The Yakuza Clans

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[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]The empire is in full blossom.

Two thousand years ago, the ten kami of the clans faced the black kami (and their brother) Fu-Leng, king of the Okoku Kage (SHadow Realm), accompanied by the great sage, Shinsei (New Way). The Heroes that, alongside Shinsei, came back to the empire to start a tournement where all of them would take part in , and the winner would rule among them.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]Musashi, the Green Dragon, didn't take part in the tournement because he already knew who would win. As predicted by Musashi, Hantei the First rised with victory as the new emperor of the Hisui Teikoku (the Jade Empire).
As such , every brother sworn fealty to Hantei, and founded a Clan to help him.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#2c2c2c]Kisada sworn to protect the borders, so nobody could enter and he would face Fu-Leng, the one that had killed his son and founded the Crab Clan whose color would be grey.

Musashi sworn to learn and teach the power of the body, and the power of illumination over it and founded the Dragon Clan whose color would be green.

Suzumi sworn to protect all art and forms of the human soul, be it dance, be it the art of the sword and founded the Crane Clan whose color would be white.

Leyamee sworn to excell in the arts of the occult, magic and science, so he could lead the way of the empire And founded the Fenix Clan whose color would be orange.

Han Sui sworn to learn all the secrets, know all the corners and accept the weight of the shadows, and founded the Scorpion Clan whose color would be blue.

Motoko Sworn to protect the emperor and his peace, and if his peace was broken, to punish the guilty, and founded the Lion Clan whose color would be red.

Kuomo sworn to protect the Mother Earth, and it's balance over the empire, to give the emperor Mother Earth's wisdom, and founded the Wolf Clan, whose color would be brown.

Miyu sworn to honor the sea, and protect it, so the lords of the waves would provide them with all they need, and founded the Shark Clan, whose color would be yellow.

Han sworn to protect the hearts and minds of the people, and heal them all: earth, sky, sea, men and beasts, and purge what Fu-leng taunted, and founded the Lotus Clan, whose color would be Magenta.[/BCOLOR]

Now , many years later , the Scorpion Clan , after intricate planning and detail , had finally overthrown the Emperor and his entire domain , alongside the economy of the country . All the clans of the Yakuzas are required to send a representative to negotiate the situation . When each clan member meet , what will happen ?
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