INTEREST CHECK The Wrong Soldier's Heart

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  1. I want this one to be something like the movie "The Lucky one" with Zac Effron. A soldier who is serving his third tour in Iraq (OR it could be set in an earlier time, like WWII. That would be awesome!) finds a picture of a woman in the helmet of a fallen comrade. He keeps the picture and it gives him hope and the strength to carry on when nothing else will while keeping him alive in situations no one should survive in, so he begins to believe the woman is his guardian angel. From a landmark in the picture, he finds out the woman lives in Louisianna and decides, after going home and deciding it was hard to stay there, to find the mysterious woman.

    The picture is of a young woman (me), who's fiance had gone away to fight in the war. She'd had a terrible feeling about this and begged him to stay, but of course he couldn't. She worried every day about him and when the letters stopped coming, she feared the worst. But then she began getting letters from another man, a man who claimed to be a friend of her fiance's, another soldier. She began talking to this man and emotions from miles away began forming inside her.

    I can play the fiance and the woman, and you could play the surviving soldier and another character that interacts with the woman. I want the woman to receive letters from your soldier character so they have at least a small interaction.

    Other details may be discussed.