The Wounded King

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  1. The Wounded King


    Forty years have passed since Ranthos conquered the known lands. He was the last king of men, wise beyond his years, ambitious beyond his limits. With an army unnumbered he marched across Deluvian, and forged the greatest empire ever known.

    Legend speaks of the sacred items he carried on his crusade - artefacts which turned the course of battles and the fortunes of kingdoms. They were called the Wounds, five in all, and it is said King Ranthos earned them upon his journey through valiant trials, cunning tricks and divine pacts. With the Five Wounds no living creature could stand in his way.

    And it is said that he reached the end of the world, walking on as his army fell to exhaustion, and that he alone made it where none have ventured - to the shores of the Hollow Sea.

    And what befell him there was madness, absolute and irretrievable. Some say that bearing the Five Wounds was too great for any mortal, or that the spirits he confided in tore his mind apart. Still others say it was the Hollow Sea itself which sucked out his very soul.


    With his sanity in tatters, King Ranthos ran wild through his own kingdom, eluding his generals and governors. What steered his course it will never be known, but in every land he had conquered, from heartland to desert, from mountain to forest, he was sighted - a hermit in rags, a fool on horseback, a vagrant in the streets. As madness consumed him he cast away each of his artefacts, dropping the Five Wounds, passing them away, burying them.

    And then, before a thousand witnesses, Ranthos was seen in the streets of Argeria, naked and screaming at the skies, before he crumpled into dust.

    The Wounded King was no more.

    His bloodline died with him, in the space of forty days. His wife, his heirs, his cousins and kin - each met with separate tragedies. Deluvian was sorrowed and the Age of the Crown came to an end.


    Now, forty years have passed and the lands are carved between the generals, vassals and opportunists who once served the king. It is as if the Empire never was.

    But some still remember... some still recall the Legend of the Wounded King... and the Five Weapons that brought the world to its knees. Some still work, in the ceaseless dark, to follow the tracks of Mad Ranthos and study the sagas of his deeds. Some still believe. Some still hope.

    And today, in the town of Argeria, at the foothills of the Westwall Mountains, the 40th Festival of Fools will be held in memory of the King's passing.

    And the greatest adventure ever told will begin...


    <table align=center><tr><td><img src= width="150" height="223"><td>
    The Mask of Velgovis

    Said to enhance the powers of deception, stealth and trickery. It has blades around the eye-slits that pierce the skin when placed on the face. Once placed, it takes a form that reflects the wearer's soul. When wearing the mask you are blind and deaf to what is behind you. With continued use its removal will risk tearing the skin from your face.
    <tr><td><img src= width="150"><td>
    The Vambrace of Larn

    A wrist sheath said to glow with elemental runes. It pierces the wrist once secured, fusing with the veins. When taught the proper gestures of the fingers, a wielder can channel one of the four elements into whatever shape the hand desires. The faster the casting, the more exhausting the effects. With continued use its removal will risk heavy blood loss.
    <tr><td><img src= width="150"><td>
    The Sword of Haladayne

    Reputed as the holiest of all swords, forged in celestial light. This is the sword of the rightful king, divinely sharp and unbreakable. All darkness is put to flight, all evil is vanquished, all men are subjugated in its sight. The hilt is thorned, meaning severe pain to grip it. The pain will increase tenfold if ever the sword is wielded against the innocent or undeserving. With continued use its removal will risk infection of the blood.
    <tr><td><img src= width="150"><td>
    The Hand of Iaisen

    A velvet glove that gives the initial sensation of burning to any who wear it. The glove is said to be enchanted, and any who are touched by it will fall under the charms of the wearer. This will range from subservience to obsessive love. The glove, however, makes the body frail, prone to disease, cold and exhaustion. With continued use its removal will risk corrosion of the hand.
    <tr><td><img src= width="150"><td>
    The Cloak of Tunridge

    Said to offer total protection against all weapons, weather and elements. The cloak is fastened by a brooch that pierces the throat, so the wearer cannot utter a single sound from his lungs. If one can pull the robe open then the wearer can be slain, so protection depends on the wearer keeping the robe shut tight. With continued use its removal will risk permanent respiratory damage. </table>

    CHARACTERS (open)

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  2. Character Name:
    Aderas Vorde

    Job/Role: Necromancer and group leader

    Ambition: To ensure the Wounds are never wielded by mortal hands.

    Group Dynamic: Vorde has knowledge of the Dragon Lords - the ancient fiends who originally gave the Wounds to King Ranthos. He knows how they hunt, and how they spread corruption. He also knows of the Dragon Gates that criss-cross the land and allow teleportation of flesh. By this wisdom he is the leader of the group, temperamental and bullying. There is compassion within him, but it is buried deep.

    Special: What distinguishes Vorde from ordinary men is his grasp of the Necromantic Arts. He has power to speak with the dead and manipulate that which is decayed and corrupted.

    Why Argeria?: Vorde is a native of the town - a recluse who studies ancient history and black magic. He lives alone and is hostile to all who approach him. There is some thorn within him that makes him tormented. What money he makes from potioncraft and hexes is given only by criminals. Any god-fearing man would strike him chastise him as a heathen and devil-worshipper.

    Secret: Necromancy was not a choice for him - but rather his wife's pursuit. She was a priestess who turned to blackest witchcraft to resurrect her children - the seven infants who had died in her womb. It was an abomination. Vorde argued with his wife and that very night she stormed from the house and was killed, by a drunken officer visiting from the Kingdom of Lomass during the Feast of Fools. Distraught and thinking it a sign from the gods, Vorde took up his wife's studies in order to hunt down and destroy his grotesque resurrected children. He even enlisted the help of his wife's sister in this act. The deed has scarred him, irrevocably, and left him an embittered, twisted recluse.
  3. Character Name: Kendrick Aborshade (Cover: Gideon)

    Age: 35
    Job/Role: Expatriate from the Northern Provinces, The Fallen Tragic Mentor

    Ambition: None superficially. He is not initially motivated, having incurred years of sacrifice to survive and reclaim for himself some semblance of life before the political murder of his family. His desires are reawakened though, kindling to a flame to crush the growing autocracy of the north and retroactively clear his family's name. He holds an encoded letter from his father, meant for an associate of the autocracy years prior, which is the cause for his awakening as he learns of a lead to uncovering the secret that had his life torn asunder.

    Group Dynamic: He serves as both a fiscal supplement to the group and cautionary words of wisdom, driven more by his drink and lack of belief for his own cause. Unable to allow the wanton death of the wandering party, which he believes would be unavoidable, he offers extensive knowledge of the different powers, their tactics, and training in stealth and subtle operations.

    SpecialTerra-mancing. Kendrick always assumed it had just been a coincidence that he was good at surviving alone in the wilderness, but is actually the result of small aptitude in understanding and controlling the earth. This shows in small ways, feeling the lay of the land, finding natural shelter or fresh water streams, and to the point of sensing different large ore deposits in the earth. [Future: Potential ability to manipulate tectonic energy and cause smaller scale things, small rock slides or sink holes, but not without nearly killing himself.]

    Why Argeria? It's central location makes it easiest to escape all branches of government, and is also where he first found himself after his exile. Through time, he used his skills to start several mining ventures, which have paid off and made him decently wealthy to normal folk. Rather than splurge on his funds, he owns several mines, employs a small work force, and has a bar within the center of the city where he grants discounts to his employees. Kendrick remained here at first chance of starting a new life, when the autocracy had believed he died years prior in a civilian massacre.

    Secret His only remaining secret is that of his true name, having dared enough to keep the last name and play it off as a coincidence should anyone ever ask (they didn't). He may be hunted for his potential knowledge, residing within the letter that he's guarded for years. Time spent in exile may have been enough, would he truly be a target anymore? His last true fear does not actually cause him any lack of sleep at night, for were he to be extradited home for his execution, he might smile upon seeing his family.
  4. [size=+1]Name: Skelter Braan

    Job/Role: Imprisoned Thief, Warrior

    Ambition: To fix his failings and redeem his place in the world.

    Group Dynamic: With a cheery, devil-may-care attitude, a wealth of stories to tell coupled with a charming, somewhat roguish personality, Skelter is the much-needed friendly face of the group, providing companionship and camaraderie in the face of the leader’s more stoic, aloof nature.

    Skelter’s unusual method of sword-fighting is another asset to the group; though he fights without much armour (and thus is less able to take hits without going down), his skills make him extremely dangerous to anyone challenging him or his companions.

    Special: Hailing from lands to the east, Skelter practices a form of sword-fighting that is all but unknown in this part of the world. Wielding two blades in a lithe, fluid method of combat, he utilises speed and aggression to bring down his foes, striking at weak-spots in armour and gaps in defences. The necessity for speed and fast motion means that Skelter avoids wearing two much armour, meaning that he is something of a softer target than other fighters.

    Why Argeria?: Stealing food and other supplies turns out to be something the locals of Argeria frown upon; Skelter is currently imprisoned within the town, awaiting judgement from the local authorities.

    Secret: Skelter is an exile, one of the few remaining warriors of an ethnic group defeated and conquered far to the east. He seeks a weapon powerful enough to free his people from their oppression, and believes that one of the Five Wounds may be the very thing he seeks.[/size]
  5. Character Name: Daleon “Brill” Turoc

    Appearance: <img src= align="right"> He wears a riding cloak and half-plate armor, long sword and shield strapped to his back...a wineskin at his belt at all times, a flask, another flask and a crossbow with quiver of bolts. His body bears the scars of his trade. He keeps his hair short, assuming the scars and cut will disguise him from recognition, but after some seven years of exile, only few would know his face now.

    Job/Role: Mercenary/ Forsaken Prince

    Ambition: To redeem his spirit in the eyes of the goddess that cursed him, and to redeem his honor to his family by returning to Lomass with a Wound.

    Group Dynamic: Brill is a strategist. Trained in court politics, battlefield formations, etiquette, and with extensive experience in the underground, Brill has a repository of sometimes surprising knowledge. His role in the group is often as support or as a front line fighter. His sword and shield work are superb, expertly trained and certainly nothing learned from his days as a mercenary. His knowledge of the gods and the history of Ranthos is second only to a scholar on the matter. He also serves as an internal lightning rod, giving the group someone to rally against. Brill's brash and crass manner either endears or repels, but the feelings are never neutral.

    Special: Brill has been cursed for the crime he commited, cutting down a priestess…and one with child. For his crimes, he was forced to take the form of what he embodied, a beast. Somehow, the magic caused some latent quality in his soul to emerge, warping the curse and turning him into a true monster in the worst of ways. His darker passions trigger the change. Rage and lust are but a few. He keeps his mind dull with drink to keep his tenuous control together, but often finds it difficult. When he takes that form of the beast, he loses all control and ability to differentiate friend from foe. This curse reveals itself in his inhuman regenerative capabilities and surprising physical attributes for a man of his size and stature. It is said that the Beast’s Lullabye, a plant that grows in the darker parts of the Northern and Eastern forests, can soothe his raging side into a docile companion, but such are only legends.


    Why Argeria?: The Lord’s Feast draws him back. Each year he revists that place of his greatest mistake and pays homage to the grave of the woman he struck down. She had been found to be with child, so he leaves extra for the unnamed life he stole. He knows little about her and is motivated only to make amends before throwing himself back into a life of drunken merc work.

    Secret: Brill’s true name is Daleon Turoc. He is the second son of Durell Turoc, the Lord of Lomass. Lomass now stands as the largest nation of the divided territories. Hostile and violent, the northerners are led by Turrell, a strategy genius in the employ of Ranthos. It is his goal to unite the land once more under one banner, one kingdom. He aims to make it Lomass. Daleon was exiled from the kingdom when he struck down a pregnant priestess during the King’s Feast in Argeria. The event had taken place shortly after a bloody and devastating battle fought against the Argerians had ended in a truce agreement. His younger brother, Malvolen, hungry for the power their father carries, urged the general to kill Daleon in penance to the gods. Instead, Durell banished Daleon, even to the protest of his noble older brother Kaldreon. He is not to set foot in the kingdom again without one of the Wounds or risk death. His identity as ‘Daleon, the Bloody Prince’ is, so far, a secret. Most consider the man dead. But his past is real, and it haunts him…a fact he covers with excessive drink, women, and gambling.

    View attachment 14308
  6. Character Name: Garkin Thunderfist

    Job/Role: Fighter, Alchemist

    Ambitions: To prove himself within his order, The Brothers and Sisters of Pure Flame and to perfect a potion that will cure disease.

    Group Dynamic: Garkin is a strong willed person, who is trying to help those around him. This monk is not a quiet monk who reads books all day and writes summaries about them. He is social and out going. Garkin is also able to take orders well and preserve order around him. One of the really interesting thing about him is he is an alchemist. If he isn't working within the order he is doing things with ingredients, pulling out every good thing that may be able to cure a disease.

    Garkin's ability to fight with his body is impressive. His flow of punches and kicks are almost like he is painting a picture with his body.

    Special: When Garkin is fully meditated and at ease he is able to focus his strength. It's like having super strength but in small doses. This can be preformed through any part of his body. So, he does often meditate.

    Why Argeria?: The monk order that Garkin belongs to is not centered in one place. Most of the monks travel around the kingdoms helping the people their and preforming their duties. Garkin was placed in Argeria. While he is there he is expected to do at least four things that will either improve the community, or make it better in some way. He is honor bound to do this otherwise he will be banished from the order.

    Secret: Garkin has no secrets because he is under oath whenever he talks to his fellow brothers and sisters he has to tell them the truth when he is questioned.


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  7. sorcerer_card_by_paulabrams-d31aakr.jpg

    Character Name: Visante Triviali

    Job/Role: Sorcerer/Enchanter

    Ambition: Power, and to gain that, he seeks to learn about the magic behind the 5 Wounds. Armed with this knowledge, he believes himself capable to create an object even more powerful than those, or even combine their effects into a single object. At the very least, he seeks to use them for himself. Anything that will help him grow stronger than any before him.

    Group Dynamic: Being a Sorcerer, is he mighty in combat, able to hold his own and then some on the battlefield. As an Enchanter, he can do anything from enchanting an ally's body so that he feels lighter, faster, etc; to making their weapons return to their former luster, with the possible addition of flames and the like. He tends to be a bit selfish when it comes to doing anything, and his self-serving attitude can rub some people the wrong way. However, given proper motivation, he can be a powerful asset to the team.

    Special: Very capable in traditional elemental magics, as well as the process of enchanting mundane objects to give them magical capabilities. He also has a very strong grasp of magical theory, and there's little in the world of magic that he fails to comprehend. While this doesn't mean he can use all forms of magic (he can't), he understands the process of how it works, and can generally devise a way to work around it.

    Why Argeria?: Using his contacts that he has through the magical community, he is currently looking for an Aderas Vorde. While he doesn't know much about him, he is aware that a few years back he was performing extensive research into the background of the Wounds: the Dragon Lords. Interested to see what this may reveal to him about the objects, including where their possible whereabouts are, he seeks him out.

    Secret: As with most power-hungry individuals, some rules are broken in order to further themselves down a certain path. In the case of Visante, he became an addict to a substance that was taboo for human consumption amongst the sorcerer community. Known as simply the Moonlight Herb by herbalists, potionmakers, and the like, it is an herb that is a common base ingredient for many magical potions and salves. However, direct human consumption leads to increased magical energy produced by the body, as well as a higher attenuation to the arcane forces. This boost comes at a cost, as it leaves the user weak in body, unable to control magical output, and in more extreme cases, hallucinations, paranoia, and an overdose could leave to death. Visante, upon learning the effects, decided to experiment with it and was amazed at the boosts it provided him. Continued use led to increased effect, and he further learned that snorting the herb as a powder was even more potent than simply chewing. Now he must continue to use it, roughly every few days before he starts showing symptoms of withdrawal. The herb is easy enough to find, but he only carries so much on him, as to not be suspicious.

  8. Character Name:
    Themisa "Tem" Lorley

    Job/Role: Pawn of a Former General

    Ambition: Gather information on the whereabouts of the wounds.

    Group Dynamic: Level-headed and mild in temper, she has an efficient mind not typically clouded by emotion or passion. She's human, so these things still exist, but her training as a child has left her with a very cool exterior. Not the sort of open up easily, she's nevertheless pleasant and easy to get along with. Her bland personality leaves her with few enemies, especially with her default mannerisms inclined toward politeness. She'll support those around here insomuch as is possible without greatly inconveniencing herself. If she can offer assistance without personal loss, she will offer such without promise for personal gain. Her motivations for accepting or denying some requests are unknown but she is overall helpful and cooperative.

    Special: A defensive swordsman with years of training on her side, she's skilled in wielding a blade but, more than that, she's quick at thinking on her feet. Her ability to make split second decisions and calculate trajectory without effort set her apart. She's agile and fast and tends to wear flexible, light armor. Nearly as potent without a blade as she is with one, she tends to rely on unbalancing her enemy and using terrain to her advantage in a fight. If she can exhaust and disconcert her opponent before striking, she'll do so.

    Why Argeria?: Hailing from the east, in the mountains, Tem has come to Argeria seeking knowledge and finding whispers of dark magic hanging heavily over the city. Thinking that perhaps this "abomination" and "desperate evil sorcery" might have something to do with the wounds, she came here in pursuit, only to find that they led to a man and his wife. She has yet to discover the origins of it, on the chance that they've come into contact with a wound or knowledge pertaining to one.

    Plucked as a child from her village by a man who seems more than half mad and seeks to create an empire, she was a child recruit to his army. She showed promise and skill, with a fierce will to live, something he saw great value in. She doesn't remember her parents and thinks back to the often cruel nature of her childhood with reluctance. Her fealty to the man is more a matter of ingrained obedience than true affection, and his whispers of "The Great King's Secret" worry her more than a little.

  9. Name: Synae Meritas

    Healer and feminine heart of the group

    Ambition: To cure the corruption that is plaguing the lands.

    Group Dynamic: Synae has the heart and spirit of a convert, innocent, sometimes zealous, but always compassionate. She is good at listening and years of living alone have made her all the more eager to hear everyone’s stories, needs, or venting. It is as though she seeks to build her connections of the heart once more and in doing so connects others. She will be there for those who need her, and will listen, speaking truths as she sees them when necessary for healing, be that healing of body or mind.

    Special: The blessings given to Synae have lead to her being called a druid, a priestess, a hermit nun. No matter the name, the blessings are the ability to purify small things of corruption, an affinity for the forest that lets her feel the wellbeing of the wilds and their creatures, and a talent for healing.

    Why Argeria?: Synae lives in the forests near Argeria, but occasionally she ventures into town heavily shrouded in robes and a hood, normally just for the few supplies she needs. However, today she has ventured into town for another reason. A vision of ravens and other carrion birds gathering heavily in the trees nearest town has made it clear: Danger comes to Argeria.

    Secret: A childhood friend of Aderas, she was there when he married her sister, wishing them well. Though she felt a gap forming between herself and Aderas the closer the man and his wife became, she remained a loyal friend. When Aderas called for her help in hunting down the children her sister had resurrected, she accompanied her friend without thought, shoving aside the pain of losing a sister for the moment. But once the deed was done, sorrow and confusion swept through her. Her sister was gone. Synae had no one to speak of her sister’s deeds with. Packing a few supplies, Synae abandoned her home and her aging husband and fled to the nearby forests, living in self imposed exile. Here, she desperately sought forgiveness, enlightenment, and a reason for the world as it was. In short, she sought faith-- and found it.
  10. Character Name: Cordelis Norray

    Job/Role: Nobleman

    Ambition: Short-term, survival. Long-term, to figure out what the hell he does now after the loss of his family.

    Group Dynamic: Cordelis, possessing his father's signet ring and a number of friends and acquaintances in high places, acts as something like the diplomat of the group. He can get them into places others could not.

    Special: Having a love for hunting game, Cordelis is skilled in archery and horseback riding, especially using the two in tandem. His horse, Dirk, is a well-trained beast that responds well to a wide array of commands.

    Why Argeria?: He is the youngest son of the town's governer.

    Secret: He has fathered an illegitimate son with a young woman of nobility, visiting from another town. She was wedded soon after returning home, and thus the child's true father is known to none but her and Cordelis himself. They agreed to both keep it secret for the sake of avoiding scandal, but the knowledge bothers Cordelis deeply, and he cannot decide yet if he wishes to stay away from his child and the woman who bore him, or if he wishes to know the babe as it grows.

    Picture (open)

  11. [​IMG]Character Name: Darius Arlin

    View attachment 16443 Job/Role: Ex Argerian Soldier

    Ambition: To gain the Five Wounds and wield them, and rule Argeria in his own way, with little consent from others.

    Group Dynamic: Has knowledge of all of the lands he has tread with his past army. He is also very experienced in wielding the sword and the shield, so he is a very combat ready person.

    Special: Has military and tactical knowledge, due to listening to the words of his commanding officials. Also has been used in missions where he had to gather intelligence from enemies, such as using the armor from dead warriors of rival areas.

    Why Argeria?: Darius is a natural citizen of the city of Argeria. He was born in the city and drafted into the Argerian Military at the age of nineteen. He left the military at the age of twenty six, and went off on his own. He used the money he had from serving in the military to buy a small home on the outskirts of the city. He had developed insomnia after the war, and thinks too much about his old friends at times to sleep.

    He was sent out into war four years ago against people from another region. They were battle hardened people, and although they did not have any dispute or problems with the Argerians, they still attacked anyways. They were misinformed about the tactical abilities and strengths of this other nation, and they went into battle with their heads held too high. Countless numbers of Argerian soldiers were lost, and Darius was one of the only survivors. After these events, he retired from the military of Argeria, and since he served his minimum of six years, they let him go. He would have served longer, but the past battle was keeping him from so. The screams of his comrades now haunt him forever, and this is why he wants to become ruler, to not push into something not needed and to rule with an iron fist.

  12. <IMG src= align="right" width="300">Name: Aamira Wolfe

    Job/Role: Tracker

    Ambition: To return to her people and warn them of the Wounds and those who may seek to conquer their kingdom.

    Group Dynamic: She knows many routs and shortcuts to various places and is a skilled tracker, aiding the group in getting where they need to go with very little use of a map.

    Special: She has an unnatural ability to track things and people as well as find her way around the kingdom without needing a map. Her skills are rivaled only by those who have spent years perfecting their ability to track and memorizing the lands they have traveled.

    Why Argeria?: Aamira has been nomadic for just over a year after the man she was employed by passed away. She is currently staying at an inn in the city.

    Secret: She is an elf. This is where her abilities come from; in the city she grew up in, every young elf was required to learn the skills she now possesses as well as basic combat. She left her people when she was 20 years old after a disagreement with her parents involving an arranged marriage, but has regretted her decision for years. Though physically very similar to humans, she still has difficulty hiding her ears and elven tattoos.

    Appearance: Green eyes, black hair that falls to her waist, 5'7", slender. View attachment 16455 **Though there is a bow and arrows in the picture given of what Aamira wears, she does not carry them. The only weapon she has with her is a dagger. Unlike in the picture, her clothing is all black.**

    Attached Files:

  13. Character Name: Prianne (goes by Pri for short)

    Job/Role: Assassin/ Horse Breeder

    General Appearance:.
    View attachment 12422
    View attachment 12454
    Prianne is tall with fair skin and long black hair. She normally keeps her hair tied with a piece of leather, a long pony tail that reaches the middle of her back. Her face is adorn with perfectly placed freckles that give her a homely/innocent look. She has green, deeply passionate eyes with black lashes. Her body is trained and strong, years of brutal training leaving scars on her back and shoulders. Prianne normally wears tight leather and medium fabric, light enough to keep her from overheating in the sun while tending her horses, but thick enough to protect her skin if need be. She tends to wear thick soled boots and silver bracers.

    Ambition: She is bound to an underground group of Assassins, but is currently trying to break free of their control and find a new role in life.

    Group Dynamic: Prianne is reserved and enjoys the quiet. She would rather be alone than with others, and tends to distance herself because of her “night job”. She is more of a thinker than a speaker but will let someone knows when they are wrong. She takes direction very well, but that doesn’t mean she enjoys it. Sometimes she can get into a bad state of mind, becoming brash and sometimes rude. During the day, when she is allowed to work with her horses, she is kind and caring, but that quickly changes come nightfall-when she is required to be disconnected and ruthless.

    Special: Skilled in assassination techniques.

    Why Argeria?: Prianne was abandoned as a child and raised by a underground group of Assassins. As she grew and gained their trust, she was given a day job to breed and sell horses for use in battle. She grew to love her horses, replacing her lack of family with the equine companions.

    she works for the Church of the Five...the Five recognized Gods and Goddesses of the land. It was the official church during Ranthos' time. The Harvester (Death, and god of the autumn) The Lady (Life, Sex, Fertility, and Goddess of Spring) The Warrior (War, Victory, Defense, and God of Summer) and the Crone (Magic, The dead (Not to be confused with Death, this is of the dead, the dead souls themselves), and necessary sacrifice

    She works for the assassin cadre called Hand of the Four. She was chosen at birth and subjected to intense training. For her figure she was chosen as a Demara, hand of Spring and Fall. She uses the gifts granted by the Lady to seduce or wile her targets and then takes their lives as the Scythe harvests wheat. Enemies of the church, political enemies, and people that would destabilize peace are chosen

    She is given an assignment, and she goes. While in the lands, the crest she carries calls for the assistance of any local militia or any province, as it is one of the vestiges of Ranthos, and a time when things were together.She was sent to investigate rumors of black magic in Argeria.

    Secret: As repayment for her “passion” she was forced to kill off her last remaining relative, who she came to find out was her father. After finishing the job, she went through his belongings and found out he was trying to locate the five wounds to reunite his family. Feeling remorse, she took with her all his belongings and since that day has been thinking about escaping the reach of the group she works for.
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