The world of Skyrim

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  1. Races :
    High elf ( taller elf)
    argonian (lizard)
    wood elf (shorter elf)
    breton (shorter human)
    dark elf (demon elf look)
    imperial (strong human)
    khajiit (cat people
    nord (strongest person)
    orc (dark green skined warrior type)
    red guard (african people)

    You start at level 5 you must kill x5 kills every level so 5 kills to level 6 and 10 kills for 7 you get the point.

    you can speak free choose over good/bad
    you can make your own quests for other players
    you can also do random quests form city folk
    you can also get gold from quests maximum amount per quest is 500 coins for your first levels you can only do small town quests untill level 10.

    no godmode no cheating

    read the wiki for skyrim armor each peice from the weakest armor is 500+ more 1st armor starting at 500 gold coins.

  2. Name:D'zekl
    Race:High elf
    fighting skill: magic
    looks black hair, black eyes, tall, long ears, pointed chin, happy.

    please if your a mage use only the destruction
    type robes. Thanks!
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  3. name: Jake
    fighting skill : archery
    looks: blue eyes short dark brown hair rounded chin shifty facial expression

    (can I use alchemy for my arrows to like make them poison tipped?)
  4. Dzekl
    walking up to the blacksmith to buy new destruction spell do 20% more damage robes
    for 500 gold and gets them he puts them on and is headed toward the nearest shop he stumbles upon a man who is asking for a quest Dzekl asks how much he'll be making 200 gold Dzekl says yes and Dom puts up signs asking for people to join him on this quest saying " I'll would be more than happy to give 100 gold to the one person who could help me please meet me at the local bar for more information " Dzekl heads toward the bar and waits.
  5. (oh my race is a wood elf too forgot that)

    Jake casually walked threw the town to the message board and saw the sign from dzekl and he went to the local tavern and sat by hi at the counter
  6. Dzekl
    "you looking for work friend" dzekl said with a grin.
  7. jake looked at him "yes I am " he was very serious toned