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  1. Welcome to my world. I'd like to first take a moment to thank you for your time in reading my sign up thread.​
    Let's start with the rules.
    1) Due to the nature of this roleplay, some godmodding will be happening, but only with consent from the other players. For convenience sake let's keep overall godmodding on the minimal please and thank you.​
    2) There will be blood, if you are not a fan of a few bloody combat sequences then please continue with discretion. There will, however, be a limit on the amount of blood. Example, don't get too thorough in the scene where you rip out his intestines please, nobody wants to read that.​
    3) No adult content. You can hint to it, but if you wish to act it out, take it to the mature roleplay section.​
    4) I will be contacting various people with instructions from Xandria (read plot) and I would like to make it abundantly clear that you do -not- need to follow his instructions. This is an open roleplay, the players have complete control over even my own actions.​
    5) No more than 3 characters. This is a maximum, not a minimum.​
    6) You must post at least once every 2 weeks, with some leeway of course. If you have an excuse or simply cannot post, please let us all know in the OOC thread (this thread) or else you will be removed by death or sent out to sea (quite literally).​
    7) You have a cell phone. Xandria will call, it would be in your best interest to answer.​
    8) All other standard roleplay rules apply.​
    9) These are subject to change, though probably won't.​
    So, let's get some backstory.
    Throughout history there has been a group of people that you won't read about in any history books or hear about in any cathedrals. Despite their absence in history, they have had an iron grip on every action that has changed the path of the world. The road they pave has been entirely unavoidable, as they are the Xandrian humans. People that have evolved with the ability to pave the roads of destiny who used their powers to stay completely hidden from the pages of history.
    For centuries these people have been around and have been unopposed, but in the recent times more and more have noticed their powers have not effected certain individuals. It didn't take too long for these people to notice that they had abilities of their own. Using these abilities they discovered that the past of the world was not quite what they had read. This discovery caused them to get together and form their own organization dedicating to finding the truth, good or bad. What they managed to uncover changed their entire perception of the world. Tiring hours of investigation lead them to a group of people that called themselves the "Writers of Fate" who seemed to have an iron grip over the actions of men. It did not take long for them to discover that they were not effected by the writers powers.
    After the meeting of the Advents, as they called themselves, it was decided to change their direction. The goal of the Advent Humans became the purpose of overthrowing the Writers of Fate and letting human history write itself. The leader of the Advent Organization influenced and trained his followers to recognize how to find a Xandrian human. This was the first generation of the Advent Humans, thus as a new race they had much to learn, however their human intelligence allowed the to adapt and fit in. It soon became aware that the objective of taking down the Writers of Fate would take longer than their lives could see. Recognizing this, the leader made sure his son was fully aware of the happenings of the world, and at his demise, abdicated as the leader of the Advent Organization, and power has continued to be passed that way since.
    It has been a total of 3 generations of known Advent Humans, and the Advent Organization still exists. They have gotten skilled at detecting the presence of a Xandrian Human and still to this day attempt to hunt them down. Lethal force is not uncommon, however there have been cases of imprisonment. In very rare cases there have also been alliances between some of the Advent Humans and the Xandrian humans. So far it has been uncovered that there is the presence of a person known only as Xandria, whom the Advents believe is the leader of the Writers of Fate, however, no Xandrian has admitted to ever knowing the name, causing Xandria to be a being shrouded in mystery.
    Explanations of the Advent Humans and the Xandrian Humans:​
    Humans: A normal person, they are just like you and me. Nothing too special about these guys, these will mostly be NPC's, but you can be a human if you like, it should be interesting. It would also open a huge window for possibilities for the humans listed below.
    Xandrian Humans: Every Xandrian Human has the same ability in common. Writing down detailed events can be willed to come true. Different writers have different ways to write what they desire, but the common feature is that if their minds and their writings are in sync, it will come true if they desire it. One Xandrian is not effected by other Xandrians writing abilities. Aside from their abilities to write out future events to their desires, they all also are given a unique set of magical abilities, each unlike the next. While these abilities are improved by age, they are not the strong points of the Xandrians skillset. A Xandrian is only as good as his or her ability to think.
    Advent Humans: A young species fresh to the world. These humans are also completely unaffected by the writings of a Xandrian humans ability to write the future. Aside from that specific power, they also have another set of abilities that closely resembles the powers of the Xandrian Humans as well, but it also varies between each individual.​
    OF NOTE: Not all Xandrian humans are evil and not all Advent Humans are good. This goes for which are in either organization, there could be good reasons for being a memebr of the Writers of Fate​
    Bio Template:​
    Alignment: -Which organization are you sided with? Or perhaps you are a free agent?-​
    Personality: -At least 6 sentances as a minimal.-​
    Appearance: -A picture will do fine, however, textual description is encouraged.-​
    Skills: -Your talents, can you cook, can you play music? Give us some things you're good at.-​
    Powers: -Be creative and original. There is no limit to the number of abilities, however you must remember that Xandrian humans are usually not capable of incredible feats. Xandrian humans are also typically more mystical while Advent Humans tend to be more physical. your powers also grow in strength as you get older, so you will have certain age restrictions for your abilities.-​
    Strengths: -What makes you important to which side you are on?-​
    Weaknesses: -What flaws does your character have that could get in the way in future events? Minimum of 2-​
    History: -I expect to see why your character is on which alignment in here. Also do recognize that typically being an Advent or Xandrian human is a thing of a bloodline, though it is not unheard of for one to be born of 2 normal humans.-​
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  2. Reserved

    Roleplay Theme:

    World Map (this thing is huge)
    Show Spoiler

    As you can see this map shows us the geography and civilization locations within this world. The bulk of the roleplaying will take place on East Nalnar, the largest continent. This is because the Writers of Fate are located centrally in Tar-Nod, the second largest city. Tar-Nod has a population density of 24,061 per square mile. This is enough people so that the streets are crowded but not so many people for there to not be living space. The Writers of Fate are located in the highest building that the general public thinks is a scientific research facility and is considered off limits. The lower floors consist of displays of artificial advancements in technology to make the illusion much more clear.

    For the most part, people consider North and South Tarna separate cities, mostly due to the division of school districts. The two cities are centers of trade due to the river separating the two. While technology has advanced to lose the need for ships to carry cargo, tradition has kept it to be the center of the economy. This is where the government is and it's considered the world capital, as it has political power over all sections of the world, effectively eliminating national borders. North Tarna deals with military matters, causing it to be more strict in its laws and have more inaccessible facilities.

    The Advent Organization is primarily and strategically located in Vash, a far north city with the highest population density in the world capping out at an average of 32,109 people per square mile. It would be near impossible to point out an advent human here, making it difficult for Xandrians to recognize that this is where the Advents hide, as they have no physical distinguishing features. The Advents also know where the Xandrians are, so they have another area to act as a decoy.

    Which brings us to Tolee, east of Tar-Nod. This is where a small sector of the Advent Humans meet up. They are directly ordered by the Advent Organization, however they are considered rather independent. Their job is to remain not-so-hidden to attract false direction to the Xandrian Humans. Due to a desert to the south and a forest to the north with mountains to the west, it would be hard for the Xandrians to subtly put an assault, they would be forced to rely on man power.

    The technology of this world is not advanced as our own. There are cell phones, however the standard cell phone is a thin flip phone that lacks gaming abilities and has no camera. The typical mode of transportation is a car, truck, jeep, so on and so forth. As such, the world has its share of roads, but they are not extremely busy outside of the city and other dense areas. Long distance and over sea trips can also be made by ship or by airplane, but airports are the expensive way to go. Televisions have not advanced to be super slim platforms, but more of the old style box TVs we all had as kids. Computers remain restricted to desks save for the occasional rich family or individual owning a rather bulky laptop. Music genres are, just as in our world, very wide in variety.

    As for the culture, it's most relatable to our European cultures in that it is generally the same with a few divided areas that have their own sub-cultures and accents. West Nalnar is known for being rich with farmers and agricultural workers. Balsnans is rich with tradition and religious belief in the many deities that everyone may or may not believe in. They have their religious code of conduct that is considered strict by the standard folk, but is rather normal to them. Travel North over the ocean and find yourself in Arkol, generally known for their focus on education. Many brilliant people come from there. From there, heading east takes you to the Torhal Empire. It's no longer an empire, but they pride themselves on their former isolated history. They have their own writing system and generally are known for the tea drinking. They put a lot of importance in manners.

    In history there is one main event that the Advents have wondered about since the discovery of Xandrian Humans. There was a world wide war 723 referred to as The Border War, named after the effect it had. This war brought the Torhal Empire out of its isolation to participate. The war is recorded to be over the Three States. History tells us that a prince of the time was assassinated and fingers were instantly pointed to Torhal. The reason Torhal was accused was unknown, resulting in Advents thinking this to be an act of the Xandrians. The result of the war was the merging of all nations after a treaty called the Borderless Treaty. This unified the world, which was an unlikely result of such a war. There are quite a few theories about this the Advents have made, such as a good Xandrian attempting to unify the world, but the fact that this war span over 63 years makes this the more unlikely. The common belief is that it was done as an act of convenience to make the Xandrian grip on the world much more firm. The truth is unknown and the possibility that the Xandrians had nothing to do with it remains in the air as well.

    The war resulted in a massive boom of technology, creating ground vehicles and advanced weaponry. This was the war that brought out the use of guns and their advancements. Spanning as long as it did, there was no real social advancements during this time. It was a dark age filled with gear and hostility. Foreigners were suspected of being enemies and either exiled or imprisoned. Just like any war, this war has it's share of famous battles. The majority of combat took place on Torhal and East Nalnar. Despite this there were also a fair share of ocean battles since flying technology was not yet developed to be effective in war.

    Every city, town, and village is generally populated with humans, however small sectors of Xandrian -and- Advent humans can be found at any location at any time.

    The Advent Organization:
    This is the organizations of Advent Humans dedicated to taking down the Writers of Fate. They tend to meet in unknown and unsuspecting places, such as at parks or in pedestrian homes that are willing to house them. They lack very high funding so they can't yet get a large facility, however they stay connected with cell phones and e-mails.

    The Advent Organization is lead by a man named Mystro Kijaki. Mystro rules with a fair grip. He is a very good planner and he is extremely dedicated to the well being of his people. The decisions he makes are highly persuaded by the thoughts and comments of his subordinates to the point that he considers them his masters. His determination shows in the workings of the Advent Humans. He has also managed to keep the presence of Advent Humans unknown to the general public, save for a few normal humans and Xandrian humans that are involved with Mystro and his organization.

    The Writers of Fate:
    This group of people consists purely of Xandrian Humans. The few and rare Advent Humans that have chosen to side with the Xandrians are not considered part of this organization, they are instead held as pawns. The Writers of Fate is a council of many, many people that discuss the direction they wish to guide the world in. Among this council is a small group of people that hold the most influence. It's unknown how they got to their position of power, but these few 10 Xandrians call themselves the Fate Circle. While their images are not hidden, it is not commonly known how they look as they tend not to meddle in every day affairs.

    OF NOTE: These guys are playable, but they have to pass a very specific resume that must be shared in PMs for plot convenience.

    This person calls themself Xandria only. The origin of Xandria is completely unknown. This includes age, gender, and location. All that is known is that Xandria contacts both Xandrian Humans and Advent Humans. The typical means of contact is via cell phone, in which case a heavy voice distortion is used. The voice has had many attempts by the Fate Circle and the Advent Organization to be filtered out, but all attempts end without result. No matter how long the person is in a call it cannot be traced.

    Xandria will work as follows: I will PM the person Xandria is calling and give them the information or the basics of what the conversation will entail. This will leave some mystery in the roleplay, keeping things interesting. If I do not PM them then I will share the information in a post of my own if I wish to keep it public. The person contacted is not required to do as Xandria says, however Xandria will also be a key part of this plot, but as stated above, the community will decide the direction of this roleplay.
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  3. Also reserved...
  4. Aaaaaand the final reserved spot.

    For now this is just discussion. Ask questions, make bios, make suggestions, I'm all ears.

    Name: Mystro Kijaki

    Age: 32

    Race: Advent Human

    Alignment: Advent Organization [Leader]

    Personality: Mystro was raised with the goals of the advent humans pounded into his head again and again, causing him to be extremely focused on studying everything that was known about the Xandrians and the Advent Humans. Due to being born into his duty of leading the organization, Mystro often feels much stress from the overwhelming responsibilities of leading such a large and important group of people. His studys have also caused him to be a brilliant strategist, as he is amazing at coordinating people, however he often fails to consider the desires of others. It's very easy for him to get confused by sudden actions, he tends to base everything he does around logic. Despite his logical standpoints he also leaves the organizations decisions completely up to a democracy, as he recognizes the importance of loyal followers. When it comes to caring for others he is consciously clueless, but when he stops thinking he becomes a very caring man willing to step in front of a gun for a close one.

    Appearance: This is a man who has been there and has seen it all, and his eyes reflect it. He stands at a height of 5'9". He does not have a very muscular build, but he is in good shape.

    Skills: In his free time, Mystro can be found playing Chess. Aside from that, he can shoot a gun very well, hitting his mark quite often.

    Powers: The main reason Mystros bloodline has been the organization leaders is because each of them has a unique ability. On demand, Mystro can turn on and off the ability to see someones aura which will reveal the individual of focus' emotions and race. He can focus this ability on more than one person quite easily. This power is used to prevent any Xandrians from coming in and is also quite handy in Xandrian hunting.

    Aside from that, Mystro also has the ability to coat his body in a very shiny blue exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is hard enough to block light blows and prevent gunshots from being too lethal in some cases, effectively acting as a suit of armor. When the exoskeleton grows over his hands that resemble sharp claws built for digging into objects with an iron grip. The exoskeleton also increases his strength slightly. These features allow him to be able to fall from great heights without damage. He can also use the enhanced strength coupled with his claws to grab onto ledges and climb up them if he needs to, though this takes much exertion and is quite exhausting.

    Strengths: Great planner and organizational skills. Mystro has a talent for making everything easy to understand and follow a pattern of logic and reason. His upbringing forced him to be able to think as a leader, as it was an inevitable truth throughout his childhood that he would be leading a large group of people. In order to lead he had to hone his mind to be able to reduce the amounts of flaws in a plot. With enough study he became an excellent long term thinker.

    His people skills are fantastic. He can persuade people he has never met before to do him favors if he so needs them to, and he can also convince certain people of various things with his play on words. He can use his people skills to get attention of a crowd very quickly, which is an important feature when in his position. It's not uncommon for him to meet other Advent Humans and attempt to talk them into joining him in his cause.

    Weaknesses: When planning it is very difficult for Mystro to consider the human element. He can easily forget that ones emotions can get in the way, or even that they might not be capable of something. Because of this, factors such as adrenaline and internal conflicts often create a snare in his plans. If he were to send someone on an assassination mission, he might not remember to be sure that the two people have no connection, making it easy to mistakenly send someone to kill a former friend.

    Mystro is very poor at making things up on the fly, so when something unexpected happens, he finds it very difficult to adapt to the situation. For this reason he has yet to decide if he wants to establish an official Advent Organization grounds. In the event of an attack he would need time to come up with a plan. It wouldn't be as simple as thinking ahead of a defense plan since every Xandrian has different abilities. This is mostly due to his inability to operate under stress.

    Whenever he sees a Xandrian Human he will instantly assume they are an enemy and quite often attack. This is not to say he will not ask questions, but given the history of the Xandrian Humans then the usual case is him dismissing their words for deceptive lies. He tries not to kill them as it would be best to question them if they know anything, but he has been known to slip up in moments of anger.

    History: -In progress-
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  5. -------------------------------------
    Name: Ashling Garrick
    Age: 25
    Race: Xandrian
    Alignment: Currently aligned with the Advents
    Personality: A misguided hippie of sorts, Ashling mostly wants peace in the world. Above all, she wants the fighting to stop, but as she is far too familiar with the inner workings of the Xandrian Council, she knows that no negotiation will stop them and therefore, violence will be necessary for the greater good. Day-to-day, she is kind and polite, but she stands up for herself when she feels threatened. This rarely leads to violence if she can avoid it, but she is in no way a pushover. Her gentle demeanor can shift dramatically and quickly when her honor is challenged, as she holds nothing higher than her honor (ex. being accused of being a spy for the Xandrians would set her off). She is also an intellectual and places a great importance on knowledge and truth.
    Height: 5' 8"
    Skills: Ashling is a very talented singer, though you will rarely find her singing anything upbeat. She can also be a skilled seductress if she so chooses, but she prefers to avoid such close contact unless the subject is one of the rare people she loves.
    Powers: Along with the power to write and will it to be true, as all Xandrians can, she can also cause others to have vivid daydreams. These have no basis in the physical world, though often the victim (or ally) will temporarily believe the dreams to be true. Her ability focuses on daydreams, however, she can use her powers while the subject is asleep. The result is a less vivid experience and the subject will typically awake thinking it was just a dream from their own subconscious, as opposed to during wakefulness, when it is clear their mind has been intruded on.
    Strengths: She grew up with the Xandrians, and only recently decided to break off from them. Therefore, she has an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the Xandrian Council, where and when they meet, etc. She is also very reliable on missions. When she believes that carrying out an act will lead to the betterment of all races, Xandrian, Advent, and Humans alike, she will complete it to the best of her abilities. She will not stop until it is absolutely no longer possible to achieve.
    1) She loves sparingly (few people) but way too strongly. While this may seem like a positive quality at times, it definitely has it's downfalls. Ex. in the Spiderman movie where Peter Parker has to choose between dropping Mary Jane or a car full of innocent bystanders and children, she would not hesitate to save her loved one and let the others fall to their death. It also makes her loved ones vulnerable to attacks, and if she loses someone, her behavior can get a bit unpredictable. This applies to familial, friend, and romantic love.
    2) She is only 25, and as abilities increase in strength with age, her power to force a daydream on others is imperfect. While the majority of the time, it works very well, she sometimes encounters certain people or stressful situations where she is not at 100%, and in such cases, daydreams can be skewed from what was intended.
    History: Ashling grew up in an average Xandrian home. Her father worked for the Writers of Fate and was fairly well-known. Her mother stayed home to care for her and her younger sister, Brielle. Her father became very distant as he was quite invested in his work, but he loved them all deeply, always kissing them goodbye before work, and occasionally taking them to the office for the day. Ashling overheard terrible plots during those days, but her father always insisted that he was there to stop them. At the time of his disappearance (let's face it, death), Ashling had to step up to console her mother and care for her sister. While she did her best, she was only 15 at the time, so it did not go very well. By the time Ashling was 20, her sister left with the Xandrian organization. For 3 years, she watched the organization closely, keeping a distant eye on her little sister, but it became apparent that the organization had taken her loyalty completely, and did not plan on using it for good. At 23, Ashling left home to seek out the Advents and help them take down the vile organization which she believes disgraces the race of Xandrians.
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  6. Name:Alana Rain Ailani
    Race: Advent human
    Alignment: Advent Humans
    Personality:Alana is always calm and collected in her mind, she is usually a very good problem solver because of this. There aren't many things that make her mad, but if you say anything about her family she will pretty much lose it. Alana is more of a loner, she would much rather be outside taking pictures of nature then having a conversation with another person. When she does talk to people she is a very sweet girl, it is almost impossible for her to be mean to anyone because she doesn't see any reason to be mean. She does have a darker side hidden inside her that is a dark hopeless whole growing inside her, she can get very depressed a lot of times but she always buries it deeper and deeper away from the surface. Alana also dreams off into other worlds and looses her attention on things very easy. She is a very unlucky person that is always somehow getting herself into trouble, she always knows what to do in these situations which has definitely saved her butt a few times. Overall Alana is a calm, sweet girl who is a little anti social and depressed.

    Skills:Alana is an amazing artist, she loves doing all kinds of art(drawing, painting, sculptures, she's even done sewing before), but she prefers to draw and always has her notebook and a pencil with her almost everywhere she goes and she has a very creative imagination when it comes down to what she draws.
    Powers:She can see the future in her dreams and even though she usually forgets them when she wakes up, her mind with help her draw them out when she really needs to remember them, she can also almost sedate people and make them completely calm and collected and pretty much calm the scene and air around her.
    Strengths:She can remain calm through stressful and scary situations and is a good problem solver.
    1.She sees goodness within everyone, which may end up hurting her and others.
    2.She has a horrible memory, it doesn't really get in her way of helping but its still a weakness.
    3.She gets distracted very easily which can be a little frustrating for the people around her and if she needs to be paying close attention it can hurt her sometimes.
    4.She can shutdown sometimes from depression and won't really talk to anyone.
    History:Alana had a very interesting up bringing. She grew up with a human mother who had no idea about The Fate Writers and a father who was one of the advent humans. Her father kept what she was hidden from her until she was 10, but she had already started to figure it out a while before then. Her powers started out very week, at first she couldn't remember anything she saw and she could only calm down small animals, but as she got older she became a lot more powerful. She moved away when she turned 18 to go and find more advent humans and to see if she could help out in any way and she ended up finding some very quickly. Now she is just trying her best to get through everyday and she's trying to help others.
  7. I like both of those bios. We'll see if we can get more people, but if this does launch, you both are accepted.

    Also, do keep in mind, future applicants, we will need some antagonists for this to get really interesting. I myself will be taking on 2 main characters.
  8. I may also take on another character and make it an antagonist. Trying to improve my writing abilities. XD
  9. I'll probably make another character that's an antagonist when I have more time to fill out a bio for him, I would have done it yesterday but I only had time to fill out one. (:
  10. Name:Levi Zane Marshall
    Alignment:Xandrian Humans
    Levi has an energizing personality that is both flirtations and energizing. He loves to tease and mess with girls heads and he is rather mischievous. Levi also has a much, much darker side to him. He has a horrible, fiery temper that can get out of control at times. When he gets mad he turns into his real self, cold and heartless and only caring about himself. He is a little stuck up and difficult to get along with at time, he gets into a lot of fights and trouble because of this. Altogether Levi is fun, flirting, and mischievous, but has a dark side that is cold, fiery, and heartless at times.
    Levi is kind of tall, he stands around 6'1" and has a thin, but surprisingly muscular body. His hair is a light golden brown color and is full of loose curls that end right above his eyes and ears and its usually pretty messy. He has dark blue eyes that are pretty for a guys. He has a hard, square jawline and his nose isn't really big, but its closer to being big then small, he has small but still full lips that are a pale pink color, and his eyebrows aren't really too bushy but they are a little bit(they are usually mostly covered up by his hair.). He usually wears a t-shirt with a rock band logo on it(his favorite is a black Rolling Stones t-shirt so he wears that one a lot) and some plain denim jeans and a denim jacket. His skin is a light olive tone and its completely flawless besides a scar that's right above his eyebrow that is about an inch long.
    He great at playing the guitar, its one of his favorite things to do. He is also a really good cook, but he only cooks for special people.
    Levi's other powers, beside writing the humans fate, Levi can cause different things to happen with the weather. He usually uses small things, but he can also cause things such as small tornadoes if he is really upset. His main specialty is a thick fog that can cover over two miles, he uses this when he wants to confuse an enemy or get away.
    He can also play around with emotions a little, he can only influence them so he can't really do it directly yet. Usually he just puts small ideas and thoughts or memories into someones mind and they grow and grow until they are either mad, sad, or happy. He can't cause any emotions such as love or hate yet but as he gets older who knows what his powers will do.
    1.He is great at talking and convincing people because he is a great liar and flirt. If he can't play with your brain through emotions then he is great at doing it through his words.
    2.He only cares about himself, this is both a strength and a weakness because it makes him cold enough to do what the Xandrian want him to.
    1.He is a little bit full of himself which can cause problems with other people.
    2.He only really care about himself so the only reason he is on the Xandrian's side is because of his sister(You'll read about that in history).
    Levi grew up with no one except his Xandrian sister. He had to take care of her and raise her, but he didn't mind because she was the only person he actually loved. When Levi was around 18 him an his sister split ways and about a year later he found out that she had been hunted down and killed. Since then he has sided completely with the Xandrian Humans, he helps them do different tasks and he is one of there best writers also.
  11. -------------------------------------
    Name: Brielle Garrick
    Age: 20
    Race: Xandrian
    Alignment: Xandrians
    Personality: Brielle is obsessed with power. She will do almost anything to achieve it. She is mesmerizing. She is manipulative and can get whatever she wants out of almost anyone. Because of this, she is spoiled and self-centered. Brielle loves no one but herself and cares only about her own motives. She will, however, bend to the will of the Writers of Fate in any way, in hopes of one day joining their ranks and gaining more influence on the human world. For them, she is a willing and humble servant. In her free time you will likely find her with a notebook in the park, writing down terrible fates for passers-by.
    Height: 5' 4"
    Skills: Her skills at seduction are far greater than that of her elder sister (Ashling). With her innocent and beautiful looks, she typically needs to do nothing more than bat her eyelashes at any male to get what she wants. However, she will not hold back if they need more "persuasion".
    Powers: Brielle can summon a ball of smoky light in her hand which forms a picture of any given person and some space around them. This can be used to locate people when they are in a familiar location. It shows them in real-time and moving, so it can reveal their current actions as well. As she is only 20, very little of the background is shown when she does this. As she ages, more background will be shown and therefore convey more information about the subject, but it is very confined as of yet.
    Strengths: Brielle is extremely loyal to the Xandrians. As far as she is concerned, she no longer has family, and therefore her loyalty lies only with the Writers of Fate, as they can help her achieve the power she desires. They are her best hope, and therefore, she will do whatever it takes to please them. And given her personality, she will most likely enjoy it. Brielle is also
    1) Brielle's thirst for power and control, and urge to please the WoF, often causes her to mess up battle plans. She will attempt to take lead of a mission to steal credit, which can lead to disaster when things go wrong.
    2) While Brielle currently loves no one, and is essentially unable to love, she had immense feelings for her father. This can be used against her by feeding her false information and causing her to doubt herself, as she believes she is following in her father's footsteps. While this is a deep-seeded feeling, masked by her drunkenness with power, she really only wants to make her father proud.
    History: Brielle grew up in an average Xandrian family. Her father worked or the Writers of Fate Council, and was well known. Her mother stayed at home to raise her and her elder sister, Ashling. Her father's missions grew increasingly more secretive as Brielle grew, and she would see her father less and less often. One day, when Brielle was 10, he disappeared and the family never saw him again. Brielle lost her way in the grief, taking a downward spiral that would last into her teen years when she would turn to drugs as an escape. At 15, she was contacted by high-ranking members of the Xandrians to join them. Believing it would be the best thing for her, her mother let her go. She has not seen her mother or sister since. Xandria told her that her father was killed by an advent in cold blood, simply because of his race. From that point on she swore loyalty to the Writers of Fate. During her time with the Xandrian organization, she got off drugs, but power became her next clutch. She has never truly recovered.
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  12. Both are accepted. I also have one more person who will be setting up a bio, so in the mean time feel free to spread the word. I'd like to get a fair bit of players involved in this one.
  13. Well while we wait for Gavin to make his bio, we could brainstorm ideas to keep the topic going or just ask questions...Trying not to let the thread die.
  14. Well, I know I am very interested to see your other bio, for your second character.
    Also, I'm very new to this. Do we know where exactly our story will begin? Is that something we plan out together or do we just jump into it based on the first post (presumably made by you, being the roleplay master XD )
  15. Well for my second Bio I think I will wait for Gavin to post his up. As for the story beginning, I'll have you place your character in whatever town you so please, an open rp means that each player has the possibility to change the entire course of the entire roleplay. Though, I will be using Xandria to influence the story, but again, there is no requirement to do as he says.
  16. Name: Leit Serinar

    Age: 19

    Race: Xandrian Human

    Alignment: None

    Personality: Due to the results of what should've been an impossibility when he was but a child, Leit has two sides: 'white' and 'black.' His 'white state' is his dominant state and he tends to be more friendly than his opposite but that much more so opposed to bloodshed. Reluctant but unafraid to draw weapons, the 'white' side of him would prefer to use his notebook to erase the fight than get involved. When forced into combat, he tends to fight either defensively or nonlethally, aiming to incapacitate rather than maim.

    His 'black state' is vicious compared to his other half. In whatever he does, it is often with a single mindedness that nothing will get in his way and if you try, you sign your own death warrant. He also does not share his counterpart's subtlety in manipulation, using whatever material is at hand to write out a new future, even his own blood. It is this nature that leads him to be a sadomasochist, hurting himself to hurt others, or just hurting others in general.

    Both sides are inherently intelligent though his 'black state' tends to rely on instinct while his 'white state' uses a more strategical way of thinking.

    Appearance: Leit is only slightly above average height, being only 5' 11", but has a thin muscular body befitting someone who enjoys traveling. Due to the circumstances of his birth, he has heterochromia - his left eye is red and his right is green. Aside from that, the only other physical manifestation of his nature is in his hair colour - it exemplifies which state he is in (white hair for white and vice versa).

    Given his constant travel, or even just his general flightiness in a singular place, Leit travels light. He wears little else beyond his goggles, a simple black sleeveless shirt, and white leather pants with the cuffs tucked into his calf-high leather boots. He also wears a pair of metal bracers on his forearms.

    Skills: Leit is able to perfectly copy any handwriting once he sees it; the original writer would be hard pressed to determine which was their own. He also happens to be naturally flexible and thusly naturally gifted in acrobatics. Though it rarely comes up, gourmet cooking is one of Leit's passions; his 'white state' prefers sweet and savoury while his 'black state' prefers spicy. 'Black' Leit also has both knife and gun skills.

    Powers: Hydromancy - Subtype: Hemomancy - Both states are able to control water and to a lesser extent ice and air. Hemomancy is his specialty, meaning they are both able to control blood though this usually remains only the domain of his 'black state' since it usually requires Leit to have hurt someone or himself. Outside of the body, there's no problem but inside poses a more difficult challenge.

    Crowd Control Unit R-24B aka. The Boomstick - Designed by Serinar Enterprises as a nonlethal crowd control device for a disarmed officer, the Boomstick is a steel bracer weighing about twelve pounds. Roughly an inch and a half thick, it houses a ring of holes from which fire iron balls. While not at a speed to bore into flesh, they're fast enough to cause deep bone bruises, minour lacerations and a lot of pain. They also function as effective bludgeoning devices or shield. Five shots per; short to mid-range accuracy.

    Lateral Motion Unit E-12C aka. Panzer - While not a weapon in itself, Panzer is a motorcycle designed to withstand rigorous and all weather conditions. It is covered in durable steel plates and can operate in three feet of standing water with no issues. It also makes a handy battering ram. Currently a prototype being tested by Leit - water submersion only tested up to 1.5 feet, no issues.

    Tactical Utility Unit K-04F aka Updraft - Originally a tactical device to assist in vertical mobility in a variety of situations, Updraft found further uses in other designs such as detention and exploration. Still others found that the strong filament (700 lbs test) was an excellent makeshift weapon, with the grapple expansion head easily ripping out chunks of flesh. It's initial firing rate is roughly 1400 fps which declines heavily due to the usual physics. While both 'black' and 'white' Leit can use the utility side of it, only 'black' Leit can wield as a whip, giving him a reach of about 100 ft. thanks to the automatic side of Updraft.

    -Leit has access to many of the trade records for the continent as well as a network of available informants on anything commerce related, and a few not so related. In ties to this, he also has a number of other resources at hand.
    -Since he quite literally has two minds in one, Leit often has a unique perspective on topics since his two sides are for the most part diametrically opposed which leads to him seeing more sides of a problem than your average person.

    -Perhaps Leit's biggest flaw is that information between both sides is not readily passed between them. Verbal information is easily processed by both but written and visual knowledge isn't. This results in a knowledge gap between the two sides unless one side tells the other the known information. Similarly, immediately after a switch, there is a moment of disorientation since the new state isn't completely aware of the surroundings. In compensation for this, both states have developed quick reflexes.
    - 'White' Leit's reluctance to harm and 'black' Leit's willingness to harm makes an unknown quantity in almost everything combat related.


    The heir to Serinar Enterprises, Leit came from already extraordinary beginnings. At the time of his birth, his father had just taken over as CEO following his grandfather's untimely death. Though expected to succeed his father, Markus Serinar was ill prepared, having only served in such leadership capacity over a small sector of the business. His sudden promotion came on the heels of his wife, Valia's, news that she was pregnant only weeks earlier. Perhaps he would have been fine and been able to cope with both the responsibilities of a parent and that of head of a major corporation had a wrench not been thrown in - unknown to the both of them, they were expecting twins. One child was pushing him close to breaking point but a second? For most, there was little to be done but make the terrible gesture of praying that one might die during childbirth but Markus was a Xandrian.

    Abhorrent of his own power to manipulate people like wooden puppets, Markus refrained from writing anything unless it was absolutely necessary. To him, now seemed such a time - his state of mind was at stake, as well as a company that had been passed through his family for generations. Rather than make the sacrifice and give up what he and Valia had wanted for years, he went with a different approach; in his notebook, he wrote "My wife Valia will give birth to only one child." Thinking such a horrible decision over and done with, he waited for his hated powers to surface.

    How could he know that both children were Xandrians as well? Things only became worse from there. Valia's health deteriorated as she was slowly ripped apart by the conflicting energies within her - while she was human and could thus be affected but the inherent laws of Xandrian writing prevented it's working upon Valia. The mere thought that he was the reason for all of this was traumatizing, more so when Valia died giving birth to a single child, much to Markus' surprise. Though certainly an unusual child with his stark white hair and mismatched eyes, he was happy that someone had survived. In time, he was able to come to terms with what he had done, locking away his notebooks and forswearing his power in penance.

    Leit on the other hand became a rumor passed over lunch. Caregivers were turned away by the child with unnatural hair and mismatched eyes. In light of this, his father began working at home. The longer he spent though the more depressed he became. The grief he thought he had gotten over came back stronger than ever as he was forced to take care of his odd son. He ended up home-schooling Leit, preparing him for his birthright as the head of his company. Leit was receptive and despite his oddities, he was very friendly. Over time, the visiting office workers got used to him and on the times when his father would bring him to the office, they would be more than happy to show him around and explain the details of the trading machine.

    It was at the age of eight when Leit's Xandrian writing became apparent. As is want for a child to do, they sometimes keep journals or what happens and what will happen and they often want things to go right for their parents. When the business ventures and deals that Markus told to Leit always seemed to go exactly as planned if not better, he became suspicious, especially when Leit mentioned a journal. He went around this cautiously, memories of his last experiences opening fresh in his mind. After a few minour tests, involving either telling Leit about the business or not, it became evident that his son was Xandrian which explained the circumstances of Valia's death more thoroughly. Still Markus took it hard.

    Reluctantly, he took to instructing Leit in the uses of his writing, breaking out his notebooks for the first time in nearly a decade. He oversaw everything Leit did in this regard. Satisfied of his progress and seeming good intentions, he left Leit to his own devices. Imagine his surprise to come home to find a thirteen-year-old Leit, his hair dyed black, his wrists slashed with a blade and lines written upon the tile floors in blood. No sooner than the knife had been taken from him that Leit collapsed into his father's arms, completely unconscious.

    At first, Markus dismissed it as him seeing things and rationalized it in a way that only a father can. Little else happened though he did notice that his son developed the ability to control water; more proof he was a Xandrian. Slowly, the change began happening more and more frequently and the other Leit was far more malicious. As friendly as Leit normally was, that was how evil the other was. The other Leit also had the ability to control water but also the blood from the wounds he was so keen to inflict upon himself.

    It became clear that both children had been Xandrian and that his words had forced the twins together as a compromise, but they were still themselves, Leit flipping between the two. The conflicting forces had forced two people into one; a merging of both rules. He began to think that he had created an abomination. His guilt returned tenfold, and this time, it took his life. Still in some form of sanity he used his notebook to set up an assassination attempt on a councilman that would fail, the bullet missing and hitting elsewhere; the same place he intended to be.

    Leit was left with the company and a large sum of assets for an inheritance at the age of sixteen. Still too young to be left in control of such a monolith, the board of directors took over the day to day machinations until he was old enough to lead Serinar Enterprises. He is of course, still in control and is kept abreast of internal issues. Without much to lead though, he tends to wander, finding his way as he will.
  17. There he finally is! Good to have you join, I like the changes you made from the last version of this RP. Now, if I could just get a confirmation post from the others if they are still interested, that would be fantastic.

    Your approved.
  18. Well it has been a few years since the last version. I felt it necessary to update him and flesh him out a bit more.

    Also, bonus points for anyone who recognizes the intentional movie reference in the bio.
  19. Still very interested here!
    Unfortunately, I don't get the movie reference. : (
  20. Starting thread will be up tomorrow. Along with Kayans bio, if I don't get that done tonight. [MENTION=4902]Jezibell[/MENTION] Are you still going to play as well?
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