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  1. This World We Live In, Hell
    We must fight for our existence before we get whipped out As the governor once said, you kill or you die, or you die and you kill, in this case, The virus has been going for a year now, The government is down and we must fend for ourselves, If we don't try to survive, Then our civilization will crumble, We must kill or die against those flesh eating monsters and do whatever we can to survive against The Walking Dead

    I am looking for a group of eight people in a group, i may add on to people more in the story,I am also looking for our first villain, The villain must have a small group, about 12 the most, This takes place in Windsor, Ontario Canada (if you don't know where it is, search it up on Google maps) The villain will not come in right away, but whoever is the villain, can make a mini dialogue with there group (the villains group can be NPC's and players) i am looking for diversity, so four girls and four guys would work.

    •No multiple characters yet (if we don't have enough than i might let you)
    •No god modes (EX. having 3000 bullets and killing 100 walkers around you)
    •If you get bit somewhere on your body and cut it off it's 50/50 shot you'll live

    •This takes place as the same world as the comics, which means you can reference them, but not too much, maybe finding a radio or something
    •There will be romance, and since it's the comics (if you read them) all romance is allowed
    •No one under 13 and under
    •Have Fun!

    Character Sheet:
    Gender:(male or female)

    Appearance: (i prefer a picture
    Primary weapon:
    Secondary weapon:
    Role: (hot head,scavenger,etc.)
    Family: (alive or diseased)
    Alliance: (Good or bad)
    Bio:(your history)

    Name:Drake Donovan

    hairstyles-for-males-with-short-hair (1).jpg gas mask.jpg gas mask 2.jpg gas mask 3.jpg
    Primary weapon: Compound Bow
    Secondary Weapon: Colt OHWS
    Strengths: Great with a bow,smart,is silent,Has short hair, has good surviving tactics
    Weaknesses:,doesn't have a silencer,Can't carry someones weight,Weapons slow him down,Can't shoot a big gun,Can't kill a human
    Family: Mother (deceased) Father (deceased) Chris (brother:Deceased) Jared (Brother:deceased) Alyshia (sister:Not sure)
    Bio: Drake was born and raised in Windsor Ontario Canada, He was the youngest of a family of four, it was my parents,my sister, and brother Jared, my brother Jared was best friends with a boy named Chris, we were really close, he had a bad life before so my parents became foster parents for him, the virus started when he was 21, he was having his first beer with his father, his brother Jared was in the military (27) and his brother Chris was a Parkour artist in new york, The virus spread to canada, the rest he doesn't want to talk about (i'll bring it up in the story)

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  2. Name: Randall 'Rex' Larson
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Primary weapon: Sledgehammer
    Secondary weapon: 9mm pistol
    Strengths: Smart, physically strong, brave, strong willed, high tolerance for pain, good endurance and good with melee weapons and in a fist fight
    Weaknesses: Quick tempered, poor marksmanship, wary of strangers, habit of trying to kill every walker he sees, not very stealthy, questionable morals
    Role: He is the group hot head which usually deals with the more under handed tasks that need to be done to survive.
    Family: Family eaten alive in the first days but killed after reanimation
    Alliance: Good
    Bio: Born in the US, he was an athlete most of his life and excelled at any physically demanding activity. He was brought up in a relatively stable home besides a drunk for a father who would take his anger out on Rex from time to time. After High School Rex got into construction work to make ends meet. He did well in adjusting to the physical load it put on his body. This gave him quite a bit of knowledge of building and maintaining which served him well after the apocalypse. When the news broke out, he was at work doing a demolition job on an old brick building. After half of his crew was eaten alive he killed what he could with the sledgehammer he was using and rushed home to his family. Keeping them safe for a few days, practically dragging them along behind him before being overwhelmed trying to get out of his home town and losing his family. After which he joined up with a few other groups but it always ended the same. They got overzealous either got eaten alive or killed by another group. He had done his fair share of questionable acts but still considers himself mostly good and still wants to help people but is VERY willing to do the hard things if it comes to the survival of him and his group. The last time he was seen was heading towards Canada after hearing it hadn't been hit yet.
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  3. awesome accepted!
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Paul Sebastian
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Primary weapon: Barrett M82 50 Cal Sniper Rifle
    Secondary weapon: Bowie Knife
    Strengths: Has No Mercy, can kill a Walker and human with his bare hands. A brutal survivor mentally and physically.
    Weaknesses: His cold blooded brutal mistakes make him not human. Making many mistakes that could cost his life in many outcomes. Wants to be in control of everything and everyone. Gets a adrenaline rushes killing walkers and humans...he loves it.
    Role: Villain
    Family: All Diseased
    Alliance: Bad
    Bio: Paul was born in the U.S. From south Alabama. Visting his daughter Lilly who lives with his Ex-Wife Karan in Canada. He had do what he had to do to keep his daughter and former wife safe. He learned quickly from his mistakes what type of world he would be living in. He adapted quickly and insanely. What lurks in his mind is truly evil. But from the smile on his face, and his kindness you could never notice...
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  5. Appearance:

    Name: Johan Van Riemsdyke Or JVR for short



    Primary weapon: M4A1 Carbine

    Secondary Weapon: Hatchet

    Strengths: Extreme loyalty to his superiors, fluent in English German and Norwegian, above average strength and speed, outstanding hunting, tracking and survival skills.

    Weaknesses: Lack of empathy or really any emotion, Limited experience with army grade weapons. Average hand to hand combat

    Role: Second In Command

    Alliance: Bad

    Family: Status unknown

    Bio: Johan moved from Oslo, Norway to Ontario 2 years before the outbreak. He left his family behind and headed west to seek opportunity as a Mechanic in the local garage. Much is unknown about this mysterious Norseman, what is known is that he seems to lack any empathy or sympathy for others. He sees others as a tool in order to survive and once they are expendable, he discards them.
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  6. accepted!
  7. we need more people
  8. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Melanie Gains
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Primary weapon: Pistol with a homemade silencer
    Secondary weapon: Hunting knife
    Strengths: Stealth, long range combat, emotional stability
    Weaknesses: Gullible, close quarters combat with more than one walker, can't kill a human, low carry weight, no bow training (yet)
    Role: Peacemaker
    Family: Father: William (walker), Mother: Glenda (diseased), Brother: Jacob (diseased)
    Alliance: Good
    Bio: Melanie is originally from a small town in upstate New York, but she and her brother moved to Canada to live with their father after their mother died in a terrible bank shooting. After the first initial outbreak, her father became infected and turned, but Melanie didn't have the heart to end his unlife. She and her brother fled, leaving him behind, but during the scramble to find safety, her brother was jumped by a group of walkers and torn apart. How did a fragile girl like her make it this whole time on her own? (That will all come out in character.)
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  9. I'm ready to start! lol
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  10. okay three good two bad, i'm hoping to get at least three more people on the good side
    @Amberlin accepted
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  11. May I reserve a spot? So I can make a CS in a bit?
  12. Well, we could probably go ahead and start. You don't have to close the signups when we start though cause survivors could turn up at any time during a zombie apocalypse. Plus we could make some generic community characters on both sides that we can give a vague description and that everyone can control
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  13. yeah np
  14. yeah i guess that works, we could start with a small group, and have l or 2 people on our group be all controlled by everyone, and whoever joins later we could meet on the road
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  15. Yes sir! Sounds like a plan to me
  16. What about us villains? Same thing we meet up or what?
  17. well i was thinking the villains have an army or something
  18. Maybe good and bad could rp together initially until there are enough villains to break from the group and form their own?
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  19. We can start together and a power struggle separates us
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