The Worst Thing About Being Sick is ___ [ gross out warning]

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  1. i think the worst thing about being sick is either

    • When you know you're going to toss cookies any minute, you're just waiting for it to happen
    • How you gotta blow your nose after throwing up >,<
    What about you guys? Flu, cold, food poisoning, mono, strepp, whatever illness you choose, what's the worst part?
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  2. Continuing the 'toss cookies' trend...

    • The feeling that your teeth are disintegrating, and no matter how much your brush them, you can't get the acidic feeling away
    • The taste in your mouth when you throw up after having eaten anything spiced, which won't go away no matter how much you brush your teeth or guzzle mouthwash.
    • Having to "gargoyle", i.e throw up and have diarrhea at the same time. When it comes down to it, no matter how much you try to stretch and reach, you'll have to pick an end to safely empty and stick with it.
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  3. Yeah, you're really not supposed to brush your teeth after hurling. The stomach acid eats away at the enamel and makes it weaker, so the best thing to do is swill with room temperature water. If you brush straight away (especially if you brush vigorously, and given what you're saying, I'm inclined to believe you are brushing vigorously) then you're just taking off even more enamel and exposing nerves and the like.

    I'll also agree that "gargoyling" is pretty high up the list.

    My personal hatred is when you hurl, clean it all up and then try to go back to bed or whatever, only to find yourself needing to hurl again an hour later. I'd rather just get all the hurling over and done with at once, instead of hurling several times over several hours. -_-;

    Thankfully, I've only ever been that ill once. /:
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  4. vomitingsucks
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  5. I think the worst is needing to throw up, but finding yourself unable to make it happen. Like you know you'll feel better if you do, but your body just refuses to allow you to get sick despite how nauseous you're feeling. This happens to me quite a lot, unfortunately.

    I also hate the feeling of your head being compressed from a stuffy nose, and no matter what you do (blowing it, nose strips, medicine, steam, etc.) it just doesn't go away. I can't even sleep when it feels like that, because my head feels ready to explode and some times I can hardly close my eyes properly and comfortably.

    Coughing and cramps are also a bad combination. It just murders your abs, especially if you're already sore from something else or a few days of this combo...
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  6. Actually, vomiting blows.

    If your vomiting sucks... I feel very sorry for you.
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  7. I was feeling pretty sour when my vomiting sucked, let me tell you.
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  8. Yeah, try telling that to seven year old me sick with the flu on new years eve and see if she listens.
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  9. Those little tiny spit drops/dots from coughing or sneezing that randomly gets all over your phone, computer, tablet, etc screen and then you try to wipe the random spit spots off but it just leaves a streak. T.T (Am I the only one?)

    ...Oh yeah, and throwing up. Especially if you just ate a whole bag of goldfish before hand... :cry:
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  10. Throwing up is pretty high on the list. I threw up 6 times in one day..yeah the flu really gets me sometimes.
    But another thing that annoys me is when you have to blow your nose and have no tissues/toilet paper and forced to use paper towels then the itchy feeling afterwards
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  11. The paranoia.

    Because of reasons, my immune system is kind of sub par. So every time I get sick, it fucks up my sinuses and there's a really good chance I could end up with a sinus infection. If THAT happens, there's also a good chance that I'll get pneumonia again.

    I do not want pneumonia ever, EVER again. It was terrifying. I thought I was dying. I'm not exaggerating.

    The worst thing about being sick is the paranoia that it will escalate into something much worse.
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  12. Dry heaving. Ya know, like vomiting, except nothing comes out. It is the absolute worst if you ask me.
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  13. Hiccup barfing x-x You basically hiccup and stuff comes up x-x
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  14. Definitely this. Pneumonia was horrible. I slept upright on my couch for two weeks because I felt like I was drowning while laying down and even then it was horrible. Haha the good news was that I reached and surpassed my weight loss goal and lost twenty pounds during that time.
  15. Or that feeling you have to sneeze but you cant and you look really weird at school,work,etc.
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  16. Being barely able to move, and then you suddenly feel like you need to release the beast. So you gather up what little energy you have to turn over and do it into a bucket or bin you have beside you. But you've already thrown up in that. It's being cleaned. So you have to steel yourself, and drag your body over to the toilet or the bathroom, with every step making you feel like you're going to turn into a human fountain. After what seems like an eternity, you let it rip, just barely able to stay upright while kneeling at the edge of whatever you chose to do it in.

    Anyway, that's my experience with indigestion. Or food poisoning. I don't really care to remember.
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  17. Yeah Vomiting, with the aching ribs afterwards, Hate that, sooo much.

    ...I'm surprised nobody has brought up diarrhea, or those awful tasting meds...
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  18. Oh, I did. Though I mentioned it together with throwing up, at the same time.
  19. Gargoyling sounds dreadful.. I hope I never have to experience that one.
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  20. And I'll pray to whatever god or spaghetti monster you believe in that you never have to.