The worst and most embarrassing ways to die?

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  1. Feel free to come back any time.
  2. Drowning in feces. Though I would agree with you Di.
  3. i think David Carradine topped the list
  4. Taking a bullet while in bed.

    I can think of no worse death.
  5. Getting pegged in the ass by a guy with a twelve inch dick.

    Not that I would know.

    Because I'm not gay.
  6. "You are just by staying."
  7. "So why would you be telling me?"
  8. Suffocating on the condom cuz your girl friend likes weird shit.
  9. Running into a cactus =D
  10. Kiddie pool
  11. Well...there was this story of a man on the darwin awards...who died because he had ingested several liters of alcohol...

    that wasn't the embarrassing part though, apparently he was not allowed to DRINK alcohol he had put it all up his ass....>.<
  12. damn I was gonna say that
  13. Such moments are still a thing, albeit at a smaller extent.
  14. Adam Kane

    Adam was being pulled by Nyx having just barely grabbed onto Maine he tried his best to deliver a few good punches. Maine suddenly reached up like he was gonna punch Adam. He threw up his arm and deflected the punch, he looked at Maine as of to say, yeah right.

    Maine struggled to grab onto Adams head, most likely trying to go for a headbut, Adam blocked Maines attempt when suddenly. BOOOOM. Maine and Adam hit the wall hard.

    Adam took the most damage to his left shoulder, back and the back of his head. Adam was released by the tendril and tried his best to get up. He wobbled to his feet using the wall to keep himself steady. He looked over at Nyx he couldn't help but think what a reckless move that was. Adam stood up taking a boxing stance, his left arm curled up tightly due to the injury on his left shoulder.

    Adam shook off his dizziness and charged at Maine trying not to give him time to recover, Adam had the advantage in close combat afterall. Adam got in close working Maines body, keeping Maine positioned in front of him so Nyx wouldn't be able to hit him with a tendril attack. Adam continued to dodge,l and punch as he called to Daisuke. "Any plans yet?" Daisuke spoke up. "Something's coming, it feels like the more damage we take, the more I feel like. I don't know stronger. You know like when a feral animal is cornered." Adam spoke "what you want me to get beat up on purpose?"
  15. As it stands i will post in the morning.
  16. John was shocked as he looked at her* "you want to have one now?"