The World of the Elements

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  1. As the war between the Darkness and Light raged on among the hearts of men, the knightly sum of all the world’s benevolence feared that it, in spite of its powers, could not combat the ever growing Darkness, as the hearts of men were more easily corrupted by the temptations of the world and fed and strengthened the Dark Lord with each fallen soul. The Light, tapping deep within itself to summon its life-giving energies, then created three separate consciousnesses and imbued them into the three parts of the world - the Earthen force of nature that held the world together via rocks, mountains, flora, and the magmatic core itself, the very Seas that cleansed the world and nourished its inhabitants with its cool, calming vastness, and the Skies that enveloped the planet in its protective blanket of clouds and sky-blue. In a sense, the Light birthed three compatriots and most powerful children. It is a shame that the Darkness could not do something so beautiful, as it violated its own, malignant code of false honour. The very first Vessels of the Ocean Spirit, the Earth Spirit, and the Sky Spirit were three fortunate and worthy individuals the elements deemed worthy, much like how the Light and the Darkness chose their Vessels, as well.

    Now, it is a literal Hell on the very Earth - the Darkness had spread forth like a pandemic - its manifestations stretching worldwide. So much sin, terror, fear, and suffering was both its music and its food - it grew stronger day by hellish day. The Sacred Vessels were then scattered all over the globe and after a season of hopelessness, the Four played dormant. The ocean turned cold, the trees began to wilt, mountains began to crumble, and the clouds blackened. The Sun forbade to shine its light on such a God-forsaken planet, one now owned by the Darkness. Though day and night were still distinct, the day was still a gloomy gray, while the night was even more dangerous than it already was. This is the world Damien Kriez, the current Vessel of the Darkness, rules with his unjust authority. Its children and manifestations, beasts both great and small all black and oozing, what fills the nightmares of all men, inhuman monstrosities that served no other purpose than to glorify its Dark Father; they roam the Earth. They worried not about the day, as the absence of the Sky Spirit ushered in a grey blanket of clouds that veiled the Earth from the Sun. However, they could not go far from certain living, beating towers stationed across the world - Black Hearts, literal beating hearts that stood bigger than the Eiffel Tower. These evil structures mould more demons into existence. The world is Damien’s playground. Damien, wishing to please the evil source of his powers, massacred 40% of the population.

    After the end of The Purge, as the people of today call it, the people that remained in this unfortunate generation hid and lived, coping with the madness that has befallen Earth. However, this cruel act forced the Four Vessels to re-emerge, and small sparks of their once great spirit appeared in the hearts of four unlikely chosen. They will have to train to master their World-Changing powers.

    There is Hope.

    Now is the time to act, selfless Elements.
    and Sky,
    Come forth and join together!
    Fight for the freedom of this planet!
    Fight for the freedom of the Universe.



    All Vessels have the ability to turn into their respective element.

    The Earth Vessel can tap into the very forces of nature itself to first grow and even understand plants of all kinds, geokinetically control rocks, sand, and other minerals much like Earthbending, manipulate the movement of the ground to create earthquakes, landslides, and other earth-related phenomenon. Once truly mastered, the Vessel can create mountains at will at impossible speeds, split entire landmasses apart via plate tectonics, create and control lava and magma, and summon golems that can be controlled like puppets.

    The Ocean Vessel utilises the vastness of any body of water to her advantage. Being the element of adaptation, the Ocean Vessel employs water in a variety of shapes, sized, and even phases, as she can turn the water into ice or steam at will. Also, the water’s temperature also depends on the Ocean Vessel in spite of physics, as she can boil a stream of water a hundred times beyond its evaporating point without the water dispersing into the air. Once truly mastered, the Vessel can create island-sized icebergs, send forth tsunami after tsunami at a target location, create vortices, flood entire countries plagued by demons, and even cut through almost any material with enough pressure.

    The Sky Vessel has the ability to manipulate both the air around her, as well as summon storms and lightning bolts from the clouds above, much like the Greek God Zeus. A Sky Vessel can fly, ride the clouds, envelop herself in wind, summon strong gusts of wind to blow enemies away, and even summon a raincloud to give the Ocean Vessel more ammo. She can create mini-tornadoes as well as simulate telekinesis by manipulating wind to move certain objects. The Sky Vessel can amplify sounds and even control sounds. For example, by bending the air around the ears of her foes, she and her comrades can basically shout or speak loudly, and the demons wouldn’t even hear a single word. Once truly mastered, the Sky Vessel can create hurricanes, large tornadoes, create great clouds of lightning, rain, and heavy winds. She can also lift herself, as well as many other heavy things up into the sky.

    The Light blesses its host with enhanced strength, speed, self-propelled flight, various light and fire based powers, and the potential to tap into the power of past hosts. The Light is also capable of creating a variety of objects including weapons and sentient life forms out of light, much like the Darkness can summon its demons and children. Undoubtedly the most powerful of the Four, and the potential to become the most powerful Element ever. The Light can summon Celestial Beings and Celestial Weaponry, which are winged, angelic knights created from pure light and gold, and weapons of war such as ballistas, catapults of fire, chariots, winged armoured horses, etc. The Light can fire the feathers of its burning wings, and do a lot of other things, such as create whips and other weapons of pure light, energy blasts (Think, Dragon Ball), create bioluminescent light that can hypnotise people much like an Angler Fish’s light, etc.
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  2. Name: Damien Kriez
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    In the beginning, there was naught but a colourful realm of infinite breadth, where two great titans of creation had nigh eternally warred - the Light, the knightly sum of benevolence, holiness, order, and light, and the Darkness, the ungodly embodiment of malevolence, wickedness, chaos, and darkness. For eons they clashed, until the righteous Light dealt a decisive blow to the heart of Darkness - tearing the monstrous entity asunder. During its final moments, the Darkness spoke in chorus. Multitudes of demonic voices echoed all throughout. Upon hearing the voice of Darkness, the Light was thrown into a state of gripping fear, for it was the first time the living horror had spoken. It prophesied, warning its eternal foe to beware the coming of life, for it shall fall and usher in a new age of war and suffering. The Darkness, as weak as it was, devoured the distraught Light with its all-consuming vastness. Bound by its sense of honour, the Light mustered all its power and, in a self-sacrificial flash of explosive light, tore open the very fabrics of reality. This caused all of existence to burn in a cataclysmic implosion and, for time immemorial, there was absolutely nothing. The grey void had spanned throughout all of infinity for what seemed like an eternity... until one fateful day.

    The grey void blackened yet again, and the spirit of the Darkness emerged from its inexistence. The blackness of everything made it assume that its foe and antithesis, the Light, met its true demise at the Darkness' own, monstrous hands. However, its manic joy was short-lived, as the blackness that surrounded its malevolent spirit was, for some reason, silent and still. It could not be swayed or assimilated back into the entity's spirit. It did not respond to its commands. It was not anymore an extension of the Darkness itself, but rather a more, natural, universal void, much to its dismay. In its wake, orbs of multi-coloured light and fire kindled in the vast blackness and with it, other foreign materials and substances. Fearing for its existence, the dark entity hid in a desolate, lifeless land, knowing that the Light will come again, just as the Darkness did. The Light, however, came as was prophesied, and followed its dark enemy.

    While the darkness and light continued their nigh-eternal war in the barren lands, the environment changed through the times. The once forsaken planet grew vegetation, mountains, bodies of water, cycles of time, as well as the living creatures of the sky, sea, and earth. Even other planes of existence tore open into the mortal realm, flooding the Earth with otherworldly visitors. On the first day of the seventh century, both man and woman were born into the world. Together, the humans, the creatures, and the spirits lived in perfect harmony. After the Creation, the entities of Light and Darkness could no longer fight as the titans they once were. The Darkness, despite its newfound weakness, took refuge in the heart of Cain, the First Son of the First Man, who in his corruption by the Darkness, attempted to kill his brother, Abel. Enraged at its insatiable hunger to do evil, the Light took refuge in the heart of Abel and blessed him with its holy powers, protecting the boy from his elder brother's attempt to murder him. As fierce as the battle between the brothers was, the Darkness emerged triumphant. They would partake in ceaseless battle, and yet another imperishable cycle of vengeance and justice would be forged throughout the years. Only this time, at the cost of human lives. That is the tale of how the Darkness came to be in the mortal realm.

    After countless millennia of Vessels, carnage, and war with the Light, the Darkness entity found itself in the freshly blackened heart of a young man named Damien Kriez.

    Damien Kriez hails from the Rapture Isles: a bustling, corporate-driven, New York-esque city of sin and the night life, on a remote island between New Zealand and the Antarctic. As a young lad, Damien was a prodigy; he excelled in his academics and lived in loving obedience to his parents. He didn't have a lot of friends, but he was satisfied in the pages of his books and the warmth of his family. After the death of his father at the hands of his mother, who went insane and set herself and the entire estate ablaze, Damien took to the streets. His sanity had wavered, and apathy and coldness corrupted his once lively heart. For years, Damien lived in forsakenness, poverty, and ridicule, seeing as he had no other family elsewhere. One day, while visiting his parents' mausoleum, Damien was shocked to see it being ransacked and ruined - with a group of grave robbers looting the mausoleum for precious gold and other possessions that Damien's parents had been buried with. Captured by the same people who destroyed his parents' graves, Damien was severely beaten and left for dead. At that moment, a malignant chorus of demonic voices spoke within the corners of Damien's mind, turning his eyes black, his pupils white, and his skin pale. To his side, the chest of his deceased mother's body burst violently, filling the mausoleum with black smog and ooze. A tentacle emerged forth from the heart of his mother, piercing Damien's own - making him vomit black ooze, hyperventilate, and collapse. Upon his crude awakening, Damien was immediately thrown into a state of fear and confusion, for the first thing he saw was the bodies of his assailers mangled, mutilated, beheaded, and impaled on various pieces of debris. They were horribly and bloodily disfigured. Body parts, torn limbs, disembodied heads, intestines and innards, teeth and bones were scattered all over the room, and gallons of blood were smeared all over the walls and floor.

    "Your flesh is mine... Your will is mine... Embrace the Darkness." whispered the wicked voices. Over time, the Darkness within Damien's heart and mind did what the trauma of his parents' deaths could not: completely break his psyche. Though he maintained an external guise of composure, Damien turned into naught but an even emptier shell of who he once was. Now a sadistic, egomaniacal, malevolent, deceitful, and manipulative authoritarian, Damien lives without purpose. Every decision and every action he makes, every step he takes, every thought he thinks, is by the influence of and for the glory of the Darkness, whether he likes it or not. Truly, his humanity is forever lost. Not even a hint of it resides with Damien's heart, soul, and mind. That is the tale of the Vessel, Damien Kriez.

    Personality: Damien is as every bit as cold, cruel, manipulative, and enigmatic as the element he hosts within himself. As the Vessel of the Darkness, Damien holds great power at the cost of his own heart, soul, and mind. Far from being a simple ‘psychotic maniac,’ Damien lives by his own tainted sense of morality and sanity. Unlike many past vessels of the Darkness, Damien isn’t easily enraged or psychotic. The Darkness has Damien more detached and uncaring for the lives of others, especially the innocent. Despite this ungodly, corruptive power flowing through his veins, Damien is also a silver-tongued, charismatic young man. His falsifications sound almost always convincing and true, as the Darkness helps him control the emotions by devouring them. Despite the Darkness feeding off of Damien’s life-force, emotions, and humanity, Damien himself does not act like the empty shell he truly is, hence his proficiency in convincing others of his “nature.” He will definitely pretend to be a simple human without powers, waiting ever so patiently to stab them all in the back. This Vessel is also cunning and intelligent beyond comparison, being an expert strategist and fearless agent of his dark master. Devoid of arrogance and hubris, the Vessel knows when to fight, when to refrain, and when to flee. If he needs to retreat, then he does so, humbly, as to destroy them in the future. In a nutshell, Damien is whoever his quarries think he is, save for the Vessel of the Darkness: a friend in any situation, a helpless dolt, a kindred spirit… until they are ultimately consumed by the Darkness itself.

    Powers and Abilities:

    The Darkness gifts Damien with a number of extraordinary feats:

    Body: The Darkness gifts the Vessel with the power of limited creation and self-malformation. One of the primary murder-oriented abilities of the Darkness is the ability to spawn solid constructs such as gnarled blades, destructive claws, oozing tentacles, and slender tendrils from the body. Damien can also use the symbiotic, fluid-like trait of the Darkness to disfigure himself into an arsenal of deadly biological weapons, such as a six foot long bladed arm which releases a flurry of swift attacks, being able to cut through steel, a pair of razor sharp claws, or a sentient tentacle to act as a whip that can stretch up to twenty feet and eviscerate enemies from afar. If the Darkness wills it, the Vessel himself can metamorphose into a colossal, demonically enhanced aberration that can personally tend to the Darkness' needs.

    Summon: The Vessel has the ability call upon the sentient demonic creations of the Darkness. These children of the Darkness are the stuff of nightmares and they possess a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from beings as small as little imps, to destructive titans that dwarf even tallest of buildings. Some can be serpentine, bipedal, chiropteran, crustacean, cephalopodal, or arthropodal in likeness - depending on the situation.

    As living extensions of the Darkness, they are all efficient albeit pitiless creatures of the night. Each and every one of the Darkness demons have different abilities and competences in the field of battle and, under Damien's command, operate like a well-oiled machine. The demons' appearances depend on the Vessel's imagination and connection with his surroundings. Because of this, most if not all creations of the Darkness tend to be beings of the highest evolution and adaptation. However, the larger the demon, the less of it can be created and sent into the field of battle.

    Examples of these creatures are the Darklings, impish demons the size of wolves, who act like the Darkness' footmen, the Serpents, serpentine demons that emerge from the Vessel's back, who whip, tear, and spit streams of highly corrosive acid blood with great accuracy and precision, and Perdition, a titan among beasts - with the armoured yet slimy body of a demonic crustacean and blade-like frontal claws to eviscerate everything in its ruinous path, as well as spew out a viscous, nauseating sludge that hardens upon impact against a solid surface.

    Defence: The Vessel is nigh-invulnerable. Though he is still very much subject to the effects of time, sorcery, the elements, fire, and death, Damien is unsusceptible to many other attacks, such as all things physical. Amputate the Vessel's limb, and he immediately reconstitutes it. Decapitate him, and you will find Damien's disembodied head grow spider-like limbs and scurry off, leaving his abandoned form to disembowel you itself. Shoot the Vessel, and you will find your bullets flying back towards you. The Vessel is immune to mental attacks as well, seeing as Damien's thoughts are heavily influenced by the Dread Lord. Other feats include being invulnerable to all known poisons, toxins, and chemicals, as well as natural diseases. Though Damien is a master of self regeneration, it would still take a long time to fully reconstitute a missing or heavily damaged body part, depending on the damage itself. However, as the power's name suggests, the Darkness is truly weak against the Light.

    Feats of the Darkness: The Vessel wields a variety of dark powers either gifted to him by the Darkness or birthed by his own imagination. When faced against a little force of light and fire, the Vessel can spew out a minuscule black hole. Inspired by astronomical studies, Damien co-created this black hole with the Darkness, seeing as real black holes devour light. Just as their larger counterparts, the Hellmouths, as Damien baptised, swallow all particles of light within an area, as well as any target Damien might order it to siphon, crushing and bloodily grinding them from within, and finally ending its linear rampage with an explosive discharge of dark energies and corrosive blood. Too much light, whatever source, however, can destroy the black hole and momentarily disintegrate or at the very least, burn the Vessel.

    Intellect: Damien possesses strategic expertise and a brilliant, cunning mind. The Vessel is able to adapt to almost any situation be it in a battle or not. His intellect is a weapon that greatly helps the Darkness influence his actions. He is well-versed in ancient and modern tactics of war and is a master of the impromptu. Damien is multi-talented in the fields of fine arts, engineering, anatomy, biology, astronomy, rhetoric, and architecture, among other things, and has manifested these skills by creating various demonic creatures of the great Darkness. The Vessel is endowed with an innate ability to deceive, manipulate, and coerce others into doing certain things for his gain. He is extremely observant when it comes to his surroundings. As a maestro of battle strategy, Damien makes every effort to be one step ahead of his foes. The Vessel will not hesitate to retreat, cower, and throw away his pride and dignity to achieve later greatness and victory. He is also shown to be very patient and theoretical in battle - having a "wait-and-see" attitude. He is silver-tongued, and can create falsified tales on the spot. He is also shown to be an agile and nimble fighter, utilising dirty tactics, low blows, humiliation, trickery, as well as morbid untruths when he is forced to fight powerless.
  3. [​IMG]

    Chiana Dale




    Maintaining a healthy and safe environment within and surrounding her family’s property for the plants and animals that preoccupy it.

    Chi is a quiet, kind, conscientious, and curious person. Though she is young compared to the others she is very mature for her age, her curiosity is what drives her and had led her to seek more and more knowledge. She often puts the needs of others above her own needs. She is an observer with rich inner world of observations about people, and very perceptive of other's feelings. Being private and polite were some of the traits she gained from being so far from society, along with a timid nature, socially uncomfortable, modest, and not confrontational.
    When alone though, she is cheerful and seemingly not skittish at all. Every day she spends in the forest, it’s where she feels safest. She has a certain aura about her that lets those around her feel like they can trust her, so animals are drawn to her, it helps that she brings food to feed the forest’s animals when she can.
    She’s good at finishing tasks, and is clean and organized. She’s apprehensive, guarded, avoidant, anxious, cautious, and suspicious. She also has a fear of doing the wrong thing.

    Stutters when nervous
    Gets in the fetal position when scared
    Will not drink anything without ice
    Hates tomatoes and will never eat them
    Usually walks barefoot
    Rescues stray animals (don’t let her keep any; she will keep millions if she could.)

    Greatest Fears:
    Doing the wrong thing
    Being useless
    The city

    Brief Bio:
    Chi has always been very curious; she would always explore areas near her home growing up. She lived with her family on many acres of land away from civilization. Sadly not far enough though, at the age of 12 while she was traveling through a forest a few miles away from her house men with weapons started chasing her.
    She didn’t know why and she didn’t wait around to ask either.

    She spotted a cave and ran into it as fast as she could. Coincidentally the entrance caved in after her, blocking them from attacking her… And keeping her from getting out. She sat in the darkness for what seemed an eternity, when finally a voice called out from deeper in the cave. Being the extremely curious person she is she followed the voice; she really had nothing else to do. The closer she got to the voice the quicker it seemed to fade away further into the cave. Soon moonlight could be seen and she ran towards it with excitement to see the sky once more. As she left she breathed in the fresh air, but found that the cave felt more comfortable.

    After a few days she went back to the cave entrance that had fallen and smelled a horrid smell, then found that the rocks had crushed the men following her. If the rocks hadn’t gave way she would have been captured and sold in the black market like their many other victims.

    When Chi was 8 she lost her father to a heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy. This was a horrid loss to Chi and her mother, though they knew they would lose him as he was constantly having trouble breathing and fainted often. It was just the two of them from then on and they made it work. They farmed, and sold the produce when they needed the money. They barely left they're secluded area.

    Amazing memory

    Description of Powers:
    Currently: "Feeling" nature

    Examples (because I'm lazy XD) (open)

    ^And vice versa


    More pics here
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Quinn

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Element: Light

    Personality: Shy,
    Permeable Personality (Meaning if you're sad, he'll become sad, even if he was pretty happy before),
    Fun to Tease,
    Doesn't Like Fighting, But Will Fight For What He Believes In,

    Biography: Quinn grew up as other kids do, hard labor at a young age and 3rd-World conditions as the years went on. Quinn left the house at 16, wanting his parents to be able to provide more food to his siblings. He worked at a boring desk-job, and often brought home work he didn't finish at his job, lest he would get fired and replaced with another person. He lives alone and hardly talks to anyone, and is very lonely, but is just too nervous to talk.
    Recently, a vision came to him in one of his dreams of what happened in the last 1,000 years (( The explanation at beginning of story )) and it was revealed to him that he's the Vessel of Light, and is destined to fight Damien Kriez, the Vessel of Darkness, with three other vessels.
    He didn't immediately react, a bit numbed, but when one night he saw light leaking from his skin, he quit his job and began resting in his home, testing his powers a bit more extremely with each day. It was as if he was a child, with a new toy each day, and he was filled with happiness.
    But this was dangerous, because the cameras fitted around the city were viewing this phenomena. Quinn found himself being followed when he shopped, cameras positioned on him constantly, and strange cars parked in front of his apartment. He became paranoid as hell, to the point where he stopped going out, and hardly used his element anymore.
    Then he decided to pack up, get his money, and get out of town. There was an underground shelter nearby, for when tornadoes struck, and he got in it and made himself comfortable. He decided to do some research on the elements, with the laptop he had brought, and through extensive research, he found the families of three elements, but Fire could not be found. He told each head-of-house of the impending doom, and asked that each family finds their element vessel, and to send them to his location.
    Now all he needs to do is wait and prepare.
  5. ~~ START! ~~
  6. [​IMG]

    Element: Water

    Name: Adair Harrow

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    How did you become your element: Adair had always been fond of water. She would spend her time taking vacations to islands and spending her days on the beach or when in the city, she'd go to the nearest pool, or go out of the city to spend a weekend camping by the lake. On one of the nights that she had been camping with her friends, she decided to take a walk at night.

    Adair was walking on the side of the lake where the cliffs towered about 50 to 70 feet above the water. Here, she sat on the edge and let her feet dangle as she looked over the water. That's when she saw something on the shore on the other side of the lake. It was too far for her to make out what it was but behind her, she heard a terrifying sound accompanied but strange chanting. Scared, Adair tried standing up, but miscalculated her step and fell off of the cliff. Before falling, she managed to see a dark figure before having it vanish before her eyes. She then hit the water and blacked out. When she woke, she was at the shore where she had seen the strange figure. Her head hurt and there were a few sprains but nothing major.

    Personality: Adair is a kind and gentle person, who trusts others easily. She is the furthest thing from a follower but does not like to lead. She voices her opinion when it matters and sticks up for others. She is loyal until the end and can be brutally honest at times.

    Appearance: Although she likes to be dressed in casual clothes, Adair can usually be found wearing yoga pants with either a hoodie or a fitted long sleeved shirt and some running shoes. She stands at a mere 5'4" and has long, dark, flowing hair that falls to the small of her back. Her skin is fair and her eyes are a deep sapphire blue. She has ran freckles sprinkled over her nose and cheeks which she hates when people point them out. She isn't as slim as most girls are. Her body is a bit more curvy due to the many years playing volleyball and water polo.
  7. Chiana
    Emerald Lake; Hinsdale County, Colorado

    Through the forest the girl ran with great speed. Her platinum blonde, long hair soared in the breeze, bouncing with each obstacle in her path that was dodged. Eyes of crimson narrowed as she observed her surroundings. Her petite body carrying a small box darted around trees and bushes, jumped over logs, and evading any other hindrance before her. A huge smile covered her face, this was her utopia. She jumped up and cart-wheeled a few times before doing a back flip then purposefully falling on her back laughing and panting.

    She stared up through the trees at the sky that peaked through the leaves, some of which slowly fell to the ground with the gentle wind. One landed on her face which caused her to giggle. She took in the deep breath of the fresh air before sitting up and opening the lunch box her mom packed. She pulled out a sandwich and a small bag of bird seeds which she pour on the ground around her before she began to eat her meal surrounded by birds, like every other day spent in pretty much her second home.

    "Chi dear. Where are you!" A woman's soothing voice called from behind causing the birds to fly away. "Aww I'm sorry." Her mother said as she sat on the ground next to Chi.
    "Its okay. Is something wrong?" Chi asked noting her mother's puffy red eyes, and the dry tears on her cheeks.
    "Well..." The woman paused, wiping her eyes to prevent tears. Chi tilted her head with worry, she had never seen her mom like this before well except when Chi's father had died.
    "I received a letter yesterday from a boy named Quinn. He... He has informed me that the world is in danger, and you are supposed to help save it." Chiana's eyes widened with fear.
    "M-me? B-but I can't..."
    "I know, honey. I have thought long and hard about this and have come to the conclusion that... You. You should go."

    Chi stared at the woman for a moment in silence, opening her mouth at one point only to close it the next. Finally she managed to get something out.
    "I can't save the world! I'm only 13 years old! How on earth am I supposed to help save the world! And save the world from what!? And how is he so sure I can help?"
    "Chi. Here." She handed the girl the letter. "You need to calm down. I have thought of all of those questions, I can feel it in my gut that this is true. When has my instincts been wrong?"
    "Then trust me when I say that I believe you should do this. I have raised you to be strong, you can handle anything the world throws at you."
    "No. If the world truly needs your help then you need to set aside your fears and help." Her stern voice made Chi lower her head, then nod.
    "Good. Now you also need to be safe, and you better come back in one piece."
    "I-i will. I promise."

    For a while Chi laid on her mother's lap, tears fell from both of their eyes. Neither wanted Chi to leave but they knew it was inevitable. After a while Chi packed up a bag and finally followed the address on the letter. After a few days traveling she stood it the address listed but didn't exactly know how to get inside the underground shelter. The timid girl stood there looking around for the entrance with confusion.
    A new adventure was in store for her, though rather than excitement, all she felt was fear and sorrow.
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  8. Name:
    Betty Duncan




    Sky (Air)

    Like the element of fire, Betty can be a hothead at most times. However, she is a free spirited young lass. She's quite tomboyish, and has the qualities of a de facto leader. Though she is the Vessel of the Skies, she has yet to learn the ability to fly. This frustrates her to no end and she can be impatient about it, at times. She's loud, boisterous, tough, and can lose her temper very quickly. She, however, is extremely protective of her friends, and is forgives them in a heartbeat should they wrong her in most ways. Her enemies, however, are doomed to feel her wrath.

    Brief Bio:
    Betty is of Scottish descent. She is the eldest daughter of two lowly country-folk. With about five other brothers, Betty felt the need to be a second parent to her young siblings. Wanting desperately to help in any way, the red-head asked permission from her parents to try her chances at the big city, working mundane jobs 24/7. It was then, during those times of hardship, that the war between Darkness and Light raged on, with its boundaries stretching into the open fields. Most unfortunately, her family was caught in the crossfire between the Darkness and the Light, with their humble farm turning into a battleground for both the demonic manifestations of the Dark entity and the knightly, angelic conjurations of the Light. With her parents, brothers, and sisters dead and without a clear suspect as to whom truly took their lives, Betty resented both elements. Now, with the emergence of supportive elements such as the Sea, and the Earth, it was even harder for her to cope when she was granted the powers of the planet's Sky. Her inner bitterness and anger for the preternatural gave her an innate affinity for her lightning and storm-based skills. However, since the element of the freer and detached air requires a sense of acceptance and freedom, Betty has a difficult time mastering the ability to bend the air around her and fly. Now a petty vigilante fighting the forces of Darkness in the absence of the Light and its forces, Betty runs, hides, and fights her enemies with a passion. After receiving a letter from Quinn, the newest Vessel of the Light, in order to save the Earth from Darkness, Betty set off to find this boy - wondering whether or not to end him after Darkness' defeat, or truly join him in his quest for peace.
  9. The orange haired lass eyed the shelter up and down, carrying with her naught but a sports bag full of life's essentials such as clothes, half-empty bags of chips, and a pair of extra sneakers, among other things. She chewed her gum calmly, as if the world was not subjugated by the Darkness around it. After her family was accidentally destroyed in the devastating battle between the demonic children of the Darkness and the angelic warriors of the Light, Betty's heart was then tightly gripped by resentment for the oppressor of the world as well as its supposed saviour. This burning anger, however, cooled into a bitterness and indifference for the state of the world. That, however, did not stop the girl from travelling miles away into this location. As she stepped forth to gaze upon the military gates, where the Vessel of the Light had hidden himself from the Darkness, there stood another girl - a little child of no older than sixteen years old. She walked towards her would-be-companion, popping the gum behind her. "Hey kid, what's the deal?" She said, her brow raised as she looked down on the short lass.
  10. Adair, #008080

    It had been a long day of absolute boringness. Adair slowly made her way through the trees of the woods she lived in as she rubbed her temples, trying to get rid of her headache. She had barely been working at this place for one week and she was already done with it.

    Paperwork. That's all she ever did. File more and more paperwork. Then when she wasn't dealing with inanimate objects that could cut your fingers in very painful ways, she was dealing with angry people wanting to practically rip her throat out for not having all the answers in the world. "This is stupid." She didn't even want to hear her own voice as she made her way to a tiny house that was made to look like an old shack in the middle of the woods. It was quite the opposite in the inside, though. The house was perfect for one person and had enough room for her to be able to live without feeling cramped.

    Once she opened her door, the sound of shuffling papers filled her ears and she nearly screamed at the sound of it. Her eyes glared towards the sound and bent down to pick up the mail that had been waiting for her on the floor by the door. 'Bills, bills, coupons, bills, court summons? Magazine, and what is this?' She couldn't stand to hear her voice out loud at the moment, so she stuck to speaking to herself in her mind instead. At least then no one would know she spoke to herself.

    What she found in her hand was a letter from an actual person, rather than a neatly typed, generic letter that everyone got. Adair read it quietly, biting on her lip as it let it all sink in. She didn't laugh or groan or move at all as she let her mind work. Why her? Well she somewhat knew why but still. Would she do it? Her mind flashed back to the ruined streets she had to walk through to even get to the edge of the forest and she shuddered. Of course she'd do it. Her questions would have to be answered later.

    With that in mind, the young woman grabbed a backpack and packed lightly, only taking what was truly necessary. She drank plenty of water before leaving, soothing all her problems almost immediately.

    The journey wasn't as long as she expected, but still longer than she had liked it to be. Apparently this facility would be underground, but how would she get to it?

    Adair walked around until she noticed a young girl standing there looking confused. There was something different about the young girl. It drew the young woman in. No sooner did she noticed the young girl when another female approached her. 'What is going on?'
  11. It was not long after another female had arrived in the scene - unlike the little, fair-haired girl that stood before the metal bunker, it was a young woman that looked battered by the stresses of life. As the woman's steps were heard by Betty, the redhead stepped forth towards the gate, putting her bag down on the ground on which they stood. She continued chewing her green, minty gum and glanced only once at the woman behind her before raising her balled fist and slammed violently on the door. All this waiting bored the Vessel of the Skies and these two women looked uninterestingly droll. That was, however, merely her first impression. “Hello?” She bellowed, her Scottish accent as thick as the woods that enveloped the three women. “Is anybody in there?” With every ham-fisted knock on the door, Betty’s patience was tested. She knocked, slammed her fist, and even kicked the gates. It was then, at that very moment, a thick, grey cloud had emerged around her as an aura, and her skin began to buzz with the sound of surging electricity. The Vessel of the Skies did not notice her power waking, however, and the storm simply brewed around her. However, the chaos died down, the clouds turned from grey to white and faded into the atmosphere, and the electric sparks ceased to flicked on her skin, almost immediately after slamming a final bang unto the wall. “I reckon you got some weird letter in the past, huh?” She said, her tone annoyed at the absence of their mails’ sender.
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  12. Quinn, having been sleeping peacefully, was awakened from his dreamless slumber by the soft sounds of voices coming through the cement tunnel that led to the underground bunker, meant for holding lots of people during a storm, and rose from his nest of blankets on a sleeping bag with bed-mussed hair and dull eyes, yawning silently and stretching his arms toward the ceiling. Looking around himself, he sighed at his everyday surroundings; articles of clothing scattered about, water bottles and food-trash piled haphazardly on top of an overflowing waste-basket, and the perpetually charging laptop lain on the ground next to an outlet in the wall.

    An abysmal home indeed, he thought, as he rose from his bed and stretched again. The place had no proper toilet, which Quinn was extremely disappointed of, and all the place really was... was a low-ceiling cement box, running about a mile for each wall. There was one entrance only, and that was where Quinn had set up his belongings, and there were no windows, meaning the only source of light was the bare-bulb lights hanging from the ceiling at irregular intervals, meaning that there was darkness in some places and lots of light in others. The only reason Quinn had chosen this place to stay was because of its safety - and no cameras around the place. If there was a storm, the costs to replace the cameras destroyed would skyrocket, meaning only a 'haven' for Quinn and the others.

    The outside of the bunker was quite secretive, allowing the cover of the forest to camouflage the entrance, which was a metal door that had an 1/8 of an inch in width, which when opened revealed the entrance. It was a cement tunnel, which had a shallow incline going down deeper into the ground about 500 feet before leveling out. Then there was a final obstacle, a wooden door which creaked on its hinges but could be opened easily enough, and therein lied the shelter for the Vessels.

    From behind this door Quinn was made to jump in surprise as the first of Betty's hits clamored against the metal door. His heart leaped in his throat, choking him as thoughts ran through his head of getting caught, being tortured, and tons of other nonsense that made him stand stock-still, staring at a groove in his wooden door as the protective metal one squealed in protest against the onslaught of battering fist. As Betty began getting more and more irritated, and the storm around her grew stronger and stronger, the electricity flicking from her hand to the metal door was conducted through the cement as well, interrupting the usual buzz of the ceiling lights with violent flickers, causing one to burst in the middle of the large holding place, with a yelp from Quinn as the sparks flew to the floor.

    As the Vessel of the Skies suddenly calmed, the lights regained their static hum and the frightened boy felt his heart slow its pace. Cautiously opening the wooden door, Quinn walked up the incline to the metal door, pausing to stare at the small dents in the metal door. Pushing his heart back where it belonged, he opened the metal door to... two women and a girl. Quinn could not stop his eyes from widening as he saw the shocking red hair of the attacker, and could not find anything to say. Though Betty's back was turned to him, the other two -- a young-looking girl and raven-eyed adult -- were looking straight at him. Stumbling over words, Quinn tried to speak,
    "U-um... hi, uh, everyone, hehe. Um, I'm Quinn, and I'm guessing you guys - I mean, ah, girls, or women, hehe, must be the ones I sent the, uh, letters to... right?"
    Feeling his face heat, Quinn coughed and stepped forward, leaning against a tree that was near the entrance and tried again,
    "Sorry, ah, I'm not that good with introductions."
    Chuckling, he admitted,
    "Iiii'm not that much of a people person, hehe."
    Getting his back off the tree, Quinn extended a hand to the closest person, which was the one banging on the door, and smiled nervously as he continued,
    "Hi Miss, uh, my name's Quinn. Um, what's yours?"
  13. Just then, a voice spoken in bashful meekness made its way towards Betty’s ears - it was that of a male’s, but the softness of his tone led the greenhorn Vessel of the Skies to first think the boy was of the opposite sex. Her head was still turned away from the three girls’ presupposed host, her eyes trying to pierce the thickness of the woods that enveloped them with an accompanying raised brow. Fortunately, the Sun was still placed highly and mightily above their heads, so the forces of the Darkness could do naught as of yet. Who, besides their king, knew where they came from, anyway? Turning around, Betty saw the individual who had acquainted himself with her, the little fair-haired princess of a girl, and the other woman who looked as if the whole world sat upon her shoulders and eyes. She popped her bubble gum rather awkwardly, as she was embarrassed with and within herself, to have thought the young man was actually a young woman. She scratched her scalp, her fingers sliding across her elegant albeit frizzled-up red hair. “Uhhh…” she muttered, “I’m Betty. I guess you’re the one who brought us here? Beats the streets, definitely.”

    The ginger-headed young lass paced forth to meet with Chiana, whom Betty still knew not of, in front of the large metal gates. “Sorry about this by the way.” Picking her bag up from the floor, Betty ran her fingers through the dents she’s made due to her rather violent and impatient outburst. She eyed the little girl who still withheld her words - perhaps the young lass was shy beyond measure, as a youth of this age was not ready to face the darknesses of the world in which she lives in. Her lower lip curled over the upper to create a small yet adorable little pout. Her lips spoke of her inner guilt as she gazed upon the small dents. These dents held the implication that if a novice Vessel could do this, then what more the beasts of the Darkness that will inevitably lurk the lands later tonight? She shuddered at the thought, as all her life, Betty fought the frontline forces of Darkness - the ones smaller, slower, and weaker than her. However, she knew of those monstrosities that towered over entire towns, winged atrocities whose wings blanketed locations with its shadow, and oceanic demons that reigned over the depths. These monsters frightened her. The Vessels of the Skies, the Seas, and the Earth could make mere puppets of their elements but the Light and the Darkness could really, truly create something within their minds and give it life - a scary feat.

    “So, Quinn, was it?” She said, staring into the dimly lit tunnel that led to the bearer of the Light’s safe haven which, for Betty, was neither safe nor a haven to begin with. How could this young man have done it, living alone in this place torn by such ruination? Betty was, after all, a runaway whose environments changed every now and then, and there were some of us who knew how to live in homes instead of simple houses. This youth, Chiana, obviously came from a house with a still-living family - at this observation, Quinn was already respectable, in spite of his laughable demeanour. “Are you sure there aren’t any of those things in there? Your home looks awfully dark.” She uttered, failing to hide her tough exterior as her voice shook in short tremors. Her fear was made evident in the sudden gulp thereafter.
  14. Chianna felt small as a red headed woman strode up, when the woman spoke to the girl chi only squeaked and stepped back, shrinking even more. The ginger’s appearance and demeanor seemed intimidating to the timid young girl, and this was the first person who had spoken to her other that her mother for quite a while. Soon another woman appeared, and though she seemed less threatening Chi still stepped back a little more. Her grey strap-sleeved dress that stopped at her knees shifted with each movement made, under it was a baggy dark blue, short-sleeved blouse, the ends of the sleeves were tight with elastic and had some ruffles. A grey scarf was loosely wrapped around her neck and a bow held her milky white hair in a large ponytail. A black bag dangled from her arm nearly reaching her small bare feet, which were lightly covered with dirt.

    For a few moments she tried to take her mind off how nervous she was by examining the area, her eyes scanned the beautiful forest, it practically called her to explore it but she had to stay. She could feel herself calming a little as she took deeps breaths and listened to the woods around her. Sadly her calmed nerves didn’t last as she flew up with a squeal at the loud sounds of fist to metal. She dropped her bag, her palms were closed and pressed together in front of her chest and her knees were bent and together as well. When clouds and electricity began to form around the strawberry-haired woman Chi began to tremble.

    ‘This woman is terrifying’ Chi thought, though she would never say such things out loud, the last thing she wanted to do was anger the scary lady.
    When the woman calmed, Chi still stood as tense as ever just staring at her. Finally the sound of the large shifting metal door filled the air which was followed by a young male’s voice. She listened to the male who introduced himself to be Quinn and the temperamental woman who called herself Betty exchange words. She managed to give Betty a shaky nod when the woman approached her though Chi stepped back again.

    “Are you sure there aren’t any of those things in there? Your home looks awfully dark.”
    Chiana didn’t really understand what the letter explained but her mother did explain to her that in the letter darkness was bad. At first she was confused, Chi didn’t mind being in darkness, then she started wondering if maybe there was something more to it. She would figure it out eventually.
    She stood there, looking from each of the three other people around her wondering what we were all suppose to do next. She would introduce herself, but she had trouble finding her voice at the moment, she just took breaths, tried to calm down, and struggled to get used to being around so many people.
  15. Adair watched with wide eyes as the red headed Irish woman let her true colors show almost immediately. Her own eyes glanced up into the sky above and back to the girl as she noticed a change in the atmosphere around them. Still, Adair said no words nor did she moved from her spot as she continued watching.

    It wasn't too long after she stopped banging when the door slowly opened. All of Adair's attention centered on the figure that walked out and she completely blocked out whatever the other two had to say. Not even the woods around them nor the darkness that came from the tunnel scared her. She listened as the young man spoke, acknowledging that he was in fact, Quinn. As the others spoke and introduced themselves, Adair began to become anxious. If Quinn really wanted them for something immense such as what was in the letter, then sharing their personal information out in the open. "I'm...... I apologize for cutting this short, but formalities can be shared once we are somewhere safe. Preferably inside."

    It was the first time the young woman had spoken since arriving, her voice coming out a bit louder than she had thought it would. She quickly cleared her throat and began to walk over to the young man and gave him a polite smile. "If you could please lead the way, Quinn. I'd feel safer once we're inside.... I do hope that this isn't a trap." Adair's eyes wandered over to the tunnel, skeptically looking into the darkness. "It would be a shame if it was."
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