The world we live in,Hell (Walking dead)

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  1. We must fight for our existence before we get whipped out As the governor once said, you kill or you die, or you die and you kill, in this case, The virus has been going for a year now, The government is down and we must fend for ourselves, If we don't try to survive, Then our civilization will crumble, We must kill or die against those flesh eating monsters and do whatever we can to survive against The Walking Dead.

    A group of people travel through Windsor Ontario, As a new threat arises underneath there feet, They must do whatever to survive
  2. The group of four walk on the road of the highway, Drake stops on the road, he takes of the gas mask off, Sweat ran through his head and hair, He wipes it off with his hand "I think we'll sleep here tonight, We'll sleep on top of that van,Rex i need you to check for any walkers close by and make them dead,Melanie i need you to make sure the walkers cant get us" he started roaming through cars trying to find some food and watar
  3. "You got it, boss," Melanie replied with a nod. She picked the closest vehicle that was near the group and quietly climbed on top of the roof of it. She took a crouched position and looked around all around them, surveying the area for any signs of danger. The group she was with was new to her, but she quickly latched to them, and this time she was determined to make sure what happened to her last group did not happen to them.
  4. Paul walking with his eyes focused on the road ahead But at the same time keeping alert at any freaks or biters that may come into his sight. Carrying his Sniper rifle in hand he use's the scope sometimes to look ahead more clearly. He turns his head to the other survivor behind him. "What do you think? Keep going or find a place to rest? Looks pretty clear so far" Paul rubs his neck turning his head back to the road ahead with many different vehicles abandoned. Keeps walking awaiting for a answer.
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  5. :: 152

    Last night I settled down in a little abandoned shed... It's nothing more than an old, rickety, tool shed, but it was warm enough once I layered the walls with blankets and things... I used the tool pegs to anchor everything, and I threw out all the junk that was piled up in here... I found an old tarp to help with water proofing.

    I had an idea this morning, and I scraped snow for almost thirty minutes before I got enough built up around the shed to make a sort of igloo. It holds heat in really nicely now, but I'm afraid the door isn't thick enough to hold out more than one or two walkers... I may have to reinforce it tomorrow if I can find extra wood, or metal...

    Dinner was nice. I found a can of Chunky, Homestyle Beef with Veggies... At least I won't get scurvy anytime soon. The meat is almost all gone, but cans of veggies are pretty abundant. Fruit is more scarce, but you can still find it every now and then. Vitamins are pretty abundant too... I managed to fill up a knapsack with them before I left Windsor... The fallout was too much, and I had to hit the highway... I only stayed on it for 8 miles before I made for this small bunch of homes near the woods. I hope the residents left, and aren't... ...


    Well, I found some thick glass panes to add to the shed door, as well as some re-bar. Basically I bent the rebar a bit and angled it from corner to corner, across the inside of the door, and let the springy metal hold itself in place while I nailed boards over them to anchor them into place... The banging attracted a walker but I'd been swinging that hammer long enough to put the head where I wanted it. That walker was just another nail to pound...

    After I got the re-bar in place, I used wire and tape to attach the glass to the outside face of the door... I think it'll help if lots of walkers attack, but at the same time the door is so heavy now that the hinges creak when I open or close it. I may have to get better hinges too.

    Dinner was leftover Ritz crackers and stale candycorn from an upstairs bedroom in a nearby house.


    I'm finally all set up here... It's dark now. The new hinges are pretty much industrial strength. The ice wall around the cabin is nice and thick, and I have a natural fire pit in the middle of my little house now. It's all perfect... Now all I need is food... But it seems there's little of that left around here. I suppose a little hiking couldn't hurt, now that I'm all set up, away from the hordes in the cities.

    Sleep tight Crystal... Rest well... Tomorrow you have a big day.

    Note - More pens, and lighter fluid.

    Note - Chunky soup... Is really good with crackers.
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  6. Ghost patrols the area of the group quietly. Watching what everybody is doing and watching for any walkers that may pass through. "Stupid walkers...I wish I could just decapitate them all" he thought to himself. The light of the day reflected off his sunglasses and he continued to watch around.
  7. Flash Back-Evil Men

    "It had began...I was weak...mentally...physically...I didn't know...couldn't comprehend what the horror of what was to come...I knew there was evil in the world...but for it to happen to me..and....
    It was night was me and Lilly in the middle of grassy I had thought so I had thought in that time...I shouldn't had kept going...I should of...stayed where I was..."

    "Dad..I'm hungry.." Dried tears upon Lillys cheeks. Lilly being carried on Pauls back. Lilly holding on to her father. Paul is weak. His knees stumble with each step. "I...know...darling" Paul said with a weak voice. Dried tears on Pauls face as he drys them with his shoulder. With blood on his blue shirt and hands. With his last word said he falls on the grass. "Daddy!" Lilly screams.
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  8. Melanie blinked a few times as she watched the area, lack of a good night's rest now catching up to her. Being with this new group was a little more difficult on her than she would admit. They always went from one place to the next, never settling, always moving. She rolled her shoulders and cracked her neck, attempting to loosen weary muscles.

    When Ghost spoke, her attention momentarily shifted to him. He was generally a man of few words, and hearing his voice was a welcomed rarity. Of course, his talk of decapitation was a little unsettling, but who was she to question that? This was no longer a land of homework, TV shows, and social media. The world had moved on since then.

    She steered her attention back to keeping a lookout.
  9. Ghost looks in some cars yet all he can find are some dried up bloody prints. He opens the glove compartment and finds expired medicine. With everything being useless, he moves on to the next car. He finds a wrench and a couple tools in the back seat. Taking it, he picks it up and brings it towards Drake.
  10. Drake stood on top of the van, making sure No walkers can get them from there, He sees Ghost coming with a couple tools "What did you find?"
  11. Ghost sets the toolbox in front of him and opens it. Inside are wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers. Ghost walks away and continues searching cars throughout the area
  12. "On it." Pulling his weapon of choice off his pack, he nonchalantly walked through the sea of cars looking for movement. One caught his eye in a beat up, old van nearby. Rex threw the door open, grabbed it by what little hair it had left on it's head an threw it out to the ground. He gave it a quick stomp to finish the job. "I really hate these." The next two heard him first and came shambling at him. Climbing on top of a nearby car, he used the reach of his sledgehammer to his advantage, with one quick swing, he busted the first one's head open and shortly after jumped off on top of the second one and let it thrash for a bit under his boot before taking the head of his sledgehammer through the back of it's skull. He started walking back when a rather small one reached out from under a car and grabbed his leg. "F**k!" He yelled as he reached down quickly to grab it by the throat and lay it on it's back. Fighting against it's strength, he finally managed to hoist it up high enough to beat it's brains out against the car. He quickly jumped to his feet. Panting, he checked himself for a bite and sighed in relief when there wasn't one. "Not today." He said. Rounding a tanker, covered in a splatter of black blood, he wipes off his sledgehammer with the rag he kept in his pack. "Got 'em. There were four of the bastards just roaming around. One almost gave me the chomp." Fixing the sledgehammer securely back into the holster on his pack, Rex looked over to Ghost and the set of tools. Crouching down, he begins to dig through it for anything of immediate use. "Well, we got about two dozen nails and some pretty sturdy hammers. If anyone wants to help me find some kind of materials, I could fortify a temporary position for us. It'll be nice to sit down for a while. Hell, we pretty much ran all the way here."
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  13. @ Desperado

    Johan was silently following behind this strange man who he had been following for sometime. He casually slung the M4A1 over his back and thought for a moment. They had been traveling all day, but Johan, who also went by Joe or JVR, didn't seem to be tired. Regardless, the idea of taking a break was appealing. "Let's find somewhere to rest and set out in the morning."Johan said.
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  14. As Ghost walked around he noticed a fresh tail of blood. He followed it, but it was a short distance as it lead to nowhere. He was confused as to why the trail of blood led to nothing as if the person mysteriously dissapeared. With that, Ghost lowered his M4A1 and let it hang on him since it was strapped to his clothes.

    He noticed that the daylight was starting to dissapear slowly and in about 30 minutes the sun would be completely down.
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  15. Melanie watched Rex as he impressively took out the four walkers. She didn't interfere, as the man seemed to know how to handle himself - he had a sledgehammer, for goodness sake. Not just anyone could use a sledgehammer with that kind of ease. Rex was indeed a powerhouse of strength, and his fearlessness was noteworthy.

    The girl also agreed with what he'd said as he sifted through the toolbox. It would be nice to sit down for a while. She looked around at all the different cars on the highway. There was plenty of metal and things they could use to jerry rig a temporary defensive position. Plenty more vehicles to loot, as well.

    She turned to Drake, her long, blonde ponytail whipping over her shoulder. "Hey, boss. What do you think? Want me to help look for materials or stay up here and keep and keep watch?"
    Ghost's movement caught her eye, and she watched him veer around the van, eyes trained on the ground. Is he looking for something, she wondered?
  16. @The Last Outlaw

    Paul stopped walking used his sniper scope to look far ahead. For any walkers he caught two far ahead in his scope and was tempted to shoot them. He smiled and knew two wasn't a threat as he put his sniper down and seen. Paul turned to Johan "Alright..." Paul looked at the empty vehicles all around. "Lets search these vehicles I'm sure somebody was in a rush and must forgot something that can be useful to us.."
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    Johan nodded and walked over to a deserted car that seemed to be propped open by a small rock. Johan kept his M4 trained on the car. As he approached,he noticed a walker in the front seat trying to get free. Johan pulled out a ice pick and drove into the creature's skull. The walker seized moving, but the pick broke off in the skull. "Shit" He cursed in his thick Norwegian accent. He scrounged and found two cans of sliced peaches and a hatchet. "Nice" he said quietly.

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  18. @The Last Outlaw

    Paul searched a truck nearby and searched it. Searched the glove department of the truck leaning over from the driver side. Rumbling though useless paper work he found bubble gum. Only a four left. He put it in his back pocket and closed the department. Before leaving the truck he noticed a picture on the air vent. Of a family of four. Husband, wife, baby and a dog. The pictured was detailed of the family taken by a tree in the forest. Paul paused shortly while looking at it.

    It reminded him of his family at one time. Bringing back a happy memory. And then exited the truck closing the door easy. To not attract the walkers. Paul continues to raid the other cars nearby.
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  19. Ghost continued looking through the cars. Thinking about the trail of blood he saw. He rules it out as nothing and noticed that the sun was almosy completely down. He walked towards the group wanting to regroup.
  20. @Desperado

    Johan had finished looting through the rest of the cars, finding little to nothing useful items. He walked back over to Paul "We need to find a place to hold out for the night." He stated
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