The Wrong Side of the Tracks

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  1. Caspian Varenkov
    North Underground Justice is the gang which Caspian is apart of. Most members can be seen with a cross, a balance, the color blue, or a blindfolded women holding a sword and a balance [x] (sometimes all of the aforementioned) tattooed on their bodies, on their clothing, or on their graffiti-ed artwork which can be viewed across numerous random buildings across town. Their rival gang is The South Side Locos. The SSL can be seen with numerous stars, the letters SSL, red, and all of the aforementioned in their tattoos, artwork, ect.

    I think I found hell…. I think I found something...

    The pale reds and purples of the sky were fading with the sunlight. A good portion of the shipping district located near the ghettos had been abandoned near the bad areas of the city, leaving a typically peaceful place to escape. For Caspian it was the only place to escape. Life had not been easy on the twenty-four year old. Instead he had been left to fend for himself when he was sixteen. Homelessness was an option for barely a week, when things were unbearable. From there Charlie found him. “You ain’t nothin’ but a kid in this world, jus’ lookin’ for a place he belongs,” the words his friend spoke rang in Casp’s head. The events of the day became more real with the image of his friend playing out before his eyes.

    Caspian’s feet hung over the wooden dock. It overlooked the city, a vast sea which appeared to have no end. Caspian shook his head slightly in an attempt to toss away the image of his friend. His right hand instead snatched up the uncapped liquor bottle, and lifted the clear glass to his lips. In his opposite hand a cigarette dangled from his fingers. Three of his favorite things in one place – all there in an attempt to forget that one of his best friends was gone. The tawny liquid slid down his throat, a familiar burning heat rising to his throat. No cough was given at the liquid, and the warmth it brought to his stomach was settling. If nothing else in his brother’s honor he would celebrate by getting trashed, and forgetting. Something about the bitterness of liquor felt right, even as he topped off the bottle, and watched it land in the dark blue-black depths of the water.

    A small buzz set in over his vision, but other than that, no other known effects were noted as he sauntered back to his house. Some assume that gangs are flowing with money, or well off enough due to selling large sums of drugs, guns or whatever else it is they do. North Underground Justice was anything but well off. A number of different houses scattered across their territory were inhabited by anywhere from five to fifteen guys. Going up the chain of command the members got wealthier, but by no means did any of them live in desirable conditions. Caspian’s home was a testament to just that.

    The lawn’s grass was overgrown, the houses paint was chipped, and that was just the icing on the cake. The innards of the house were ragtag furniture, and the floors across the house are littered with bottles, empty cigarette boxes, dirt, and whatever else is recognizable among the muck. Casp lived with four guys who were currently positioned around a hefty makeshift coffee table some sitting on a large once white couch whose insides had been partially unstuffed, and the others seated at an adjacent stain riddled couch.

    “Aye,” Chris, the alpha in the house, nodded towards Caspian.
    A head nod was given back as he slumped into a seat next to the guy, “What’s up.”
    “Goin’ to Seven tonight, Charlie said the girls were on the wrong side of town, ‘specially for us, but what the hell, in his honor,” Chris’s long blonde hair slightly bobbed as he shifted his head. Out of the crew it was definitely Chris and Casp who were the lookers.

    The other three sort of kept an eye on Caspian looking for his approval over the entire thing before Nate commented. “Got a lighter?”

    Caspian tossed his lighter over first, “Alright, better change, those uptown girls can be bitchy.” A few of the guys laughed; though no shift on Caspian’s rigid face was seen. The stiff look made his high cheek bones stand out, highlighting his only light feature – his amber hued eyes. “I better see that lighter later,” Caspian pointed towards Nate. A smile was given towards Caspian as he stood up, and headed to his room. If nothing else, at least they all had their own rooms. That honestly was the extent of their privacy though. Five guys shared a bathroom; they shared a kitchen, and a living room. On top of this, they were with one another nearly all the time aside for when it was time to run a job.


    By the time nine o’clock arrived, each of the males was adorned in a dress shirt, and jeans. Each also had a sufficient amount of alcohol, and weed in their systems, Caspian was already a touch ahead of that party. Liquor at Seven was pricey like everything else in the area. So while the crews may not have been wealthy they at least were able to afford drinks, a pack of smokes, and a cab drive in. The women though were something else dressing in their skimpy outfits and high heels hell bent on making an impression on the locals – if only they knew it was easier than that. The club was on some of the few areas in the city which were considered neutral.

    A well known fact among locals is that arriving after nine as a local was a dire mistake for any males. That meant waiting in a long line and potentially losing out on the excitement. Arriving early to the party, struggling through the slow streak meant that they got in while the other smucks outside waited to get in for the fun. The inside of the club had two floors, numerous bars, tables, and a dance floor. The thumping bass of the music was enough to be heard through the walls, to move any stiff bodies, and fully allow any drunk to embrace. That is what the two males currently did as they sipped their beers at the bar. Their eyes were directed towards the dance floor – coming early also had its perks… seeing all the overly intoxicated fools stumble and make an idiot of themselves, what better show was needed?

    “That girl’s fuckin’ hot,” Nate’s brown eyes trailed after a thin blonde.

    “Too bad she’s sloppy, can hardly stand,” Caspian shot back.

    His body was leaning away from his friend but his arm rested on the bar. The opposite hand held a beer that occasionally moved to his lips. The sleeves to his button up dress shirt were rolled up halfway up his arm. A number of blue tattoos could be spotted which stood out drastically against his dark black shirt. If was honestly one of the few nice things he owned, and he took pride in showing off his tattoos in it. His dark chocolate colored hair was brushed back out of his face, but it didn’t stop the front of his hair from falling forward from time to time. It fell in a messy pile a top his head, but it didn’t usually bother him. A number of others had stumbled onto the dance floor, and suddenly Caspian was frustrated with being there, lifted the glass bottle to his lips, and downed the beer. Swiveling on his chair he ordered another for the bartender, if nothing else, they were celebrating tonight, and he was doing just that.

    I think I found out, that I have nothing... that I have nothing in this place for me....

  2. Reese sat at her vanity, wondering if tonight was a good night to go out. Her father was working late, and probably wouldn't even come home if he decided to spend the night at a hotel. He really just didn't seem to like being at home, probably reminded him to much of her mother, the woman who walked out on them years ago. Looking over her make up one more time, She stood up in the rather simple dress. It was rather long for clubbing, but she wasn't going to grind up on the dance for or try to make out with anyone. She was going to us her fake I.D. to try and drink. Hopefully the bright lights and commotion would make it hard to a bartender to notice it wasn't real.

    Adjusteding the belt on her waste that added to the outfit, she picked up her purse and cellphone to check the time. Her friends were running late again on picking her up, no surprise since those girls did intend on trying to take a man home with them. Heading down the stairs of the rather nice house, she took her time as she wore rather risky heels. Reese didn't even know where they were going that night, the girls said it was a really good joint and if they got in early, they could grab some seats at the bar. Another glance to her cellphone, she pouted a bit. It was getting rather annoying now, sitting her wand wondering when her ride would show up. Any moment her father could come home and ask questions, questions she didn't want to answer...not today.

    A loud honk sounded and caught her attention, bring a small smile to her lips. Walking out of the house, she only turned to lock the door behind herself before troting down the walk and towards the nice looking mustang.

    "About time you guys showed up." She said lightly as she slipped into the seat, a chattery conversation soon developing as they pulled out of the driveway and quickly drove off into the night.

    The club was jumping by the time they arrived, and to say the least, Reese was not getting her seat at the bar. Her friends would not hear the end of it from her...if she could find them. Not ten minutes into entering this place and the group had been shattered by either dancing, men, or a combination of the two. It didn't matter though, she was there and she would find a way to get a seat...somewhere. Moving around the dance floor, she took her time, tugging her her blue dress and making sure no one tried to flip it up on her. She could feel men looking at her but she had little interest, adjusting the glasses on her face as her eyes targeted a rather drunk chick flirting with an obvious asshole.

    Much to her luck, they couple parted from the bar, probably planning on turning the bathroom into a temple of the senses and leaving it that way for the rest of the club to deal with. Moving quickly, she snagged a seat next to someone in dark clothing, only sparing them a glance as she set her purse on the bar and waited. When a bartender was available she quickly put in her order. With a quick flash of her I.D. she was in, and smiling like a fool at that. She calmed herself though, if she was too excited then they might get suspecious. Turning in her seat, she turned to her favorite show to watch the fools out there drunk and dancing only making themselves look like idiots. It was rather humorous really, though she tried not to laugh, she was a bit kinder than that.

    The moment her drink arrived though she turned to see it and grinned...finally her drin-

    "Reese! Come dance with us!" Came the perky voice of her blond friend, Crystal.

    The blond, dressed in a bright pink tube dress that showed a little more than needed, stumbled into her friend and bumped her, causeing the brunette on the stool to hit her drink and spill it all over the bar. Turning with a look of shock on her face as her whole drink was wasted, her friend giggled a bit before speaking again.

    "Oops, sorry Reese." She said before quickly skittering off to leave the girl to try and oder another drink while using cocktail napkins to clean up the mess before it got onto anyone...hopefully.
  3. Leaning off to his left still, but with the opposite arm, he held an outward towards the bartender. The place was still not at full capacity but it was still partially busy. The bartender was likely privy to serving the females, even if they didn’t tip better, just to get them drunk. The fact that Caspian was offering a tip would get him service faster than if he wasn’t offering one – and that was for certain. When the bartender appeared to be coming to Caspian, he opened his mouth to speak what he wanted just as the guy walked to a female next to him. Shaking his head slightly he just kept watching the bartender agitatedly.

    It was a mix of many things, neutral territory, dumb drunk girls, and his best friend dying to the Locos. There had been few people in life that Caspian could rely on, and losing one he had trusted was enough to put him in a repulsive mood. When the bartender finally turned to Caspian he decided upon two shots, instead to hopefully drown out his bad mood – liquor did usually cheer him up. The two shots clanked down against the counter as the tender’s eyes found Caspian’s for the cash. Handing it over, he downed the first shot, and extended his hand for the change back. It was within moments of the changing dropping into his hand, a number of splatters coated his tattooed arm, and a few even made it to his face. The elbow which rested on the counter was currently chilled, and damp. Jumping back from the spill, his own second shot, was bumped, and jumped slightly, letting a good portion of the shot slip away. Shock soared onto his face.

    Each of his brows scrunched downward, his head swiveling quickly to the brunette, and blonde next to him, and the words came quicker than he had time to stifle them, “What the fuck.” The blonde had been the stumbling one on the dance floor, who had barely been able to stand. “Really? Fuckin’ really?” Caspian stood, his arms in the air, palms up on his sides, in fury.

    Nick hadn’t moved but shifted to take in the scene which his friend was making a fuss over. Realizing the situation, he slid off his stool, “Calm down man, it’s just a drink.” Nick was stepping in because of the blonde, even if she had slinked back off onto the dance floor. Caspian’s hands had fallen, but he was still fired up.

    “A fuckin’ five dollar shot,” Caspian shot back before turning back to the brunette and pointing at her aggressively, “You tell the drunken bitch to watch it.”

    “Alright, alright, I’ll get the next one, finish the rest of your shot,” Nick shook his head slightly, but Caspian wasn’t done.

    “Why the fuck are you gonna by my drink? She spilled it,” Caspian nodded to the girl, as his free hand latched onto the shot, and lifted it gracefully to his lips.

    Nick latched onto Caspian’s arm, and tugged his away. Caspian should have been happy about it, but he flashed a dirty look to the blonde on the dance floor before another one back at her brunette friend. After a few steps towards the outside area, Nick released his friends arm and turned on him, off to the side out of the way.

    “I know you are dealin’ with shit, but that was an accident man, and we need to keep a low profile here, you know that,” there was acid in his friend’s voice, and disapproval. That coming from someone who was an upper meant he could potential get in trouble, had Nick not known what was really eating at his friend. “Seriously, pull it the fuck together,” Nick shook his head, and turned on the balls of his feet. Caspian leaned against the wall, which had been out of the way in a darker area, and watched his friends light teal dress shirt disappear into the cool evening air. It was likely where the others were, drinking and smoking their only pack of smokes.

    Caspian watched for a time as the blonde continued dancing clumsily as if nothing had fazed her. For a time Caspian felt bitter he had been pulled away, annoyed he had tweaked on the girl, but really he knew she hadn’t deserved it. His eyes began to head to the bar, but instead stopped short on a group of guys. They were adorned in different shades of red, some plaid, and others just plain red dress shirts. Thankfully for Caspian he was in a darker portion against the wall as the group passed – even so he turned his back away from the group so they couldn’t see his face. The black he was wearing helped he had assumed. Two branched off, one to the bathroom, and the other to the bar where Caspian had just been sitting. Caspian recognized the guy, a tall dark haired guy, with a ragged cut across his eye – pretty fresh too.

    Marcus Anders, one of the South Side Locos. The guy had a history of taking out of towners to his place, and when they wanted to leave he had other plans. Typically the word was that he had ran trains on the girls, forcing them into stuff they didn’t want, hell, there had even been links to him being involved in murder… namely Charlie’s. So when a knot of hatred welled up in Casp’s chest over Marcus, he knew exactly why – because while Caspian wasn’t an entirely stand up guy, he was certainly not the kind of trash which Marcus was. Caspian would watch wait for Marcus to fuck up before he went in, if he went in. Taking a closer look now, he noticed that Marcus was talking to the very girl which Caspian had freaked out on earlier – well, a perfect potential chance to fix the girls bad night before it entirely began, in the grasps of Marcus... Caspian would seem like a saint compared to him... Sure he had done his fair share of stabbing, fighting, drinking, slinging drugs, hell, he had even been arrested before, but at the very least he respected women enough to know what 'no' meant.
  4. Reese had been more focused on cleaning up the mess her drunken and blond friend had left her with, the brunette planning on giving her friend a good talking as soon as they were out of the club for the night. So when the man next to her started cursing, she jumped a bit and turned to look and noticed that some of her drink, along with a shot that had join the pool of alcohol, had gotten onto his tattooed arm and was startig to drip onto the floor. Just great, now she had an angry man to deal with. As he freaked out, she had finished collecting most of the alcohol in cocktail napkins, a bartender eventually coming along and cleaning up the rest with a real towel. This didn't help her escape the yelling though, nor this the mans friend.

    Having every intent on being polite, and shutting him up, she was going to buy him a replacement shot. However, before she could gather herself out of her shock to offer, even though her heart was beating with nervousness, he was gone. Tugged away by his friend she lost sight of him in the crowd. Left there with a now empty glass, she sighed, staring at the counter for a moment before turning and getting another drink and paying as she did before.

    Such a lovely way to start off her evening, spilling her drink on a man and getting cursed at about her drunk friend before she even had real time to process the event. She thought that there was very little that could make this night worse.

    "Well, what is a pretty little thing like you doing all alone at a bar?"

    She spoke to soon...

    Turning, she looked to see a man in red. Average in looks though there was a noticable cut running along his eye. He smiled at her smoothly, a grin that spoke of both bad intent and even lies. This wasn't her first rodeo in a bar, she had seen many girls fall prey to pretty words and flattery before disappearing out of the bar on the playful males arm. As for what happened to them, she knew little of but she had a feeling that it was rarely something that those girls held in pride when the sun rose the next morning.

    Tugging on her dress a bit, she felt herself feel like curling up. His gaze was far to invading, especially only after just starting a conversation. It made her feel sick and even more nervous than she had when being yelled at earlier. She glanced out on the floor, none of her friends were in sight. This meant she was on her own, at least if she would wave in a friend they could take the man's gaze for her and leave her to be able to drink her drink in peace.

    "My friends are dancing...and I don't like dancing." She said simply as she looked towards the bar, turning away from him though he only seemed to take that as an invitation to move in closer and try to wiggle in more on her space. Lovely...
  5. Watching Marcus was causing a fire to burn up inside of Caspian – and at least this time, it was a warranted one. So even if they were all in neutral territory they typically brought something and Caspian’s choice had been a silver glimmering switchblade. While he wouldn’t openly use the sharpened blade, it didn’t hurt to threaten with it. Caspian’s tongue ran over his lip, before letting his teeth bite at the skin there. With one hand in his jean pocket toying with the blade, turning it over in his hand, the other rested at his side, balled in a fist. The first two were nervous twitches, the third was entirely subconsciously taking place as he watched Marcus.

    “Why come to a dance club, if you don’t like dancing?” Marcus lifted a finger to the bartender. “If you aren’t here for the dancing, you must be here for the liquor, and a night with someone then?” His eyes lingered on her even as the bartender approached, “Whatever she wants, and a beer please.” Marcus was trying to be cordial, but he was likely intruding in her space. Even the tone he spoke with her was slightly brash. The bartender glanced to the girl, and with an unimpressed look, smirked at Marcus.

    “A beer it is,” the bartender said while setting it down on the bar top he headed back down the way to help others.
    “My place is nice,” he lied, even looked down at his dirtied blue jeans, “or we could head to the bathroom.”

    Caspian could tell that things were a bust for Marcus… which really even from a girl like that, Caspian wasn’t surprised. Marcus was an idiot at best, but trying to move a girl who looked like that… A small smirk pressed at his lips, he looked towards the doors, and the bathroom, not noticing that either of the locos was on their way back. Instead, he sauntered over, a different strut in his step. Sure he had been a dick, but even the girl could accept charity help from someone who was just an ass to her… if it meant getting rid of Marcus. The guy screamed bad news. Sliding in next to her, he smiled.

    “Hey Anne, we still on for that –,” the girl looked at him, connected eyes with him, and he held a confidence there, that screamed trust me. He cut himself short as he glanced towards Marcus. “Are you hitting on my – are you fuckin’ kidding me?" He looked towards the ceiling, annoyance apparent in his over emphasized motions, "First Charlie, and now you are hittin’ on my girl. Why don’t we jus’ ink you up blue, and you can really live the high life.” Caspian’s tone was acidic, his eyes happy to dig into the fucker who had killed his best friend.

    Marcus scowled at him, “Fuck you, I didn’t want this dirty broad. Could tell right away she was with the wrong crowd, justice’s.” The entire concept of hitting on her, or attempting at getting her back to his place had morphed once he saw Caspian. “Real lucky we are, where we are, or you’d be gettin’ a plot next to Charlie,” Marcus pointed towards Caspian, his opposite hand hidden in his own pocket, likely toying with his own blade. Still he was already off the stool, and moving away towards the back smoking area. The words he threw at Caspian though wiped his face clean of emotion. Instead he leaned on the bar top and watched Marcus disappear.

    “If nothin’ else I should wait it out, so he don’ come back and bug ya, don’t worry I ain’t tryin’ to win ya over, just know I was wrong for yellin’ at ya, so that was me rightin' it,” he tapped the counter top without looking at the girl. When he had been watching her earlier he had noticed she was good looking. Young but good looking. Was she even old enough to really be there because with each glance he was sneaking she was looking younger and younger.
  6. This guy was really pushing things, like really pushing things. If Reese wasn't concerned for her well being she would have flat out just said no to him. But he was no small fry, and something about him just gave her bad vibes. She had to be careful around this type of guy. When he so boldly told the bartender to give her a drink, she instantly looked at him with a gaze that read for him not to, her hands gripping onto her current drink rather tightly as if she feared this man was going to try and pour something into it if she wasn't careful. A small part of her wished that the bartender had stayed, as this man was now making rather blunt statements...and talking about the bathroom.

    "Um...Well...That is...Uh." Reese found herself stumbling with her words as she tried to figure out a way to let down this guy gently and also no vomit as his forward way of hitting on her...Seriously, a bathroom!?

    Before she could even think though, she was suddenly being surrounded by another man. Looking up, she realized that it was the guy from before, his sleeve still seemed to be wet. Eyes locking for a moment, it took her a minute to realize that this was no mistake, it was help! She almost thought of jumping and kissing him for added effect, but thought against it as he was still going on at this red shirt in front of them. Feeling a little worried by the sudden and almost violent tone this guy was taking as soon as the guy near her appeared. Talk about nervewracking!

    Once he was gone, she found herself letting out a breath she did not realized she had been holding in. It had been way too intense for her. It seemed she found herself between two gangs! Just peachy! Still, at least the pushy one was gone, leaving her now with the now quiet man leaning on the counter. He looked a bit worse for wear then, maybe from the words the other guy said. She wouldn't be surprised if that threat had more meaning than she understood...Gangs were complicated things. At least so her father said. Nodding her head a bit at his words, she looked back down at her drink and took a sip, on occasion glancing to him as he looked at her before looking away quickly once more.

    It wasn't that his staring bothered her...but it did. Did he notice how young she looked? Maybe she hadn't been convincing in her appearance to be over the legal drinking age. A distraction was in order! And the more she thought on it, a thank you as well. He did after all save her from probably a horrifying experience with a strange man and a bathroom. Turning to him again, after gulping down the rest of her current fruity drink, she spoke softly.

    "Would you like a shot? I...As thanks, and an apology...for my friend." She offered...having never really spoken to another drink at a bar before. She wasn't familiar with getting drinks for anyone but herself.
  7. The girl talked lightly, and he had to lean in to even hear what she was saying. His eyes had locked with hers taking in the soft curves of her face. She had clear skin, almost porcelain like, and even something about her lips drew him to her, they were even innocent looking, almost nervous. He was never a book smart guy, but something about people, he was good with them. So while he had checked her out, he had only quickly taken a look at her lips. He didn’t let his eyes linger just in case she got the idea that he wanted to kiss her – of course he wouldn’t say no, but he wasn’t quite going to dive in after the couple of events they had together, especially since it was clear they were opposites. Different parts of town, different people, and their lives would never mesh. The single incident with the Locos was a testament that she couldn't handle herself around such a crowd. While he took in what she said he didn’t stare at her, instead he looked ahead at the bottles. A shrug was given as his tawny eyes found her face again.

    “You don’t gotta, I was kinda an ass,” he spoke softly too, something about the way she had spoken quietly had caused him to lower his deep voice.

    Caspian tried hard not to be creepy, not to lean in too close, or give her any wrong ideas – that included letting his eyes linger on her for too long. He knew how girls from around this area were, and he didn't want some other shithead sneaking in, to try to save her. His eyes scanned the room, noticing the second of the Locos had begun looking for his buddies. Cas was wondering now where his own friends were and he glanced at his phone; it was well past ten. They would likely hang outside until some more of the girls arrived, then they would hit the dance floor. The difference between the men and women at Seven was, if you were good looking you could get in no matter the time, if you were a male you had to come early, or wait. Turning back to her he took in her body when she wasn’t looking. Caspian tried to forget that she might be younger. Either way he looked at it, the bartender was serving them, and she was drinking, so really, what did he care? It didn't affect him...

    “You get this one, I’ll get the next, and we’ll call it even?” he settled. "What're you doin' here?" his voice was plain, but the statement seemed brash even if he meant well, "I mean - this doesn't seem like your into this place, so -," he stopped, and shook his head, a small smirk lifting to his lips, he sucked at this, adverting his eyes towards her for a second, to hopefully see a smile on her face too. He leaned his arm against the table, and leaned in close to her, "You ain't old enough, are ya? I won't say shit, just, explains why you seem like you're outta it here," he spoke quieter so the bar tender didn't hear.
  8. Reese looked up at him as he moved in a bit, speaking softly himself. As they sat near each other for a moment she was able to really take in his looks. He was very handsome, he had a strong jaw and the way his hair was done it seemed to only make him all the more mysterious and bad...but in a good way. He was a classic bad boy in looks, the one that got the girls giggling and day dreaming about them. The tattoos only made him a bit more adult, but still seemed to add to his general appearance. Looking over to the bottles, she blushed a bit as she realized she had been staring a little to much at him. He probably thought she was one of those shallow girls looking only for a guy that she could hang off of for the night before trotting home without a single bit of thanks. She was hardly that type!

    Looking back to him as he offered up the idea of taking turns to pay, she nodded her head a bit and gave a small smile. So at least they came to an agreement. Glancing over the dance floor and finding that none of her friends were to be seen, she decided to go ahead and plan on calling over the bartender. She wasn't going to drive home anyway, either her friends would come find her and take her home, and if they forgot, she'd call a cab or walk, though she'd hope to avoid the walking completely. When he started to ask why she was even there though caught her attention and she stopped right before calling over a nearby bartender. A blush came to her cheeks as he asked if she was underaged, her expression probably enough to answer his question. Well so much for acting mature.

    "Yeah, but I'm 20 so it isn't to much of a difference. I've practically an adult at this point." She defended as she sat there, glancing over to her empty cup. "I'm also here because my friends like it here...and they can dance and I can drink. It's a win win for everyone." She explained as she looked back up to him.

    "I'll admit though, I'd rather be in a normal bar...normal bars are quite...and don't have creepy guys trying to get up my skirt. In a normal bar everyone is just there to drink in peace...So, shots right?" She asked once again.
  9. While Caspian had been trying not to look at the girl, she had been staring. He wondered what she saw, if his tattered scars, and marks across his body were what she was looking at, or if it was the strangeness of his features which she noted, either way, he wouldn’t know. This was a bar truce, he wouldn’t take her home, and they wouldn’t be seeing one another again after this either. When he had finished speaking he had inched away slightly. Letting his own thoughts filter in and out of his head about her features. Mainly it was the lightness of her skin, it caused any shift in her skin tone to be entirely prominent. So when a crimson found her cheeks he smiled softly, and straightened his back once again on the stool.

    “Makes sense,” he smiled. One of his tanned hands rested on the bar top, the other had made its way to his pocket again toying with the shiny blade hidden there. “Guess there is always somethin’ that gots’ta go wrong with those sorts of deals,” he glanced at her, “Right.”

    Raising his hand to the bartender he came over a little after, and plopped down four shots of vodka in front of them, and taking payment from both. This time no amused smirk was given. Turning his torso to face her, he lifted his shot towards hers, “To a truce.” He smiled softly, before letting the harsh liquid warm his stomach. After scrunching his face slightly at the liquid he shook his head.

    “If you ain’t scared of downtown, Sparky’s is a good place for that. But then again, I’m not a girl, so,” he offered her a devious half-smirk, “My guess, is you’ll have a creep or two either way. House parties are the way to go if you want some peace.”

    Caspian’s other hand rested on the little glass, before lifting that one in front of his face too, and downing it. This time without cheering it to hers. “Guess I should leave you to that peace then huh Anne?” His smirk didn’t leave at the irony of calling her by a random name again.
  10. Reese looked down at her lap as her company busied himself with getting the bartender over to them. This certainly was a first. She had been hit on before and had been talked to before, but being saved by a man she spilled a drink on was really something different. On top of that, he was rather good looking and he figured out that she wasn't exatly the age she was saying she was. It was like being found out by your parents for stealing cookies from the cookie jar, and only being punished with a small pat on the hand and a smile. The kind of thing that embarrassed you more than bothered you.

    She payed the bartender for her two shots before picking up one of the small glasses and glancing to him as he turned to her. She smiled a bit at his toast and took part in it herself, though she stayed silent for it, before shooting back the burning drink. Her expression had gotten far more tight than his, and this shake of her head was a bit more violent before she opened her eyes again. As he started to speak her attention was brought back to him and away from the burning that was running down her throat. He had a point, being a girl she was just bound to be hit on, no doubt about it. parties were rare and far between, so she certainly couldn't get her fix from that.

    She just held onto her second shot as she watched him down his own, calling her by the fake name he had used before. She just gave a small laugh of sorts before she shook her head a little and looked up at him.

    "Yeah...I'll be taking my peace now. You're welcome to join me next time." She said softly before she turned herself back to the counter and tossed back her final shot, her face once again tightening up quite violently as she shook the burn out of her head.
  11. Turning slightly away from the girl he noticed a commotion rising at the back door. People rushing, jumping and flooding towards the outside – mainly males. That meant that there was a fight going on, and just as his heart began to pound heavily in his chest, people came flooding back out. The girl spoke, and Caspian looked back to her momentarily. Yea he was supposed to be leaving her alone to her peace, when a fight was going down outside?

    This girl had hardly been able to handle herself against Marcus and that alone was enough to make him want to protect her – and god what a weird feeling that was for him. That feeling of needing to protect someone hadn’t really been prominent in him before. Sure he had been with girls, but they were dark girls, ones who could hold their own. They had grown up, and been forced into this world, or a much crueler one long before Caspian had even known if existed. Those women were equally as vicious as he was. He saw Chris being dragged out by a pair of cops, red dripping from his lip, and each of his other friends were in tow close behind just as he had lifted his body from the stool. Cuffs were across all of their wrists, even Nates. Next the group of locos were brought out also with cuffs across their wrists, and blood dripping from a few of them. Marcus lingered behind, a look of fury on his face, but he knew full and well he was already under heat from the cops for potentially being involved in Charlie’s murder.

    The dark brown’s of his eyes flashed to Caspian, his hand lifted, and made the shape of a gun before pointing it at Caspian, and the girl. He pretend fired it twice, before jaunting out the door, rather jumpy. Caspian turned to the girl who appeared a touch in her own world. He knew he couldn’t leave her here to walk home, or get a cab on her own. Marcus would be waiting for Caspian, or for her – anyone to get his revenge on the Justice’s who had retaliated an attack on his friends. Caspian sat back down and turned to the girl – all of this happening only within minutes of each other.

    “Can I walk you to a cab, or a car? Marcus, the dude who hit on you,” he lifted a hand to his shaggy hair, and ran a hand through it, without looking at her, due to it being a nervous habit of his, “is sorta pissed. Not ta freak ya out, but I think he might wait around for you if I leave first.” He glanced at the door, and back at her. He knew his friends would still be at the station when he finally got in touch with Brendan, who could get them out of jail. For the time being he was worried about the target which was locked and loaded on this innocent girl’s back. He stood and straightened to his full five foot eight height, his eyes focusing on her face.

    “I promise no funny business, jus’ don’t want anyone gettin’ hurt for no reason,” he spoke sincerely, his shoulders lifting and hand turning up before dropping to his side.
  12. Reese was ordering another drink as the man turned his back on her. She didn't pay much mind to him or the fight that seemed to be taking place. That just meant more attention for her from the bartenders this evening. As people flooded towards the door she stayed in place, sipping now from another tall and frilly drink. Color was starting to take to her cheeks as her buzz started to grow heavy on her. It would only be a few more drinks before she was completely incapacitated. When she finished off that one her attention was brought back to the man, it seemed he never really left her side. His words made her raise an eyebrow, but as he mentioned the man who had been flirting with her face became worried.

    He had a really good point. If she could barely handle the guy sober she doubted she'd be able to keep him off completely smashed, especially since he seemed to think that she was on the opposite side of him now. That was risky...and she didn't love drinking that much that she was willing to sacrifice her won life for a heavy buzz after a few more drinks. Glancing towards the door again, the fight seemed to be taken care of mostly by the cops, the other patrons returning to the bar or the dancefloor as music started to pump loudly once more. It was time to go, she knew it very well. The sooner the better, that way her friends wouldn't be connected to her later.

    "Alright...I'll take a taxi." She said softly as she adjusted her glasses and hair, attempting to hide the effect that rough shaking had on her looks.

    She stood up, being only a small five foot two, her heels only making her slightly taller than that. She leaned against her stool for a moment, if only to gather up her purse and to finish paying off her tab to the nearby bartender. Turning to him, she moved slowly, motioning for him to lead the way.

    "Lead on...good sir." She said, moslty in a sarcastic manner as even she could tell he was no gentleman.
  13. Caspian’s eyes hadn’t left the door since he had spoken; something was giving him a rotten feeling. Maybe it was the imaginary gun which Marcus had pointed at him… or maybe it was the fact that his friends had gotten cuffed on the very night which they were mourning their brother. Either way he looked at it things were going in bad directions fast. When her words finally did find him, he begrudgingly let his eyes wander to her face. He had a feeling that the liquor was making everything a little worse. His night had started out earlier than usual, so he was likely partially letting the bad vibes be additionally affected by the liquor.

    Her tone though was something he was certain he hadn’t misinterpreted. He was going out of his way to be nice to her and her mocking tone bothered him. He stayed quiet, didn’t bother letting her get to him too – it would just be another thing on his list of things bothering him. Instead he walked through the crowd feeling sufficiently safe in the crowd. Still as he approached the door he turned to make sure she was staying close, and his right hand lowered into his pocket. The object of his nervous toying all evening was finally going to make a mild appearance. As he pushed through the door, a pulled the silver block of metal from his pocket. A soft clink was heard as he held it close to his body, and then he lowered it back into his pocket. At least it would be useable quicker at this rate.

    Glancing around he noticed Marcus waiting across the street his eyes trained on Caspian, and the door. Caspian shook his head, and headed out to the street, turning numerous times to make sure the short girl was close beside him. Now that he thought about it, he didn’t even know her damn name, and he was going through all of this trouble for her? Something about the idea of it bothered him; it bothered him more than Marcus standing across the street staring at him.

    “Let’s get you outta here quick,” his ocher eyes screamed hatred as he scowled across the street, and that very hatred was likely heard in his voice, a reflection of how he was mentally feeling. Caspian raised his left hand as he kept his eyes on Marcus, and his other hand on the blade.

    Still mildly bitter over what she had said he spoke with a sharpness in his voice, and his words were meant to burn like acid, “Part of me wonders what would’a happened to you if I’da left. You don’t know him, the shit he’s done to people. You think I’m bad jus by looking at me, but you don’t even know what he’s done. You have no idea what you coulda gotten into.” It was a few minutes after he had finished his words a cab pulled up to the side of the curb, nearly skidding to a halt. Marcus again lifted his hand, this time he made sure the girl was looking. holding a fake gun up towards her, as his other hand slid his pointer finger across his throat, when he had completed the slitting process he pointed towards the girl.
  14. Reese was more focused on trying to make it to the door and keeping close to her guide, least she suddenly loose him. She didn't like that he walked through the crowb but it was probably some caution he was taking. He kept saying that he didn't trust this man, for whatever reason it was she wasn't sure. But if someone like this guy, tattooed and probably dangerous, was concerened about someone else...then they were probably more dangerous. It was cold as she stepped out into the night air, not really looking around as she kept her mind focused on the ground and on keeping herself walking a straight line. She had a little bit to much of the strong stuff and now it was effecting the way she was moving.

    Looking over to the stranger helping her, she listened to him speaking about this guy. She didn't really take it in until she glanced across the street. He was standing there...watcing her. His hand in the shape of a gun while he slid his other hand across is neck in a menacing manner. What the heck was that? She was brought back to the area around her as she looked at the taxi, her expression a bit more aware now as she reached out for the door to the back seat. Slipping inside slowly, she felt a bit safer out of view and now heading off to her home where this crazy man had no clue where to look for. Pausing though in her movements, she looked back up at her helper before shuffling around in her purse.

    A tiny hand grabbed onto his free one, pulling it open before she placed a folded up fifty into his grasp. Closing his hand, she slipped herself the rest of the way into the taxi, her voice soft as she explained her actions to him.

    "Thanks for your help...You're really nice to do this. Hope you do well..." She said simply before she closed the door tight.

    With that, she spoke her address to the driver, the taxi pulling away and allowing her to take one last look at the man that helped her, and once last scared glance at the man who seemed to want her dead. She sat back in her seat with a tired sight, holding herself almost as she let her purse lay next to her. She hated this feeling, this terrible feeling that came with that deadly stare. But...when that guy helped her out...she felt very safe, something she couldn't even say she felt around her own father. A sigh left her lips before her phone started to ring, a worried look on ehr features as she pulled out the device to see a rather dreaded number.

    "Hi...Daddy." She said softly as a loud voice started to scold her in the back seat as the driver continued to take her home.
  15. When the cab appeared Caspian’s hand dropped back to his side. Glossy golden eyes glanced towards the girl, before worriedly looking back towards Marcus. Within moments the girl was in the cab, no words were spoken, but the door was still open, he could see that in his peripherals. What was the hold up?, he wondered to himself as he felt a soft cool hand latch onto his. Before looking down his eyebrows furrowed, and he looked at her face. Any resemblance of annoyance dissipated at her features – they were sculpted, beautiful, and he knew she was delicate, innocent even. His hand moved to cup whatever it was she had placed in it, and he opened his hand to look at what she had placed there. He stared a moment, confusion setting in.

    “Na, I can’t take this,” he said. The cab door was shut, it was moving. “What the hell, I get her into this trouble, and,” he shook his head. He had forgotten about Marcus, and quickly lifted his eyes to where he once stood, but he was gone. Stepping backwards slightly Caspian glanced around eerily, and his hand balled into a fist around the fifty. His other hand still held onto the cool metal in his pocket. It was time to leave. Backing up against the wall he pulled out his wallet, his eyes flashing around the crowds to look for any dangers. Quickly folding the bill up he stuffed it behind his identification card, for safe keeping.


    Caspian had made a few calls inadvertently got in touch with Brendan about the boys being in lock up. Unfortunately it still meant that they would be there for about a week, leaving Caspian alone in the house, unless he had upper ranking visitors. Word on the streets was that the locos were already out of lockup, and in the clear. Two of the Justice’s were being held for prior warrants, and the other two were simply waiting to make bail. Caspian had visited, found out his boys had started the fights, and that charges were being pressed – who would have guessed the Locos would have done something as low as using the police as a weapon. If anyone was suffering the consequences it was Caspian. He was headed to a downtown bar, to sell some goods to help fund the price of getting his buddies out.

    Tonight he dressed differently, a blue and white bandanna across his forehead, his hair fell over the bandanna in a messy fluff. A matching blue t-shirt hung on his body – not baggily, but fitting well enough. Nothing that he wore was really baggy, especially pants, baggy pants just got in the way of running. Taking a cab, bus, or train to downtown was his best bet, but every penny he had counted, and he still hadn’t touched the fifty which hid in his wallet. Instead he walked a good while, puffing on a cigarette every couple of blocks, until he found himself rounding the corner to the bar he was supposed to be babysitting for six hours with no cigarettes…

    “Fuckin’ great,” he lifted and dropped his hands. He was pretty badly tempered as of late, so he turned around, and headed to the convenient store across the street. There was an annoyingly long line, so he settled for walking around the store. Grabbing an energy shot, a pack of gum, and standing in the line, which had only grown since his stroll around the place.
  16. Upon returning home, Reese had been more or less chewed out by her father. He was mad about several things...Her lack of a note, her being out so late and the fact that she smelled of alcohol. He didn't punish her though, other than a good slap on the cheek. He seemed to be tipsy himself and his hitting was hardly painful. In the morning after, he forgot of his hitting of her or her ever being out in the first place, a convience in some instances and a sad state in others. Days went by after that, Reese kept to herself in the house and read book and wrote things. On occasion she even went and did some cleaning or tended to the yard while her father was working. Certainly nothing as exciting as her experience at the club nights before.

    Now though, as she walked along the sidewalk and held onto her purse tightly she found herself wondering about that man from before. Not the nice one that helped her, but the one who she was very certain had mental issues. She had seen no hide nor hair of the man, but that didn't mean anything. From what she remembered from what the other one said, he was no joke. Glancing over her shoulder yet again, she hurried into the convience store with a purse handing from her shoulder. She wasn't dressed as nicely as she had been at the club, this time it was jeans and a rather plain blouse that she had been wearing at the moment. Along with that, she had on some simple tennis shoes to finish her look.

    She was Grabbing snacks for the night, both to satify a probably drunken father when he stumbled in at some late hour as well as to give her something to eat for dinner. What was the point of cooking when she would be eating all by herself in the end. She walked along the asiles and grabbed some chips, pretzles and several candies in a basket. A few energy drinks followed that and soon she stepped into line behind someone in blue. She sighed a bit at the thought of the color, it reminded her of that man...who's name she regreted not getting. He seemed nice, if not rugged and possibly gang related. The fact he saved her from being a victim of that creepy man was enough to at least make her feel like she still owed him. Looking up at the person in front of her, she noticed the tattoos that ran up his arms.

    She knew those tattoos. They were a vague memory, but she remembered the color of them. Everything around him was blue, only pushing the gang relation more. It probably wasn't the same guy though. After all, they were gang tattoos, every man in the group probably had the same one, if not variations on a main tat. Still, the fact that this man had tattoo's that she recognized was enough for her to vocalize it, even if not intentionally.

    "A balance..." She said softly as she noticed a woman holding on in one of the many inks on him.
  17. Caspian licked his lips as he waited, one cashier, and this was the only convenient store for miles. He sighed heavily, shifting his feet, and his free hand rubbed at his black and blue inked arm. He thought for a moment about how he would pay for it, whether or not he should finally use up that fifty that he had been given, what a week ago… but for some reason using that money felt wrong . Like it wasn’t really his, like he should give it back, or give it out. Then he thought about the girl with the glasses, the softness of her features, yet at the same time there was oddness about her that had drawn him back in to help her. He wanted to blame Marcus, but he knew it was more than just that. Something about the way he had treated her, the abruptness, and the obvious fog his mind was in didn't really help how he recapped the entire thing.

    While he had been thinking this over he had felt eyes on him, almost as if he was being watched - and that was never a comforting feeling when being apart of a gang. He uneasily glanced towards the door, to the television screen which showcased him in line, showcased to everyone in the store that they were on a camera. The screen made it simple to see a female behind him, and no others really lurking around, which comforted him, aside from the girl eyeing him. The fuzzy screen didn’t tell him much about her, but judging by her outfit, he wasn’t certain he knew her. His eyes were glued to the screen when the words were spoken, they reverberated inside of his head for a time and his entire body stiffened. Clenching tightly to his items he didn’t reach for his blade, or the gun tucked into the back of his jeans, instead he turned his torso halfway towards the girl. When he realized who it was, he shifted his entire body sideways to see her better.

    Caspian let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding, but did so quietly. It was her; somehow, by some twisted turn of fate he had met the pure, but nameless girl, again. Knots formed in his stomach, there was no alcohol in his system to steady out his heartbeat, or let him effortlessly take control of his typical body senses.

    “Well I’ll be damned,” he smiled letting his straight teeth show. They may have been straight on the top, but the bottom was a bit jagged, and while he tended to them daily, they had been subjected to smoke since he was sixteen, so that wasn’t quite in his favor, a soft yellow tint had stained them. “Either you’re following me, or you’re in the wrong neighborhood again,” his tone was light, playful even, something he was certain she hadn’t heard from him the first night they had met.
  18. Looking up at the turning face, a small expression of surprise came over her. It was him! The guy from the club!...Well, the nice one from the club. She hardly expected to see him here of all places, but then again this was on the edge of some shady neighbourhoods...So maybe it wasn't to big of a surprise. She noticed that he was buying cigarettes, making her adjust the basket of snacks on her arm. She returned his smile, even if her's was rather small and shy, she wasn't used to those classic run ins with the people you knew. If anything, she found herself shuffling from one foot to the other as her mind tried to come up with something to say.

    "Well, I suppose I'm just finding myself in the wrong place all the time. Even when I'm just trying to shop." She joked a bit, hoping it wasn't offending him at all.

    After all, she had been slightly more confident when she had spoken to him last because of a large amount of alcohol that was running through her system. She was terribly shy now, even nervous as she spoke with him. It wasn't his fault though, he was being rather nice at the moment it seemed. It was more on the fact that she really never talked to any man before, she rarely spoke with her father on most occasions so talking to a man she didn't even really know at all was a very drastic change to her usual routine. Though, not to appear rude, she continued to smile, a small hand moving up to push her glasses onto her face as the line moved up one step.

    "So...Um...I assume you're just in the neighbourhood for a stroll? I mean...I've never really seen you around here before, I usually come here for snacks so I'm a regular customer and such." She admitted, innerly hoping that that didn't give away where she lived.

    Then again, she really didn't need to worry about this one, or at least she hoped not. He seemed to have only kind intentions towards her so far, even when he had been smashed at the club. Then again, he was of some type of gang and there had been reports of a gang fight the same night she was there, he could have connections to that or possibly even be thinking about robbing her home if he got to know her well enough. She didn't let her thoughts show on her face though, instead keeping her smile as she waited for him to respond if at all.
  19. A shrug was given at her words, and his devious smile grew at her words. He hadn’t remembered her being playful or able to take a joke, in fact all he really remembered was her stupid friend, and that she seemed certain he was dangerous. Which to some extents was true, a knife and a gun were easily wieldable by him he had killed locos, but to her, he was harmless. The lift shifted forward and he moved accordingly, before shifting back around to her. He hadn’t replied to her words with his own, but she spoke again, this time a little more unsure of herself – and for some reason it drew Caspian in.

    “Na, I am headed to Courtside, gonna grab a drink, and a little business,” he tried to sidestep what kind of business so he continued, “I’m not really in these part, jus’ passin’ through.” For a moment he took in her figure, but attempted to disguise it, she had subtle curves in all the right places, and just the right amount of meat on her bones. “You know you could stop by, I do have a fifty I been meaning to spend,” he rested his eyes on hers with a sneer. He lifted his hand to his hair, wanting to nervously run his hand through it, but remembered he had a bandanna on, so he settled on pushing it off of his forehead. The line shifted again, and he didn’t hesitate to shift forward. He had to wait because there was no way in hell he was staking out a place to sell without his own cigarettes. The biggest problem he could see with her stopping up would be that when selling, the buyers like to have a bowl with the seller, sometimes they even share – which was great for Caspian, getting a free buzz, but he had no idea if whoever this girl was, minded that sort of scene.
  20. "That's nice of you...but I can't" She said softly as she looked at her feet.

    She didn't remember giving him the money, mostly because even her memories of the night were foggy and probably out of place. The only thing that was really clear in her mind was that one man who had more or less threatened her light right as she was about to get into the cab. Shaking her head a bit she looked back up at him and shrugged her shoulders before speaking again.

    "I have to get back home as soon as possible. I've got some cleaning and and other things I need to do before my day get's home. A-anyway, thanks for the offer....maybe another time." She said as the line moved yet another step forward.

    This quick shopping trip was starting to feel like an eternity. Could that cashier go any slower? However, a small bit of her hoped that they did, so that she at least still had a reason to keep talking to him. Even though he was of some gang assosciation, she didn't feel tense around him, and she couldn't even say that about her father. On top of that they were in decent light, he wasn't half bad looking. Granted he had some yellow on his teeth but who didn't? He was well built in a way and easily towered over her, making her feel like if he was near her, she wasn't going to get hurt. She adjusted the basket in her arms once more as she continued to wait for her turn.