The Young Detectives

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  1. Two people who have just recently met each other must work together in order to solve serveral different mysteries.
  2. Yui was and always was a wird child. she had a hard past her hole family dieing it has been hard. and mystory has allways followed her. she sweet and kind at times but she can be wired and mean when she needs too. there are other time when she wanted to end everything. it has been haerd but once she found something she liked she fell for it and became the person. its called cosplay. and like to day every day is cosplay day. anime convantons love her for her art and her costumes. she hids the fact from everyone in the cosplay world that she a cop and a Detecitive. One of the Lagudery Young Detectives.

    and like to day she had a case late at night. 10 am. you may laugh at the time but she has many things to do at night and she sleep in. she woken to find out that the new case was a male at the age of 24 was mudder in the park. gun shoot on his back and in frount. she knew the guy must have ran because of the shoots in the back. but it turns out that the crime was naer a kidnapping. she had a felling that they may be one but she didnt want to think that. she got up and dressed up like normale. today Black Rock Shooter. she love the game the show and everything. she got down stairs and walked to her favorite coffe and tea shop called "Maid Coffe,Tea&Sweets". today it was half packed half not and it was the only shop around that had an theam. to day was supper powers. and its the only shop around the crime scene that was opened. as she order a cup of tea she notice someone walk in. a male. a hot looking one.
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  3. Vlad entered the Coffee shop and glanced around while running a hand through his hair, he needed caffiene. He walked up to the cashier and notice a girl looking at him. He smiled slightly.
  4. she looks away and turns around she heard her phone ring and pulled it out. "What do you want Jame" she said with anger. "I know coming alright just wait" she said yelled at him and she dropped her phone and step on it braking it. "Sue's going to be pissed by whatever. Im tiredIts 10am at night" she said to no one.
  5. Vlad ordered his usual cappocino, paid the cashier then started walking, trying to get out of the crowd of people in the coffee shop.
  6. Yui was as well trying to get out of the place. but she bummped into someone it was they guy again. but this time she spilled her tea on him. "OH dear Manga's Im so sorry" she said blushing from her embarassment.
  7. "Gah! Shit!" he said looking down at his now stained white undershirt. He didnt wear alot of clothes today because it was hot. He was wearing military cargo pants and a white undershirt. He sighed, "Its alright."
  8. no you sould be angery at me. Im really sorry nights gets me." she said with a sad face. "if there is anything Icould do to to make things up just name it for now here "she handed him a napken. it was one of the old stille one where you dont throw away "just wash it when your done."
  9. Vlad shrugged and took the napkin, "Thanks I guess." suddenly he got a call from work. He picked up the phone, "Hello?"
    "You have been assigned a partner." a deep voice from the other end said.
    Vlad glanced at the girl then outside, "And who would that be Mr.Cole sir?"
    Mr.Cole chuckled, "Its the girl that just spilled her tea all over you."
    Vlad was speechless for a moment then looked at the girl. She didnt look like a detective. He hung up still looking at the girl, "You are a detective as well?"
  10. yeah why you ask are you the killer if you are your in big troble if not well dont get into troble kid." she said with a smile then she looked at the sky. "I got to go there some crime sence i need to get to nights are the worst."
  11. "Hang on a sec.... I am a detective as well. I have been told by my boss that I have to work with you."
  12. oh well dont get in my way kid." she said although se was younger tben him she didnt care. "ok on we have to go Waston" she joked with her britsh act. she didnt care what he was saying now but all she did wa walk to the crime secean.
  13. Vlad grit his teeth, "I am not a kid so stop calling me that." he followed her scowling.
  14. whatever kid" she said with a smile. she was going to have uch fun makingun of him. "now lets go you wired kid that reminds me of a sidekid from tv show like batman and robine" she said then ran to the crime once she was there she changed. "so do you need a Young Detective for? and why the top best" she asked
  15. He completly ignored her, he just simply walked ahead of her, giving her the silent treatment. He glanced at a girl cop who looked like she had just finished asking questions and walked up to her.
  16. Yui nodds her head "alright thanks" she said that and added "please send the photos to my home and call me when you find anything thanks" she told the cop then started to leave to the body. she looked at him put on her black gloves she cheeked him out. two shots in the back and she flips him over. "One shot in the frount" she said with a smile she knew what happend. "figer it out i think"
  17. Vlad chatted with the officer and after 10 minutes he walked up to his new partner.
  18. she was way deep in thoughs to hear him coming. she was smiling very darkly but its was hidden from everyone. "i see why they want us" she said to her self. not knowing he was behind her
  19. "Boo." he said simply then smirked when she jumped back
  20. She smaked him when she turned around thinking it was the killer. "what the fuck ass child you scared me" she was starting to hate him.
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