The World Through Her Eyes

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  1. Valerie wasn't like normal 16 year old girls. She saw things other couldn't. Normal people saw, well, other people. Valerie saw much more. She could see spirits of those still attached to earth, and communicate with them. She saw them in life, shows, and pictures. She never understood why and considered this special a curse.

    When she was younger she would always tell people what she saw and actions like that lead her to 6 years of therapy and medication and constantly being told "don't tell lies for attention". So after a while she kept her mouth shut about seeing these things, but it never helped. The damage was done, it wouldn't stop the spirits from trying to have her send messages to the loved ones left behind or the students from calling her a lying crazy freak. Valerie simply went about her days with her head down ignoring these things.

    Valerie sat outside under an oak tree for lunch as she always did. To her, ghosts were surrounding her pleading for her to deliver there messages. "Go away.." She whispered. A few of them left but one kept begging. The ghosts name was Rodney, a former student. Valerie finally looked up at him.

    "Valerie, please! Just go to Jessica Robbinson and tell her i always loved her!!"
    Rodney begged. "Stop it Rodney! I told you Jessica already graduated! She's freaking 30 with kids now!" Valerie shouted. She then froze, realizing she spoke too Loud and the students were now staring at her. "Shit.." She mumbles.
  2. Ryan was not like the other kids he had black eyes he knever knew why he had them but adults would never understand the Tormented spirits of the murderd kids who were killed by paedophiles and othere child killers. Ryans dreams were constantly nightmares of him seeing in to the future and witnessing a murder and during this dream when he tried to stop the murder he woke up just before he got with in a foot of the killer.

    Ryan Moaned in his sleep "Jack run run for your life your are going to be killed..JAAACK!". Ryan awoke from dream in the oak tree and fell off the branch he was on down infront of a girl.
  3. As the boy fell in front of Valerie, she shrieked being quite startled. And from being startled she jerked back which caused her to hit her head on the tree and groan. Which, in turn, caused all the students to laugh at the two. A few of the boys even shouts out rude names. "Shit..!" She mumble again. Rubbing her head, Valerie dropped her gaze to the floor as usual and pulls up the good to her gray hoodie.

    "Are you alright?" She asked and glances to the boy. She was a little distracted at first by the sight of his black eyes and wondered if he too was a ghost. Valerie hesitantly held a hand out to the boy and tapped him quickly and lightly to check and see if he was real before her arm jerked back to her pocket. "W-what were you doing sleeping up there? That's dangerous.." She said in an even softer tone that she doubted the boy could even hear. Which was fine with her since she feared that he would also make fun of her.
  4. "im fine thanks i was trying to get away from the jerks in this school" Ryan said glareing at the other kids who took a step back at the sight of his eys.
  5. Valerie looks at the kids who backed away, then back at him. Her attention kept going to his eyes not cause they creeped her out or scared her, mostly because she was curious about them. "Your eyes are, um, kinda cool.." She said quietly.
  6. "thanks there naturaly this way im a Bek" Ryan replied.
  7. "A Bek..?" She asked and tilted her head to the side. "What's a Bek..?"
  8. "A beck is a Black Eyed Kid, Their said to be malevolent but im said to be one by many due to me having black irises allthough not fully black people think im one due to me being able to see in to the future to see children being murderd by killers" Ryan replied
  9. She looked at him oddly. "You can see the future..? Really?" She smiles a little. "Thanks kinda cool..! Except for the.. Um.. Seeing people killed part .."
  10. "i know you know the Kid called Jack Reynard he was killed last week i predicted it but no one listend to me even after explaing to the police still no one listened " Ryan replied
  11. Valerie knew the kid, mostly because she saw his ghost. She always knew when a ghost was fresh or not because they still had a sort of "human" glow to them Those ones became bothersome because she was the one forced to tell them they had died. She hated that part because they were always so devastated or somehow blamed her. "Is that so..? Well.. Maybe.. You should try and stop them instead..?" She whispered quietly enough for him to hardly even hear her.
  12. Just a few feet away, an ebony haired female who looked to be about 17 years of age, sat quietly with an open book. In her hand she held a charcoal pencil and seemed to be drawing something without lifting her head. Though try as she might, she could not help but to be drawn to the murmurs that at first, spoke of surprise and then quieted down. Curious, she lifted her head and glanced their way.