The WORST movie in your collection?

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  1. "You can be alike in many ways, though she veers closer to homophobia."
  2. "You can't fool me. You can slither your way between a married woman, you can slither anywhere. I'm not a fool."
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  5. testing shite here
  6. "I know that. I also know you love other women."
  7. "But I have children with you."
  8. "Because most of the time, you pick and choose what you like to do before I even realize what's happening." Alena tease softly.
  9. "You can chose this time." *alex lied her on the bed as he lied down next to her
  10. "She does. She craves her mother's love." Harmony chuckle and snuggle hers, "She's easier to spoil when she's this tiny."
  11. "Because she loves Evelyn and and house of micheals especially a church is all about strength, protection, and redemption." *john said as he teleported himself and the three children to kunari
  12. go on hulu and watch "Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell"

    you will all agree i win this competition

    It's the worst movie in my collection and I enjoy it anyway. XD I picked it up out of the cheapass dollar store rack. Always good for a giggle.

    Although Cabin Fever II that Pan just got us is pretty bad too. c____c
  14. Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus.

    saw the cover and ahd to rent it.'

    film was so shit it was hilarious.

    i mean shit, a giant great white shark (that they pretended was a megolodon to try and make sense of the size issue make sense) jumps outta the water, goes about 1000-2000 metres in the air and bites a jumbo jet in half ON THE WAY DOWN.

    how the shark even SAW the plane i havbe no idea.
  15. It's a tossup between...

    Postal, directed by none other than Uwe Boll.


    Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre.

    Probably the only redeeming quality of Postal was that it shipped with a copy of Postal 2.

    As for Recon, the redeeming quality for that one is the body armor of the Marines. It's very much inspired by Gears of War only using Master Chief's color scheme.
  16. Angel Sanctuary.

    People for some reason like it because the same lady who did Saber Marionette was behind it. It is messed up, stupid, and pretty much a waste of time. I bought the OVA because I saw it for sale used, had no research done on it before hand, and it was anime.

    Seriously I don't know why I still have it. I've thought about microwaving it a couple of times now.
  17. Miami Vice.

    It's not even funny bad, it's just plain bad. Dull, badly written, and cutting off into this ridiculous romance sub-plot halfway through. Seriously, why the fuck did I buy this piece of shit...
  18. JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE SLAYER. That's another really stupid one but it's weird for the sake of weird, so there for it's awesomely bad.
  19. I dare anyone to make it through the whole clip without skipping if you're willing to waste your life.


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    Got this free at a Blockbuster along with buy other movies that were actually GOOD. One of those "buy 3 etc etc" deals.