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  1. The market was busy. Very busy. There were men and women yelling out the prices for all to hear, women were buying groceries for their families, and men stood around talking about their latest purchases. This was the one place in London that you could find all walks of life: rich, poor, dirty, clean, proper, prostitute, dead, alive. You could find anyone and everyone at the market on a busy afternoon like this one, which is what made it such an easy spot to lift a few pounds.

    The day began with a quick sweep of the shops -- knowing what shop was where was pinnacle to Eldon's success. The higher quality shops would attract the wealthier patrons. Once his initial sweep was finished, Eldon slipped into a shadowy alley and waited.

    As the day went on, more and more people filled the market area. And, of course, as more and more people arrived, more and more coin purses Eldon borrowed. One purse, two purses, three purses... he picked and grabbed whatever he could see. Eldon could take the glasses from a man's face without him noticing. Once he was satisfied with his collection, he retreated to his alleyway to count his score. The angry cries of his targets could be heard as they began to notice their missing belongings.

    Eldon sighed heavily as he emptied the final coin purse onto the ground in front of him. “What is it with all these ‘igh and mighty a-wrist-two-crats carryin’ nothin’ but a few shillin’s?” He angrily threw the cloth pouch aside and picked his earnings off the pavement. He had lifted at least twenty purses today, and had barely collected enough to eat. He was going to need to do better if he was going to pay Nikolaj’s gang back and get them off his back.

    The alleyway Eldon chose to hide in had begun to pick up traffic, and he decided to leave quickly before someone noticed him. He stood, brushing the dirt away from his trousers, and caught a glimpse of himself in a nearby window. The man’s brown hair fell down his forehead, and waved around to the side of his face. Once his hair reached his jaw, it curled back up ever so slightly. The rest of his hair was kept in a messy pony tail. Thankfully, he had lifted a nice shaving blade from a chap a few weeks prior, and was able to keep his beard trimmed and cleaned. If his skin wasn’t so rough, and his clothes so tattered, perhaps someone could mistake him for royalty.

    Since he was a little boy, Eldon has had to learn to fend for himself. He didn’t tragically lose his parents or live in an orphanage, he just saw the way the world truly was from a young age. Either have money, or die early. And Eldon, even as a small child, knew that he wasn’t going to die early. When he was twelve, Eldon ran away from his parents. They weren’t terrible people, but they were definitely terrible parents. Half the time, Eldon believed they forgot they had a child. Once free and on his own, Eldon began collecting the money he knew he needed. A thief was born that day – one of the greatest thief’s London would ever know.

    The streets were bustling, and Eldon’s eyes began to scan the crowd. As his mind was focused on other things, Eldon nearly missed one of the nicest dressed fellows he had seen in a while. A simple bump and grab wouldn’t be possible for this one. While most idiots wore their purses on their hip, the wealthier always kept their’s in a coat or pocket. They usually had more to hide, and Eldon could tell his new target had plenty.

    Between Eldon and his new target, there were at least fifty bodies. Though most would find it difficult to traverse such a thick crowd, Eldon slipped and turned between bodies as if he was performing a dance he had practiced for years. Within minutes, he was a few steps behind his target. He didn’t notice any bodyguards, and he knew this job would be quick and clean. Upon closer inspection, Eldon almost changed his mind. The man was… very handsome. He quickly shook his head before forcing himself to focus. What does it matter if another man is handsome?

    “Excuse me, sir.” Eldon called. His accent was usually quite rough, but he could easily fake the accent that the wealthy used. “I do believe I should carry that for you.” Eldon stepped around the man before he had a chance to turn around and sent his elbow into the man’s stomach. While he was bent over, Eldon reached into the stranger’s coat and grabbed the first item he found. He spun on his heels and ran. He could already hear the whistles being blown, announcing that an officer was to join the chase. No bother. There hasn’t been anyone Eldon couldn’t outrun. Not yet, anyways.
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  2. "Oh Thomas I do wish you would cease that infernal habit." The carriage rocked the three passengers with every imperfection the pebbled street adorned. Tobacco filled the small compartment as the one who was assumed to be Thomas lit up his father's pipe. "Oh Cynthia I do wish you would cease your infernal nagging." He retorted, getting nothing short of an over exaggerated gasp of shock to leave his fiance's lips. Her father sitting across from them snorted, soon to cover it with a clearing of his throat as Cynthia shot him a dirty look.

    Thomas could no sooner be out of the cramped space and away from his future wife. Their outing for the day consisted of more, unnecessary shopping to further fill Cynthia's expensive tastes. He was not pleased to have been arranged to wed someone of such high maintenance, picking himself to only spend when it was needed. Frivolous things appealed to him none, and it made him wonder if their two families intended to make the pair wed just for the laughs to ensue over the chaos.

    As they arrived at their destination on the outskirts of the town, Thomas snuffed out the smoking end of his pipe. Funny how he'd always detested smoking until his father passed him the gift along with the news of his arranged hand in marriage. If he hadn't the ability to remain calm, thinking before becoming quick to anger, he might of struck his father with the broad end of his fist. Alas he regretted not rising to given opportunity, and instead he sucked up his detest and met with his future wife.

    She was, granted, quite the beauty. Many of her age paled in comparison to the fair skinned, raven haired belle. Eyes like caramel, lips as red as roses, but an attitude like that of a hog. Thomas himself preferred intelligence over looks, though it wasn't as if he had a choice in this matter... He did however get lucky on both ends. Both intelligence and dashing looks flowed through the veins of his lineage, never skipping one with the name Williams. Except his cousin Helga, who he was sure must of been a babe abandoned before his aunt had taken her in...

    Thomas had strong shoulders, having filled out rather well once he hit his teenage years. He grew fast, nearly towering a head over his father, who was already tall, by the age of mere sixteen. Now that he was in his twenties he looked ever dashing, strapping a sharp chin with a thick but well cropped beard. His hair a wavy flow resting just around his ears, though he always sported it greased back beneath the cream high top he loved to wear. Thomas has eyes the color of a fresh spring, courtesy of his mother who sported her own dazzling sapphires. And it did help immensely that he knew just the way to dress.

    Stepping outside the carriage, he upheld his manners and helped the lady and her father from the compartment. He tipped the coachmen both with money and his top hat, thanking him for the ride. When he finished he looked back to the busy streets lined with vendors and shops. Crowds of people moving in both directions, his fiance and father-in-law already heading into the mix. Good. He would much rather enjoy time away from them and look around on his own, free to move about the people and not dragged to every clothing store in town.

    Near half hour into his walk, he spotted a bookstore not far away. There were studies he had been practicing that needed a little more guidance, and a bookstore would be the perfect place to gather information However fate would not have it so.

    As Thomas was nearing upon his wanted destination, he heard a voice very near to him. However as an offer was made, it confused him slightly, as he was not holding anything to be carried. Yet as he turned a pain rippled through his stomach, sending him into a doubled over retreat as prying hands invaded his coat. He looked up in time to spot a young man running off with his coin purse, and the thought of losing the amount of pounds within that pouch made it quick to recover.

    "You there! Stop!" Suddenly Thomas felt the urge to give chase, knowing he should allow the bobbies to handle it. And yet he found himself running anyways, shoving past unsuspecting bystanders and hearing them call out for him to watch his self. It was very difficult keeping up with the lad who had pick-pocketed him so roughly. It's never happened to him before, and he's never had to chase someone down. Though it didn't stop him from trying something new, darting around food carts and animal pens, keeping his eyes on the back of his target.
  3. Eldon's feet never betrayed him. Every rock, every pothole, every slippery bump -- they were all avoided seamlessly. He was swift, and he never made a mistake. His build was a bit on the larger side, but that didn't keep him from leaping over carts and diving under carriages. Dexterity was a trait all thieves needed, and it was one of the strongest Eldon had to offer. Indeed, his feet never betrayed him. Until now.

    As Eldon vaulted over a cart selling various fruit, his life seemed to turn to slow motion as he noticed the mistake he was about to make. The solid ground he thought would be on the other side of the cart ended up being a small, gravely hill. Once he landed, his feet gave way and sent him tumbling down the hill. He grabbed the edge of the cart hoping it would hold him, but the entire wooden contraption tumbled with him. Broken planks of wood jutted out everywhere, and Eldon could feel the scrapes and cuts he had just received. Normally, the fall wouldn't have been that bad, but with all extra things considered... Eldon would be feeling that fall for a few days.

    Knowing that the police gave up yards ago made him feel slightly better before realizing he had another pursuer. "Bloody 'ell," Eldon spat, forcing himself to his feet. He darted towards the nearest alleyway before grunting in pain and tumbling back onto the ground. His ankle was twisted, his feet had betrayed him, and, of course, the alley he chose had a dead end.

    "Righ', there's two ways we can go about this," Eldon called back as he scattered towards the end of the alley, clutching the purse as if it were his life. "One, you can go on your merry way and leave me be..." Eldon's chances of escaping were slim, so the best he could do was hide his face, throw a quick punch, and run for the hills... or perhaps limp for the hills.

    "Or two, you can, uh... stay and fight me." Eldon's word's lacked the confidence a proper lie needed, and he mentally shook his head. "But I must warn you, I'm a dangerous fellow." First, Eldon fumbled and fell, and now he was fucking up a lie. Today was not Eldon's day. If he was going to lose this catch, he wasn't going to lose it all. As he spoke, he emptied a fourth of the man's coin purse into his pocket. The rest he left, hoping the stranger wouldn't notice when he returned the purse.

    "'ave a wife and kids at 'ome, sir?" Eldon asked, turning his face so his hair hid his more prominent features. "Oughta think of them before you make any rash decisions!" The band that kept Eldon's hair back had ripped during his fall, and now his dark, wavy hair fell just past his shoulders. His already tattered clothes now sported more rips and tears, and through them you could see some rather bad injuries on top of already healed scars. Once his assailant reached him, Eldon held out the purse.

    "'ere, just take it. Take it and leave me be."
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  4. Thomas found himself having trouble keeping up. He played jolly sports with friends on a weekly basis, so his agility and stamina were not the problem, it was that the man running from him was like a speedy demon! Evading him as if he'd mapped the roads himself.
    As luck would have it though, Thomas stopped short at the top of the galley that now lay littered with cart and fruit debris. He paused then to catch his breath, eyeing the thief who was soon back on his feet now hobbling away from the scene.
    "Oh no you don't."

    Thomas bounded down the hill, stumbling and slipping a few times as the shoes he wore bore no traction. He made it down with only filthy trousers to show for it, following then the thief who had taken his coin purse. When he spotted the high wall end of the alley way, he took a break to finally pause and catch his breath. There would be no escape past him now, the man he had been chasing was cornered, done for.

    Finally his breath caught up to him and he stood up straight, putting on a stern face as he stepped forth towards the thief, unfaltering as demands were spoken. Except however when the second option was read off. "Right. Like I'm going to fight a street thief." He muttered the words more to himself, like trying to convince the wavering thoughts in his head to lean towards indeed not fighting his counterpart. As he got closer he could see just how damaged the kid was, at least he assumed him to be a kid. He did look relatively youthful, even with a stubbled chin.

    Now he was finally able to square up to the other, standing before him right as his purse was being handed back. Aggravation showed well as he snatched what was rightfully his away from the sparing hands, but as he slipped it into his pocket he did not turn to leave. "Aye, you think I'm an imbecile?" He questioned the other as he then took him by the scruff of what collar was left around the boys neck and jerked him back against the wall. Holding him there forcefully he began to pry his hands over every surface of the boys shirt and trousers, feeling for something specific when alas his hand found it. "Aha." He chirped with a near smug grin as he dipped his fingers into the inner pocket and pulled out a hand full of pounds and coins that he knew could not be just the kids and his alone.

    "Now, what say you about all this?" He asked then, giving a sharp shove to the collar in his tightened fist, awaiting an answer and he shoved some of the notes in his pocket, having at least the morality to not take what was not rightfully his own.
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  5. Eldon sighed. What mess did he get himself into? The bugger in front of him obviously wasn't going to be content with just letting him go, and Eldon feared that more than a few nights would be spent in a cell. "Good choice," Eldon replied, knowing full well that his combat skills were mediocre at best. Only thieves that get caught need to know how to fight, and up until now, Eldon had never been caught.

    When he was pulled up from the pavement, he hissed angrily. "I wouldn't've taken from ya if I thought ya weren't an imbecile, sir." Eldon replied sarcastically. Insulting the man that held him by his collar wasn't the best idea, but Eldon was never one to be intimidated. "You're all the same, really. All you fancy chaps and your loads of money. Every last one an idiot." Eldon smirked before the stranger's hand began to explore his body. He would have ignored it, but the hand pressed against some fresher wounds. "Blimey!" Eldon cried, jerking away from the pain. "Why you 'afta be so rough on a poor fella?"

    Eldon searched quickly for an exit, his brow eyes darting to and fro, looking for any sort of chance. He saw the angry cart owner staring down the two men from the other end of the alley, and knew that asking her for help would be useless. When the coins were pulled from his pocket, Eldon growled and pushed at the other man. "What do I say? I say I'm a poor street rat, and you won't even donate a few shillin's to 'elp me out!" Eldon resorted to guilt. He prayed that the small decency of returning the notes to Eldon meant that the man had a soft heart.

    "Look, chap, I got six kids of me own t' look after. It ain't like I do this for fun," Eldon finally looked the man in the eyes, hoping that his pout was convincing enough to elicit some kind of guilt. It was a lie, of course. Eldon would never settle down with a woman. They nagged far too much, and their delicacy was not in Eldon's favor. He would sooner live with a man for the rest of his life than lie with a woman for one night.

    The eyes that glared back at him were shockingly blue, and Eldon found it hard to believe that eyes could truly be that color. For a moment, Eldon had nearly forgotten what he was doing. He was, however, reminded with a fist pressing into his collar bone. "I didn't mean no 'arm, sir, 'onest." Eldon continued to lie, hoping his day would miraculously turn around. "'ow about we go our separate ways? I'll leave this alleyway a changed man, I swear it, sir. Swear it on me mother's grave. Won't steal no more, no sir." Perhaps that was a bit too much, Eldon thought.

    With one final effort, he gave the man a smile. If there was one thing Eldon kept clean, it was his teeth. Unless you were of royal blood, dental hygiene was the last thing you worried about. Eldon, however, kept his teeth as clean as possible. Nothing sealed a deal like a sparkling smile. "'ow about it, sir?"
  6. Thomas held onto the spare pounds in his fist, realizing no there was no way this scrappy lad could own all of it. There was far too much for a person of his status. His opponents' choice of words were not helping the situation. Thomas could feel himself becoming impatient. "All the same? Idiots!? I'll have you know my father is one of the best scholars in all of England." He hissed. One of the worst things anyone could do was to insult in intelligence.

    "Donate to you? To you, a street rat who makes a living from stealing the purses of passerby's? Why would I willingly give you a shilling when I earn what I hold?" Thomas' words were laced with disgust, and he snatched his hand away as if he could catch poverty like a disease. He realized then he was still catching his breath from the adrenaline rush. He took two and then three steps back and started to pace a bit, trying to rid his body of this urgency. Thomas had to hand it to the man, he did give him a run for his money.

    As he walked a line back and forth, keeping his eyes on the thief, he scoffed, then broke into fit of mocking laughter. "You? Kids? I Hardly believe that. You can't simply guilt me into letting you go." Truth be told he wasn't sure what he was going to do with the thief. Where were the officers giving chase back on the streets? He couldn't just carry the guy to the police headquarters... Well he could, but it would be ridiculous to do such a thing. He could let him go....

    Thomas thought long and hard about what exactly he should do. He stopped pacing and took off his top hat, slicking back the hair that had strayed. Brushing back the opening sides of his coat he planted his hands on his hips, still holding tight the bundle of pounds. Finally, reluctantly really, as he had no other option, he waved the kid off. "Fine." He answered to the thief's pleading, tossing the spare change back at him. "Don't try that foolery again with me." Sternly he pointed his finger at the other, much like a mother scolding her child. He noticed then the surprising lack of damaged teeth in the others mouth as he gave a rigid and false smile. It was distracting and....dazzling.

    Without further ado he shook the confusion free and turned on his heels, beginning on his trek back to find Cynthia and her father. "Don't let me catch you again, you hear?" He warned, calling behind him as he sauntered off. So far this day was the most interesting he'd had in weeks. And it wasn't over yet.
  7. “Yea, yea…” Eldon mumbled as he was finally released from the hold. “All the same. Always talkin’ about your rich daddies and what not.” Acting as if his clothes were expensive, Eldon straightened his collar and brushed a small amount of dirt off of him. He didn’t really care what he looked like, to be honest. The action was more of a mockery of the other gentleman.

    After standing on his own feet for a moment, Eldon realized that pain in his ankle was nearly gone. Good. Today’s thievery wasn’t over yet. As the stranger walked off, Eldon became infuriated at the thought of this man besting him. “Oi! For all you know, I could ‘ave a bunch of kids!” The retort was useless and, quite frankly, uncalled for, but Eldon had to do something.

    Once the stranger left the alley, Eldon thought long and hard on his next move. He could continue stealing from the market, but the pickings had been slim today. As he thought, a carriage stopped by the alley entrance and Eldon was struck with an idea. If everyone was here at the market… then just think of all those empty mansions! Eldon wasted no time before knocking the carriage driver out, and switching outfits with the man. The clothes fit decently, and Eldon jumped into the carriage, taking the reins of his new prize. A quick glance at the horrified passengers in the back of the carriage sent them fleeing in different directions, and Eldon was free to ride his way to the greatest project he would ever lay his hands on.


    When Eldon arrived at one of the biggest mansions in London, he unhooked the carriage from the horse, pushed it into a nearby pond, and gave the horse a hefty smack on the arse. Along with the carriage, Eldon removed the extra clothes he was wearing so that he was reduced to a simple undershirt and trousers. Too many clothes made for a slower thief. A quick wash in the pond and Eldon looked brand new. No longer was he covered in dirt, grime, or tattered clothes.

    After taking out a few guards and scaring off a few maids, Eldon was able to slip into a window on the upper floor. It looked to be a bedroom, and a very large one at that. Of course, it could have been a normal sized bedroom and Eldon would have still found it to be huge.
    Eldon was mesmerized for a moment. The closet held clothes beyond compare, expensive jewels and watches littered the room… The man who lived here had flawless taste. Had Eldon been paying attention he may have heard the arrival of the owners downstairs. He didn’t, however, and continued to bask in the plunder he was about to take.

    After pocketing all the gold and silver he could feasibly carry, Eldon was getting ready to make an escape. It would have been simple, but the door to the bedroom began to open. With a quick jump, he was able to make it to the closet before the door opened. Through the crack in the door, Eldon could just barely make out the figure of a man.

    He needed to think quickly. Looking around the closet, Eldon found many elegant coats and hats, but nothing that could help him out. In the back corner was a neatly folded servant’s outfit, and Eldon began to thank the gods. He took his clothes off and wrapped all the gold and silver he had in them. He shoved them behind a coat before slipping on the servant’s clothes. The top fit fine, but the trousers were a bit tight. It was as if they cloth had been weaved directly onto his legs. They weren’t uncomfortable, but… Eldon was lucky that he wasn’t shy about anything. Eldon sighed and took a black bow from one of the fancy hats to tie his hair back. He was positive he looked ridiculous.

    A deep breath was all he had time for before bursting out of the closet. He caught a quick glimpse of himself in the mirror, and he was right. He looked absolutely ridiculous. Thankfully that quick wash in the pond made him a passable servant, though.
    Putting on his best wealthy accent, Eldon turned to the other man in the room. “Right, sir. Your wardrobe has been sorted, sir. Very-“ Eldon choked when he realized who’s room he was in. It was the stranger from earlier. The one who caught him. The only one to ever catch him. “Very well, sir. I’ll be on my way. Call for me if you need anything.” Eldon strung his words together quickly before bowing and heading for the door. He would return for his stash later. Right now, he just needed to escape the room before the man noticed who he was. Why did I have to choose this place? Eldon thought. Why, why, why?!
  8. It took nearly half an hour for Thomas to finally locate Cynthia and her father, who already had grabbed a poor bell boy from who knows where to carry the mass amounts of purchased items to tail behind them. He was surprisingly excited to share with his future wife and father-in-law about how he had caught a thief all by himself, feeling a childlike anxiousness as he caught up to them, only to be shot down. "Oh Thomas, we have no time for stories. Quick, help daddy and I decide. Black or Brown?" She held up two pairs of silken gloves grinning so wide Thomas felt himself grow sick. The excitement left him with a heavy stone of emptiness in the pit of his stomach. Some how it's weight felt like the foreboding of what was to come in his marriage.

    It took much coaxing to get Cynthia back to the carriage so that they could finally return home. There was hardly enough room for them to fit with the amount of extra baggage, and the stuffy space ruffled all of Thomas' feathers. The entire time of their ride was filled with arguments and fights, mostly one sided as anything Thomas brought to light was shot back down by insensitive and selfish excuses. How does one cope with a relationship as this? Thomas wondered grimly if he would even care to live to be wed to such a woman.

    The instant they were within sight of the manor Thomas jumped from the still mobile box and made a haste break for the front door. Fueled by his anger he slammed it shut behind as he bounded up the stairs and headed for his room, leaving behind the cries and distress of his spoiled fiance. He stormed past concerned servants and fled to his room, slamming it as well. Rage set in chest with an uncomfortable weight and there was nothing that seemed to ease it. He paced the floor before finally stopping at the gaping window, hand braced on his hip as he bit furiously at the nail of his opposing thumb. A terrible habit he'd had since he was young.

    Thomas had lost himself in thought for a moment when suddenly his closet door spread wide open, causing him to startle. He looked over at the servant angry that he had jumped so easily and waved him off, putting the tip of his thumb back between his teeth afterwards. Just as the other was ready to leave, he turned around quickly. "Wait." He said, walking past the man and seating himself in the elegant chair with hand carved wooden feet and satin stuffed cushions. He was so engulfed in the furiousness he felt towards his planned life that he didn't even look at the servant, or recognize his face. "Bring me a bottle wine. No, two. And a glass." He wanted nothing more than to drink away these feelings that held onto him so tightly. Wine always did the trick.
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