'Z' in it and smirked. This was his future, he would become a great warrior. He knew it meant that he was one of many, but one among many can still stand out. He walked calmly against the large crowd leaving, kindly pushing past in order to get to his new challenge. He reached the room and saw another Namekian in the room, then spotted two Saiyans. Two... regardless he'd still be the best of them all. He sensed the Ki of an android. He looked over the only woman in the room, she didnt look like an android other than the odd coloring to her skin and hair.

    "I am Bas-Kun" Bas said introducing himself and bowing to Piccolo, "It's an honor."

    Bas straightened his back and stood awaiting Piccolo's orders, or a speech. He crossed his arms and looked around at the people nearby, he spotted a darker fighter with some scars leaning precariously in a chair. He looked like a handful. Bas simply stood and kept his Ki low, no need to show off now. He was already in.
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  8. [​IMG]Law Waters
    Law watched as two others came in behind him. He sensed another coming in, when he heared a shout. He looked over to see a male looking at him "......" He said nothing to the newcomer with quite calm demeanor he looked at piccolo. All of this was gonna be a be handful. He noticed another come in but didn't give him a second glance. Then one came in with a ki similar to his level, but it soon dropped afterward. He looked at him with a cold stare. Looking back at piccolo he awaited piccolo's orders.
  9. Hisagi

    Hisagi looked at the other Saiyan, although he was in a Saiyan body the sight of this other one infuriated him. It was ironic that tuffles were most compatible with merging with Saiyans but really he was a tuffle survior. A race destroyed by the Saiyans, and he can remember possessing many enemies to extend his life but Hisagi was by far the most powerful he had come across. He initially didn't want to invade the body of Saiyan trash in his opinion but when his master tell you to do something you do it. He knew it would have been his life if he had refused, but he may have gotten accustomed to this body body but he still had a deep hatred for Saiyans. He did not allow his Ki to flare up because he knew piccolo could see him as a threat and he did not know how powerful the great piccolo was.

    He saw the others that had entered the room and in his mind they were human trash although the last human to enter did for a brief second register a powerful ki level similar to the other Saiyan. He had never thought he'd come across a human's power level coming close to that of a Saiyan. He said his name was Bas-Kun and Hisagi registered in his mind that this would definitely be a human he had to eventually kill for his master. He looked at the others but the girl in the room, he felt nothing from but to be here you had to have some type of ki but nothing registered on his senses. The Saiyan though did not react, he either was a simpleton or didn't even know what he was.

    (He doesn't know anything about androids yet, androids have a power supply so hard to sense them)

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  10. Lindow [​IMG]
    Becoming a Z fighter... Lindow had no personal interest in join such a team. Unfortunately he was able to dig up little information on his own, and right now what he needed most was connections. Lindow knew virtually nothing about who it was that had made him into what he was now. The lab he had awoken in was so bare and no essential that it reeked of suspicion. Despite that he couldn't track any of the equipment back to a source that lead him anywhere but nowhere. All he knew what that he had been made strong, stronger than any normal being. Strength was all he had and so... Strength would follow strength. Whoever made Lindow designed him to be above all others in that regard, that much he could tell, and if that was the case then maybe he was designed in order to fight for something. If these powerful warriors were supposed to be his enemies then maybe that could lead him in the right direction, regardless of that he was left with no other options.

    At that point Piccolo urged them to open they're envelopes. Spying the Z on his card left Lindow feeling little surprise. The fact that he was sought out in the first place after keeping such a low profile left little doubt in his mind of being chosen, and with that out of the way he proceeded to make his way to the others.

    Upon entering the room with the rest of the chosen fighters, Lindow could hear that there was already a commotion. Despite having heard the surprised man shout out the name, Lindow saw the man's tail and knew immediately what they were. "Saiyans..." Lindow said under his breath. Another implanted memory, something he knew he had never encountered or heard of before and yet these artificial memories gave him knowledge. The same could be said for the Namekian. Now he knew he was on the right track. Clearly his creator had both saiyans and namekians in mind. He decided to wait and see how things unfolded...
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  11. Mina

    The fighters were arriving one after another. In truth, Mina was surprised that such a large number of individuals had been chosen. Her violet eyes glanced between the different warriors, taking in notable details about them all. Initial scans didn't indicate much power, yet, she knew full well that they were all much stronger than they let on.

    "I'm admittedly a little concerned about your selection, Piccolo. Should we really have so many people in this group? More members means a bigger target, and a greater chance for something to go wrong. After all, you can't fully trust any of us, right?"

    Mina's smirk turned slightly ominous. It was obvious that none of these fighters really knew each other, and more so, motives are always questionable. She would of course still help, but, being guarded would be the smarter move.
  12. [​IMG]
    Banji has been having quite a silent amount of fun as he watched the new fighters arrive one by one into the room. He could feel the obvious tension between the two saiyans, but payed little attention to it once he sensed something different. From the more vocal one he could feel something...wrong and off putting that made him a bit more guarded against him. The young lad that walked in made him crack a slight smile due to his boundless energy, and comments towards the strange saiyan expressing his feelings at finding another of his kin.

    His eyes then looked towards the woman that let her opinions be known to the rest about her worries over trusting such a wide variety of people. "Only a fool relies upon every resource given to him with little explanation upon how they'll function." After that little comment he looked back towards Piccolo to see his insight into the matter, and just how a group this diverse would work together as one.
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  13. Piccolo

    Piccolo looked around at the various martial artists nodding to some of the that came in. He watched another saiyan come into the group. 'I better keep my eye on him' he thought to himself. Others seemed to linger on in the room with them. Then the android then asked him a question. "Believe it or not the original Z fighters had 10 members" he responded to her. "Here we only have seven, the original Z fighters had bad intentions long before joining, like me, I was once known as demon king piccolo, so trust you will have to build as a team." Piccolo turned and left the room, motioning for the rest to follow. He walked down a hall to the door at the very end . Opening the door it led outside. It was then piccolo reached into his pocket and pulled out a dino-cap, clicking the button he threw it. Where it had landed was now a white, bus just big enough to hold them. Piccolo walked to the drivers side and got in.

    Law Waters

    Seeing Piccolo motion for them, he got up from his seat. He followed piccolo close behind it was then they walked down the hall and made it outside. It was then he saw the bus appear. Seeing that piccolo was going to drive was unsurprising, since he was sure not everyone could fly. He himself hasn't even been able to bring it out. Getting in the bus he sat right behind the driver's seat. Getting comfortable he put his hands behind his head.

  14. Ryochi Moto

    He came running into the room "Heyyy!! The great Ryochi has a Z where's everyone headed" he asked as he saw everyone following Piccolo he was a little upset no one reacted to his entrance immediately.
    "Oh so a road trip" he says seeing the bus as he waited his turn to get on.

    Hisagi just got on the bus silent and sat in the back
  15. [​IMG]
    Seeing that at least some of their questions had been answered Banji took what he could get and withheld any others to ask, at least until the need arrived. He had always heard tales of how Piccolo had once began as a villian, but ended up as one of the brightest examples of his race and hearing it from the horse's laid his doubts to rest. "I guess Guru's teachings of giving all life a second chance may not be so terrible as I once thought. But then again there are those that don't deserve even their first." Displacing his inward struggle with his teachings Banji looked up and saw that Piccolo had begun to walk off, and signaled for them to follow.

    Walking outside with the rest of them he watched with amazement as Piccolo seemingly caused a metal "vehicle" to appear right in front of them. He checked the new entity that laid before out, as he wanted to make sure no other surprises came out as they road inside. "Such an odd piece of technology. I must find out more about it and see if possibly we could construct such objects back home." His mind swirling with the capabilities that such an object back home could provide he stepped onto the bus rather cautiously, and took the first seat up front as he didn't feel comfortable sitting elsewhere.
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  16. Bas-Kun followed Piccolo, ignoring the others and climbing onto the bus. He thought this was ridiculous as it was easily assumed everyone here could fly. But he didnt question Piccolo, he took a seat in the middle of the bus. Ridicolous... they could all just as easily fly to their destination. Not only would it be faster but they'd be free to speak without so many confinements. He calmly sat and looked forward, made sure that he didnt say anything about the bus. Or the people on the bus. There was a new fighter, someone with short hair, another human. His Ki wasnt terribly impressive, but he wasnt a weakling either. Bas watched the back of the other Namekian's head, he had seemed odd stepping onto the bus. Perhaps fresh from his home planet.

    Bas sat upright, his eyes forward. This was dumb. He didnt need to ride in a bus, he had trained long and hard when he was younger to fly. His master had often shown off by floating high above his pupil, when Bas learned to hover he quickly dashed around with greater speed than his master. This felt almost like an insult to their abilities.
  17. Mina
    Mina simply shrugged in reply to Piccolo, her smile remaining as she began following after the group. While she wasn't particularly fond of riding in a vehicle, especially such an unappealing one, the young woman figured that it was likely for the best. After all, even for those that could fly, it may be wise to conserve their energy.

    Once her turn came about, she climbed into the bus, moving to the back and sitting in the middle of an available seat, resting her arms on the back while crossing her legs. Her left hand absently adjusted the pair of goggles above her eyes so they were elevated to a more comfortable position. Her violet eyes slowly closed, her head leaning back as she decided to take a few minutes to just relax and let her mind wander. Whatever it was that these boys wanted to do, it wasn't of any real concern to her.
  18. Flying would have seemed simpler, Lindow assumed, but he wasn't one to question someone with a reputation such as Piccolo. At least he'd get to travel in a bus again. Since he'd awoken there were many things in this world he had implanted information on and almost all forms of transportation were a part of that, so despite knowing all about vehicles Lindow rather enjoyed their novelty. At least he could relish some things as new.

    Putting the bus aside, Lindow followed behind the only female of the group as they stepped on the bus. She definitely stood out all things considered, but it wasn't her vibrant hair or the way she carried herself that left an impression on Lindow. Despite feeling virtually nothing from her he could tell she was strong, far stronger than the fool who had arrived late. When she took a seat Lindow made sure to give her a once over and decided that he'd go ahead and sit behind her. Taking a seat next to the saiyans was definitely out of the question, given their rowdy history...

    Lindow sat close to the window with his hands placed on his knees. Despite the stoic expression, Lindow planned on enjoying their commute once everyone was on board and ready.
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  19. Two more people came in while Jean balanced in his chair. Two normal looking guys, one who introduced himself as Bas-Kun, and another who had an intense look about him. The intense one didn't introduce himself but he did mutter under his breath, words that Jean managed to catch by listening carefully. "Saiyans . . ." , The unfamiliar word registered with what the person from earlier was shouting. Jean had at first dismissed it as gibberish, but now came to suspect that they were referring to the silent guy with a tail. He quietly noted the information and continued his game of balancing, a perpetual smirk on his face. Despite his carefree attitude he was on high alert, silently agreeing with the girl who spoke up. It was a little hard to feel at ease in a room filled with the supposed strongest individuals on the planet that could probably turn the building they were currently in, into a smoking crater at any moment, not that it mattered because they were already leaving the building.

    At Piccolo's words Jean finally perked up, his right brow arching as it usually did when he was about to make a smart remark. "So . . . what you're telling me is, you used to be the Demon King? And now you're going to drive us in a bus?" Jean snickered, trying his best to hold in his laugh, the absurdity of the situation was putting him into hysterics as he fought for breath through his words. "So what- " Gasp. "-you lost your Demon King benefits?" Wheeze. "No Demon Chauffeur to cart us around?"

    He laughed heartily for a long moment, his whole body double over before catching his breath, his right hand wiping a stray tear from his eye. Making his way aboard the bus he noticed the voice of the newer people to join their group, a green haired human. "Oh man a road trip? Yes! I mean I know I came here to join an elite group of the strongest fighters with the express purpose of saving the world . . . but a road trip is just as cool!", he joked sarcastically, stepping onto the bus. He took an empty seat near the front, the other Namekian not too far ahead of him.
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  20. Piccolo

    Piccolo looked at Jean with a hard cold irritated stare. A slight tick mark forming on his forehead. Once everyone was on the bus he he put the bus into drive and went forward to turn out of the lot. "You must all be prepared to work your backs." he stated to everyone on the bus. "You'll be receiving the same training Goku had when he was twelve." Continuing to drive the road turned into a dirt road. Where ever they were going it seemed to be far from civilization. Piccolo checked his mirrors several times to make sure nobody was being held back. After his and Goku's experience getting their drivers license, he took driving much more carefully. It was then that the dirt road came to a stop, and there was just sand. They were at the beach, pressing a button the bus around them seemed to shift. Parts moved continuously, not daring to harm the passengers. Before it seemed to finish the transformation piccolo drove into the water. The bus was fully transformed as they hit the water, they were now sitting in a boat.
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