The World of Tera.

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  1. I've been slowly working at this for a while, so, I'll try to explain it in brief here:

    There exists a world that, at first glance, is quite similar to our own, all the way down to the names of countries and cities. However, any look beyond the view from space will reveal many differences.

    The most clear being the presence of morphs, or humans with animal like characteristics, ranging from anthropomorphic animals to people with cat ears and tails. These morphs also hold a potential that no human shares: The possibility of being born Outstriders.

    Outstriders, though the word's meaning has changed over time, refers to half humans, some morphs, some half demon, others half elemental, born with magical abilities. It is the duty of these select few to protect humans and morphs alike from the forces that would try to destroy them.

    The oldest of these forces are the Flux, unstable beings born of pure energy. Often unintelligent they form from the Flux Energy let off by all forms of spellcasting and, when destroyed they release clean mana back into the air. For this reason, the Outstriders see them as a necessary evil.

    However, the threat most find the most terrifying are the Broken Children. Mindless automatons shaped after and containing the brains of missing children. Many of those who fall in battle with them are seen later in metallic form, standing tall among the children and creating a terrifying reminder of what losing a battle to them means.

    And yet, the Broken Children aren't the only force using technology to attack the human way of life, the Atomic Legion have risen up, rallied around a 'living goddess' by the name of Mary. An army of morphs and humans alike, including rogue Outstriders. Their 'goddess' has led them to begin inventing military technologies thought impossible, plasma weaponry, jetpacks, even disruptors for destroying large numbers of Flux in an instant.

    Finally, the most recent threat to rise, the People's Rebellion. A massive uprising of morphs led by a human girl named Shiva who fell from the sky. After seeing the way that the humans treated morphs as slaves, second class citizens and animals, she, with the help of three brave bats, managed to rally the masses against human rule.

    And so the stage is set, the curtains are ready to be pulled, but first, we'll need someone story to tell.
Thread Status:
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