The worst and most embarrassing ways to die?

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So, I went to the bathroom the other day and I could hear my neighbor upstairs going in to their bathroom at the same time. (Floor creaking).

And I thought "Man. It would suck if the ceiling caved in while they were on the toilet and I got crushed while on MY toilet. What a shitty (hahaha) way to die."

What do YOU think would be a horribly embarrassing way to die?
Drowning in feces. Though I would agree with you Di.
Taking a bullet while in bed.

I can think of no worse death.
Getting pegged in the ass by a guy with a twelve inch dick.

Not that I would know.

Because I'm not gay.
Smothered to death by kittens attempting to lick off the pudding your naked body is covered in.

Are we going for either worst or Embarassing, or both?

Eh, worst?

I think locking someone in a rubber room, with NOTHING in there, not even clothes, and filming their descent into madness, before placing, periodically, more and more dangerous items. If they become gibbering vegetable mad, gassing them.

Oh wait, DIE? Oh, er..... reverse above.


I think re-enacting the scene from Deliverance with 100% more scalpel action going on, on film, while reading the script from a cheesy 70's porno would be number one in my mind. Closely followed by slipping in the bathtub and knocking yourself out, face down in the hair clog and consequently drowning. But that could be just me.
Suffocating on the condom cuz your girl friend likes weird shit.
Well...there was this story of a man on the darwin awards...who died because he had ingested several liters of alcohol...

that wasn't the embarrassing part though, apparently he was not allowed to DRINK alcohol he had put it all up his ass....>.<
smaking an RPG with a sledgehammer.

dude won a Darwin award for that
Getting your dick caught in a woodchipper while only buzzed. (Yeah, kinda grotesque but crappy way to die.)
smaking an RPG with a sledgehammer.

dude won a Darwin award for that

A slightly modified one, from an honorable mention on their site:

Blood-loss due to attempt to have sex with vacuum. In this case, the vacuum's suction is produced by a rotating blade.
yeah, I guess for the most embarrassing ways to die, checking out the Darwin awards is a fun (but sometimes disconcerting) way to educated yourself. Just google "Darwin Awards"
Smothered by a fat woman's breasts!

I saw that one on the 100 Ways to Die show. c___c It was funny and horrible all at the same time!