The worst day of my life (So Far)

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  1. i guess things were getting too good for me...

    I was seven when i got my golden retriever, My mom instantly loved him, and i did too. We named him Quincy, He got really big a month later,(and has had that size since today) He comfort my mom when she was sad, and was very protective. He became the heat of the family, Laying with us, He was my favorite dog ever. I then had two dogs, The other named Bailey. They ran away a lot but never got hurt and we always found him. We eventually had too give away our dog bailey, We then got another dog named Gizmo, And he always escaped with Quincy, Quincy always was a follower. We got a third dog named Addison, And had great pets. Everything was perfect.

    That's when we moved to another, More busier street. He and my other dog Gizmo got out of the kennel, They ran down the street, but thank goodness found them, A women put them in her garage when she a saw them. We locked up the kennel even better, but wasn't secure enough. They got out of the yard again. This time ran the other way through the busy streets. We found Gizmo, But couldn't find Quincy. My dad got a call by his friend, and told him that he saw a Golden Retriever , We found him in an ally

    He was hit by a car, When we brought him to the veterinarian, They told us it was good, And hes okay. The day after we found something bad, He had a fractured skull and ribs. He couldn't feel his back legs. His spine was curved and messed up, So we couldn't let him suffer like this, So my mom gave the decision to put him down. My mom had a huge bond with the dog, and loved him and he loved her, The veterinarian told us that when we do it, He won't freak out, So i stayed. That's when we put it into the tube, He woke up immediately and freaked out, Me and my sister ran out of the room balling our eyes out, After going home i am still depressed.

    (Thank you for reading)
  2. I recommend moving this to the counseling section!
  3. Dude, that's shitty. I'm so sorry you had to go through that

    Big Internet hugs for you
  4. Awww, that sucks. We've had to put many dogs to sleep, some of them because of advanced age, some of them because of various injuries (one was even killed by our neighbors), so I definitely know how you feel. There's nothing I can say to make you feel better about your loss; for now, take your time to grieve and remember all the happy moments with your beloved dog. It'll get better eventually.
  5. Well thank you for your compliances, i appreciate everything you guys said
  6. Ah man.... I cried when my latex glove filled with pepsi was thrown away because it was my "turkey" pet at work.

    I develop super super strong bonds with anything even slightly resembling a pet :/

    *offers a bug skeletor hug*