The World's Fallen

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  1. In the year 2012, life in the United States changed... The government as a large broke into smaller pieces -- and they began to look for volunteers. Certain cities were blocked off by walls; secluded and future generations would be told that there was nothing but death beyond the walls. Chicago was one such city.

    The first volunteers were aware of what they were doing -- 100 women of various ages, 100 men. Ten men and ten women were assigned different sectors -- different factions within this new society. There were 'the Stiffs', who worked primarily in the council that ran the society, their given name was 'Abnegation'. The group that was over security and protection were called 'Dauntless', and the farmers and food suppliers were called 'Amity'. The scientists of the society were called 'Erudite'. The lawmakers were called 'Candor'. Abnegation took the care of others before their own, Dauntless were considered brave, Amity were thought to be kind, Erudite's were smart, and Candor were honest.

    By the year 2014, many of the first volunteers were growing old, and they came up with a way of assigning the younger generations into their respective factions. There was a test you could take to see what faction would be the best for each person; though you did not have to stand by the test's findings. Normally this aptitude test only gave one or two answers -- but there were times where it would give more than two answers. Despite the answers being the best place for a said person, that person could decide on their own.

    No one really questioned the leaders of the factions -- each faction had their own leader -- usually one or two, depending. Then, after the aptitude tests were done -- people who turned 16 that year, would go on to a ceremony where they would make their choice in front of every person within Chicago.

    Now, a new drug has been introduced into the utopia of Chicago; though what the outside government of the USA did not foresee, was that the people inside the utopia would be unable to process the drug. Illnesses were not the same within the walls, and therefore the drug brought forth something akin to a plague.

    In 2024, the plague was still rampant but there were some who were beginning to blame the council of leaders -- these people were declared to be committing treason... many of them cast from their factions and further still, beyond the city and toward the walls; where the dangers (or so they were taught) resided.

    By 2045, the outside government had created several more 'facilitated utopias', just like Chicago -- all across America. Resources had long since died, in both the utopias and outside of them. The world had truly entered an apocalypse, though the Utopian societies were not aware of this... The plague had died out as the outside world had; nobody was there to give them more illnesses and continue their blight.
  2. You should probably mention that this is based on that book whose name I can't remember. It'd probably get more interest.
  3. Well, it's actually based on the Divergent series. o:
  4. That's the one I meant by "book whose name I can't remember" lol. I knew it began with a D.
  5. Heh. XD I just figured most would know since I used the faction names and such o:
  6. I was interested, when I read the first part, but then I got confused....

    What would the plot for the rp be exactly? Will it be an OC rp? Or Canon? Where do you want to go with this?

    Also I agree with @Karakui that you should probably mention in the title it is Divergent based, because many people (like me) judge on titles and don't take the time to read through XD
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