The year of 1972

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  1. The school day was taking up half the clock but it didn't mind charles. He wasn't there in the classroom in the first place.

    Charles walked his way into the classroom, letting his legs drag across the cold floor.

    "Sorry, I'm late aren't I ?" He smugly said. His smile was very distinct. And so was his short honey brown hair that was softly and neatly combed to frame his face. His hazel eyes either rolled or winked at boys.
    Charles sat down, waiting for the teacher to cuss him out, but instead the teacher lazily set a worksheet on his carved Woden desk.
    "Write your name and date."

    Charles Yager.

    Charles felt something eyeing him, not the teacher but one of the students. His hazel eyes slide to the view to see another kid his age.
  2. image.jpg Cole leaned back in his chair with a toothpick in his mouth. He watched the new kid walk in sluggishly and take a seat diagonally from him. There was something about this kid that seemed a bit off but cole didn't really care. He watched the kid and then saw him towards cole. "What?" He heard the kid say. Cole smirked and shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing. Nothing at all" he looked around at everyone else in the class. He didn't know anyone here, he was new to the area and the school
  3. "Then why are you staring?" He asked as he finished a question on the worksheet.
  4. Cole looked down at his paper, his cocky smirk still displayed on his face. "Just looking around man, calm down. Don't get your panties in a bunch"
  5. One of the boys started to chuckle behind him.
    The boy leaned closer, where the point he could reach his right ear.
    "Since when did you wear panties?" The blond haired boy with green eyes smirked.
    Charles looked down and his cheeks flushed with a blood red, feeling degraded.
    Charles cocked his head to the left to avoid him.
    "I wear boxers..."
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  6. Amy rolled her grey eyes. "honestly, males start the most uncalled for things." she muttered under her breath while leaning one her hand.
    and using the other to hold her pencil to her mouth and chew on it.
    Her eyes darting around the classroom, then to the clock above the teachers desk. She sighed.
  7. Ok, the joke went too far; further than he intending. "Hey asshole, cool it." He said to the blonde kid. He put a hand on Charles' shoulder "I'm just fucking with you man, relax. Name's Cole." He leaned back in his chair and gave the blonde kid a disapproving look
  8. Amy smiled subtly hearing the apology, maybe not the way she would have said it but an apology is an apology.
    She looked over at Cole examining him. A soft smile crept to her face.
    She found herself staring and she looked back at the clock which seemed like it had only moved one minute.
    she leaned back in her chair and doodled lazily on a scrap of paper.
  9. Charles flinched when Cole touched his shoulder, obviously a muscle memory from something or someone. Charles started to shake his left leg as a coping skill.

    The boy backed down.

    "Cole's a nice name... Mine is Charles."
  10. Amy looked over at Charles brushing her chin length blonde hair out of her eyes.
    His hair reminded her of honey.. which led her to think about pancakes.. then leading her to fanaticising about food.. she look dreamily at nothing,
    imagining honey dipped pancakes and muffins.
  11. Charles rolled his eyes to her, then asserting them instantly.
    The boy sat up. "My name's. Maxwell." He said, still watching Charles as if he was a new naught toy.
  12. Amy quickly snapped out of it almost sensing rolling eyes. She was a master of rolling eyes.
    She heard Maxwell introducing himself so know she might as well stop fanaticising and say something.
    "yes, hello my name is Amy," she said calmly. Then looked at Maxwell. "don't roll your eyes at me, thanks" she scoffed.
  13. "You're very careful in what you see." He said as he started to twirl a strand of Charles' hair.
  14. "yes well, living with seven boys might be why" she said wryly.
    "do you have siblings?" she asked now fully facing charles
  15. "I have an older sister." Charles said as he ignored Maxwell playing with his hair.
  16. "oh a sister?" she said while staring at Maxwell. "Maxwell, really?" she questioned "oh you know, im just gonna say hi and then play with your hair! alright? okay!" Amy said goofily.
    "what a great way of making friends, max." she said numbly.
  17. "Yeah, she's 18 now." He smiled.
    Maxwell gave her a look, a look that meant that he wouldn't stop.
  18. "oh, cool," amy smiled. She returned a look to Maxwell. "oh by the way, not everyone here plays with your hair or talks about getting
    panties in bunches!" she said sounding exasperated. "I'd like to meet your sister if it ever come around. I could use a girls company"

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  19. Charles shifted at the thought of her sister. The name Daisy Yager will forever make him freeze and stop breathing.

    "You can talk to her as long as you don't have any younger kids around you." He said honestly.

    Maxwell froze and stopped. He looked at her. " Don't associate with her. Period." He said.
  20. Amy raised her right eyebrow. "okay... " she muttered.
    She turned away from them both and looked up at the clock.
    two minutes until the bell rings.
    She rubbed her eyes in frustration.
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