The Wounded King

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  1. The Wounded King


    Forty years have passed since Ranthos conquered the known lands. He was the last king of men, wise beyond his years, ambitious beyond his limits. With an army unnumbered he marched across Deluvian, and forged the greatest empire ever known.

    Legend speaks of the sacred items he carried on his crusade - artefacts which turned the course of battles and the fortunes of kingdoms. They were called the Wounds, five in all, and it is said King Ranthos earned them upon his journey through valiant trials, cunning tricks and divine pacts. With the Five Wounds no living creature could stand in his way.

    And it is said that he reached the end of the world, walking on as his army fell to exhaustion, and that he alone made it where none have ventured - to the shores of the Hollow Sea.

    And what befell him there was madness, absolute and irretrievable. Some say that bearing the Five Wounds was too great for any mortal, or that the spirits he confided in tore his mind apart. Still others say it was the Hollow Sea itself which sucked out his very soul.


    With his sanity in tatters, King Ranthos ran wild through his own kingdom, eluding his generals and governors. What steered his course it will never be known, but in every land he had conquered, from heartland to desert, from mountain to forest, he was sighted - a hermit in rags, a fool on horseback, a vagrant in the streets. As madness consumed him he cast away each of his artefacts, dropping the Five Wounds, passing them away, burying them.

    And then, before a thousand witnesses, Ranthos was seen in the streets of Argeria, naked and screaming at the skies, before he crumpled into dust.

    The Wounded King was no more.

    His bloodline died with him, in the space of forty days. His wife, his heirs, his cousins and kin - each met with separate tragedies. Deluvian was sorrowed and the Age of the Crown came to an end.


    Now, forty years have passed and the lands are carved between the generals, vassals and opportunists who once served the king. It is as if the Empire never was.

    But some still remember... some still recall the Legend of the Wounded King... and the Five Weapons that brought the world to its knees. Some still work, in the ceaseless dark, to follow the tracks of Mad Ranthos and study the sagas of his deeds. Some still believe. Some still hope.

    And one... in the foothills of Argeria... has today had his hopes rewarded...


    This is an invite-only roleplay. It is hosted by Asmodeus and Diana. Please do not post unless invited to do so.

    THE FIVE WOUNDS (open)

    <table align=center><tr><td>[​IMG]<td>
    The Mask of Velgovis

    Said to enhance the powers of deception, stealth and trickery. It has blades around the eye-slits that pierce the skin when placed on the face. Once placed, it takes a form that reflects the wearer's soul. When wearing the mask you are blind and deaf to what is behind you. With continued use its removal will risk tearing the skin from your face.
    The Vambrace of Larn

    A wrist sheath said to glow with elemental runes. It pierces the wrist once secured, fusing with the veins. When taught the proper gestures of the fingers, a wielder can channel one of the four elements into whatever shape the hand desires. The faster the casting, the more exhausting the effects. With continued use its removal will risk heavy blood loss.
    The Sword of Haladayne

    Reputed as the holiest of all swords, forged in celestial light. This is the sword of the rightful king, divinely sharp and unbreakable. All darkness is put to flight, all evil is vanquished, all men are subjugated in its sight. The hilt is thorned, meaning severe pain to grip it. The pain will increase tenfold if ever the sword is wielded against the innocent or undeserving. With continued use its removal will risk infection of the blood.
    The Hand of Iaisen

    A velvet glove that gives the initial sensation of burning to any who wear it. The glove is said to be enchanted, and any who are touched by it will fall under the charms of the wearer. This will range from subservience to obsessive love. The glove, however, makes the body frail, prone to disease, cold and exhaustion. With continued use its removal will risk corrosion of the hand.
    The Cloak of Tunridge

    Said to offer total protection against all weapons, weather and elements. The cloak is fastened by a brooch that pierces the throat, so the wearer cannot utter a single sound from his lungs. If one can pull the robe open then the wearer can be slain, so protection depends on the wearer keeping the robe shut tight. With continued use its removal will risk permanent respiratory damage. </table>

    The magic level in this roleplay is Game of Thrones equivalent. Any magic that does exist is rare, treated with supersitition, and often explained away as illusion or coincidence. There are no fantasy races, unless permitted by the GMs, and all equipment is standard (except the Five Wounds, of course.)
  2. Character Name: Ardiaei (Ardia)

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Traveling Performer

    Age: 19, soon to be 20

    General Appearance: Reddish brown hair, green eyes, fair skin that has been sun-colored. Wears traditional northerner clothing of heavier fabrics, dark colors, bold patterns and fur.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Acquire the 5 Wounds to seek vengeance... or is it repairing her bloodline's good name? Ardiaei is starting to wonder!

    General Personality: To the world, Ardiaei is a charmer, a smooth and clever people's person who knows how to talk, work a crowd and quick to adjust based on a person's reactions. Off stage and out of the public's eye, there's very little difference beyond a quick temper and a short patience for anything she might consider stupid. When it comes to asking her personal questions, she always finds a way to change the subject. Ask her opinions on politics or the empire and she has a world of things to say.

    General History: Ardiaei was born to a traveling performer in a caravan family from the northern countries. Her entire life has been spent wandering around the world, visiting towns and cities to do stage acts for peasants and nobles alike. Only recently after the unexpected death of her father has she learned a very interesting secret. Now her perceptions have turned upside and Ardiaei has a goal. She intends to claim the 5 Wounds and from there...? Time will tell.
  3. Character Name: Tristan Faulkner

    Gender: Male

    Job/Role: Animal trainer

    Age: 26

    General Appearance: Black hair, untidy and clumsily hewn. Wears traditional Westerner clothing, which consists of lightweight robes and a sash to indicate his tribal origins. Carries a stolen shortsword.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To escape the assassins who have sworn to kill him.

    General Personality: He seems ill-tempered and impatient. In reality, this is frustration from a life of having jobs beneath his abilities. He once longed to study with the sages, but his father forced him to follow in his footsteps. He is desperate to break from his old routines.

    General History: Tristan's father was a Westerner from the hill tribes who took particular interest in the ravens of Elswich Valley. As such, he married a heartlander and settled there for the rest of his days. Before his death, he instructed his son Tristan to follow his profession and become the bestiary master of Elswich village. Tristan longed for something more, but honoured his father's wishes. He trained the local farm hounds, tended to the pets of rich travellers, and, most importantly, relayed the messages of the ravens between cities to the north and south of the valley. As such, he became a point of contact for the Caldane Order, a lesser known priesthood who had arrived in the area to (as they claimed) dig for the bones of the saints. For two months Tristan relayed the messages of the priests who visited Elswich and befriended one of the monks in particular. Tristan was thus present when the priests were attacked by marauders and their dig site razed. The monk he had befriended fled to the Tristan's bestiary and, even as he lay dying, passed Tristan a message, which Tristan himself then fled with as those same marauders ransacked the village. He took the blade of one of the attackers - a sword that proves they were no idle barbarians, but assassins armed with Western steel.
  4. Name: Andrei D'Angeli
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Job/Role: Traveling Gypsy

    Goal/Purpose: To attain the Hand of Iaisen.

    General Appearance (Got help me find a picture that best fits...): He has shoulder length dark hair that his often tied back at the nape, a goatee and short beard.

    General Personality: With mismatched green and gray eyes and an angular face, Andrei travels the heartland, performing tricks and songs for the the peasant public, snagging a noble here and there though those summons are few and far between. His wit, charm and easy smile can win him anything once used correctly on the right people. He is sociable and non too shy at all. His sharp tongue is liable to get him into more trouble than he could handle from time to time, but it had always worked to get him out just as well. He flirts shamelessly and indiscriminately, with the verbal defense: "I am but a free spirit who goes where his lower half takes him." Beneath this wry comedian lies a cunning man who will do what he can to attain the Hand and rise to insurmountable fame and fortune.

    General History: Andrei was always a traveler. For as long as he could remember, he had gone from city to city with other performers. He'd never called any of the women filial names such as 'mother,' 'aunt,' or 'nan.' Neither had he called any of the men, few as they were, 'father,' or 'uncle.' The titles 'brother' and 'sister' be it younger or older were used for the sole purpose of concealing their identities from possible mobs of angry and offended people. A circus performer at first, he had traveled to the west and wandered with his first 'family' of contortionist acrobats for seven years. Stealing onto a ship, he managed to befriend a band of street performers who did the unimaginable such as swallow and breathe fire (of course these were illusions and tricks but they were damn well interesting). The heartlands were his latest acquisitions after a raid had decimated the second 'family' after their second year together. His third venture began with an old lady with the face of fear and the voice of life. He was known a bard at the age of seventeen, making a living off the streets to take care of both himself and the ugly old woman. After she had passed, he spent the latest seven years of his life as a solitary performer who named himself "Jack," as he was a jack of all performing arts.


    Character Name: Tifaa
    General Appearance:
    Tifaa (open)

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Making money with her life's passion, archery. In other words, an arrow for hire.
    General Personality:
    Tifaa is a simply individual who is surprisingly social for her appearance. Most seem to think that she would rather keep to herself but she does happily chat about the weather with strangers. She also is very thoughtful and forgiving so it is very hard to anger her, unless she is on a job. She is also very easily excited so simple things make her smile.
    General History:
    Tifaa doesn't remember much about her family, mostly because they passed on when she was very young. The only thing she has to hold on to of her parents is the bow that apparently belonged to her father. Other than that, she has only been on her own. She grew up in the streets and taught herself how to use the bow. Once she was skilled enough not to injure herself in the process of shooting her arrows, she started to work as a archer for hire, hoping to work her way off the streets and at least into a warm bed.
  6. Character Name: Prianne (goes by Pri for short)

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Assassin/ Horse Breeder

    Age: 23

    Pic: View attachment 12422 View attachment 12454

    General Appearance:. Prianne is tall with fair skin and long black hair. She normally keeps her hair tied with a piece of leather, a long pony tail that reaches the middle of her back. Her face is adorn with perfectly placed freckles that give her a homely/innocent look. She has green, deeply passionate eyes with black lashes. Her body is trained and strong, years of brutal training leaving scars on her back and shoulders. Prianne normally wears tight leather and medium fabric, light enough to keep her from overheating in the sun while tending her horses, but thick enough to protect her skin if need be. She tends to wear thick soled boots and silver bracers.

    Current Goal/Purpose: She is bound to an underground group of Assassins, but is currently trying to break free of their control and find a new role in life.

    General Personality: Prianne is reserved and enjoys the quiet. She would rather be alone than with others, and tends to distance herself because of her “night job”. She is more of a thinker than a speaker but will let someone knows when they are wrong. She takes direction very well, but that doesn’t mean she enjoys it. Sometimes she can get into a bad state of mind, becoming brash and sometimes rude. During the day, when she is allowed to work with her horses, she is kind and caring, but that quickly changes come nightfall-when she is required to be disconnected and ruthless.

    General History: Prianne was abandoned as a child and raised by a underground group of Assassins. As she grew and gained their trust, she was given a day job to breed and sell horses for farm and use in battle. She grew to love her horses, replacing her lack of family with the equine companions. As repayment for her “passion” she was forced to kill off her last remaining relative, who she came to find out was her father. After finishing the job, she went through his belongings and found out he was trying to locate the five wounds to reunite his family. Feeling remorse, she took with her all his belongings and since that day has been thinking about escaping the reach of the group she works for.
  7. Corinne Narsha (open)

    Character Name:
    Corrine "Rin" Narsha




    General Appearance: Pale skin the color of creme, easily darkened in the sunlight as punishment for being cloaked at all times. Long, cocoa hair reaching down to her mid back that is always up in a bun of some sorts when out on the town or anywhere but the house. She is usually dressed in a tunic of colors, patterns, and such else. Her eyes are a deep azure, framing a small face with the other tiny features.

    General Personality: Corinne is a victim to the shadows of curiosity. Usually, she does not stick her nose in business that does not pertain to her. However, a story is a story and she will keep quiet just to hear something interesting. Her imagination is easily fed, gullible down to the bitter pit of her stomach. If it is any compensation, she does hold a bit of knowledge in common sense in the back of her head, some knowledge that, if valuable, she will hold her tongue and send a wink and a smile instead.

    General History: Corrine was brought up by a mother and father fit to serve royalty. Her parents raised her to be skilled in all types of work: cooking, cleaning, the such. She was brought up by learning from them: learning to serve. However, her curious personality got the best of her, learning that her mother and father were working only to take care of her. Finances in the household was tight and they were willing to do everything to keep the child alive. Mother sneaking whispers in the dimmest of days and her father carrying out the darkest of deeds. Young for her age, Corinne decided to keep shut that of her wild and untamable mouth, holding their secret with her. In the months of their passing, after she managed to gather up necessities to start her own seamstress shop, Corinne found no sorrow in their passing. She had been raised as they saw fit, and told many stories, one piquing her interest the most: The Legend of the Wounded King. Those Wounds that were hushed from her mother and father's lips were told for a reason, and one way or another, Corinne will finally qwell her curiosity and see one in the days of her mid-life, alone or not.
  8. Character Name: Dorinna “Lotus” Sola

    Gender: Female

    Job/Role: Courtesan

    Age: 24

    General Appearance:
    Long, blond curls, bright green eyes and fair skin. She dresses in fine clothes befitting a courtier, though perhaps more daring. Her hair is usually worn down or pulled partially back, often adorned with swan and peacock feathers. She tends to favor rich jewel tones. She is short, but slightly curvaceous. When traveling, she chooses more utilitarian clothing, though the rich colors remain.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Find the five wounds for her benefactor, Lord General Giarvin. The promised reward is substantial: adoption into a noble family and enough wealth to keep her comfortable for life.

    General Personality:
    Outrageous and fun loving, Dorinna is the first to play cards with the men, but also quick to join in on formal events, such as dancing or courtly games of intrigue and wit. She is quick to smile, well aware of the emotions of others, and uses this knowledge to her advantage. She isn’t cruel, but neither is she kind. Dorinna is devoted to herself and her calling. Though she will not go out of her way to harm someone, she will not hesitate to use those who find themselves in her path.

    General History: Dorinna was born to a thatcher and his lover late one autumn. The two parents were not wed, and thus the mother and child fled to a neighboring village. There they hid and the mother was making ready to leave when she was stopped by a concerned passerby. This passerby just happened to be town’s most notorious whore, a woman named Cayla. She took the two in, offering them shelter and letting the mother, Lynn, act as a housekeeper to the ladies of the night. When Dorinna was old enough, she was taken to a woman named Melinda, who taught her to read and write and do simple mathematics-- strange knowledge for a woman. Dorinna only learned of Melinda’s nature as a courtesan and Cayla’s life as a whore when she reached the age of accountability. By this time, she’d grown used to living in luxury that the women provided the mother and daughter with. She wished to continue the life of beautiful clothes and books and learning, and so Melinda apprenticed the newly adult Dorinna to a friend of hers. Dorinna not only learned but excelled at her trade, and soon had made such a name for herself that she became the ofttimes bedmate of the local lord, Giarvin. She learned much in her time at court. Now, war has come. The hunt for the Wounds is a consuming passion of Giarvin, and he cannot spare soldiers for this task. And so he has sent Dorinna...
  9. Name: Daleon ‘Brill’ Turoc
    Age: 28
    Job/Role: Soldier/Mercenary
    Personality: Outwardly, Brill presents himself as a man with little to lose. He’s a curious soul, well spoken, and almost hellbent on finding ways to make otherwise dark situations seem brighter. He tells jokes, sings songs, and has avidly engaged conversations with whomever will entertain him, much to the chagrin of his temporary comrades. Despite his attitude, Brill is a solitary figure with few friends and contacts. His appearance suggests violence and even ill intent, but he truly seems to be less fearsome than he looks.

    Inwardly, Brill is a despairing character. Cast out of his family, dishonor weighing heavily on him, he seeks endlessly something that he has since lost hope exists. Should he find the Wounds, returning even one to his father, he will be accepted back into the home again. But long years of killing for gold and searching in vain has left the former noble with dwindling hope. Taken to drinking and gambling with his coin, he has little to him, and little left to lose.

    Appearance: View attachment 14308 He wears a riding cloak and half-plate armor, long sword and shield strapped to his back. His body bears the scars of his trade. He keeps his hair short, assuming the scars and cut will disguise him from recognition, but after some seven years of exile, only few would know his face now.

    History: Daleon was born second son of Lord Baylon Turoc, a skilled strategist and fearsome warrior. Baylon and his family had carved out the Southern portion of the Old Kingdom and renamed it Lomar. It was a bloody campaign, but Lomar stands second to none as the largest of the ‘kingdoms’ carved from the territory of the once united land. Baylon served in the king’s army as a trusted general and after he was gone, has since attempted to realize the King’s dream and unite the entirety of the land under one crown again. His kingdom is considered at war with the others who will not swear fealty, and several spies have seen execution in the last five years. Baylon trains his men, calls himself King, and his sons the Four Princes.

    Daleon was trained as a soldier, instructed in the art of warfare and strategy. Like his other brothers, he was expected to excel and given command of men as early as the age of sixteen. His father expected much of the excitable Daleon, who proved only that he was not fit to be a commander. Despite his flaws, his father allowed him to flaunt his power in the kingdom, arrogant and hot-headed. What he couldn’t earn, he took, what he couldn’t take, he avenged. His older brother Arturus, attempted to council his younger brother, but too little avail.

    When Daleon was twenty one and at the height of his arrogance, he struck down a woman who would not sleep with him. He had not intended it to be a killing blow, but her neck was broken by the force. Thereafter, it was discovered the woman was a priestess, and with child, a graver insult could not be given to the gods. When word returned to Daleon’s father, the third brother, a manipulative and intelligent man, Avous, convinced the general-king that to risk the displeasure of the gods was to risk his conquest. While he advised death to appease the lives taken, Baylon instead banished Daleaon from the kingdom. He would be killed, should he return to his home, and was stripped of his name. Before Daleon was ridden out of the kingdom, his father admitted he would allow his son to rejoin the family should he return with the Wounds.

    Since, Daleon has worked as a mercenary, seeking out rumors of the Wounds to no avail. He finds himself in Argeria, now, a sometimes drunk and bad gambler. So far, no job has presented itself, nor mention of the Wounds.
  10. Character Name: Kendrick Lyn [B][URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Gender:[/B][/COLOR][B][B] Male
    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Job/Role:[/B][/COLOR][B][B] Fugitive of the Northern Province

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Age:[/B][/COLOR][B][B] 24

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]General Appearance:[/B][/COLOR][B][B] Long, thin, and straight black hair, hanging just above his shoulders in length. Two dark green eyes set above a somewhat pointed jaw characterize the most of his distinguishable features. His appearance is (now) often dusty, as he spends much of his time cautious of authority figures and in hiding. His attire is a long dark cloak that secures on his left pauldron, and a standard assortment of dark leather gear, including swordbelt. Carried on his person is a flamberge, one of the true possessions he has left.

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]Current Goal/Purpose:[/B][/COLOR][B][B] Evade the reaches of the northern province, eventually to return and extract a price on the General in charge.

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]General Personality:[/B][/COLOR][B][B] Considered somewhat of a relaxed son under a militant family, his father had been a low ranking constable within the capital of the northern province, causing little ruckus among the city's inhabitants while operating often under the orders of his father. Since 'the incident' (see General History), his attitude has shown little of the care-free side of his manor, opting to withdraw into a highly silent and observational state, for his own survival. The status as a fugitive has left him somewhat... disgruntled.

    [COLOR=#afeeee][B]General History:[/B][/COLOR][B][B]The upbringing of Kendrick had been normal for someone of a slightly higher station, given training in the martial practices of law keeping, combat, and occasionally ruminate on and administer justice. This daily life had changed, however, one day when Kendrick arrived to find his mother grieving on the steps of their home, his father accused of treason against the governing General of the northern province, a portly yet dangerous man with a strong sense of paranoia. The trial had been completely unjust, as Kendrick watched over the course of two weeks in what he assumed had been an attempt to portrait a deep investigation. At the sentencing of his father, his mother bereft with grief had stormed the platform on which they were moments away from beheading his dad. Too late for any intervention, his fathers rolling head had landed at his mothers feet, just as an arrow made its mark in the left of her stomach. The guards, retaliating for the interruption of their notion of justice had begun an inquiry into Kendrick's well being, which the young man was sure was an attempt to finish off the bloodline. After a quick retreat from the courtyard, Kendrick had retrieved the necessary provisions and much of his family's wealth from the house, fleeing immediately from the city in a departing fishing boat that would head south to the disputed boundaries of the Greyback Lake.[/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
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