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  1. The small town of Carhala was bustling with travelers, being well known as the largest fishing village in the land and being a crossroads for some of the largest cities. Kyy was sitting at the bar, drink in hand, looking over his new contract. "Hmm... so all I have to do is get rid of some bandits? Piece of cake." He downs his beer and orders another, already pretty drunk. As a barmaid walks by he looks up at her. "Hey cutie... why don't we go back to my place and have a little fun?" The barmaid smiles at him. "No thanks." Kyy shrugs. "Your loss."

    Just then a loud bang can be heard coming from the middle of town, echoing through the town. Kyy puts his drink down and lights up a cigarette, walking outside to see what the commotion was. As he gets outside he sees a lesser demon attacking the village. "These things again? Can't these people get a break?" He sighs and runs in the direction of the attack.
  2. Seto walked into the bustling town reading her map. Man it was going to be a long way until she hit the next town. She rolled up the map and shoved it into her side bag while digging around for her money bag. She walked uneventfully to the closet inn and rented a room intent on getting good rest for her journey tomorrow. The letter she had didn't explain much but it told her to get to Kilat (a small village at least fifty miles away from Carhala) on a very specific route. At first she didn't trust it's words but eventually curiosity got the better of her.

    She heard a giant bang nearby and grabbed her bag rushing outside to see what was happening. Another one of those demon things, she was running into these things everywhere now and it was making her journey particularly hard. She was having to fight almost everyday and the ache in her muscles was starting to get more and more noticeable from all the exertion. Seto just needed at least one day off.
  3. At the docks of Carhala, a ferry had recently pulled in, unloading it's cargo of human passengers. Sitting on the boat's railing, was a man of large stature- certainly larger than anyone else on the boat. He was smiling serenely as he watched the waves of the ocean around the harbor, breathing deep the salty, cool air as he waited for enough of the other passengers to get off before going himself. However, as he pulled an apple out of a pouch, a loud roar ripped through the air, followed by several creams.

    Knowing there was no time to waste, the man, known as Vega, spun around and launched himself over the side of the ship to the stone dock below, landing on his feet with a meaty thud before tearing off down the street towards the center of town, dodging what people he could, pushing aside the ones that he could not. Sliding into a crosswalk, he spotted a lesser demon rampaging through the center of town. Without wasting any time, he picked up a near-by barrel, flinging it at the beast. "FACE ME IF YOU DARE, YOU FOUL BEAST!" He bellowed his challenge as the projectile slammed into the creature's side. Spreading both arms wide, he prepared.

    However, no sooner had this happened, than a feminine scream erupted off to his side, and a woman came burting out of a door and down an alley-way, another lesser demon following behind, the remains of a human arm in one of it's hands as it moved into the alley, going afterthe woman. "damn..." Vega cursed quietly, unsure which demon to go after first, when he noticed a man emerge from a bar and begin running towards them, a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth. "Are you here to face these abominations as well?!" He called out to the man.
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  4. The wind played through her hair as if caressing like a lost lover. Gene sighed into the touch with little as to the looks she was getting. Today was going to be great because, regardless of what she owed anyone, she was going to have a great day. There was the rent and some gambling debt and a few lost trinkets here and there, but she was working on a way to pay it all off and still have money to spare. Gene stretched lazily and yawned aloud. There was a rare treasure floating around the area and she was going to find it before it happened onto the next ship overseas. "I am going to change this boring life of mine. I'm tired of owing old hags and drunkards money all the friggin' time." She pouted into her mug. "Why doesn't anyone ever owe me money?" She let her head fall back onto the back of the chair.

    The toes of her boots gleamed in the sunlight when she moved her feet, blinding poor passersby. She finished off the last of her drink and slammed the mug down on the table of someone inside then walked out. She was hardly dressed for much besides work: shorts, a dirty beige colored top, suspenders and calf-length boots with a steel toe and heel. She had a bag slung over her shoulder that almost hid the silver blades of her short double axes. It was a small sack that held an extra outfit. She was quite a sight to see considering her comely features. "I had better ask around the shops..." As soon as the words left her mouth an explosion sounded from further into town. Gene hesitated a moment, not really wanting to kill the seren mood she had managed to create for herself with trouble, but not able to convince herself it wasn't worth it.

    Gene ran toward the noise and found herself almost face-to-face with a lesser demon. She managed to run out of the way as it went crashing by. There were others pursuing it as well, it seemed. "That's no fun then," she sighed. "I've got a treasure to find so I'll let them handle this one. They don't look too reliable but, meh." She shrugged and walked off.
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  5. Lotori sighed he hated fighting and avoided conflict as much as he possibly could yet he could not stand the sight of watching a poor homeless man be beaten at someone door step as soon as he finished with the "problem" and gave the homeless man a few coins he roamed about the town drifting ignoring peoples inquiring glances as he walked by as lotori walked he couldn't help but think about his passed life as a criminal and the awful things hes done lotori stopped that was in the past ever since he met his master he turned himself around and began to help people lotori heard yells in the distince he quickly turned and saw some people confronting a Demon of sorts he sprinted over to help the men cracking his knuckles its better not to fight but in the case of a demon ill make a exception as he came upon the men he heard one of them shout something Lotoi took a fighting stance and prepared himslef for the fight
  6. As she went about her business she got wind of another demon acting up somewhere else in town. She stopped and sighed toward the sky. "This ridiculous! Don't these demons have something else to do?! I do." She continued to complain as she went after the second one she saw running toward the alley.
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