WRITING The World of Scrolls - Ir'drrathik

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  1. If there was any place more inappropriate to brood at this time, Ravyne did not know of it. His milky gold eyes stared off into the distance, unfocused, watching as the darkness of the void and the omnipresent light battled for dominance. He could not say why, but the Ir'Drrathik had always, to him, seemed to be entrancing and hypnotizing. There was also a sense of danger in flying above the endless abyss, knowing that one mistake can send you hurtling through Oath knows what. Even he, a master, should anyone deserve a title, of the Ir'Drrathik knew that he wasn't immune to its innate dangers. He just knew his way around.

    There was tell of how long ago, the Ir'Drrathik was a wondrous place, filled with light and life. Had he not known this to be true, after convening with Oath, he would not have believed it. Now, the Ir'Drrathik was dark and menacing to say the least. What remained of the light that once drowned out the darkness was now puny and insignificant. It still glinted off his scales, and illuminated the way, but other than that, it was apparent that the light of the Ir'Drrathik was fading.


    Ravyne circled from as high as he wanted to go. There really was no above, for the Ir'Drrathik's scrolls extended in every direction. He observed, as he passed above them, the scrolls beneath him. They were majestic objects, manifestations of entire worlds. Entire histories written on their faces for anyone who had the ability to read them. They rested on marble pedestals, but their edges spilled out into the void below, vanishing into the absolute darkness of the deepest abyss of the Ir'Drrathik.

    Should anyone fall, getting to a scroll would be the only way out. That is, if you could find one. The Ir'Drrathik had a strange way with perspective. It treated it as a plaything. What might seem like it's on the horizon might actually be closer than one thinks. What might seem like a few feet away might be beyond the horizon. If anything, this strange quirk in the Ir'Drrathik was the one thing that had kept the humans away from the Temple and Meran. That, and the fact that without flight, the only way around the Ir'Drrathik was through the bridges and ramps that spanned the space between the pedestals.

    Ravyne looked up, at the jagged spears of marble that made up the bottoms of the pedestals. Where there was now only shards had once been mighty pillars that reached down into the void. Long ago, the bottom of the Ir'Drrathik was covered in clouds and it was truly a sight to behold. Green grass flourished on the platforms and there were places to rest for weary travelers. Now, not even the most desperate would ever want to stop in the Ir'Drrathik. It had grown sinister and dark. No place for a weary mortal.


    Ravyne descended to fly around the Temple. No one had ever been in this Temple and somehow, he doubted that the inside would be the same as the mirror image of it in Meran. As far as he knew, never in the old stories had it been said that the insides were the same, only their appearance. Any who entered the Temple from the Ir'Drrathik would find themselves outside of the Temple in Meran. The Temple functioned as a portal, as much as the scrolls did.

    It was a wondrous sight, marble gilded with gold with a high domed ceiling and windows of colored glass that depicted countless worlds. Every few meters was a fluted column, with a cap carved with so much detail that the leaves and fruits that they showed seemed to come to life and stir in an unfelt, unseen breeze. The outside was beautiful. Ravyne felt in his heart that the inside would be much more splendid than that.


    War was coming to the Ir'Drrathik, to Meran, and all the Hold elders could do was squabble. It was pathetic. Now that he had cleared his mind of the irritation that had embedded itself there, he resolved to return and fix the situation. When they had to rally, they were fighting. Ravyne would put an end to the petty quarreling.

    He caught sight of something in the corner of his eye. Something odd to say the least. He flew to it and immediately saw that the Pedestal's edges were ablaze with black flames. The words on the scroll within were changing rapidly. Whatever it was, he could tell that it was nothing good. Ravyne tried to get closer, but right above the edge of the platform, he was stopped by an invisible force. Again and again he tried. Again and again, it was in vain.

    For the first time in years, fear struck through his heart. He felt like a hatchling again. Now, he really had to return and end the quarreling. They would need all the forces they could muster.