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  1. THE XANDER- A collaboration between the employers of assassins in order to maintain peace, harmony, good standing, and a new way for all assassins to get equal chances at all missions and expenditures.
    Year- 2018
    Synopsis- Early on in the life of one known as the Xander, or Xavier Cronem, the employers of many assassins became war-like in nature. Around this time, there were new issues arising among nations that would threaten to destroy them all. The country of Africa became unstable from natural gas leaks, and the employers on that continent went dark. Europe managed to crack down on the employers there, creating an issue in getting necessary targets down. Many assassins became free-lances, as their employers were going out of buisness. These assassins, to the underworld, were known as the Forsaken, and those who stayed with their employer were known as the Savlationers. As more and more of the underworld for killing became darker and darker, Xavier took his chance and stepped in with his new plan.
    It took years to implement, but it was finally finished. The small man organized a group of the world's top murders, thieves and employers into a large group which met in the region known as Kinshaa. This city, in the middle of the deadly toxic fumes of the African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was re-vitalized into a large crime center and was ventilated for fumes and other toxic substances. In the center of this area, located on a floating platform, was the main building that all the employers and murders went to meet: The Dome. This area was highly dangerous, for if one does not have an invitation, there are more snipers there than in the entire US military. As the area is thought to be desolate, none other than those already there are able to find this large city.
    The entire group was named the XANDER, after the man who made it so. There are 100 main members of this council, each working to destabalize governments, promote chaos, and otherwise spread panic. Each of them have their own network of assassins which they use accordingly. When larger, more important targets come in, the 100 bid on the target and then send it off to their own assassins, which are sent off to kill the target. A large sum of money is kept by the ones who killed him/her/them, and the rest is given to the employer and part to the Xander's donation fund. This system has worked for four years, and it has caused widespread panic across the globe and caused the governments to start to have issues protecting those inside them.
    However, all is not well in this area. The city has always been on shaky ground, literally, and now a new threat has emerged from the shadows. First, three employers from the 100 went missing, dragged away and their assassins went dark. Then two more went missing, and the only assassin left to be found was dead with a knife in their back. The issue soon became more potent when the Xander himself went missing, with only the note, You'll find him when you're ready, to point out where he was. No test, nor detective work nor anything have proven succesful in finding anything else out about where he is. Slowly, this organization began to crumble as the new and weak leader Thomas Grogan, a former assassin and now full time employer, was made leader of this group. Lies and cheating have been going on, and now, in the heat of it all, Thomas has had an assassination attempt on his own life. The Xander is now an arguing bloody mess that is causing work to slowly grind to a halt. Now there are governments starting to get ahold of their people, and if this isn't fixed soon, the fate of all the members of the Xander could be sealed as the one mysterious shadow picks them all off one by one by one...

    Who will I be playing?Each person will pick an employer and become one of their many assassins as this all unfolds. You are allowed up to two characters, and one, and only one, may be an employer. The plot will have to revolve around the failed and dangerous meetings of the Xander if you are an employer. If you decide to become and assassin, then see the next section for what we will be doing.

    What will happen in this rp?One assassin, Kurkuna, and her partner, Ruke, found evidence of a stabbing taking place against Thomas. This has sparked the interest of the employers. Assassins from all over have been sent out to discover where he is. However, some employers have banded together temporarily in order to see if there is a chance of stopping it. You will be playing apart of the new group the Radnax, and your goal is to work together with other players in order to find out what happened to Thomas, where Xander is, and what is happening and why. In order to do so, you will begin at a meeting where all details of what is to happen will be discussed.

    Where do we start and what happens from there?We all will start in the first meeting of the Randnax where Kurkuna and Ruke (my characters) Will be pairing up people in order to go and figure out what has happened. They will present evidence of what is going on, partners and groups will be choosen to investigate one of three places:
    1- In the room, the knife was made in a small factory in the middle of India.
    2- The cloak found in the room left by the attacker came from a small warehouse in the Philippines
    3- There is a lead on a man, a deadly one, in the middle of New Mexico.
    Each character will take one of the three missions, and once all of us have agreed, they will start on their mission. Any other questions please PM me. We shall start in a meeting room in the city of Kinshaa.

    Character sheets and other things?
    For an Assassin:
    Short bio- (please keep it so)
    Employer- (If you can't find one, make a name up)
    Picture- (Anime or RL)

    For an Employer:Name-
    Short bio-
    Status in the Xander-
    Occupation outside of employer (if any)-
    Other things to keep in mind:
    2- do not leave anybody behind. If you leave someone behind intentionally, knowing they wouldn't be online, either catch them up or you will be reprimanded. It happens to me a lot and I do not want it to happen to anyone else.
    3- Try and keep things interesting, but remember, whichever of the three teams you pick, be respectful of them and make sure you know what you have done in a post.
    4- NPC's are up to you. I will not take any of them.
    5- If you have questions or are going to delete your character, please PM me first.
    6- Please don't spam or triple post if one can help it.
    7- ALL OOC posts longer than a single line go here.

    Thanks for reading all this!

  2. For an Assassin:
    Name- Mizuki "Zuki"
    Age- 21
    Personality- Zuki is easy going girl who is a bit of a sadistic. She is irritated easily and likes to take action. She keeps up a mask to hide her more logical, more of a thinker self. Her softer side. Zuki doesn't like to show her more vulnerable side at all. She's a strong person emotionally and physically as well. She thinks everyone should find their inner strength no matter what. Zuki likes to have fun and likes to live life on the edge and isn't afraid to fall form it. She's the one to have more balls than most guys and isn't afraid of most things. Of course she has her weaknesses. She hates people who betrays her trust and disloyal people and spiders.
    Looks- (Just look at the picture....)
    Short bio- Zuki was from a family of five until her mother died. She was raised by her dad and her two twin older brothers were always there for her no matter what. (This short enough....?)
    Employer- (I'm not sure...) Mark
    Weapons- A sword and a knife...
    Show Spoiler
    (If you want me to add, correct, change anything feel free to let me know :)
  3. May I say something?

    No assassin, experienced assassin, that is, is exactly like that. They're all hardened, from killing people, obviously. Maybe the extreme couple might be able to kill something cold-blood and not be bothered at all by it, but not being bothered by another's death is when you're empty, or uncaring. Very few people, especially people without soft sides at all, would be able to make it as an assassin. Hating disloyal people would also be a flaw, since in the world of assassins, disloyalty is common.
  4. @RogueSteeler What do you mean? Are you referring to the entire RP in esscence or are you referring to Silver's character?
  5. I'm talking about any assassin. To Silver's character and the entire RP in essence.
  6. Um, okay. Sorry about that. I'll change it later.
  7. I didn't really mean anything about it but just make it aware. Assassins really can't be trusted if they have a soft side, otherwise a target might appeal to them and tap into the soft side, and boom, the assassin has now become unreliable.
  8. I may join this, I've always loved assassin rp's..
  9. Oh, and you might be interested in the Scorpia concept.
    S - Corp - I - A
    S for Sabotage
    Corp for Corruption
    I for Intelligence
    A for Assassination
    Among other things, those were just used to make the catchy name.
    Scorpia is a giant criminal organization that is used by criminals, politicians, and government agencies alike, especially when there is dirty work, and one doesn't want to risk their own on such hazardous -both for the person and politically- activities. Look it up, has to do with the Alex Rider series.
  10. Okay, to the whole "assassins are disloyal" thing, is total bullshit. Sure plenty of them will go to the higher bidder, but one of the most valued characteristics of a person you pay to commit a grievous crime for you is loyalty.

    As long as you can stop telling people that the flaws in their characters is that they have flaws, (which BT dubs, makes interesting characters. Kind of creative writing 101.) then I am totally interested and will have a pair of CS's soon.
  11. Sorry to be an ass about it. I just don't like it when people deny characters on the basis that they are interesting characters. If you have an assassin who is perfectly calculating, completely guilt-free, and pulls off everything just right all the time, he's as boring as watching grass grow while you smell paint drying. A killer with a concious is always a fun character, if done right, because you can identify with them. No sane person can make a good connection to an emotionless character.
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  12. Not disloyal in the abandon-mission in the middle of a mission disloyal, but the type that, as you say, would switch sides depending on the leader and pay check.

    But I'm not denying: i'm just saying that an assassin wouldn't be overly emotional.
  13. Alright, I just misunderstood what you meant.
  14. Name- Jon Walter
    Age- 42
    Personality- Relaxed, and casual, while being professional and respectful. Thinks things through, plans ahead. He is highly respectful to his contracts, and honors them to the last line. He listens to others ideas, and if he likes them gives them proper credit, but if he doesn't, his isn't afraid to say so.
    Looks- Bald head, brown beard, blue eyes. Often wears a casual suit.
    Short bio- He has worked for his current employer for four years now. He has been the business much longer, and has a reputation for doing the job well, no matter what it is. He is currently head of a relatively small firm of assassins of all sorts, but still does many of the more important jobs himself. His entire firm is under the payroll of Mr. Yakamoto, but is allowed to take other jobs that do not go against his agenda. He works hard, and enjoys his work.
    Employer- William H. Yakamoto
    Weapons- Firearms expert. Carries a custom built 1911 handgun in an underarm holster. The 1911 has a fine silver finish and is expertly engraved. On one side of the slide is carved, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am not afraid, for I am the meanest motherfucker in the valley." Opposite to that reads, "To my dearest husband one his 30th birthday -D" Both inscriptions are in an elegant script.
    Picture- [​IMG]


    Name- William H. Yakamoto
    Age- 30
    Personality- Young, ambitious, and carries an air of passion and strength. He is not afraid to take risks, but likes to make sure he takes them right to minimize risk. He wants to be powerful, and craves power very much. Highly respects honor and loyalty. He highly respects the opinion of Jon.
    Looks- Suave, handsome, and protrudes confidence and power. He walks powerfully, and with pride. Looks younger than he is. Is very fond of vest suits, especially if you include a jacket.
    Short bio- Born to a Japanese family, but spent most of his childhood in America due to his father's business. He inherited his father's vast wealth, and Yakuza ties upon his unfortunate demise. He acts as on of the Yakuza's primary links to the Xander. As soon as he gained his inheritance he began his work, slowly creating a large, and still growing industry. His legitimate earnings support his crime syndicate, and his crime syndicate supports his legitimate business creating a very stable platform for his to work on.
    Weapons- He has been trained by Jon to use many firearms sufficiently. Carries a Beretta 92FS.
    Status in the Xander- Middle ranking member. Aspires to be much more. Many see him for what he is, ambitious, but not stupid.
    Occupation outside of employer- Billionaire investor and playboy.
    Picture- [​IMG]
  15. Sorry for the big ass picture.
  16. NP, and both are accepted!
  17. When can we expect an IC?
  18. Once five people are
  19. I am assuming this isn't going anywhere?
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