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  1. Basic Gist:

    You play as a comatose person transported to a mash up world made by the minds of yours and other comatose peoples. You’re stuck in the world until you can find your way back to your body. If your body dies, you’re stuck. If your die while you’re in the world, your mind dies and your body becomes a vegetable. The Basic storyline is a traveling quest like adventure to get those who can go back, back to their bodies.

    There’s a bit more info hidden in the spoiler *points to the spoiler below*

    InABitMoreDetail (open)

    For some of you, the last thing you saw was a tree coming at your face in speeds that your mind couldn’t quite comprehend. For others, maybe you were just walking along and got it from behind. Whatever happened, it happened and now comes the similarity in your different stories. Your body now lies in a bed at the local hospital. Sobs may or may not be echoing through the same room as the news is delivered. You’re in a coma, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be waking up anytime soon.

    While this is news is being delivered, something else is also occurring. If there isn’t too much brain damage, you’ve began to dream. This isn’t an ordinary dream though. When a person goes into a comatose state their mind “enters”, or perhaps it’s more like “connects”, into an alternate space. Here, there’s a world, made, and continuously being made and remade again, by other comatose people. It’s a world that holds countless imprints of countless imaginations. It’s a fantastic world. Different races, creatures, foods, technologies, places, buildings, and anything the mind could possibly imagine can come into being in this world. In this world, it’s very possible you’ll meet other comatose patients, or people who used to be comatose patients.

    However, this world is also a holding cell for the minds of comatose people . If you can find your way out of this world, and back into your own mind, you’ll wake up. You have until your body dies to make it back. If your body dies while you’re still trapped in this collaborative world, your mind becomes a permanent denizen of it, forever trapped. Some people, however, don’t even try to get back, they find they rather like this new world and they choose to stay.

    Time is different in this world, it has seasons, wacky ones even. It also has a calendar (that always seems to shift slightly). However, no one in this world ever ages, this can let some denizens be hundreds of years old, some may even date back to the begging of mankind. When someone does happen to die in this world, seeing as its their mind that’s in the world, it’s their mind that dies. This can leave their bodies to become nothing but vegetables in the real world, an existing shell and nothing more.

    Before a mind enters this world, it finds itself in a space between its body and the comatose world. Here, they come to a vague understanding of what is going on. This is also when a mind will design itself an image. Some people compare this to creating a new character in a game. The mind will ask itself questions as it scrambles to create itself an appearance. This appearance doesn’t always correlate to what the person looks like in the real world. Some find themselves being animals, others random pieces of technology; once again, they can be anything that they can imagine. They can give themselves powers and abilities, they can decide what is on their person. When this is done, sometimes it can be done quickly, others, it may take forever; the mind is ready to enter the world.

    When a mind enters a world, it literally falls from the sky, usually in a fallen star-esque way, lots of light, colors, and the like. The mind doesn’t have its physical form quite yet, its literally just the radiance of a human mind that’s being seen as it crashes down into the Field of Landing However, once the crash is complete, before the smoke clears away, the body the mind made for itself will have appeared. When it’s time to leave, the mind will leave in much the same way, it’ll look as if a star is shooting from the world and back into the sky from the tower of Ascending.

    After you’re in this world, however, your mind’s imagination become s a little more constricted, no longer able to just make things out of thin air (unless you designed yourself that way in the beginning) The mind still has subtle influences, but it takes much longer for them to come into being. However, there are places called “Mind Mills” that everyone can visit, for a price. Once someone enters a mind mill, they’re able to be restored back to the creative creating power they first experienced when designing themselves. But this restoration only lasts for the time one lingers inside of the mill.

    While you’re in this world, occasionally, you’ll catch feedback from the real world. For example, maybe your mother comes in and reads to you every Sunday afternoon. At times, you may be able to hear her reading, or you’ll catch a whiff of her perfume. These often times serve as reminders that you don’t really belong to this fantastical world of ceaseless wonders and that you have a home waiting for you to get back to.

    Some Notes/Rules/Reminder/Statement/Clarification Like Things:

    When I say Mash up world I mean mash up world. You wanna be a Pokémon trainer? Go for it. Oh, you want to be a vampire hunting, alien half breed, Pokémon trainer, with a tinge of elven looks and dark shadowy mage like magics of doom, who can turn into a giant slavering slug, god of sex, who spent time among the my little pony people, that happens to own a hovercraft and the twin sword of Excalibur? Cool. Go for it…..Try not to slaver on my character, and keep mature stuff in mature areas.

    Don’t over power your characters, just, don’t. It’s no fun if you do.

    No one HAS to play a fresh coma patient. Your character could have been in the world for a while. They could even be a denizen of the world and stuck already.

    NPC’s: Anyone is more than welcome to make one and throw it in somewhere, if ya’ll want I can keep a list of them in the OCC

    The world itself is also playable, if someone wants to add a kingdom made entirely of candy, its okay. Or if they want an upside down land, that’s okay to. Just give a good bit of description whenever the group(s) get to it. Or hunt down an image to post up. I’ll add it to the list of established places once it’s been, well, established.

    This is going to be pretty much group ran. I don’t have a detailed plot mapped out. I have a few basic points that we need to connect to and that’s seriously about it. Collaboration and input from everyone is greatly appreciated. However, folks should remember, their character isn’t the only main character. This story is about all of our characters. Don’t hog the limelight.

    Things that get turned into an issue: if it concerns the entirety of the group, or a portion of the group, it will be put to a vote by those who will be affected. If it’s just between two people you can either trust a neutral party for a coin flip or do a die roll thing, highest number wins.

    There’s not going to be a posting order, but let’s try to give everyone a chance, alright? Time zones and different schedules = different posting times. So don’t get too far ahead of the rest of the group. However, let the story keep pace.

    That being said: People may disappear for random periods of time. Keep your cool! There’s going to be a two week call, even if it’s a player of high influence. No character killing per se, but whoever hasn’t replied for two weeks just kind of poofs. It doesn’t mean they’re out, they can come back to play when they make another reply. But when they come back, they need to have an excuse for why their character poofed and how they got back to the group. During that two week waiting period, it should be assumed the character is with the group, just keeping to themselves for some odd reason.

    CatchUpTutorial (open)
    Ex: Sallys net has crashed for a month. And so, a month later she gets back online.

    Step 1 for Sally: Read what she missed. Or get a summery from someone.

    Step 2: It’d be nice to post in the OCC that she’s back in action.

    Step 3: Come up with why her character was gone. “Sometime in the middle of the night Serafina was awoken by footsteps, fearing for the safety of her comrades, she jumped into action and pursued the noise, only to be led straight into a trap set by Goblin like creatures! Time passed as Serafina tried her hardest to escape her fate. Finally, the day before the execution she saw her chance and slipped away from the terrible village. More time passed as the distressed unicorn tried her hardest to sniff out her comrades. Until finally, one night she spotted a fire flickering in the distance, with caution, the unicorn approached and with an equine smile, she pranced into the light emitted from the fire, calling a greeting as she was reunited with her comrades. …… ect……

    Step 4: try to make steady posts for at least a week or two before disappearing again.

    That concludes my tutorial for catching up.

    OCC Areas: Keep it friendly. If there’s a disagreement, be cordial about it. If you have criticism, first ask if it’s even wanted, then state it in a polite manner. Don’t slam people. Don’t stress anyone else out. It’s JUST for fun. Don’t get ya’lls knickers in a knot.. I want a nice, comfy environment for everyone, got it? Oh, also, you should probably, ya know, remember the Iwaku rules that govern us all. We wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble.

    EstablishedPlaces (open)

    Established Places in World:

    The In Between: The space in between a person’s body and the World. This is where appearances/ vessels/ bodies are made to house the mind during its stay in the World.

    The World: An alternate space that houses and connects the minds of all comatose humans until they wake up. (for more information, see InABitMoreDetail Spoiler above) Main setting of the story. Is constantly being added to and changed.

    The field of Landing: (Story Begins) This is where new Minds land when they first enter the World.

    The Tower of Ascending: (Goal to reach) It is said, once you find your way, you’re transported to this ever moving tower and that’s how you ascend back into your body. If this tower is even a tower is unknown. No one who has ever found it ever returned to tell the people of the World.

    Birthdale: (Story Begins) The town nearest to the Field of Landing. It’s a bright bustling town full of fairly friendly people who are used to explaining things to newbies. The town hall, the largest building, looks like a giant falling star, seen from miles around. To the west of Town Hall is a futuristic city, and to the right looks like a village out of an old Disney movie. Along the center line, the town hall in the middle of it, the two sides bleed together to make an interesting hodge podge of a main road.

    Introduction Inn: An Inn that’s free for new minds in the world. The staff are specialized just for the occasion of newbies and their questions. “The foods hot and the company’s just as confused as you!.” Building wise, it looks like a charming old country inn, with a stable to the side. Inside, however, furniture and furnishings are futuristic enough to be simple and comfortable.

    Town Hall: Looks like a giant falling star (probably in honor of the Landing Field) This building houses all of the towns governmental offices and the bank. The towns Mind Mill (See above somewhere) is also in this building.

    Mystgrove: Surrounded by thick, misty forest on all sides, this town, instead of being on the ground, is made up of a vast network of treehouses.

    Atlantis: The City Beneath the Sea. A futuristic city that rests in an air globe deep beneath The Alantiria Ocean.

    CharacterSkeleton (open)

    Character Skeletons: Short and sweet is just as good as long and thorough. Don’t feel intimidated into matching lengths with anyone.

    Real World:






    How they came to be comatose:

    Brief bit of a bio: (doesn’t necessarily have to be a backstory; just tell us a bit about your character in the real world.)


    In World:

    Name: Did you adapt a different one or keep the same?

    Age: Did you up or down your age?

    Gender: Same gender? Maybe no gender? Perhaps you’re both? Maybe you can switch between being male and female?

    Race: Still human or something else?

    Sexuality: Did you dream up a new sexuality or is it the same?

    Class/Role/Profession: (optional, as some may not need this part)

    Abilities: Because seriously, who doesn’t want to get some superpowers or superskills of some sort? Put any form of magic or special skill here.

    Combative Style: Your characters don’t necessarily need to be able to fight…but there is going to be a lot of monsters.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: Optional and very self explanatory

    Inventory: For those just coming to the world, its limited to what they can carry on their person. If the character has been in world for a while, they have a bit more freedom here.

    Residence?: This should only be filled out by people who have been in world long enough to have a residence. What form of building and where is it located? Or are you a nomad?




    Companion: There are a lot of different creature In World. Maybe you found one for you. The creatures can be pet like in nature, with basic animal intelligence, or they could possess a human intelligence and be treated more like a comrade in arms.



    Abilities: They don’t have to have any, but yea.

    Main Purpose: Friend? Pet? Pack beat?

    Circumstance: How and why did they come to be a companion?



    If there are questions, ask, and if my spelling/grammar is too awful bad, please forgive me. This was made late in the night while I was cramming for a math exam.

    NPC (open)

    Mayor of Birthdale (open)

    Name: Orina Starburst

    Appearance: Orina stands at an emposing height of seven and a half foot with a strong build lurking beneath her clothes. [​IMG] & [​IMG] Her dragon form is large than a three story house.

    Race: Dragoon of the Amazons

    Bit of a Bio:

    Orina is the intimidating mayor of Birthdale. She’s been around the world for a very long time, long enough that she’s long lost count of the years. The woman is known to be peaceful and nurturing; until you break one of her rules or threaten Birthdale. Then, it is said, her wrath burns hotter than a thousand suns and longer than a millennia. The woman is known to wield a sword nearly larger than herself and to possess very strong magics. She is never seen without her armor.

    Orina has ruled over Birthdale as the mayor for nigh on over 500 years. When she was first given the position, Birthdale was overrun by those who sought to take advantage of the newly arrived. Orina put a stop to this, going so far as to wage a war with any nearby groups that would dare threaten the newly descended.

    After five years, Orina had the surrounding area subdued. (Given, half of it was also scorched black) After the first fie years of Orinas rule, Birthdale slowly began to flourish. It continued to do so at a steadily pace from that point on until it became known throughout the world as a peaceful, successful city. However, whenever an outside force attempted to overrun the peaceful city, a reminder of why it was peaceful would befall them in the form of dragon fire.

    CharactersSoFar (open)


    Asha [Silver]

    Requiem [Requiem]

    Corrie [RacingtheSunrise]

    Trig [Quite One]

    Naomi [Dessie777]

    White Wolf [Deviant Gentleman]

    Karou [The King’s Queen]

    Varis [Yiyel]

    Anna/Andy [Sincere_and_Silent]

    Hendrix [Katzenbach]

    Zoe [Katherine]

    Dark [Russia’s Little Girl Dark]

    Ace [Thomas McTavish]

    K [Red T]
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  2. Real World:
    Kimberly McClond



    Bisexual, although she kept it to herself

    Kimberly has, now very long, brown hair and a tall thin body that's frail looking from lack of use. Her eyes are a light blue in color, however, no ones seen them in three years.

    How they came to be comatose:
    Car accident, she was in the passenger seat and they went over a bank and slammed into a couple of trees. This happened shortly after her 21st birthday.

    Brief bit of a bio:
    Kim liked to write in the real world and was never seen without a notebook and pen somewhere close to her. She had a darling dog name Honey and a loving family. She was majoring in Literature before the accident and was in her sophomore year of college when the accident occurred.

    She's been in a coma for three years at the beginning of the rp.

    In World:

    Asha Crest

    young adult


    Not human, but not entirely sure if she has a category to fit in yet.

    Still bisexual, but much more open about it than she was in the real world.


    The Super Powers
    • Heightened senses
    • "Soul" Wielding
      Show Spoiler
      When she was in the real world she was developing a character for a story who could remove and wield her own soul as a powerful living weapon/magic/companion like thing. Her mind figured to do this, ti would have to split itself into two pieces the 'soul' piece, which was made up of emotions and whimsical thoughts, and the thinking part, that only did just that, logic and thinking. This is the only time her eyes actually follow a pattern. Whenevr her soul is outside her body her eyes go a dull grey in color while her soul in it's spirit form is a glowing mass of purple, blue, and silver sparkles.
    • heightened dexterity and strength (more so dexterity than strength)
    • Can turn into a fox girl, a fox, and a greater fox beast.
    • Can use some of the magics that are learnable in world. (think witchcraft here for a similarity)
    • Gets a power boost from carnal acts, this also lets her borrow some of,whoever she shared the act with, abilities for a time depending on the severity of the act. This also gives her a mental link with the other person for a short amount of time (something she hates)---Carnal Acts: A kiss is considered carnal here.
    the Super Skills:
    • Spectacular aim
    • Near master of firearms
    • Near mastery with certain forms of sword play
    • Excellent Hunter (includes: tracking, surviving, and the actual hunting part)
    • Stealth

    Combative Style:
    Shoot at it until it gets close enough to swing, then swing back and shoot at it s'more! The way she sees it: If avoiding it didn't work, the best way to not be killed by it is to kill it first.

    Weapons of choice:
    Sword, handgun, and a hunting rifle. She can also make do with other things in a pinch, but those three are her best.

    She has a void bag that she packs with her on her journeys through the world. In the bag is: a basic first aid kit, a venom kit, a utility knife, a box of matches and a lighter, a couple of light crystals, a few plant guides for the regions she likes to visit the most, a change of clothes, her purse of coin, emergency trail rations, a device that functions much like a kindle but with no internet required, one of the worlds versions of a cell phone, a small leather bound journal, a pen, a blanket, a pillow, and and a tent, that she assumes is based off a tent from the harry potter series. She also ha s a couple separate pouches on her belt full of random things, fairy dust, another light crystal, her tower key, a glass whistle, and a couple other smaller things, usually things she just picks up along the way. She wears a cloak (or shoves it in the void bag. Its fireproof) over the outfit in the second image. She keeps a soundless hunting rifle and two soundless pistols on her (she hated the noise of them back in the real world) and a long sword with a thinner blade than the normal shape. She keeps a hunting knife in each boot.

    For the most part she's nomadic but she does have a home tucked away somewhere on the Silver Crest, overlooking the Alantria Ocean. It's a simple tower like structure that she adores. She also has a tent that's a lot like the tents from harry potter, small on the outside, easy to assemble, but large enough to be a three bedroom house on the inside.

    She stands tall at six foot even with pale colored skin. Her hair falls in gentle brown waves to a point below her shoulders, she usally keeps it tied back in some way. Or she chops it, it depends on just how she feels about it at what given time. (rp starts with her hair the length it is in the first pic) Her eyes turn different colors of blues, greys and purples randomly with no rhyme or reason to the color shift and her pupils are slitted. Her ears end in an elven point.
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Don't let the cut of the clothes fool you. This is one of the 'futuristic' things she actually uses. the fabric is a type of armor, similar to a modern day soldiers personal body armor, a tad bit weaker though.

    Asha's beginning to hear more and more snippets from the real world, and it worries her. There's a rumor around that anyone who's about to lose their body becomes more aware of the real world in the time before it happens. Whenever these snippets play, it totally distracts her, to the point of nearly getting her killed a couple of times.

    Companion: Her soul

    It doesn't really have a name

    The emotional part of the mind, referred to as a soul here.

    • Changes shape and becomes what it changes into.

    Main Purpose:
    Combat Aide, light source, pet

    Was made so in the birthing process

    Spirit Form: It looks like an orb of glowing, swirling , purple, blue, and silver sparkles.
    When it changes shape The spirit form will shape itself into the form it wants to duplicate, then a bright flare will happen before it turns into the shape. For example: It'll stretch into the shape of a cat, the flare will happen, then a tabby cat would be sitting there.
    Side Note: It sometimes likes to mimic beings around it. Sometimes, there will be two Ashas walking around instead of the one.

    Even though it's technically part of Asha, it has it's own thoughts and will, however, it obeys Asha, most of the time. It's a big no-no to touch it in its spirit form, whoever was doing it would literally be touching Ashas raw soul. Waaayyyyyy to intimate. (The only exception to that is Asha herself.) However, if it's in another shape, it's much more acceptable. It still shies away from touching for touching for the most part. But this is also how it fights. (ex: turns itself into a spear and skewers the target?=okay) (floating ball of sparkles being touched by a comrade? = NOT OKAY) (Being in a fox shape and being petted?=It depends on whos doing the petting)
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  3. Real World:
    Dorian Grey

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight


    How They Came To Be Comatose: A Demonic Painting Came To Life And Ate His Soul :P, actually, he slipped on a patch of ice, banged his head off the frozen lake, and then started sinking into it. There were people around, but he doesn't know if his body is still alive or not.

    Brief Bit Of A Bio: Dorian was an artist, whether it was through the brush, the pen, or an instrument, he was considered a prodigy of the arts. He'd often spends hours locked away in his private study with his books and paintings, and wouldn't come out. To say the least, the people around him considered him to be eccentric. He has plenty of money though, so they didn't mind it so much.

    Other: He's of Irish descent, and he can't remember how long he's been out of his own body.

    In World:

    Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis

    Age: 23

    Gender: Generally Male

    Race: Shapeshifter

    Sexuality: Still Straight

    Class/Role/Profession: Gambler, Artist, Mystic

    • Shapeshifting: Can turn into whoever and whatever he wants at any given point in time
    • Living Art: Whatever art he can get a hold of, he can pull the subject out of it into the world, and likewise, put it back.
    • Quick Artist: Can paint or draw flawlessly in a very short span of time.
    • Musician's Gift: Any bit of music he's heard before, he can play instantly, including magical songs.
    • Miscellaneous: Any other things that I can't think of presently, but might add in later :P

    Combative Style: Typically summons paintings to fight for him, but when he has to, he changes his form to match what needs to be fought.

    Weapon Of Choice: His Art, and his cane for non threatening confrontations.

    Inventory: A Sketchbook, a charcoal pencil, his backpack, his cane, and everything he's wearing.

    Residence: In his Sketchbook, he has several houses painted, mansions and castles and bunkers, anything he could need, he can pull out.

    Normal Appearance:

    Other: He still carries his accent, and he's not too concerned with finding the tower, as he doesn't know if his body is still alive or not. He's content living in a world where he can make and do pretty much anything he wants.


    Name: Aleria

    Species: Ravenling - Ordinary Raven normally, but can take a human form with wings when they desire.

    Abilities: She can fly, and shift between her Raven form and her human form.

    Main Purpose: Ally, friend, guardian while he sleeps.

    Circumstance: She found him shortly after he arrived, took care of him, and showed him how to get by in their world. She stuck around with him for some reason or another. She said that she just found him to be interesting.

    With White Wings

    Otherwise she looks like a white raven

    Other: She's incredibly perverted and likes to make dirty jokes, as well as hitting on just about everyone she sees. She's constantly trying to get Requiem to join her in bed.
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  4. Real World:

    Cordelia Bennett
    Corrie is a small, thin girl- only about 5'3", and weighing in at around 95 lbs. She has choppy hair so blonde it looks white that reaches just past her shoulder blades, and freckles that dot the surface of her nose and shoulders. She has a defined face, her features soft, but not so severe as to look older than she is. In fact, she's a very pretty girl- what people find most striking is her eyes. They're an incredibly sharp blue, to the point of looking like contacts, with no trace of any other colour.
    How they came to be comatose:
    Heroin overdose. It was her first time trying it, and she went too far immediately. Lack of oxygen to her brain caused her to fall into a coma.
    Brief bit of a bio:
    Cordelia had the most cruel older brother she could imagine. Almost as soon as she could understand what he was saying, he started to tell her that she was a demon- spawn of Hell, a stain on the planet. He meant it as a joke- but after a while, the little girl believed him. She was unstable, and spent her whole life fighting something that wasn't even there. She was treated for schizophrenia, and managed to seem stable and get out after ten years. Only, by then, she had no idea how to deal with the world, and that night she climbed out a window and found her way to a shady nightclub. There, she had her first dose of heroin, and OD'd then and there.

    In World:

    She goes by Corrie
    A few thousand years old.
    Still female
    Corrie's experience hasn't exactly been the best. Upon arriving in this new place, she found the necessity of change to strong and fast- it broke her, in essence. Her nightmares manifested into something she couldn't control, and she went from believing she was a demon to actually being one. Her memory is almost nonexistent- she truly believes that she is and always has been a demon.
    She's still straight.
    Not entirely sure what to put here.
    Typical demon-y abilities. She can move things with her mind, and is incredibly strong. She heals incredibly quickly, and can summon shadows that form solid objects.
    Combative Style:
    Well, she's pretty good at throwing people against walls and causing asphyxiation without actually touching them, so...
    Weapon(s) of Choice:
    Her hands.
    She doesn't have much- just the necklace that she was wearing when she fell into the coma, though she doesn't know why she has it.
    Not sure yet

    Corrie looks almost identical to her real self, only her eyes aren't the same startling blue. They're completely black.
    While she believes she is a demon, she isn't the kind to hate everyone and everything just because she can. She is very cold and sarcastic, and she finds it hard to care, but she may be able to, eventually.
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  5. So... More People! Join for happy funtimes and crazy stuff. Also paint. Lots of paint. WOO PAINT! I should probably open a window, the fumes must be getting to me. (It's cold outside though. Don't open the window!) But I need air! I'm losing my mind! (No, you're just arguing with yourself, that's completely normal.) What do you know about normal, you're a figment of my imagination, created to ease my boredom first thing in the morning. (Well, fine, be that way. I never wanted to be in your head anyway!)

    That is all ladies and gentlemen, for the amazing adventures of nothing to do, starring the painter, and his delusion. Also, yeah, seriously, we need more people!
  6. So it's like a dream verse? This sounds awesome! Have the perfect character in mind, but a question: from Getting By, Silver, you know I won't be on again after this week until Jan 27. What are the chances I don't miss too much (or anything) before that? Would hate to be lost like with another RP I had to back out of.

    Real World:
    Name: Casi Ojin
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: Skinny Asian boy. Usually wears a plain white t-shirt. Glasses. Short black hair.
    How they came to be comatose: While Casi was walking out of his local manga shop in Japan a massive pile-up occurred at the intersection. He didn't get to see the cause; the last thing he remembers is an overturned ambulance barreling in his direction.
    Brief bit of a bio: Huge gamer and manga nut, Casi loves purusing the endless assortment of fantasy provided by his and other cultures and often drew his own characters and manga between his games.
    Other: Has a cat?

    In World:
    Name: Trig
    Age: unclear
    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Sexuality: straight
    Class/Role/Profession: wanderer/warrior for hire.
    Abilities: Super strength and endurance. Never gets tired. Strength limited to eight times body weight.
    Combative Style: Weapon-based. Prefers something to keep enemy back while still striking blows. Lot of duck-and-roll, fast spins.
    Weapon(s) of Choice: shotgun, glowing machete (Why glowing? because I said so. Also, glows blue.)
    Inventory: Asian farmer's bamboo hat, grey trench coat, hoodie, fingerless leather gloves, knight boots (glowing at the seams of the armor plating), spurs (yes, on the boots), binoculars.
    Appearance: With amenities described (and also pants), he looks like a taller, stronger, more fit version of his true self.

    Name: Maja
    Species: "Cat." Chose that form when she came to the dream world. For the most part acts like a cat, but at times Maja acts like something smarter, something more, than just a cat.
    Abilities: Size change. Can grow to be as big as a bull elephant, with long claws and fangs. Or it can become as small as a mouse and hide in Trig's pocket.
    Main Purpose: Friend/Pet (not entirely sure himself)
    Circumstance: He fought off a pack of size-shifting dogs to protect her.
    Appearance: An orange tabby with black stripes and bright blue eyes. (Turn red when she grows big.)
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  7. @Quiet One In Getting By? *small smirk* Im sure it'll continue to be slow enough that I don't think you'll miss too much. For this rp, we'll work it out, your character can go on some epic side journey while you're gone...or be turned into a mouse or something and hitching rides in peoples pockets.
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  8. I guess that can be okay. Of course, you haven't mentioned when this is starting, so I might not miss very much at all. And we've only got, what, four characters right now? I feel fairly safe that I can keep up if I have to.

    One more thing: Should I change the Keanu bit? I just sort of did that as a joke.
  9. I'll join. Need a girl or boy?
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  10. QO: I have no idea what a "Keanu" is, so it's up to you

    S&S: It's entirely up to you hun
  11. Keanu Reeves. In my character sheet I jokingly said my character looked like Keanu Reeves. I was asking if I should change that. I probably will.
  12. I didn't know what Keanu Reeves was either, if that makes you feel any better. I just goggled it though future note: If you're gonna use actor names, you hafta give a movie title to, or I will have no idea what or who you're talking about.
  13. Ooohh This sound interesting.. CS up in a bit

    -------Thirty Minutes Later-----
    Real World:

    Name:Naomi Ann King




    looky (open)

    How they came to be comatose: Naomi was driving home when she swerved to avoid hitting a cat. Unfortunately for her a path of black ice caught her tire and she spun out of control. Her head flung forward into the steering wheel and back into the headrest.

    Brief bit of a bio: Naomi was raised being the odd one among her large family, even her twin brother. She would rather climb a tree and daydream then deal with most people.

    Other: Loves Cats and chocolate.. (Who doesn't?)

    In World:

    Name: Naomi, Goes by Light if she does not trust whom she is with.

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Sexuality: *Checks* Still straight.

    Class/Role/Profession: -Newly arrived-

    Abilities: Heightened Agility, Speed, Balance and Senses. Healing magic. Ability to turn into a butterfly, very useful when escaping large cumbersome enemies.

    Combative Style: Highly skilled with a bow. Would rather avoid fighting sentient beings but will if she has to.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: Bow and Arrow. A sword is her secondary.

    Inventory: A small pouch on her hip contains, A few coins, A short length of Elf made rope, A small knife, and few medical herbs. A canteen hangs on her side. She also has a pocket watch her twin brother gave her, which she wears on her neck.
    Pocket watch (open)

    Residence?: Does the crater my landing made count?

    OH! Elf. (open)
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  14. I would like to join. ^^
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  15. Real World:

    Name: Johnny "White Wolf" Reeves

    Age: 24 - Deceased.

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Appearance (open)

    How they came to be comatose: Sickness caused his heartbeat to slow to the point of his brain lacking oxygen. Thought to be his spirit getting lost while following his spirit guide.

    Brief bit of a bio: One of the few frontiersmen to accept, and even admire, the native americans. Johnny became a member of a native american tribe and apprentice as a shaman.

    Other: Spend the last months of his life seeking spiritual gratification. His body is long dead.

    In World:

    Name: White Wolf.

    Age: 18, has chosen to stay youthful forever.

    Gender: Male.

    Race: Human.

    Sexuality: Straight.

    Class/Role/Profession: Shaman: Guide, healer and spiritual warrior.

    -Spirit walking. Can change his mental manifestation into his pure mind form at will. This takes a lot of energy to do.
    -Wolf form. Can change any part, or all of him, into that of a wolf.
    -Spirit lance. A large stream of raw energy shot from his hands.
    -Totemic weapons. Has small totems which can be turned into weapons at will.
    -Totem magic. Ritual magic involving totems. Most things can be accomplished with this, but the magic needs a totem. More complex magic requires a larger totem and more complex carvings.

    Combative Style: Avoids unnecessary fights. Fights using his wolf form, his spirit lance or totemic weapons. Very versatile depending on situation.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: Optional and very self explanatory

    -A small pouch of holding, contains enough food and drink for 10 people to eat and drink well for a week.
    -Four small totems carried in various ways. The wolf, hanging around his neck. The eagle from a braid in his hair. The bear, fitted onto his right glove. The snake dangling on his left sleeve.

    Residence: Has a hut (also similar to harry potter tents) relatively close to Birthdale. Totem magic keeps unwelcome guests out, while allowing those with White Wolf's blessing inside. The inside of the hut changes according to what White Wolf needs.

    Appearance: Almost identical to real world appearance, but younger. Also has a glove on his right hand, doesn't wear the hat and has dark brown hair reaching just below his shoulder. Pouch of holding is smaller than pouch on picture.

    Other: Has no chance of returning to his body, but helps many newcomers find their path. Sometimes even follows that path to help them.

    Companion: There are a lot of different creature In World. Maybe you found one for you. The creatures can be pet like in nature, with basic animal intelligence, or they could possess a human intelligence and be treated more like a comrade in arms.

    Name: Kanandaq

    Species: Wolf

    -Spirit walking. Same as White Wolf.
    -Telepathy. Can communicate with anyone close to White Wolf.
    -Lycan form. Can transform into a werewolf-like shape.

    Main Purpose: Friend and spirit guide.

    Circumstance: When Johnny went into a coma, and later died, he was contacting his spirit guide. That connecting drew Kanandaq into The World with him.

    Appearance (open)
    Has blue eyes, the things from his lycan form hanging from his body.

    Other: Knows much more than he tells. White Wolf thinks he might be psychic. At this he just laughs.
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  16. ~Real World~


    Karou Thiago




    ~How they came to be comatose~
    She was walking home from a friends house one night. She had just started to cross the street when a drunk driver ran the red-light and hit her head on.

    ~Brief bit of a bio~
    Karou lived with her father in a small two-bedroom apartment. Her left when she was five and never came back. Karou helped her father as much as she could, even getting a part-time job to help pay for the bills.

    Her passion is photography. She was almost never seen without a camera.

    ~In World~


    Karou Thiago





    Will become a healer/mage


    - She can control the elements
    - She can heal though it draws from her strength
    - She can speak to all animals

    ~Combative Style~
    She prefers not to fight. She doesn't like violence.

    ~Weapon(s) of Choice~
    She staff that she uses to focus her powers.

    Staff, rope, book of spells she found.

    She is terrified of the dark, small spaces, heights, and thunderstorms.


    Kitsune Form (open)




    - Fox Fire
    - Can create illusions
    - Can manipulate the elements to a degree.

    ~Main Purpose~
    Friend and Protector

    Karou found him wounded in the forest and healed him. He offered to stay by her side to protect her.

    He is very protective of her and hardly ever lets her out of his sight.
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  17. Real World:

    Name: Murdoch Simmons

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Yes please.

    Appearance: A solid guy, Murdoch is larger and taller than most. Before his coma, he had been working out. His bodily appearance sort of contrasted against his face; it was gaunt, sharp and almost tired-looking. Under a dim light, one could almost think he went from hell and back. Not to be confused, though, Murdoch only worked out to impress the ladies; his real self lies within intellectual and technological pursuits.

    How they came to be comatose: Brain tumor surgery. He had been put under sedatives due to a rare brain tumor that would be impossible to operate on with him being conscious. He hasn't awoken since, and it's been five years. The only reason they are not pulling the plug is because of the cerebral activity.

    Brief bit of a bio: Murdoch dropped out of school at 14 after learning about his brain tumor. Slightly depressed by the impending doom, he drowned himself in videogames of all sorts, wishing he could be this and that character.

    Other: Is still unsure whether or not he wishes to leave The World.

    The World:

    Name: Varis'Tuyya vas Rannoch

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Race: Quarian

    Sexuality: Undecided and mostly uninterested.

    Class/Role/Profession: Technician/Engineer


    • Omni Tool: Using a highly advanced piece of technology, Varis can build or fix anything, software or hardware.
    • Biotics: Due to exotic substances having found it's way into Varis' nervous system (in-world), Varis has what could be described as "strong acquired telekinesis" despite the feat being more of a gravitational shift.
    • Shielding: Varis' suit features built-in energy-based shields able to deflect most attacks. This drains the shields, but they can recharge after a while.

    Combative Style: Assisted. On his own, Varis cannot fight well; but he can build himself weapons and can vary the power of attacks, his or else, with biotics.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: Single handed firearms (mostly SMGs, pistols and machine pistols) and rifles.


    Residence?: Nomad, has a mobile base of operations.

    Appearance: This.

    Other: Slow to trust other people.
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  18. @Yiyel can you describe what a Quarian is a little, pretty please?
  19. never mind, it seems Requiem has beat you to the point.
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